I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Cut The Leek When You See It; Green-Hatted Bomb!

The Heaven-Facing Tower quietened down at once at the sudden announcement. Immediately after that, the entire place bubbled up as shock appeared on the faces of the Heavenly Geniuses present on the scene.

Gu Changge was here?!

“As the most prominent star of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace’s younger generation, why would Brother Gu not come here?”

Ye Langtian stood up with these words.

The gloom on his face disappeared, and a brilliant smile adorned his visage as he walked out to greet the newcomer.

“Gu Changge is here?!”

A flash of joy flashed past Ye Liuli’s gem-like eyes, and she followed after her brother in haste. Because of the [Great Dao Treasured Bottle’s] influence, a lot of matters that transpired in the Lower Realm had long turned into a blur in her memories. She only remembered that Gu Changge bullied her for some reason, and forced her to call him ‘Master.’

Although he did all that, she didn’t hate him — on the contrary, she wanted to see him more and more with every passing day.

The rest of the Young Geniuses, especially those with particularly thick auras, also got up one after another to meet the man of the hour.

One had to accept the fact that in the Upper Realm, only Gu Changge could truly deter them, and there weren’t many on the same level as him.

“Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family? Gu Changge?”

Bai Lie, the Young Master of the White Tiger Family, frowned.

He naturally knew Gu Changge, and even had some dealings with him on various occasions, but he never received any benefits from any of those encounters in the past.

It’s just that Bai Lie never expected Gu Changge to arrive at the Myriad Dao Banquet. After all, many Young Supremes and Princes of Immortal Dynasties disdained to take part in this kind of banquet backed by the Myriad Dao Business Alliance.

Still, after thinking about it for a while, he realized that the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace could be regarded as Gu Changge’s backyard, so it was normal for him to be here.

With those thoughts in his mind, Bai Lie looked towards his front with a frown as a young man appeared at the entrance of the Heaven-Facing Tower.

The man had a slender and tall figure; he was dressed in pure-white clothes untouched by the filth of the world around him, and a divine glow covered his figure.

The man appeared aloof and uninterested, and had a certain sense of elegance to his every gesture. Just one glance at him showed how extraordinary he was — he wasn’t called Reincarnation of a True Immortal for nothing.

Following Gu Changge were a bunch of disciples from the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace. Bai Lie’s fiancee, Yin Mei of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, was also one of them.

Bai Lie’s face turned ugly as he watched Yin Mei walking together with Gu Changge. Although the two weren’t walking shoulder to shoulder, and Yin Mei was clearly a step behind Gu Changge, he still felt a sour taste in his mouth.

Yin Mei’s lovely figure was clad in a red dress, and her charming face that was as fair as Nephrite gave off a captivating allure.

Her pair of dark eyebrows were like curved willow branches, and her ruby-like eyes glowed with a fluorescent light. Her lovely nose was a little upturned, and her red lips were like rose petals. She had crystal-like teeth, and smooth as silk, lustrous hair.

No matter who watched the two, they would admit that Yin Mei and the man in white next to her were like a pair of Immortals — they were a match made in Heaven.

Bai Lie’s heart churned and he felt unwell. Even if Gu Changge was replaced by another man, he still wouldn’t feel well. After all, how could one feel well watching their fiancee walking next to another man like she belonged to him?

Strange smiles appeared on the faces of the various Heavenly Geniuses in the surroundings as they glanced at Bai Lie’s expression. No matter how one looked at him, he seemed to have a green hat atop his head, no?

Just a moment ago, Bai Lie was arrogantly barking about meeting his fiancee, and now?

It seemed that his fiancee didn’t want to have anything to do with him!

“Brother Gu, you are finally here! Just now, I was telling the others that there was no way you wouldn’t come since all the Young Geniuses of the other forces were already here.”

Ye Langtian arrived outside with a cheerful smile, and greeted Gu Changge.

Those who didn’t know well would think that he was good friends with Gu Changge, but the fact was that the two had just met for the first time.

Ye Langtian had heard a lot about Gu Changge from his little sister, Ye Liuli. The fact that Gu Changge didn’t bully his sister for her rudeness in the Lower Realm gave him a good impression of Gu Changge.

What’s more? In the eyes of the Upper Realm’s people, Gu Changge was known as the Reincarnation of a True Immortal, while he was known as the Reincarnation of an Ancient Emperor. No matter who looked at them, it would only be normal for them to know each other.

“Gu Changge, it’s been a long time since I last saw you!”

Ye Liuli also greeted Gu Changge with a slightly bashful expression.

Many of the Heavenly Geniuses on the scene felt their hearts freeze at the scene in front of them. Just now, they were thinking about stealing Ye Liuli’s little heart, but it turned out that someone already beat them to it.

Gu Changge took a glance at everyone on the scene, and then said with a faint smile, “Brother Ye, no need to be so polite! Lady Liuli, it’s been a while, indeed.”

