I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Believing in the Young Lords Character; Self-Correction is Good, Too!

Su Qingge had revealed her secret after thoroughly thinking over the matter. She, herself, wasn’t dumb, and there was also the other soul inside her body, Su Hui, who had helped her think about various solutions and provided her with great advice.

Gu Changge’s temperament was something they couldn’t grasp. Sometimes, he would be like a frosty God overlooking everything without a hint of emotion in his eyes, and other times, he played tricks on others like a well-established jester — his thoughts and actions couldn’t be predicted.

He was different from Ye Chen, who could be read like an open book.

And it was precisely this unpredictable behavior of his that filled Su Qingge’s heart with unease. After much thought, this was the only method she thought would make him trust in her sincerity.

Many old monsters will most definitely target her as soon as her [Mysterious Nine Yin Maiden Physique] got exposed. The lure of the highest tier Human Cauldron wasn’t small.

Revealing her trump card before Gu Changge was her way of telling him that she wasn’t being two-faced in front of him!

Su Qingge believed that Gu Changge would understand the meaning behind her actions. All that was left was to watch Gu Changge’s reaction to all of this.

“[Mysterious Nine Yin Maiden Physique]…it’s a great physique if used as a Human Cauldron, but are you sure you want to tell me about it?”

Gu Changge’s voice sounded, but no emotion could be deduced from his flat tone.

Su Qingge lowered her head, and said in an almost inaudible tone, “Qingge believes that Young Lord Gu is an upright person with great integrity!”

Of course, those were merely empty words. What integrity did Gu Changge have? His strength and temperament might be deep and elusive, but he looked like a villain no matter how Su Qingge looked at him; she couldn’t see any good in his person.

“Such insincere words.”

Gu Changge chuckled.

Su Qingge pursed her lips and did not respond.

Gu Changge looked at her from head to toe. He had to admit that the female heroine sitting in front of him looked quite tantalizing.

She had delicate and exquisitely carved features. Her eyes rippled like spring water in autumn, and her willow-like eyebrows appeared to be drawn by the hands of a divine artist.

Her supple black hair and delightful, lily-white visage appeared ethereal as they radiated a fascinating charm. The anxiousness covering her face did nothing to decrease her allure, instead, it compounded the desire of the onlooker.

Gu Changge wasn’t an honorable Saint who had no desire for the pleasures of the flesh.

What’s more? He neither asked nor threatened Su Qingge for this — she was the one who offered herself to him on a silver platter. No one should be able to say anything even if he ate her whole right here and now.

‘System, I shouldn’t suffer a Fortune Backlash if she’s the one offering herself to me, right?’

Of course, Gu Changge still consulted with the System first. The world was vast, but he only had a single life.

He didn’t have the Protagonist’s immense Fortune, after all. He was a villain, and a villain must tread cautiously.

As long as it doesn’t endanger his life, he will have no qualms enjoying Su Qingge’s meaty hotpot. As for what she thought about him? He didn’t give a damn about that.

He already wanted to pluck this melon the moment he saw her immense Fortune, but he was afraid of getting struck by a Fortune Backlash. But now that the melon delivered itself to be plucked, Fortune shouldn’t fuck him over, right?

[The Heroine’s Fortune is still too high, and she hasn’t completely surrendered to the Host yet. There’s a high chance Host will suffer from a Fortune Backlash if you try to have a physical relationship with the Heroine right now.]

The System explained.

Alright, he had expected this result already.

That traitorous, dog-shit Fortune! Gu Changge estimated that a bunch of crab monsters had their attention focused on him from their random dimensions. He knew something this good couldn’t come so easy!

Of course, there was no change to his expression, and he said without a single tremor in his flat tone, “About your [Mysterious Nine Yin Maiden Physique]…this Gu will act as if he never heard about it. If the Holy Maiden wants to impress this Gu by this, then please return.”

“Lady, have some self-respect!”

His expression showed his indifference and disdain as he continued, “I need to focus on my Cultivation now, so I can’t entertain you anymore, Holy Maiden!”

[Tut. Tut. Tut.]

Gu Changge couldn’t help but admire his acting skills. If the System had an independent mind of its own, it would have most certainly cursed Gu Changge for his shamelessness. Who was asking him whether he could eat up the other party just now?

“Young Lord Gu…”

Gu Changge’s unexpected response stunned Su Qingge as visible disbelief appeared on her face.

Su Qingge had prepared herself for the worst outcome when she came to visit him. Although it was humiliating and her heart wasn’t all that willing, she knew that she had no other choice left now.

Gu Changge’s response, however, caught her off guard.

Of course, she was more relieved than stupefied.

‘This Gu Changge is unpredictable, indeed. I can’t guess any of his thoughts…’

At this moment, the other soul inside her body spoke up. The two thought the same right now.

‘Contrary to what I thought, Young Lord Gu didn’t take advantage of our vulnerability. It seems I was biased and vilified him…’

‘Thinking of him like that, it seems I was too narrow-minded!’

Su Qingge couldn’t help but reprimand herself after leaving Gu Changge’s place. Unbeknownst to her, her mood had brightened up, and she didn’t look as lifeless and anxious as before.

And as Su Qingge thought about the recent happenings, she realized that Young Lord Gu had indeed done nothing wrong!

She was sent to his palace the night before that, but he hadn’t given her as much as a glance. It was as if he couldn’t be bothered by her existence.

She couldn’t understand how she failed to see all that with her shrewdness? It seemed that she had muddled her judgement because of the bias and pressure she bore over the last few days.

Su Qingge couldn’t help but feel guilt rise in her heart as she thought about everything. Why did she even believe that Gu Changge was an evil person before?

[Ding! Su Qingge’s opinion of the Host has changed. Fortune Value increased by 20 Points. Destiny Points increased by 100 Points.]

The System prompt suddenly rang in Gu Changge’s mind, and he was left speechless by the System’s message.

Was Su Qingge trying to self-correct her thoughts and beliefs regarding him, rationalizing all of his actions?

But that was good, too!

It’s just that Gu Changge hadn’t thought his first bucket of Fortune Value would come from the heroine, instead of the protagonist.

Well, it didn’t matter where he got it from.

What’s more? He had earned quite a large amount Destiny Points today. His heart burst with joy over the great haul.

400 Points.

200 Points.

100 Points.

All-in-all, he made a total of 700 Destiny Points without breaking a sweat. More than that, he had kicked Ye Chen’s Fortune around 300 Points.

It won’t be long before the Fortune around this Favored Son of Heaven disappeared and he perished under his hand.

Gu Changge’s mood brightened up.

Still, he didn’t rush to use these 700 Destiny Points. He was going to save up a 1000 Points to open the System Mall — he must see what great stuff could be obtained from inside there.

Although he wasn’t lacking in Mystical Abilities and Techniques, but what if he could get something even stronger from the System? Won’t he soar to Heaven faster with that?

And now that his preparations were almost done, it was time for him to start with Ye Chen’s Grandpa!


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