I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Innate Gods Spirit Temple; Attack of the Sacred Lands!

Gu Changge wasn’t in need of the techniques under the [Mystical Martial Arts] section right now, so his attention quickly turned to the [Mystical Talents] section.

[VILFIC: Mystical Bloodlines will be Mystical Talents from henceforth. It has been updated in the previous chapter.]

The so-called [Mystical Talents] were powerful blessings people were born with.

Some people would be born with strong bloodlines and inherit great might from their ancient ancestors. Some people would be born with powerful physiques that could exert unrivaled might. So on and so forth…

In short, all kinds of bloodlines, talents, and physiques existed, and it was hard for all of them to be named in a single encyclopedia.

The only constant about them was the fact that people were innately born with their talent, whatever it might be. But the System easily broke that constant as you could easily exchange for a talent, bloodline, or physique using the Destiny Points even if you weren’t born with one.

Gu Changge scanned through the available options one by one.

His current talent was already terrifying enough. His Devil Heart was an innate talent that could let other talents exist in his body without conflict. If someone else tried to merge with another talent, then the stronger talent will easily exterminate the weaker one. Or there could also be unpredictable risks if the two talents couldn’t merge or devour the other.

Gu Changge, however, didn’t need to worry about such risks. Or how else would he have obtained the Dao Bone?

Dao Bone was also an extremely terrifying innate talent. Dao Bones came to existence when a person was born and natural Dao runes branded themselves on one of their bone.

As long as a possessor of a Dao Bone didn’t get killed in the cradle, they would be destined to reach great heights and become supreme behemoths in the future. After all, the Dao is above all, and Heaven is its backer, so you just gotta ride on its coattails to reach Immortality.

Still, nothing in the world could satisfy human greed.

Gu Changge looked through the System Shop and found his own talents in there, too.

Soon, his eyes lit up.

[Innate God’s Spirit Temple]

Gu Changge slowly enunciated these words.

The name was enough for him to see that this talent was related to the cultivation of the soul. The soul’s form and limits were set in stone at the moment of birth, and those born with some talent related to the soul would be extremely terrifying and possess incredible abilities.

Saying that someone with a stronger soul would be a cut above their peers, and that few could compare to them, wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Gu Changge hadn’t heard of anyone with such a talent in the Upper Realm.

The soul was an illusory and unfathomable matter.

The techniques used to strengthen the soul were few and far in-between, and all of them were tightly hidden and guarded by a few supreme, reclusive powers in the Upper Realm.

Gu Changge naturally didn’t have such a powerful talent either.

“[Immortal-Devouring Demon Art] can swallow the Origin of Immortals, and even their Primordial Spirits, so it must be very beneficial to this [Innate God’s Spirit Temple], and might even enhance it’s effects to another level…”

“It’s quite expensive, however. I can get some Holy Ranked Techniques for this amount…”

“A thousand Destiny Points! Still, it won’t be a loss, if I must say!”

Gu Changge didn’t feel distressed over the price after thinking about the potential gains. Without hesitation, he exchanged a thousand Destiny Points for the [Innate God’s Spirit Temple].

A breath of fresh air rejuvenated Gu Changge’s spirits.


Gu Changge heard a terrifying rumble in the depths of his Sea of Consciousness. Even the air around him moved chaotically, as if responding to the changes happening in his body.

Inside his Sea of Consciousness, Gu Changge could hear various supreme Taoist chants as various golden lotuses bloomed, surrounded by mysterious ruins and inexplicable Immortal Qi. It was as if a world was opening up in his Sea of Consciousness.

Soon, a magnificent and awe-inspiring structure dark structure rose from below in his Sea of Consciousness. It was a pitch-black, cold temple that stood untouched by anything around it. Inside the temple sat an ancient-looking evil silhouette with an indifferent and profound expression. A terrifying spirit energy rumbled around it as he seemed to be overlooking everything that existed under the Heavens.

“So this is the [Innate God’s Spirit Temple]! The power of my soul has increased by a hundredfold already…”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle.

Becoming stronger and having everything under control brought along a wonderful feeling. No wonder there were countless people pursuing supreme powers in this world, and those other worlds of fiction.

It was a fascinating feeling, after all.


Another three days passed in the blink of an eye.

[A few thousand miles away from the Taixuan Holy Land.]


Streams of rainbows appeared in the sky as many mighty figures joined each other from different directions.

Some were traveling on flying boats, others were riding atop fierce beasts, and some flew without any support…the only thing common among them, though, was the fact that they all radiated fierce and extremely powerful auras.

A lot of powerful forces from all over the Eastern Desolate were heading towards the Taixuan Holy Land at their maximum speed. There were other Sacred Lands that had millenniums of heritage, Cultivation Dynasties, Ancient Families, Sects, etc. All of them lorded over massive swats of land in the Eastern Desolate.

“Could the news be wrong?”

An old man resting atop a mountain peak asked. He wore spotless white robes that fluttered in the wind, his lustrous skin reflected the sunlight, and he looked like an immortal as he focused his detached gaze towards the Taixuan Holy Land that stood in the distance.

The Taixuan Holy Land spanned across endless stretches of mountains, with its many divine islands floating in the air. One could see a spiritual mist shrouding the Taixuan Holy Land’s premises as the visions of auspicious beasts soaring in the air and diving towards the earth inspired awe in the hearts of the onlookers.

Behind the visions and veils of mist stood a land of pure holiness.

The old man’s burning eyes had long turned green with greed as he watched the Taixuan Holy Land with the eyes of a wolf staring at his prey.

If his Void Yang Holy Land could swallow the Taixuan Holy Land, then they would definitely be crowned the strongest force in all of the Eastern Desolate!

“Reporting to the Supreme Elder! The news is indeed correct!”

“When the Taixuan Holy Land held the ceremony to coronate their new Holy Son, one of our spies sneaked to the place where the Supreme Elder of the Taixuan Holy Land secluded himself, and the spy found that the Taixuan Supreme Elder’s breath had disappeared from that place…”

“We suspect that he has already died in the midst of his seclusion…”

An Elder of the Void Yang Holy Land standing behind the white-robed Supreme Elder respectfully reported.

“Good, good, good! I have brought along all the old monsters today, so we can use this opportunity to obliterate the Taixuan Holy Land while we are here.”

The white-robed old man stroked his beard with a smile. Joy filled his heart as he imagined the future.

The Taixuan Holy Land, with a millenniums-old deep heritage, will soon be exterminated from the Eastern Desolate for good.

“However, Supreme Elder, we have received reports that the Taixuan Holy Land recently got close to some mysterious youth. That unknown youth seems to have quite a terrifying background from what I have heard…”

At this time, another Elder stepped forward and informed the Void Yang Supreme Elder.

“I already know about that matter…he’s just a young man, what great background could he have? No matter how mighty his background is, he won’t be able to change today’s outcome. You do know that we aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on the Taixuan Holy Land, right…”

“What’s more? I heard that the kid my granddaughter’s so infatuated with is also imprisoned by the Taixuan Holy Land in their dungeon…”

“These Taixuan Holy Land bastards are truly blind to not see such a talented youth right under their noses…”

The white-robed old man smiled with a deep look in his eyes.

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