I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Arrogant Gu Xian’er; Pointing A Knife At Her Brother!

Gu Changge tried to chase him away as soon as he arrived at the Supreme Peak!

What the heck did he mean by saying that it would be inconvenient for him to discuss matters?

Blue veins popped out on the Great Elder’s forehead as he heard Gu Changge’s words.

The sky above the Supreme Peak dimmed, and a terrifying pressure descended upon the mountain, followed by innumerable expanses of dark clouds that seemed to go on and on for thousands of miles.

The sudden change in the sky frightened all of the disciples; their faces turned pale, and their legs went weak — they felt as if they were about to face a Heavenly Tribulation!

Gu Xian’er and Yue Mingkong’s expressions also changed at the sudden turn of events, and the Great Elder’s domineering power shocked them.

It wasn’t unexpected, however.

After all, the Great Elder achieved fame countless eons ago, and he already held an unfathomable Cultivation Base back then. Mere emotional changes in someone of his standing could trigger terrifying changes that could make the stars fall and the earth tremble as if it would burst at any moment.

Any random mutt who tried to provoke the Great Elder would piss its pants just from this much. Gu Changge, however, couldn’t be bothered by his show of might or terrifying aura of coercion.

The smile on his face remained unchanged, and he said with a calm expression, “Great Elder, are you trying to intimidate me like this? Or are you planning to use Mingkong and Xian’er to threaten me?”

“If that’s your plan, then you miscalculated.”

“Gu Changge, you…”

The Great Elder’s rage surged for a moment, and he desired to slap Gu Changge to death for his insolence, but he had to suppress his anger and stop himself.

It was the first time he truly wished to slap someone to death!


Gu Xian’er tried to persuade him in a hurry, afraid that his rage might soar even further because of Gu Changge’s nonsense; she had a good amount of experience having Gu Changge raise her rage.

Gu Changge was such a rotten apple that a few words from him enraged the Great Elder beyond measure, yet he still looked carefree and indifferent.

His actions made Gu Xian’er’s eyes flash with a cold light, and she stared daggers at Gu Changge as if she wanted to stab him through his heart right here and now. The old and new grudges she held towards him kept on compounding day by day.

“Gu Changge, shut up…”

A murderous expression adorned Gu Xian’er’s visage as she took out her jade sword and pointed it towards her nemesis.

A hazy brilliance covered her figure, and brilliant runes flashed around her as a terrifying sword intent surged forth!

Yue Mingkong also wanted to persuade him to stop but realized that there was no way Gu Changge would listen to her, so she stopped. Those who provoked the Great Elder, even if they didn’t die, they would lose a layer of their skin.

However, she reckoned that the Great Elder wouldn’t be ruthless enough to kill Gu Changge. After all, the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s prestige and might weren’t just for show. Few forces dared to offend the Ancient Immortal Gu Family in the Upper Realm without a good enough reason.

No matter how extraordinary the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace might be, it still wasn’t special enough to kill off their Young Master.

“I was wondering just where Little Xian’er got a boost to her confidence to have the guts to yell at me, and it turned out to be because of a breakthrough? So, are you going to take revenge on me now that you are a bit stronger?”

Gu Changge sneered as he watched the changes in the Great Elder’s expression, to then turn and look at Gu Xian’er.

“Gu Changge…”

Gu Xian’er couldn’t stand Gu Changge’s contemptuous attitude and furrowed her brows. She had already broken through to the Conferred Lord Realm, yet Gu Changge didn’t seem to be bothered by it in any way.

What’s more? Gu Changge didn’t seem to care about her arrival at his place either.

Weren’t his previous actions all because he felt guilty and wanted to make up for the past?

How come he changed his face after they didn’t see each other for a while?

Gu Xian’er’s pride and cold temperament prevented her from opening her mouth to ask Gu Changge for the reason behind his actions, so she only glared at him.

Right then, the Great Elder also forced himself to calm down.

He understood that there was no value in getting angry at a junior like Gu Changge, and said, “Xian’er has already broken through to the Conferred Lord Realm, and although she might not be able to defeat you right now, the day she will be able to isn’t far. Since this old man said that he would teach her with diligence, then there’s no way I would go back on my words. Do you remember that I said that I will let you be the heir if Xian’er can’t beat you?”

“Of course, I remember your words, but do you think this girl has a chance at winning against me with her current cultivation base, Great Elder?”

“Do you think she can win against me as soon as she breaks through to the Conferred Lord Realm? Or do you believe that I will go easy on her and let her have an undeserved victory, Great Elder?”

Gu Changge asked with a light smile.

Everyone in the surroundings could feel the visible contempt and disdain in his tone.

The Great Elder was momentarily stunned, while Gu Xian’er just wanted to smash a punch on Gu Changge’s haughty face.

“Besides, aren’t you putting too much importance on the position of the heir, Great Elder? You speak as if I won’t be able to live without it. Even if you give it to me right now, Great Elder, there’s a chance that I might not accept it.”

Gu Changge’s expression remained unchanged, and he continued speaking.

