I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Stolen Opportunity; Impossible to Escape Gu Changge’s Poisonous Hands!

He will kill whoever she wants to kill?

Was this Gu Changge’s unique way of showing love?

Why could she only hear boundless desire for murder from those words?

Yue Mingkong was in an extremely complicated mood — she never expected that Gu Changge would say such words that would even touch her heart for a moment.

Maybe, just maybe…it wasn’t that he didn’t have a place for her in his heart, but that her small place in his heart didn’t hold much importance.

As long as she didn’t pry into his secrets and stand in his way, it was possible that Gu Changge wouldn’t turn on her and forget about their relationship.

Be it their past life or the current one, Gu Changge’s ruthless temperament hadn’t changed in any way…it’s just that he treated her a bit differently in this iteration.

In their previous life, she was always docile and submissive before Gu Changge, so Gu Changge treated her with indifference as she was nothing more than a pawn that could be sacrificed as and when required.

In this life, however, she was a strong figure who lorded over the Supreme Immortal Dynasty with an iron fist, and desired even greater authority, and even hid multiple powerful cards up her sleeves — her regression being the biggest of them all.

Because of this, Gu Changge probably felt that she was useful, and decided to treat her somewhat better.

It didn’t take long for Yue Mingkong to reach this conclusion. Although she knew that Gu Changge didn’t really love her, she still felt much better than before.

[Ding! The attitude of the Favored Daughter of Heaven, Yue Mingkong, has changed. You receive 800 points of Fortune Value and 4000 Destiny Points!]

Right then, satisfaction washed over Gu Changge’s mind as he listened to a System Prompt.

The words he said weren’t wasted!

Of course, Yue Mingkong still held resentment and killing intent towards him, but just like Gu Xian’er, she couldn’t bring herself to point her sword at him with her current tumultuous mood.

What’s more? Yue Mingkong was different from Gu Xian’er as there was no hatred or grudge between her and him in this life.

The timeline she experienced in her previous life was different from this life.

Even if Yue Mingkong desired revenge, she had to keep it hidden deep inside her heart. After all, if she showed her desire on the surface, then she would end up exposing her greatest secret.

It’s just that Gu Changge already knew her greatest secret.

With her greatest secret in his grasp, it wouldn’t be hard for him to conquer Yue Mingkong.

“I can investigate the details if you don’t wish to speak about the matter.”

Gu Changge added.

By now, his expression had returned to the same, old disinterested one. If Yue Mingkong didn’t tell him anything, then he would simply use other means to dig out information about what went down.

After all, Ye Ling was a Favored Son of Heaven.

It’s just that Gu Changge didn’t know what cards he held up his sleeve.

To know more about this Favored Son of Heaven, he had to make Yue Mingkong take the initiative to tell him, so he decided to take this opportunity to get as much information out of her as possible.

Yue Mingkong quietened down as she heard his words, and turned his gaze away from him, not daring to look straight at Gu Changge. His face full of interest left her in a fluster.

If she didn’t handle this matter well, then she would end up arousing Gu Changge’s suspicion. It wouldn’t be hard for him to find out that there was no grudge between Ye Ling and her, and that the two hadn’t even met before she attacked him, so how would she explain her plot to murder Ye Ling?

Was there something wrong with her head? Was she retarded? Why was she trying to kill a random guy who she had no grudge with?

Gu Changge was an extremely shrewd fellow, so it wouldn’t be possible for her to hide anything from him.

Yue Mingkong felt something tightly grip her heart, and she couldn’t help but tighten her hold on her cuffs.

Sure enough, nothing good happens every time she meets Gu Changge.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal — it’s just that I discovered the records of the inheritance of an Ancient Heavenly Emperor from some ancient books, and found that Ye Ling beat me to obtaining it…”

Yue Mingkong carefully considered her words, and replied.

She had no choice but to come up with this reasonable-sounding explanation that wouldn’t expose her secrets.

Although it might sound unfair that she was trying to steal someone else’s opportunity, the world they lived in had no place for the weak!

The strong taking something away from the weak was only right.

