I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Instigating Discord; The Dumb Protagonist!

[Inside the dim and damp Dungeon.]

Ye Chen cut a sorry figure with his drooping head and unkempt hair. He had suffered much over the last three days of solitude. There was no one guarding his cell, nor did anyone come to visit him — it was as if the world had abandoned him.

His hatred for Gu Changge had gone through the roof, and he couldn’t wait to cut the man in a million pieces.

But suddenly, a shocked expression appeared on Ye Chen’s face as he saw the person he had cursed countless times over the last three days. The one person he didn’t want to see was heading towards his direction, led by a disciple of Taixuan Holy Land.

“Young Lord Gu, everything will be according to your desire! This is where we imprisoned Ye Chen during this time.”

Gu Changge walked behind the disciple and soon arrived before Ye Chen’s cell.

“I see. You may leave now.”

Gu Changge indifferently nodded to the disciple, and the disciple dared not stay after he heard the command.

Now was a good time to see how well the Protagonist, Ye Chen, was doing now.

Just one look was enough for him to know that Ye Chen had gone through quite a miserable time after his imprisonment. To please him, the Taixuan Holy Land had commanded Ye Chen to be kept in complete solitude…to the point that he wasn’t even given a drop of water over the last three days.

The Favored Son of Heaven had a disheveled appearance, and he looked pitiful beyond measure. Of course, Gu Changge had no intention of showing him any mercy.

After all, the moment Ye Chen obtained the ability to deal with him, he would undoubtedly not let him off. There was no way Ye Chen could wait to scatter his ashes in the world.

“Gu Changge, what do you want?”

Ye Chen roared towards Gu Changge, feeling that his adversary had arrived with evil intentions. His subconscious mind believed that Gu Changge had arrived to end his life.

“Obviously, I came to see you.”

“Ah! That’s not right; to be precise, I came to see your Master.”

Gu Changge smiled and bluntly pointed out Ye Chen’s secret.

“You…what do you mean? I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

Ye Chen’s complexion paled, and he panicked. Gu Changge’s sudden words had stunned him.

After all, how could Gu Changge know about his Master’s existence? It was a secret no one apart from him knew about!

Ye Chen’s couldn’t help but feel his limbs turn cold. In front of Gu Changge, he felt like an ant that couldn’t hide any of its secrets.

“Don’t try to pretend; do you think you can trick me with that expression on your face?” Gu Changge sneered, and then continued, “Senior, are you not going to show yourself? Or do you want to tide through this using petty tricks? An Elder like you doing something like that won’t look good.”

As Gu Changge said those words, his gaze landed on the ring on Ye Chen’s finger. This one look from him made Ye Chen’s heart sink. Not only did Gu Changge knew about his Master’s existence, but he could also tell where his Master hid.

“Is there a need for Young Lord Gu to embarrass me like this?”

A faint sigh sounded from Ye Chen’s ring at this time. Although the voice sounded pleasant, one could hear a sense of helplessness lacing her words.

As the words fell, a burst of red flashed in front of Gu Changge, and a figure dressed in red appeared out of thin air.


Ye Chen’s expression changed. He hadn’t thought his Master would show up on her own initiative. Her sudden actions increased the unease in his heart.

“Oh! So this is what Senior looked like.”

Gu Changge’s expression didn’t change, but he couldn’t help but chuckle in his heart. He thought Ye Chen had a portable Grandpa, but it turns out he got himself a portable Beauty!

Those scarlet pupils and that alluring face…the Heavens sure blessed this Ye Chen with some dog-shit Fortune to have such a gorgeous Master. Well, whatever, she will soon belong to him.

“I wonder what this one can do for Young Lord Gu?”

Yan Ji asked with a soft voice laced with a cold tone. She didn’t want to show up, but she had no choice. Since this Gu Changge could figure out her existence, then he would naturally also have some means to force her out.

Instead of letting the other party force her out, it would be better if she took the initiative and showed herself.

“It’s nothing much, really. I was just curious about the expert behind Ye Chen, and wanted to know who the Senior might be.”

Gu Changge replied as if the truth was what he said.

At least, from the surface, no one could see through his real thoughts. Both Yan Ji and Ye Chen were like so. Though it was like that, Ye Chen believed that Gu Changge came to see them with some vile intentions.

He glared at Gu Changge with eyes full of hatred and murderous desires.

Yan Ji couldn’t figure out Gu Changge’s true intentions either, so she could only raise her guard.

“Then, is Young Lord Gu satisfied now that he has seen me? As you can see, I am nothing more than a woman’s fleeting ghost; I am no expert like you say.”

Yan Ji’s frosty voice sounded again.

“You helped someone as dumb as Ye Chen obtain all of his current achievements, so why would you humble yourself like that, Senior?

“Since ancient times, how many pearls have been buried by dust? What do they say: A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in; a virtuous official chooses a worthy lord.

“Senior, won’t you be wasting your talent if you keep staying by Ye Chen’s side?”

Gu Changge showed a sincere smile as he finished his speech full of facts.

Just now, he had secretly calculated whether he could forcefully take away the ring from Ye Chen’s hand, but trying to act on his thoughts had immediately filled his heart with a strong sense of danger.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but curse his dog-shit Misfortune. On his face, however, he showed no signs of abnormality.

“Gu Changge, who are you calling dumb…”

Ye Chen’s face turned green as he heard Gu Changge’s words full of contempt. Worse was the fact that this bastard held no scruples as he tried to poach his Master right in front of him.

This Gu Changge was too despicable and shameless!

Still, Ye Chen couldn’t help but panic. What was he going to do if his Master really abandoned him? He couldn’t imagine his fate if that happened.

On the other hand, Gu Changge’s words also stunned Yan Ji. Although it’s true that Ye Chen was somewhat dull, he still had other good qualities like his perseverance, bravery, tenacity, and whatnot.

Moreover, she had awakened thanks to Ye Chen, so she couldn’t just abandon him over those few words from him. Just what did Gu Changge mean by doing this?

‘Instigating discord?’

Yan Ji’s complexion changed and she quickly reacted. Instigating discord might be Gu Changge’s true purpose in visiting them and saying all those words.

Though she could see this much, Ye Chen probably couldn’t. In the end, he was indeed as Gu Changge described him: ‘a little dumb.’


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