I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Thats it? No Need To Panic; The Perfect Dream Husband!

“Holy Lord, something big is happening! Many major forces are gathering a few thousand miles away from our Sacred Land. There’s the Void Yang Holy Land, the Great Sun Dynasty, the Ancient Xiao Family, and many more big shots…”

“What are they up to? Are they here to attack us?”

Right now, the Taixuan Holy Lord was discussing some matter with a group of his Elders in the Holy Lord’s Hall of the Taixuan Holy Land, when a breathless disciple ran in to make a report.

The disciple’s complexion had paled, after all, this was no small matter.

Many major forces had gathered at their doorstep, and they could feel terrifying fluctuations of energy not too far from their Holy Land. From the way those forces flaunted their might, it was clear that they had all gathered to attack their Taixuan Holy Land!

Even though the Taixuan Holy Land claimed to be the strongest in the Eastern Desolate on usual days, even they couldn’t help but tremble if so many behemoths turned their spearheads towards them.

However, the disciple couldn’t help contain his shock after he made his report. Be it the Holy Lord or the Elders, none of them showed any panic or change in their expressions even after listening to his words.

All of them looked calm as if nothing big had happened!

“That’s it? You are panicking over something this minor? Is this how a disciple of the Taixuan Holy Land is supposed to behave?”

Contrary to his expectations, an Elder actually frowned and scolded him for his cowardice. It was clear that none of the people in front of him cared about the joint attack of all those major forces.

“Your Excellency, Holy Lord, your foresight is indeed beyond us! You had already expected something like this, and that’s why you already formed a good relationship with Young Lord Gu!”

At the same time, the other Elders smiled and started to flatter the Taixuan Holy Lord for his great foresight and ability. Although the Taixuan Holy Lord knew the Elders were only bragging and didn’t really admire him as much as they showed on their faces, he still couldn’t help but feel proud of himself.

However, he still had to keep appearances and couldn’t just put down the majesty of the Taixuan Holy Lord, so he majestically waved his hand and said in a light tone, “Our Taixuan Holy Land has been in a state of anxiety ever since our Supreme Elder passed away in the midst of his seclusion, and it’s all thanks to Young Lord Gu coming down to the Lower Realm for life experience that we could have a chance of having a favorable relationship with him. Instead of flattering me, all of you should thank Young Lord Gu for his grace!”

Taixuan Holy Lord couldn’t help but feel pride as he said all those words. After all, Gu Changge was a genuine Young Lord from the Upper Realm, with a strong identity and a terrifying background.

Except for the Elders and some of the trustworthy Inner Sect Disciples, no one else in the Taixuan Holy Land knew about this matter. It was because the Taixuan Holy Lord wanted to give a massive surprise to the various major forces.

One had to accept that Taixuan Holy Lord was also a person of great intellect. He had long expected such a situation’s appearance.

“Holy Lord, it seems that Her Royal Highness and Young Lord Gu have been getting closer and closer over the last few days. I am afraid that if we didn’t have the Holy Maiden, our Taixuan Holy Land might have to face an unavoidable catastrophe this time.”

“That’s right, that’s right! It’s all thanks to the Holy Lord having a good daughter!”

All the Elders flatter with sighs of envy, and their actions only widened the Taixuan Holy Lord’s smile.

That’s right! It was all thanks to his precious daughter, or else, how would nobodies like them have a chance to interact with someone as esteemed as Young Lord Gu?

As for the disciple who came to make the report? His poor mind couldn’t help but collapse out of stupefaction as he listened to the conversation between the Elders and the Taixuan Holy Lord.

The Taixuan Supreme Elder has already died?

Is that mysterious Young Lord truly powerful beyond measure?

The disciple’s head buzzed as he watched the Elders and the Taixuan Holy Lord converse among themselves joyfully. There wasn’t the least bit of panic between their brows.

“Open the gates and follow me! Let’s go meet those factions that have come to our doorstep…”

Golden rays flashed past the Taixuan Holy Lord’s pupils as his aura surged and he boldly walked out to meet his adversaries.


[In a pavilion of the Taixuan Holy Land.]

“Young Master Gu’s words are really interesting; is the Upper Realm really that massive?”

Su Qingge pursed her lips and asked.

At the same time, she gently rolled back her cuffs to reveal a small section of her delicate and flawless wrists, that resembled the roots of a snow lotus, to fill Gu Changge’s empty glass of tea sitting in front of her.

The stories about the Upper Realm that came out of Gu Changge’s mouth fascinated Su Qingge.

After she let go the prejudice in her heart and contacted Gu Changge once more, she found that the feeling of being in his company was completely different from before. Although Gu Changge’s had an extremely deep and elusive temperament, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him — that’s just how much undeniable charm he held towards the members of the opposite sex.

As the Holy Maiden of the Taixuan Holy Land, and someone who also held two souls in her body, Su Qingge had been hailed as an intellectual prodigy since young. Throughout the years, she had met many young talents, but none of them could compare to Gu Changge, if she were to be honest.

To put it simply, she thought it would be an insult to Gu Changge if those ‘talents’ were to be compared to him. With his handsome appearance, elusive thoughts, and majestic temperament…not many could compare to him!

Not to mention Gu Changge had a great depth of knowledge, tolerance, conversation skills, cultivation base, and background, etc.

Even her father said that he might not be Gu Changge’s opponent.

No matter how one looked at Gu Changge, he was the perfect dream husband desired by many women in the world. And Su Qingge was naturally not an exception.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile a little as he heard Su Qingge’s question.

“Why not go up and see for yourself how massive the Upper Realm is?”

They had been getting closer and closer over the last few days, to the point that Su Qingge had almost opened up to him, but Gu Changge couldn’t comprehend why his Fortune Value still hadn’t increased.

He had already concluded that Su Qingge’s luck had nothing to with Ye Chen.

So, was she also a Favored Child of Heaven?

Or was it because her mother came from the Upper Realm, so she had inherited some extraordinary bloodline?

Or could she be the reincarnation of an ancient behemoth?

Even the System couldn’t explain her existence.

‘It seems the world doesn’t lack people blessed with great Fortune who are completely different from the Favored Children of Heaven like that Ye Chen.’

Gu Changge thought.

At the same time, Gu Changge guessed that he could still use Su Qingge to get some more dough from that leek called Ye Chen, since Ye Chen had still not given up on Su Qingge.

“Only someone in the False God Realm can break the barrier between the worlds and ascend! How can ordinary cultivators from the Lower Realm like us go to the Upper Realm so easily?”

Su Qingge replied with regret.

After all, powerhouses of the False God Realm represented the absolute pinnacle of the Lower Realm. Not to mention in the Eastern Desolate, you wouldn’t even see them in the Northern, Western, or other Desolates and places in the Lower Realm.

Even the Supreme Elder of their Taixuan Holy Land was merely half a step into the Conferred Lord Realm, yet he had already died in the midst of his seclusion.

Right now, the strongest in the Sacred Lands of the Eastern Desolate was probably only half a step into the Conferred Lord Realm.

As for how hard it was to reach a point where one could break through the barrier and ascend, Su Qingge couldn’t comprehend.


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