I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Pinning Blame; Brain Full of Conspiracies!

“How much do you know about this matter, Brother Ye?”

Gu Changge spoke lightly about the matter as if he was asking about something unimportant.

At the same time, he raised the glass of wine to his lips and downed it in one gulp with a hint of admiration in his words as he praised, “This wine is quite good.”

Yue Mingkong was stunned as she watched his show of innocence, and a chill went down her back. Others might not be able to figure it out, but she clearly understood his plot.

Gu Changge was the true inheritor of the Forbidden Demonic Arts, but he had framed many in their previous life!

Alas! She foolishly believed him every time, and never once doubted his words.

But now that she witnessed him plotting against someone right in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel cold sweat go down her back and hands.

While talking, laughing, and drinking, he pinned such a disastrous suspicion on Ye Ling’s head as if it was a light matter not worth mentioning.

Although Yue Mingkong desired to murder Ye Ling as well, she couldn’t compare to Gu Changge when it came to dealing with the other party. Everything she did up till now could be considered insignificant if compared to Gu Changge’s sinister means.

She understood already that Gu Changge was a terrifying monster, but witnessing him lead someone to ruin like this completely subverted her understanding of his true depths.

His every word, deed, and movement was carefully calculated with the intent to destroy someone!

The cold sweat that went down her back kept on increasing, and Yue Mingkong gave herself a mental note to never reveal the fact that she knew that Gu Changge possessed the [Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art]. If Gu Changge found out about this matter, then she will find herself dead without a burial place, and no one will be able to save her at that time.

Her regression brought her no advantage over Gu Changge, after all.

“This wine is really good, Mingkong; you should have a taste as well.”

Right then, when Yue Mingkong was lost in innumerable thoughts, Gu Changge brought a glass of wine in front of her and asked her to have a taste.

“Why is your face so pale, and why are your hands somewhat cold? Are you feeling unwell?”

Yue Mingkong knew that Gu Changge’s concern was all faked, so she couldn’t help but sit there in a daze without uttering anything in response for a while.

“Changge, I am fine.”

Yue Mingkong shook her head and muttered to him without letting him see any abnormality.

Gu Changge’s smile showed no change, and he continued, “That’s good.”

He could tell that Yue Mingkong had probably guessed his intentions, and that’s what caused such a sudden shift in her condition.

As for using that trick to deal with Ye Ling? Gu Changge was naturally all too familiar with matters like this. He felt no psychological burden going through with his plan, and it was no different from eating and drinking to him.

Yue Mingkong, on the other hand, was just a woman, after all.

Although she could take drastic measures in certain situations, those measures were all forced by her situation. She wasn’t someone like him who was born to be a villain whose head had nothing but conspiracies twenty-four-by-seven.

As for where he got the idea to put the blame on Ye Ling’s head? That was a complete coincidence.

The reason why he went to the Heavenly Dao Ancient City was that Yin Mei collected quite a few high quality ‘cultivation resources’ for him, but something went wrong while she was collecting the resources for him, and some forces noticed the disappearance of the Young Heavenly Geniuses, and that caused quite a stir and panic in the outside world.

Gu Changge didn’t blame her though.

After all, one who walked by the river would get their shoes wet at one point or another.

Even if she did it in complete secrecy, it was inevitable that she would reveal some flaws or traces at some point in time.

Just when Gu Changge was thinking about a solution for this matter, he ran into Ye Langtian who brought up the matter of Ye Ling.

Wasn’t he just sending him a scapegoat?

As for how he would pin everything on Ye Ling’s head? Gu Changge had already thought up a lot of methods, and each one of his plans could ensure that Ye Ling would seamlessly become his scapegoat, and no one would be able to find any flaws.

Ye Langtian was somewhat stunned.

Afterward, as he watched Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong harmoniously chat with each other, he couldn’t help but compliment the two with a smile, “Brother Gu, Princess Mingkong, your relationship sure is enviable.”

By now, Yue Mingkong had already returned to normal and responded to his words with a silent smile.

At the same time, she thought that she was asking for too much.

Although Gu Changge still kept his self-interests as his priority, when compared to their previous life, the relationship between the two of them was far better, and it only kept on improving.