She definitely wouldn’t have been able to do something like this in her previous life, but in this life, she had already done similar acts multiple times.

In order to compete with Gu Changge, she had to increase her strength, and to do that, she had to seek all sorts of opportunities and treasures.

It’s just that she never expected it would be so troublesome to deal with Ye Ling.

From the information she brought along with her regression, she knew that Ye Ling was no simple character. From a weakling, he step-by-step went on to become an extremely terrifying existence in the Upper Realm.

Now that a grudge had been established between them, it will end up turning into serious trouble for her later in life if she couldn’t resolve it as soon as possible.

Ye Ling wouldn’t let her go no matter what!

Gu Changge showed a stunned expression as he heard her words, and then said with a joking tone, “I never thought you attacked him for a reason like this! Your husband is surprised beyond measure, Mingkong; I never thought you were such a ruthless person.”

“I thought it was the other party who offended you, but it turns out that you were the one plotting to murder him for his opportunity.”

“You weren’t like this before though.”

With that, Gu Changge shook his head in regret, and showed Yue Mingkong an expression of disappointment.

Of course, these words were merely said to go along with Yue Mingkong’s explanation, to give her an illusion that he didn’t know about her regression.

Still, he got an important piece of information from her.

Turned out that Ye Ling was the successor of an Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

Gu Changge was somewhat stunned, but realized that it made sense as a plot-device for a weak protagonist who would rise and pay back all the humiliation and slap people in the face.

A certain mediocre or useless youth somehow obtained the inheritance of a mighty master, and went on a face slapping-spree as he rose to prominence, beat down arrogant young masters, and subdued all the beauties in his path.

Ancient Heavenly Emperor! Those were self-proclaimed mythological existences from ancient times who held great might. It was said that they were beings who had already touched the threshold of Immortality, or might have even reached it.

It wasn’t impossible, but no one could confirm the authenticity of the claims as eons had passed since they vanished down the winding river of time.

The appearance of any Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance would easily alarm the Supreme Dao Heritages, Ancient Immortal Families, and other forces of the Upper Realm! After all, an Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s tomb held amazing opportunities that were enough to attract the attention of all that existed under the dome of heaven.

The fact that Ye Ling silently acquired the inheritance of an Ancient Heavenly Emperor was a matter of great surprise to anyone who heard about it. He must have acquired everything inside the inheritance ground, like the treasures, formations, weapons, divine pills, and so on.

No wonder Yue Mingkong couldn’t deal with him.

“Even if I am like that, it has nothing to do with you.”

Yue Mingkong glanced at Gu Changge without any expression, and continued, “You speak like you are a kind gentleman! Gu Changge, I might be ruthless, but I am still far behind you when it comes to viciousness.”

Yue Mingkong’s words were laced with deep resentment.

Even if she was ten thousand times more ruthless, she still wouldn’t be able to match Gu Changge.

Others might not know, but how could she not?

Gu Changge had murdered innumerable people in the shadows just to advance his inheritance of the Forbidden Arts. The number of geniuses and creatures that perished at his hands couldn’t even be estimated!

If Gu Changge’s true strength were to be revealed, it would shock the entire world, and all the cultivators in the world would rush to slaughter him in horror.

At that time, he will face a situation where the entire world would turn on him.

As for how Gu Changge could keep on increasing his strength in the dark?

Alas! There was no evidence for it.

Even if this matter were to be exposed right now, not many in the world would believe it.

After all, the Forbidden Arts had long disappeared down the long river of time, it’s inheritance had been cut, and all the Heritages of the Upper Realm had already destroyed all the remnants of that inheritance.

How could Gu Changge even get it?

This was a complete mystery.

Yue Mingkong suspected that it was related to the mysterious master behind Gu Changge — it’s just that Gu Changge had never revealed the truth of the matter before anyone.

“Don’t say it like that, Mingkong; sometimes, it’s not bad to be cruel in this world.”

Gu Changge restrained the faint smile on his face, and added, “Good people live a short life, while the evil ones can live forever.”

Yue Mingkong stood in silence after she heard his words.

