I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Overpowered Luck; Sour Heart!


Several figures with terrifying auras appeared in the sky, and the pressure of Sacred Realm Masters suppressed the vast surroundings within moments.

“What happened? What’s going on?!”

“Look! There are Sacred Realm Masters here, and there are so many of them!”

The cultivators in the Black Stone Ancient City were shocked, and looked towards the mansion’s direction with astonishment.

Large groups of structures and buildings collapsed and turned into ruins in front of their eyes.

A hazy glow appeared out of nowhere, and the rays of light and brilliant runes intertwined together to form a majestic dragon that rushed towards Ye Ling.

Ye Ling’s eyes opened wide and spewed fire.

“There’s no grudge between us, nor have I crossed your path, so why are you trying to kill me?!”

Ye Ling’s expression showed a drastic change, and rage surged in his heart.

At the same time, a beautiful woman slowly walked out of the mansion, and looked down at him like a goddess looking down on an ant with an indifferent look in her eyes.

“You deserve death for possessing what isn’t yours.”

Yue Mingkong said without emotion, unwilling to speak any more nonsense with him.

After that, Yue Mingkong waved her jade-like hand, and the various mighty Sacred Realm Masters in the sky readied themselves to attack Ye Lin.

Yue Mingkong had mobilized the strongest might she could bring out to deal with Ye Ling — she had brought along four Sacred Realm Masters, so her murderous intentions could be felt clearly.

After all, even a lion would use its full might when hunting a rabbit.

She understood well that Ye Ling, the successor of the Ancient Emperor of Reincarnation, would most certainly have some overpowered life-saving measures, so she couldn’t underestimate him.

At the same time, she also made a move of her own. As she waved her arm, a strong wind blew in front of her, and waves of brilliant light soared towards Heaven. Immediately, a flawless, white jade-like hand appeared in the sky and slapped towards Ye Ling with the intention to kill him.

The palm contained the mighty majesty of an Empress, and held incomparably terrifying might that couldn’t be resisted by ordinary means.

At the same time, she brought out a crystal-like sword that radiated terrifying rays of sword energy. The sword seemed to be a divine weapon that could cut through the stars and deal a blow of extermination even to a deity!

The four Sacred Realm Masters made their move, and so did Yue Mingkong, and this sudden assault put Ye Ling in mortal danger.

Even a Young Supreme would fall here without a possibility of escape if they were to come across such a ferocious assault and didn’t prepare some mighty escape route.

Yue Mingkong felt that there would be no surprises today.

After all, even the entirety of the Black Stone Ancient City would turn to rubble if they used such a mighty offense against it, let alone a mere Ye Ling, who was the sole target of their assault right now.


The complexion of the old turtle inside the pendant changed as he watched the fierce attack rush towards them, and he madly urged Ye Ling with a frightened tone.

He couldn’t comprehend why the princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty would set up such a massive trap just to kill Ye Ling?

Who the heck leaked the news of Ye Ling possessing the inheritance of the Ancient Emperor of Reincarnation?

Ye Ling’s face paled and he stared daggers at Yue Mingkong as his hatred for her overflowed; he was no longer in the jolly mood from before.

“If this Ye doesn’t die today, then you will pay a hundred times for your offense!”

Ye Ling growled.


As soon as his roar fell, he showed an extremely painful expression as he took out a dark, jade talisman from his Spatial Ring.

The Void around him buzzed, and a terrifying aura surged from the talisman; it brought along the overwhelming intent of Reincarnation as brilliant runes intertwined together. The aura released by the talisman soon surpassed the might of a Sacred Realm Master’s, and reached the Great Sacred Realm!

All the cultivators in the Black Stone Ancient City were left kneeling in terror as they felt the majestic aura descend upon them. To them, Great Sacred Realm Masters were deities worthy of worship!

Great Sacred Realm Masters could be Ancestor-level figures in certain Ancient Families, after all. One couldn’t see such a master on normal days.