What’s more? Gu Changge even clenched her hands to comfort her when he noticed they were getting somewhat cold and sweating.

She couldn’t tell if he noticed something from her performance, but his care made her feel well.

Right then, Ye Langtian continued the previous topic and said, “A lot of talented geniuses recently disappeared, and that caused a lot of forces to panic.”

“The most important thing about this matter is that those who disappeared didn’t have a high cultivation base. At first, no one noticed anything, but after too many disappeared at once, some cultivators noticed that it wasn’t a small number of people who disappeared.”

“Even more important than that is the fact that someone dug out various Daoist cemeteries, and many ancient corpses disappeared from inside.”

It wasn’t hard for Ye Langtian to find out details about this matter, after all, he was the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family.

Of course, the main reason this matter reached him was that the grandson of a major Family’s Elder disappeared a few days ago.

The Elder’s grandson had recently made his debut in the outside world, so he didn’t have any grudge with anyone, yet he still disappeared without a trace.

Still, the Upper Realm was unimaginably vast, so it wasn’t abnormal for some people to disappear now and then — to be precise, one couldn’t count the number of people who disappeared in the Upper Realm daily.

Cultivators could go missing for various reasons like: ‘falling into a Spatial Crack, accidentally provoking a hidden master into action and dying as a result, or whatnot…’

What made this Elder’s grandson a special case was the fact that the Elder discovered clues about a power in the shadows that had been looking for talented geniuses for a good while. This power’s influence began from the Inner Region and later spread to the Middle and Outer Region of the Upper Realm.

This matter shocked many forces as soon as it came out, and most of them panicked in response.

“What you say is no different from what I heard.”

Gu Changge said with a nod and then fell into thought.

After a while, he stared at Ye Langtian, and directly asked, “Brother Ye, do you think this has something to do with ‘that’ taboo inheritance which was annihilated after countless Dao Heritages united?”

Gu Changge asked with a calm expression.

His words were straight to the point as it would be more suspicious if he started to beat around the bush right now.

“Brother Gu, what are you trying to say?”

A thoughtful glint flashed Ye Langtian’s eyes.

He didn’t need Gu Changge to explain anything more about this matter as he had also reached a similar conclusion since there was no way this matter would otherwise cause such panic.

The only reason he didn’t bring it up first was that he thought that something so terrible couldn’t come to pass now of all eras.

The fact that it was called ‘that taboo inheritance’ already said much about its terror.

No one in the Upper Realm dared to mention the name of that inheritance in the current era, and that’s why it was called ‘that taboo inheritance’ by those who talked about it.

“If I guessed correctly, then ‘that’ taboo inheritance must have surfaced once more. After all, it’s like a wild weed infestation that won’t completely die off even if you burn it. Once spring arrives, the weed will grow back — no matter how we destroy it, it will recover sooner or later.”

Gu Changge said without a change to his calm expression.

Yue Mingkong, on the other hand, felt as if Gu Changge was foreshadowing something as she listened to his words.

After all, the true master of that taboo inheritance was none other than Gu Changge!

Yet now, he was talking about it like it had nothing to do with him.

“Brother Gu, that’s exactly what I concluded as well.”

Ye Langtian nodded at his words with a sigh, and suddenly felt that he had found himself a confidant in Gu Changge’s form; he couldn’t help but cherish the fact that he could form a friendship with him.

Of course, he had no idea that Gu Changge merely wanted to use his mouth to spread this matter.

This way, no one would be able to put their suspicions on Gu Changge himself.

“If that’s true, then the birth of that taboo inheritance is too coincidental.”

Gu Changge spoke up again with a brooding expression as if he was trying to figure out the ins and outs of this matter.

“Brother Gu, do you think Ye Ling’s sudden rise has something to do with that taboo inheritance?”

Ye Langtian also didn’t beat around the bush and asked with a somewhat confused and thoughtful expression.

“I have investigated Ye Ling, and what I came up with was that he had no background, no resources, and even his collateral branch didn’t value him much…since that’s the case, how could his cultivation base soar so high in such a short time, to the point that he’s almost catching up to us?”