Although Gu Changge had never seen Ye Langtian before, it wasn’t hard for him to guess his identity. Of course, he couldn’t be bothered about his identity as the so-called Reincarnation of an Ancient Emperor. Let alone a mere reincarnation, he would skin even a living Ancient Emperor if the other party offended him.

Still, Ye Langtian’s attitude was good, so he reluctantly greeted him back.

After that, the rest of the Heavenly Geniuses began to introduce themselves one by one, and expressed their goodwill and talents before Gu Changge.

The other Young Supremes on the scene also greeted Gu Changge with caution, making sure that they wouldn’t offend him unknowingly.

Of course, Gu Changge didn’t come to this banquet because he had some interest in it, or the people that came to participate; he merely arrived here to try his luck.

Recently, the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace had attracted the attention of countless heritages of the Upper Realm, and all of them had sent their young’uns to the Heavenly Dao Ancient City. The Heavenly Dao Ancient City was located at the foot of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and countless young geniuses had come to the City.

The appearance of a new Favored Son of Heaven represented the birth of a new leek ready for harvest. To him, the Favored Son of Heaven was the one who truly mattered, and that runt wasn’t too far away from him.

What’s more? On the way to the Heaven-Facing Tower, he had received a mission from the System!

[Ding! Destroy the relationship of the Favored Son of Heaven.

Reward: 1000 Fortune Value, 5000 Destiny Points.]

Gu Changge could already estimate the extent of the rewards he might receive from this time’s Favored Son of Heaven. Just a random task from the System had such delicious rewards, so the real deal wouldn’t be too bad.

It was getting interesting!

Speaking of which, the Favored Children of Heaven in the Lower Realm could only be regarded as toys. Calling them tools and handymen was too much, they didn’t deserve to be even that.

Only the newly-birthed Favored Children of Heaven from the Upper Realm were qualified to be his tools and handymen.

Now, he needed to destroy the relationship between the Favored Son of Heaven and someone in the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, so he reckoned that the person must be one of the Young Geniuses that arrived for the opportunity.

Gu Changge was familiar with this kind of trope already. Back in the Lower Realm, he had already destroyed some Bodhi-something Holy Garden, after all.

Ah, wait, it was called the Buddhist Holy Land!

A similar task had appeared back then as well.

“Brother Gu’s strength is unfathomable! This one can’t help but admire your deep might.”

Ye Langtian said with a sigh.

After meeting Gu Changge, he came to the realization that the rumors regarding him weren’t overstatements.

Middle Stage of the Conferred King Realm!

Even if he used all of his trump cards, he probably wouldn’t be Gu Changge’s match! The odds of him clinching a victory against him were slim to none.

“You are too humble, Brother Ye; in my opinion, few can rival you with the depth of your strength.”

Gu Changge said with a casual smile.

He couldn’t be bothered about offending the other Young Supremes with his words. Praising Ye Langtian was a minor matter. After all, he was the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, and also the elder brother of Ye Liuli.

Gu Changge considered roping him in.

Ye Langtian, on the other hand, showed a bitter smile at Gu Changge’s words, “Brother Gu, I don’t deserve such praise from you. There are thousands of young geniuses in the world, so who can claim to be truly above the rest?”

Gu Changge’s eyes flickered as he heard his words, and asked with a smile, “Could it be that there’s someone who impressed Brother Ye so much that you can’t help but say such words?”

Such words coming from the mouth of a Young Supreme, who was also the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, didn’t make sense.

Gu Changge’s interest was immediately roused, and he felt as if he the new Favored Son of Heaven wasn’t too far away from him.

Ye Liuli also showed annoyance at those words, and immediately explained, “Recently, someone from the collateral branch has been causing trouble for Elder Brother! That person called Ye Ling is simply too much, and keeps on using trickery to mess with us…”

“Oh! I would like to hear the details.”

Gu Changge immediately asked for an explanation with a tone full of interest.

The conflict between the Young Master and a youth from the collateral branch of the Family…to think something like that would appear in the Ancient Immortal Ye Family.

No matter how he thought about it, it appeared to be the plot for the new leek!

Ye Langtian shook his head and showed a bitter smile as he gave Gu Changge a detailed explanation of the incident.

Right now, he felt extremely depressed as dark clouds of gloom loomed over his head.

‘Ye Langtian mistakenly lost control and injured his father, and that person named Ye Ling came to seek justice for his father after a bunch of years. He used some strange methods, convinced the people of the Family to let him fight against Ye Langtian, and reached a tie in the exchange with him. More than that, he was born with the Ye surname.’

Gu Changge sorted out the ins and outs of the matter after listening to the details.

There were innumerable plots in the world, but all of them were old garbage he was extremely familiar with already.

Speaking of which, Gu Changge felt that he had to pay extra attention to people with the Ye surname in the future. As the number one surname used in fictional works, it had spread far and wide.

