I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Purpose of Descent; Bias Against Young Lord Gu?

“My Lord, although your performance today was perfect, this old slave still can’t understand something!”

After Gu Changge left the prison, Old Ming appeared out of thin air and showed his doubt. He couldn’t help but find Gu Changge to be even more terrifying and unfathomable than before.

It was a good thing, though.

After all, the more powerful his Young Lord grew, the higher his chance at completely taking over his family and leading them to greater glory.

What he couldn’t comprehend was why his Young Lord wouldn’t kill Ye Chen even though he could see how much he desired to do so. With his Young Lord’s strength of the Conferred Lord Realm at his age, only the descendants of other supreme Sects, Orthodoxies, and Clans could rival him even in the Upper Realm.

For him, killing someone like Ye Chen, who was a nobody in the backwater Eastern Desolate, would need no more than a weak slap. So why did he bother himself with playing these games where he slowly took everything from that Ye Chen?

“Oh, what can’t you understand?”

Gu Changge was in a joyous mood and decided to answer Old Ming’s queries. Today, not only had he set up a rift between Ye Chen and his Master, but he had also raked in a ton of Fortune Points.

Cutting leaks felt awesome, indeed!

The day he finally stomped Ye Chen to death didn’t look all that far now.

“This old slave can’t understand why the Young Lord won’t kill that Ye Chen directly? It would save you all this hassle.”

Old Ming put forward his doubts. After all, he couldn’t see the presence of something as illusory as Fortune Value. To him, there was nothing about Ye Chen that would make him look like a Favored Son of Heaven.


If Gu Changge had to put it in the simplest terms, then it would be like this: ‘Unless he exhausted all that cheat-like Fortune Value around Ye Chen, it would be impossible for him to kill him off. If he escaped with even a little of that Fortune Value, Ye Chen would be able to bounce back to the top one way or another, and contend against him in the future.’

That’s just how game-breaking the Fortune of these Favored Children of Heaven was. But, obviously, Gu Changge couldn’t explain the above to Old Ming. Even if he did explain it, Old Ming wouldn’t be able to comprehend the intricacies of the matter.


“Ye Chen will die, but not right now. I still need him to give bring me a fortuitous encounter!”

Knowing that he couldn’t explain the intricacies, Gu Changge decided to focus on shifting Old Ming’s thoughts towards something he could comprehend with a smile full of intrigue.

There wasn’t much he needed to hide from this loyal old slave of his.

From the memories of his Original, he could tell that the Original had descended to the Lower Realm because of a peerless Heavenly treasure that was about to appear in the world.

“[Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]!”

It’s said to be a weapon used by the “Eight Desolate Demon God” during the Primordial Era. With vast murderous intent and never-ending reserves of power, the Eight Desolate Demon God is said to have almost slaughtered his way to Heaven.

Later, for reasons unknown, disappeared down the long river of time.

Gu Changge’s original had a Devil Heart which he inherited from a terrifying, ruthless being in the Upper Realm. The news of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd] was recorded in the heritage he received, and it said that it was very likely to be somewhere in the Lower Realm.

It was because of this reason that the Original had used the excuse of gaining experience, and descended to the Lower Realm.

On the surface, his trip to the Lower Realm was simply a tour to increase his life experience, but in reality, he had descended to look for the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]!

Of course, judging from his place in the story as a cannon fodder mob villain, there’s no way he would get his hands on anything as nice as that mighty Halberd.

If Gu Changge’s guess wasn’t too far off from reality, then the plot will further progress like this: ‘Ye Chen will find himself in a desperate situation and escape into some ruins out of sheer coincidence. Down there, he will receive the approval of the Death Guards, and make great progress in his cultivation. After that, he will get the approval of the Halberd, too, and turn around the situation!’

If Gu Changge didn’t place his cards correctly, then he might just lose his life here in the Lower Realm. Or it was also possible that he would escape back to the Upper Realm — on the verge of death, of course — and forge a life and death enmity with this Ye Chen.