If she was still the same naive woman from her previous life, she would have sneered at his words for being full of empty confidence. Was it wrong to be a good person?

Good people were the ones in the right, so they had to be the ones destined to live the longest.

Alas! From time immemorial to now, who hadn’t risen to the top of the world without a mountain of bones and rivers of blood beneath their feet?

After everything she experienced, she could say that she felt the same.

“So, which Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance did Ye Ling receive? Your husband might be able to help you deal with him.”

Right then, Gu Changge asked her with a faint smile.

Yue Mingkong glanced at him and said, “Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.”

This information couldn’t be concealed from Gu Changge as it wouldn’t be hard for him to investigate it, especially now that Ye Ling was in Immeasurable Heaven, so she might as well say it herself.

As for Gu Changge helping her deal with Ye Ling? Yue Mingkong didn’t take those words to heart.

Although the words sounded nice, but in the end, he only desired to devour Ye Ling’s inheritance.

Once he killed off Ye Ling, his inheritance would obviously fall into Gu Changge’s hands.

Yue Mingkong didn’t believe that Gu Changge would be kind enough to pass the inheritance on to her.

‘Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation? The power of reincarnation, eh…’

Gu Changge narrowed his eyes when he heard her answer.

The power of reincarnation involved the power of time, which was a supreme power just like the power of space, and they were also related.

Now that he had the [Void Talent], he would obviously be able to grasp Spatial Laws, Spatial Dao, the Origin of Space, and whatnot.

The power of reincarnation immediately tempted him.

Just one look at Gu Changge’s expression was enough for Yue Mingkong to know that he was plotting against Ye Ling already!

She couldn’t help but feel downcast now that Gu Changge personally wanted to steal the opportunity.

She understood Gu Changge’s terror, and knew that it wouldn’t be easy — if not downright impossible — for her to take away the opportunity from Gu Changge’s clutches.

Although Ye Ling was difficult to deal with, there was still the fact that she was a regressor, so she wasn’t worried about his revenge — after all, she even dared to contend with Gu Changge — but now, Ye Ling had turned into Gu Changge’s prey.

What would that Ye Ling do now that Gu Changge was targeting him?

Even when Ye Ling was at the peak of his power in their previous life, he almost died in Gu Changge’s hands, and then disappeared without a trace.

As for the current Ye Ling? It would be even more impossible for him to escape Gu Changge’s poisonous hands.

“Why do you look so unhappy? Are you not happy with your husband helping you grab an opportunity?”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the change in Yue Mingkong’s expression.

Of course, he would be the one taking all the meat, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t leave any soup for Yue Mingkong.[1]

[1: It means that Gu Changge will be taking most of the benefits (the Reincarnation Talisman), but still leave some stuff (treasures, pills, etc.) for Yue Mingkong.]

He wasn’t a ruthless person who would take everything for himself, without leaving anything for the others.

Yue Mingkong, on the other hand, couldn’t bring herself to respond to his words.

Anyway, the Immortal Road would soon appear in the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and she was the only one who knew where the Immortal Spirit would appear.

When compared to the Immortal Spirit, the inheritance of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation wasn’t all that great.

Although Gu Changge had been plotting for the Immortal Spirit for a long time, Yue Mingkong still believed that it would be impossible for him to take it away from her.

After that, Yue Mingkong settled on the Supreme Peak to wait for the emergence of the Immortal Road. After all, she and Gu Changge were already engaged, and it was also a fact that the two had already gone through with the act between a couple, so there was nothing wrong with her staying there.

No one dared to say anything even if she did.

The news that Yue Mingkong, the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, had come to the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace soon spread throughout the region and caused massive waves in all directions.

Be it the disciples of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, or the cultivators of the other heritages, all of them were shocked!

After all, Gu Changge alone was a great deterrent.

Now that his fiancee, Yue Mingkong, was also here, who in the younger generation could stand in front of the two?

With that, more and more heritages were gathering in the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, and many Young Supremes who had never appeared in the world before also showed their faces. Geniuses from all directions flocked over to Immeasurable Heaven to display their uncontested strength.