They wondered just what the heck was happening in their city? Why would someone so terrifying appear in their measly corner of the world?

They could only kneel on the ground and tremble in horror.



Yue Mingkong’s indifferent expression finally showed a change as soon as her gaze fell on the dark talisman in Ye Ling’s hand. She never expected Ye Ling to possess an offensive talisman with the might of a Great Sacred Realm Master; she had never heard of him using such a thing in her previous life!

One had to know that even she, the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, couldn’t easily bring out a talisman of the Great Sacred Realm!

Alas! Those who knew of Ye Ling’s means in her previous life had long perished at his hands, so it was normal for her to not know.

Yue Mingkong’s face darkened as this realization struck her.

‘Damn him! This Ye Ling deserves to be a person who could even escape my beloved husband’s assault and survive…’

The four Sacred Realm Masters retreated in haste, not daring to take Ye Ling’s attack. Ye Ling, with his heart full of hatred, took the opportunity and disappeared from his spot.

‘It will be even more difficult to kill him next time.’

Yue Mingkong’s expression worsened, and she tightly clenched her fist; she, a regressor, had failed to obliterate an ant like that.


Right then, Yue Mingkong felt a terrifying heat surge towards her. The heat came from a mighty sea of flames that appeared to be made of brilliant DAO runes, and the sea of flames immediately drowned the attack of Ye Ling’s Great Sacred Realm talisman. At the same time, the aura of the Great Sacred Realm pressing down on the surroundings also disappeared.

A beautiful lady in a red dress walked out of the Void and appeared in front of Yue Mingkong.

“Who are you?”

Yue Mingkong asked with a frown. Her face showed a deep and cold expression as she felt the terrifying aura of the one before her. She decided to forget about Ye Ling for the time being, now that he had already escaped.

She had done her best to arrange a situation which would put even some Young Supremes into an inescapable situation of mortal danger, yet Ye Ling still escaped her grasp!

What else could she do but accept that Ye Ling had overpowered luck?

For now, the one she had to think about was the woman who suddenly appeared in front of her. Yue Mingkong could tell that the beauty who stood before her was a Great Sacred Realm Master!

Be it in her past life or the present one, she had never before come across this woman who suddenly appeared and helped them block Ye Ling’s offense.

Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but feel suspicious about her identity and motives.

“I was sent by my Young Master; I pay my respects to Princess Mingkong.”

The person who appeared in front of Yue Mingkong was none other than Yan Ji, who softly replied to Yue Mingkong’s question.

After she received Gu Changge’s instructions, she went around inquiring about Yue Mingkong’s whereabouts through the countless ancient cities of Immeasurable Heaven, and finally found her in this place.

As soon as she arrived in the Black Stone Ancient City, she came across the scene of a Great Sacred Realm offense heading towards Yue Mingkong, and immediately dispersed it for her.

Of course, Yan Ji knew well that Yue Mingkong, the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, certainly had the means to avoid that attack even if she didn’t intervene. But since she was Young Master Gu’s fiancee, then there was a high chance she would be her Mistress in the future, so she couldn’t just stand idle.

She had also wanted to stop the man dressed in black, but she found that the man had some unique means of escape; his aura completely disappeared, and he escaped without a trace.

Yan Ji could only stand at her spot, helpless.

“Young Master? Which Young Master?”

Yue Mingkong asked Yan Ji with a somewhat unsightly expression, but soon, her face returned to its previous calm and indifference.

Her first thought was that one of her ‘admirers’ had sent Yan Ji to help her, and that disgusted her. She wasn’t a pretty vase that needed protection, and hated the people who thought of her like that.

She didn’t even consider her to be from Gu Changge’s side! After all, she was the only woman beside Gu Changge in their previous life, and he murdered even her in cold blood.

There couldn’t be any other woman beside Gu Changge, so Yue Mingkong’s mind automatically ruled out Gu Changge.

“Of course, I am talking about Young Master Gu, Gu Changge. Why do you ask, Princess Mingkong?”