There was no one more familiar with Gu Changge when it came to such plot progression; he was like a God with an omnipotent perspective as he calculated everything that might happen in the future. And once he analyzed all the possibilities, it was basically impossible for him to come out the loser at the end.

Sure enough, reading all those web novels back in the day wasn’t a waste, at all. This dog author wouldn’t be able to trick him to his death.

“Turns out the Young Lord has already made arrangements!”

Old Ming couldn’t help but admire Gu Changge even more after he heard his explanation and considerations. His Young Lord was indeed worthy of his title of God-Child!

“Keep a close eye on Ye Chen, and pay attention to his whereabouts at all times. I expect some trouble to come knocking at the Taixuan Holy Land any time now.”

Gu Changge commanded Old Ming with a strange light flashing through his eyes.

They had imprisoned the Favored Son of Heaven in destitute conditions for three days, so there should definitely be something bad coming the Taixuan Holy Land’s way, right? Fortune Backlash, or whatever, should be taking effect any time now.

What would it be, though?

That’s what Gu Changge wanted to know.


[Inside the Dungeon.]

“This is really the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill]…”

Yan Ji murmured to herself.

Her scarlet pupils couldn’t hide the shock in them as she looked down at the pill wrapped in lavender Qi. There was no way she could misrecognize this pill, and it was because of this that she was truly shocked.

One had to accept that Gu Changge was indeed generous with his meeting gift.

She was never short of this pill when she was at the peak of her power, but now, Gu Changge giving her this pill was no different from someone sending you charcoal on a snowy winter night.[^1]

Even in the Upper Realm, the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] is an extremely precious treasure. It’s refining process is troublesome beyond measure, and the materials are difficult to come across. One had to know that even in the Upper Realm, one would rarely find this Pill only in some massive auction houses.

As for refining an [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] in the destitute Lower Realm? That was an impossible task.

The Pill’s powerful effect of rebuilding and stabilizing spirits made many mighty figures salivate for it. Because, in some situations, having an [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] could spell the difference between life and death.

No matter how mighty a person might be, they would always have some [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pills] on their person for desperate situtations.

“Master, what exactly is this pill…”

Ye Chen’s complexion couldn’t help but change, and a bad premonition rose in his heart as he watched Yan Ji silently stare at the pill.

Was that pill really so precious?

Gu Changge was indeed a sly bastard!

Not only did he mess with his Master’s mind using flowery words, but he also used a precious pill to seduce his Master.

He had to slaughter that bastard!

Yan Ji had a complicated expression as she explained the pill’s rarity and prowess to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but clench his fists and grit his teeth in silent as he listened about the wonders of the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill].

The [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] could be said to have more than just powerful effects…it could be called a Heavenly Panacea, and that wouldn’t be too much of an overstatement!

What’s more? It could help Yan Ji stabilize her current state and give her enough power to repair her remnant spirit!

“Master, are you really going to use this pill?”

Ye Chen’s eyes reddened, and he asked through gritted teeth with a hoarse voice. He couldn’t stand such humiliation! It felt as if he was a beggar and Gu Changge had given him some alms.

But it was indeed a fact that this pill could help his Master suffer less from her crumbling remnant spirit.

He was trapped in a dilemma.

It could be said that he was trapped in a situation where he would be the loser no matter what option he chose.

‘Gu Changge! Good, good, good! You are indeed a crafty bastard!’

‘I will kill you for sure!’


Ye Chen couldn’t help but scream in his heart.

“After all, it’s Young Lord Gu’s kindness, so…”

Before she could finish her words, Yan Ji saw Ye Chen’s ugly expression and knew what was wrong.

“Little Chen, be honest with me: are you biased against Young Lord Gu?”

Ye Chen’s eyes widened in disbelief as those words fell into his ears. He vision darkened and the world around him collapsed into rubble.

[^1]: It means to help someone in their worst times. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


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