For a while, the situation turned quite turbulent.


[In the depths of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.]

A simple, quaint palace shrouded in immortal clouds and mist appeared to be standing above the nine heavens. A terrifying aura surged around the palace, and divine lights intertwined to create a scene that made it seem like something was trying to tear open the vault of heaven.

Inside the palace were the Elders of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace who discussed certain matters with solemn and ugly expressions.

The Great Elder sat at the head’s seat with a clear complexion, immortal-like prestige, and fluttering white robes.

“People from all major Heritages have gathered in the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and the ones behind them want me to open the depths of the Palace for their younger generation, so that they can get some experience. What do the Elders think about this matter?”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man sitting next to the Great Elder. Dressed in green, he had a gentle expression and a long beard. He was a tall man with eyes like stars, hair like snow, and a heroic demeanor.

One could see various divine lights floating around his figure as various shadows danced around him to give him a dream-like appearance.

He was none other than the Palace Master of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace. On normal days, he would busy himself with cultivation in the depths of the Palace, and would rarely show up.

Still, it was a fact that his cultivation was unfathomable.

The Elders, on the other hand, couldn’t help but quieten down as they listened to the Palace Master’s words. Right now, it wasn’t up to them to decide what they would do.

“Palace Master, I think this matter needs to be discussed with all the parties present. After all, there are many dangers in the depths of the Palace, so there’s a chance that their disciples might get hurt, or even lose their lives, if they go in there, no? When that happens, they will just blame us for not providing adequate protection! This way, won’t we be just smashing our teeth and swallowing them ourselves, too?”[2]

[2: putting themselves in a dire situation.]

A tall old man with amazing vigor and aura stood up and said.

He was the Second Elder[3] of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and he was also an old monster with an unfathomable cultivation base.

[3: the Great Elder is also the First Elder.]

He showed a frown on his face as he said those words, and couldn’t help but feel enraged at the matter.

The birth of the Immortal Treasure was just a pretense, and in reality, the various Dao Heritages were eyeing the Ancient Immortal Continent that existed in the depths of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.

It’s just that because all those old farts had once come out of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace as its disciples, they couldn’t directly say that outloud, and instead, decided to send their younger generation to get some benefits from them.

How could the Elders of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace not see through their plots?

“There are innumerable opportunities on the Ancient Immortal Continent, but there are just as many dangers as well. What’s more? Many of the regions are shrouded in ancient, immortal mist that would even confuse us if we enter those regions without preparation, so the chances of the young’uns dying in there are quite high…”

Many of the Elders echoed these thoughts.

The words of the Second Elder received unanimous agreement.

They could open the depths of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace for the outside world, but who would take responsibility if something went wrong in there?

If they wanted to go inside, then they had to bear the responsibility by themselves!

In addition to that, the various Heritages had to send someone who would be responsible for their people, or else, when all of them died or got maimed, won’t all the blame fall on the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace’s head?

“Since that’s the case, then the matter is decided like this: ‘the younger generation will be allowed to enter, but those who enter will be the ones responsible for their life and death.’”

The Palace Master of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace slowly said with a nod.

“It’s just that many young geniuses have gathered together, so they will surely compete to come out on top, so who should we send to host them from our Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace’s side…”

“When the time comes, we must send someone who can suppress everyone on the scene without much effort. Among the five peak True Disciples, Chu Wuji already returned to the Great Chu Immortal Dynasty after he was injured…”

“Three of the remaining four are also in seclusion, and I estimate that they won’t be appearing any time soon. Will we need to rely on the other, weaker True Disciples? Alas! Their cultivation bases aren’t strong enough, so I don’t think they will be able to deal with the pressure on the scene.”

The Elders recalled a certain matter, and discussed among themselves in whispers while paying attention to the Great Elder’s expression.

They made sure not to mention Gu Changge’s name solely because of him.

After all, the fact that Gu Changge offended the Great Elder recently had already spread throughout the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, so wouldn’t they be provoking the Great Elder if they dared to recommend Gu Changge in front of him?


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