In front of the three of them, he turned the position of heir into something cheap and widely available like salt and whatnot that could be found anywhere and everywhere.

“Do you think you can raise your worth on the spot with just those words?”

The Great Elder stared at Gu Changge through his abyss-deep eyes full of gloom.

“Don’t say it like that, Great Elder.”

Gu Changge shook his head and kept on speaking with his unchanged, calm expression, “Also, who says that I can’t raise my worth on the spot?”

Gu Changge’s shameless and nonsensical attitude deepened the Great Elder’s annoyance.

“Good, good, good! Good one! Gu Changge, you have opened this old man’s eyes.”

“You flatter me, Great Elder.”

Gu Changge responded with a light smile.

“Go ahead, tell me what it will take for you to agree?”

The Great Elder stared at him and directly asked him for his demands without mentioning the matter of Gu Xian’er competing with Gu Changge anymore.

He had thought that Gu Changge would suppress his Cultivation Base before fighting Gu Xian’er to make it a fair duel, but it now appeared that he had no such thoughts, so he decided not to mention the matter anymore.

This matter left him helpless.

After all, there was no way Gu Changge would take the initiative to suppress his Cultivation Base. Judging from Gu Changge’s cunning and insidious temperament, it would be strange if he did.

The Great Elder was left feeling uncomfortable, while Gu Changge was standing in satisfaction.

Alas! He had no choice but to agree to Gu Changge’s demands.

From the beginning to the end, a junior led him by the nose. This was the first time the Great Elder experienced something alike, even after living through countless eons.

Gu Changge nodded and finally showed a satisfied expression after listening to the Great Elder’s words, and said, “My request is simple: ‘I will be the future Palace Master, plus you will owe me a favor, Great Elder.’ As long as it’s within your ability, you won’t be able to refuse the favor. Of course, you can rest assured that I won’t ask you for something that would make you go against your conscience or anything like that.”

Gu Changge put forth his demands without a blink, and his words worsened the Great Elder’s already-downcast complexion.

Obviously, Gu Changge had already anticipated all this and thought up his demands beforehand. Right now, he felt a shiver go down his chilled back; the young man in front of him was too terrifying!

Of course, his true terror didn’t lie in his Cultivation Base — it wasn’t worth mentioning — instead, the terror lay in the fact that he had everything calculated, and nothing was out of his expectations and control.

[TL/N: wait for him to find out how high his Cultivation Base is.]

“This old man agrees to your’ requests.’”

The Great Elder didn’t think for too long before responding to Gu Changge’s demands. Since Gu Changge had considered these already, then there was no way he would easily take a step back.

Alas! He had no choice but to agree.

Still, the important fact was that there was nothing that he found difficult about Gu Changge’s demands, be it the position of the future Palace Master, or one of his favors.

Even if Gu Changge became the Palace Master, what could he do?

‘The Palace Master’s come and go, while the Great Elder is forever unchangeable.’

These words had long spread through each and every corner of the Upper Realm, and it wasn’t for no reason that every other force believed it to be true.

“The Great Elder’s words are very reassuring, but please swear on this matter by your heart.”

Gu Changge said with a smile.

His face changed so quickly that Yue Mingkong and Gu Xian’er didn’t know what to say.

“Since this old man said it, then this old man will, of course, keep to his words; do you think this old man will go back on his words?”

More and more blue veins popped up on the Great Elder’s forehead, and he could barely hold back his desire to strangle Gu Changge.

He was a mighty existence revered by countless Heritages and Races, so would he still go back on his words?

Gu Changge asking him to swear by his heart was nothing short of disgracing him, so his rage couldn’t help but flare further.

“I trust you, Great Elder, but who am I going to cry to if you decide to not fulfill your end of the deal later?”

Gu Changge said with a smile that made him look somewhat foolish.


“You enrage this old man!”

The Great Elder didn’t want to stay near him one more moment. Gu Changge’s words almost blew his fuse, and he tightly held onto his beard in rage as he almost slapped Gu Changge to death.

“Gu Changge!”

Gu Xian’er couldn’t help but shout at him as she watched the Great Elder’s experience that seemed as if he wanted to just run away somewhere. A frosty and murderous expression covered her face as she glared at Gu Changge.

“This old man swears by my Dao Heart that if I violate what I promised today, then I will be struck to death by a Heavenly Tribulation; my soul will scatter, and my Primordial Spirit will die off, and I will never be able to enter the Cycle of Reincarnation ever again!”

With that, the Great Elder flung his sleeve, turned around, and disappeared into thin air. He feared that he might just slap Gu Changge to death if he stayed there any longer.

If his rage burst out, then the entire Supreme Peak and its surroundings would surely turn into blasted ashes!

He couldn’t imagine any other outcome.

The only reason Gu Changge dared to act so arrogantly was that he knew the Great Elder wouldn’t dare slap him to death.

Once the Great Elder left, the smile on Gu Changge’s face disappeared, and he watched Yue Mingkong and Gu Xian’er with an expression of interest on his face.