“Indeed, it’s just like what you say, Brother Gu! It’s too much of a coincidence, so it seems that I have to pay extra attention to this matter.”

Ye Langtian responded to him in agreement.

Although Gu Changge’s calm expression showed no change, in his heart, he praised Ye Langtian for getting the hint and going down the path he prepared for him.

With that, Ye Ling’s life will no longer be as smooth-sailing as before.

Of course, he would need to push a few more matters before he could deal with him completely.

“Brother Gu, this matter is of great importance, so I must leave as soon as possible and report back to the Family; I will see you again once the Ancient Immortal Continent is opened.”

Ye Langtian’s complexion turned gloomy as he thought more and more into the matter, and before long, he brought Ye Liuli along and left.

“Brother Ye, don’t be too hasty.”

Gu Changge bid him farewell with an indifferent smile on his face.

Before long, silence covered the entire divine tower, while Gu Changge watched the street outside with a thoughtful expression.

Yue Mingkong said nothing, and kept on staring at Gu Changge’s handsome face with a bright light in her eyes — it was as if she desired to see through him by any means.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t you gotten tired of looking at your husband’s face after so many days?”

Gu Changge said with a chuckle and then took her hand in his hand once more.

Yue Mingkong’s beautiful eyes didn’t move away from him, and she replied with a shake of her head, “Your methods are too terrifying.”

“You don’t need to worry over that — Ye Ling had to die either way, so it’s easier to kill him like this,” Gu Changge continued with a laugh, “Besides, aren’t I, your husband, helping you kill him?”

Yue Mingkong responded to him with a weak snort, displaying her disdain for his statement.

He was helping her kill him? Utter nonsense.

Those were mere pretty words. In reality, he was aiming for all the benefits that lay in killing Ye Ling!

At most, he would let her have some leftover soup after gulping down all the meat.

Those who cooperated with Gu Changge would be foolish to think they could get any advantage through him, be it his fiancée or someone else.

Yue Mingkong understood Gu Changge better than anyone else in the world.

“Your brain has nothing but conspiracies inside it…how many of your words are believable?”

Yue Mingkong didn’t have the energy to entangle with him anymore, and started to think about Ye Ling’s means that she could recall from the memories of her previous life. Now that she had suffered a loss, she had no choice but to be more cautious.

“Just wait and watch the show.”

Gu Changge said with a cackle.


[In a remote ancient city to the east of Heavenly Dao Ancient City.]

“Brother Bai Lie, I must thank you for all the cultivation resources you have provided me all this time! I would never reach my current heights without your help.”

Several Young Heavenly Geniuses — men and women alike — chatted over drinks inside a luxurious-looking pavilion. Among them sat a man in black with a pendant hanging around his neck: ‘he was Ye Ling.’

Sitting there, he raised a toast towards Bai Lie and expressed his sincere gratitude for his continuous love and support.

Bai Lie sat in the middle of all those present and made sure to reveal his astonishing, mighty aura to make sure no one in the surroundings underestimated him and kept their distance.

After all, Bai Lie was the Young Master of the White Tiger Family, and his identity was far superior to theirs. The only reason he came to a shoddy place like this was to give face to his bro, Ye Ling.

“Brother Ye Ling, you are too polite! Since when was there a need for such words between us brothers?”

Bai Lie happily said with a laugh.

He was somewhat intoxicated already, and his words were full of heroic spirit.

Suddenly, his expression brightened as he felt the Communication Talisman on his arm give off a weak heat — it showed that his fiancee, Yin Mei, was contacting him.

Sudden contact from her added to Bai Lie’s happiness as Yin Mei rarely contacted him.

“I can tell that my sister-in-law is contacting you, Big Bro! Big Bro, why don’t you take a look at her message?”

Ye Ling was well aware of Bai Lie’s affairs; he knew that Bai Lie liked his fiancee a lot and that this sister-in-law brightened Bai Lie’s mood every time he talked about her!

His words made the smile on Bai Lie’s face widen and he checked the message from the Communication Talisman in a hurry, and said with a grin, “Yin Mei said that she will be leaving the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace for some matter today, so I can meet up with her if I want to.”


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