He reckoned that there might be innumerable Favored Children of Heaven with the Ye surname in the world.

So the details went like this: ‘In the Family’s friendly exchange between the various branches, Ye Langtian lost control and heavily injured an onlooker from the older generation who was standing among the crowd watching from the sideline, and that resulted in the quick decline of that branch.’

Back then, Ye Langtian’s branch gave them a lot of compensation for his blunder, and they accepted it and the matter was written off just like that.

But after a few years, the son of that person from that branch came up and asked for justice for his father’s loss. In one fell swoop, he made it to the top in the Family’s friendly exchange, and then took the opportunity to challenge Ye Langtian.

As the Young Master of the Family, Ye Langtian had to consider the feelings of the collateral branches…what’s more? The accident back then was indeed his fault.

In the end, he suppressed his cultivation and fought the youth who came roaring at him, waving the banner of justice in his hands.

Who would have known that the other party was a sinister bastard, who was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger and made himself appear as a weakling who couldn’t do much.

Fortunately, Ye Langtian was a mighty master, so even if his cultivation was suppressed, he could hold his ground. In the end, the battle ended in a tie.

That battle boosted Ye Ling’s reputation to the Ninth Heaven in one fell swoop, and that attracted the attention of the Family’s higher ups, and even some old monsters who rarely showed their face. All of them felt that his talent was superior to Ye Langtian’s, so they had to especially nurture him.

‘Sure enough, there’s something wrong with that Ye Ling.’

Gu Changge immediately concluded that the new Favored Son of Heaven was none other than Ye Ling.

Pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger, face slapping the Young Master, asking for justice, and all that fit well with the template of a Favored Son of Heaven, and couldn’t deceive him.

From Ye Langtian’s point of view, Ye Ling was a sinister trickster with countless evil cards up his sleeve that he brought out one after another.

Why would you accept the compensation back then if you were just gonna get up one day and ask for justice like this?

Of course, Gu Changge considered that to be normal behavior of the Favored Son of Heaven. Won’t the Favored Son of Heaven be a massive disappointment if he didn’t extort benefits even if he didn’t deserve them?

What’s more? Gu Changge believed that the character of this newly-birthed Favored Son of Heaven wasn’t all that good.

‘It stands to reason that I have never crossed paths with this Ye Ling or whatever, so how did I offend this Favored Son of Heaven?’[1]

‘Nevertheless, he and I were born to clash one day either way.’

Gu Changge wondered in his heart.

[1: Since the System gave him a mission without reason, he thought that he had somehow offended the Favored Son of Heaven. Of course, the one who offended him was Yue Mingkong, and not Gu Changge. But as they say, husband and wife are birds who go through thick and thin together. If one provokes a retard, the other automagically becomes their enemy as well.]

Of course, just because he hadn’t offended him yet didn’t mean that he won’t offend the other party in the future either.

Since he was a Favored Son of Heaven, then it was his fate to be harvested by him sooner or later. Whether he had offended him or not, it didn’t matter; there was no reason for him to not cut a leek when it showed itself before him.

It’s just that he needed to make sense of some matters first.

“Yin Mei…”

Right then, a dissatisfied voice sounded from the side, and brought Gu Changge back to his senses as he looked towards the speaker.

Immediately, a flash of interest passed through his eyes.

The one who spoke was none other than Bai Lie, the Young Master of the White Tiger Family.

Bai Lie was a burly man with clearly-visible white lines on his forehead, and he was dressed in some unknown animal’s hide.

Even though he was sitting on his spot without a movement, one could feel a terrifying killing intent radiate from his body. The thick murderous aura made his surroundings boil.

The Young Geniuses near him had already walked far away from him, afraid that he might pounce at them without warning.

The White Tiger Family, an Ancient Immortal Family, had the Innate Ability known as the [Ultimate Golden Destructive Ability], which could be ranked among the top three in the Upper Realm when it came to destructive might.

Few in the younger generation dared to provoke Bai Lie as he was also extremely mighty.

Gu Changge was quite interested in his [Ultimate Golden Destructive Ability].

What’s more? Unlike the other Young Geniuses, who were in awe of him, this Bai Lie clearly didn’t give a damn about him; this brat was not on the right track.

He had already learned from Ye Langtian that this Bai Lie was that Ye Ling’s good brother. He reckoned that this Bai Lie was the key to completing the mission given to him by the System.

“Junior Sister Yin Mei, shouldn’t you answer Brother Bai Lie? He specially called out to you.”

Right then, Gu Changge showed a slight smile, and said to Yin Mei with a gentle expression. At the same time, he took one of her soft, fluffy fox tails in his hand and gently caressed it.

Bai Lie’s face turned green as he watched the scene in front of him, and his entire person seemed to be on the verge of an explosion.

The rest of the Young Geniuses also widened their eyes in shock, and had no words to describe their feelings.


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