Yue Mingkong was familiar with him, so she turned uneasy as soon as she saw his expression. Since she said she would protect Gu Xian’er from him, she couldn’t help but subconsciously stand in front of her.

“Oh! What do you mean by this, Mingkong? Why are you standing in front of Xian’er? Are you trying to protect her? You sure are a good sister-in-law!”

Gu Changge stared at her with a deep expression in his eyes, and that sent a chill down Yue Mingkong’s back.

She couldn’t help but recall Gu Changge’s indifferent and unfeeling temperament and actions from her past life; he would exterminate anyone and anything that dared to stand in his way.

As Yue Mingkong stood rooted to her spot in a daze, Gu Xian’er walked forward from behind her and said: “Sister Mingkong, you don’t have to worry about me.”

With a frosty expression, she glared at Gu Changge, and said: “Gu Changge, let us settle all of our grievances today!”

Gu Changge had continuously looked down on her even though she had already broken through to the Conferred Lord Realm, and that wounded Gu Xian’er’s pride.

Back when Gu Changge was her age, he was only at the Saint Realm, so what gave him the right to look down on her?

The most important matter was that Gu Changge’s attitude towards her was now completely different from a while back.

[TL/N: Little Xian’er is a bro-con holed up in a closet.]

This made Gu Xian’er extremely uncomfortable, and she couldn’t accept it.

This bastard looked guilty before, and wanted to make up for what he did to her back then, but now, he treated her with such indifference and looked down on her!

His current behavior made Gu Xian’er extremely angry, and all her thoughts about him having some difficulties for his actions in the past vanished into thin smoke.

She realized that she was overthinking everything.

Gu Changge thoroughly treated her like a toy that he could bully around whenever or however he desired. Once he got bored of her, he would simply throw her away and not care about her in any way.

“Settle all of our grievances?”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but laugh out loud for a moment, and then his expression turned indifferent as he continued: “Gu Xian’er, you wouldn’t be delusional enough to think that you stand a chance against me, right?”

“Gu Changge…”

Yue Mingkong called out to him with a frown.

Right now, she didn’t know how she could persuade the two. Gu Changge definitely wouldn’t kill Gu Xian’er right now, but it wouldn’t be hard for him to make her suffer a bit.

What’s more? There was no way Gu Xian’er would listen to her words of persuasion right now either.


A sword light suddenly broke through the Void with a dazzling brilliance that made it resemble a vast galaxy. Brilliant runes flashed around as one after another sword light fell from the sky, creating a breathtaking scene.

Gu Xian’er had made a move and used a peerless sword art right from the get-go. The might she displayed surpassed the level of whatever could be achieved in the Conferred Lord Realm.

Her confidence wasn’t without reason. Now that she was in the Conferred Lord Realm, killing young geniuses in the Conferred King Realm would be as easy as flipping her hand!


A rigid sound erupted from the surrounding Void, as if a mighty flame had broken out.

However, Gu Xian’er’s pupils shrank out of disbelief in the next moment. In response to her sky full of Sword Qi, Gu Changge only raised his hand. A mighty fluctuation of Spiritual Qi surged forth, and like a massive shield, it stood between the rain of sword lights and him.

At the same time, Gu Changge stretched two of his fingers with a cold expression and directly caught her sword’s blade between them.

His fingers were like iron clamps with a terrifying might inside them; fine cracks appeared on her sword as he held it between his fingers, and Gu Xian’er couldn’t free it from his grasp.

“How could this be…”

Gu Xian’er was shocked by the reality that she was forced to face. Although her frame was slender and thin, she held physical might comparable to the cubs of ancient and mighty beasts that couldn’t be matched by her peers!

Even then, she couldn’t free her weapon from Gu Changge’s grasp no matter how hard she tried.


Right then, a dazzling, immortal intent covered her figure and made her look like an Immortal Fairy. Eternal brilliance surged all around from her recently-recovered Dao Bone, and the hymns of the Great Dao resonated everywhere as the dazzling light illuminated everything in her surroundings.

At the same time, Gu Xian’er shouted, “Break!”

Gu Changge’s expression showed no change.


Finally, the jade sword could no longer bear the pressure and started to show deeper cracks that brought it to the verge of collapse.

“What a stupid little sister…”

Gu Changge shook his head without changing his expression and opened all of his fingers to reach out with his palm. Immediately, an oppressive might that seemed to cover Heaven and Earth surged forth from his hands.


His vast aura made the surrounding Void rip with turbulence!

Once his palm fell, Gu Xian’er paled, and her recovered Dao Bone’s might was immediately suppressed. Although Gu Xian’er was unwilling to yield, she couldn’t help but be thoroughly suppressed by Gu Changge.

The gap between the two was far too great! It wasn’t something that could be scaled with talent alone.

“You want to kill me right after breaking through to the Conferred Lord Realm?”

“Gu Xian’er, you are too arrogant! Do you think you can point a blade at your elder brother without facing any consequence?”

Gu Changge calmly walked over to Gu Xian’er and squatted before her. Ignoring her cold and murderous expression, he pinched her nose, and that action from him made Gu Xian’er grit her teeth in rage.


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