Yan Ji was somewhat puzzled by Yue Mingkong’s response.

The rumors said that Yue Mingkong was a shrewd and capable woman who could dictate the life and death of countless people with just a few words, so why did she seem somewhat dumb?

Who would bother to send her if not Gu Changge?

Who, beside Gu Changge, would pay attention to her whereabouts?

“Impossible! How could there be a woman other than me by his side?!”

Yue Mingkong immediately shook her head and denied the possibility. Her phoenix eyes narrowed, and her expression showed visible disbelief.

Although her cultivation wasn’t as high as Yan Ji’s, Yan Ji couldn’t help but feel her heart skip a beat as she heard Yue Mingkong’s words.

It was the innate majesty of an Empress that Yue Mingkong subconsciously radiated.

Yan Ji immediately understood what was going on, and explained, “This Yan Ji was brought to the Upper Realm from the Lower Realm by Young Master Gu. Back then, I was merely a remnant spirit, but Young Master Gu helped me reconstruct my body not too long ago…”

Yan Ji briefly went over her experience with Gu Changge.

The indifferent and suspicious light in Yue Mingkong’s eyes disappeared as she heard her words, and she was left dumbfounded because of shock.

She wasn’t hearing things, right?

How could someone like Gu Changge ever help someone?

Logically speaking, shouldn’t he have devoured the remnant spirit of a mighty figure like her? Just like he loved to?

Why would he help this woman?

Right now, Yue Mingkong’s mind was filled with doubts about this matter, and she had already forgotten about Ye Ling’s escape.

To her, Yan Ji’s matter was far more important than anything else.

Why would Gu Changge help her?

Just what were his intentions?

Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but glance at Yan Ji’s captivating face and figure.

The woman in front of her had a beauty that wasn’t easy to find in the world, and she also didn’t seem to be a human.

Could this be the reason?

Right then, Yue Mingkong felt her heart sour; she felt as if a great injustice had been done to her, and couldn’t accept her own conjectures.

Be it face or figure, she wasn’t worse than the woman in front of her, so why would Gu Changge show no interest in her, but help the woman in front of her even reconstruct her body?

In their previous life, she was the only woman beside Gu Changge, and there was no other.

But now? Gu Changge had such a powerful beauty by his side!

Obviously, Yan Ji had no idea what was going through Yue Mingkong’s mind at the moment; she recalled what Gu Changge had said to her, and conveyed his message to Yue Mingkong, “Princess Mingkong, the Young Master said that if you don’t go to meet him, then he will personally come to confine you.”

“I see.”

Yue Mingkong responded with an indifferent nod.

Right now, she felt somewhat discouraged, helpless, and unwilling — more than that, she felt powerless as despair clawed at her hand.

She hadn’t expected Gu Changge to find her as soon as she arrived in Immeasurable Heaven. Could she even escape, now that a cultivator in the Great Sacred Realm had come to ‘invite’ her?

As a regressor, she was supposed to be the one in control as she walked to the top of the world step by step, but as soon as she came across Gu Changge, all her plots plummeted to the lowest level of Hell.

She wanted to take revenge for what he did to her in their previous life, but now, it seemed that she wouldn’t have such an opportunity. No, there was a high chance that she might not escape the tragic end she suffered in her previous life even after her regression!

Although Gu Changge’s behavior was somewhat different from their previous life, his temperament was the same.

Yue Mingkong felt a deep emptiness gnaw at her heart as she came to this realization. What was the meaning of her regression? She still couldn’t stop him.

Must she watch the tragedy of her past life repeat once more?

Must she die at Gu Changge’s hands once more?

She clenched her fists, and recalled what transpired at the Ancient Immortal Gu Family during her last visit. Yue Mingkong felt confused over what had happened back then.

Just what was Gu Changge up to?

Soon, Yue Mingkong calmed down. She had avoided Gu Changge for such a long time, but now, there was no way for her to avoid him no matter what she did.

Other than that, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat sour in her heart as she watched the woman, Yan Ji, standing in front of her.


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