I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Tigers Accompany Monarchs; Paying Respects to Young Lord Gu?

[Current Known Realms]

Mortal Physique

Spirit Ocean

Spirit Palace




Conferred Lord

Conferred King

False God


Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern Desolate(s) will now be Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern Wilderness(es)

“Is the False God Realm really that strong? When you reach the Upper Realm, you will realize that the False God Realm is nothing much…”

Gu Changge replied casually. In his words, the False God Realm realm was nothing much, as if cultivators of that level could be found on the streets like cabbage.

Still, those weren’t empty words.

Although the cultivators of the False God Realm were mighty existences in the Lower Realm, they were a dime a dozen over in the Upper Realm. With a lifespan over ten thousand years, False God Realm cultivators made up the majority of disciples in the Immortal Sects, Orthodoxies, and Clans in the Upper Realm.

“I wonder if Young Lord Gu can tell Qingge about the Realms beyond the False God Ream?”

Su Qingge asked with bright eyes, showing her interest in the topic.

Just what kind of beings were those beyond the False God Realm?

“What’s there to tell about that? Beyond the False Gods are obviously the True Gods,” Gu Changge replied and took a sip of his wine.

Although Su Qingge received a perfunctory reply, she wasn’t discouraged. Quietly filling Gu Changge’s cup, she hesitated for a moment, and then moved. A faint, alluring fragrance diffused in the surroundings as Su Qingge appeared behind Gu Changge.

“Young Lord, is this strength to your liking?”

Su Qingge asked as she began to massage Gu Changge’s shoulders, just like an obedient maid. Although her technique wasn’t well-practiced, there was a certain charm to her movements.


Su Qingge’s sudden actions surprised Gu Changge. Her current behavior was completely inconsistent with her identity as a heroine who was supposed to have a detached temperament.

“Qingge knows that it’s difficult for me to receive Young Lord’s love, but Qingge doesn’t want to give up…”

Su Qingge answered with honesty. If someone by the side were to hear her words at this moment, they would think that she was one of those straightforward women who proactively chased after the one they loved.

But the truth was that she was a clever one, and everything she did in front of Gu Changge was calculated by her.

Still, Gu Changge had to admit that he wasn’t repulsed by Su Qingge’s antics. He could naturally tell the reasoning behind Su Qingge’s actions.

Su Qingge was a smart woman who wouldn’t be willing to be an ornamental vase wife. She had her own ambitions, and if he had to be honest, then Gu Changge truly appreciated women like her.

It’s just that Su Qingge had still not reached the point where he would be fascinated by her. He wouldn’t be tempted so easily. There was no way he would ruin himself over a moment of pleasure.

As these thoughts crossed through Gu Changge’s mind, he realized that the relationship between Su Qingge and Ye Chen had somehow shattered beyond salvation.

The feeling of danger he felt over the last few days had vanished.

In other words, he would only suffer a Fortune Backlash if he targeted the Favored Children of Heaven and people who were very close to them.

Although Su Qingge had great Fortune around her — at least ten times higher than ordinary people — Gu Changge felt that he could take her down right here and now without suffering any backlash.

‘So, having a great amount of Fortune around you doesn’t mean that you are a Favored Child of Heaven who will be protected by the Heavens?’

‘That’s more reasonable. After all, there can only be so many Favored Children of Heaven, and all of them should be cookie-cutter protagonists…’

Gu Changge thought to himself, deepening his understanding of the world around him.

“Beyond the False God Realm is naturally the True God Realm. Existences in this Realm ignite their sacred flame and forge a divine foundation…”

“Beyond the True Gods are the Heavenly Gods! They stand high above all existences, and even the True Gods can only look up to them…”

With his mood brightened, Gu Changge decided to explain a thing or two to Su Qingge.

“Thank you for teaching all this to Qingge, Young Lord!”

“The Realms beyond the False God Realm are like this: True God, Heavenly God, Godking, Sage…”

[VILFIC: don’t think too much into these True God and Heavenly God Realms. They aren’t set in stone at this point, and might change to something else as more information is revealed in the future.]

Su Qingge was joyous as she listened, but then, she couldn’t help but feel a bit dejected as reality hit her.

After all, she was only in the Transcendent Realm right now, and it was unknown how long it would take her to reach the False God Realm, let alone the mythical realms beyond that.

It would be a miracle if she could touch those realms in this lifetime.

“Qingge will work hard to please Young Lord in the future!”

Su Qingge thought for a while and then said with great resolve. Her gem-like, beautiful eyes shone as she looked at Gu Changge with a deep gaze and spoke without a hint of awkwardness.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but smirk as he said, “Well, do your best.”

Damn, this was awesome, no?

The heroine fell so fast, so didn’t that mean his villainous charm was through the roof?

Gu Changge didn’t think so. Su Qingge simply made the most reasonable and correct choice.

Right then, Old Ming’s voice transmission sounded in Gu Changge’s ears.

‘Interesting! It’s almost the same as what I expected.’

Gu Changge’s smile changed and a mysterious expression appeared on his face.

The various major and minor forces of the Eastern Wilderness had banded together against the Taixuan Holy Land, and come knocking at their door. Ye Chen took this opportunity to escape from the dungeon in the confusion. And, of course, it was all thanks to the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] gifted to his Master by Gu Changge.

Everything was going according to his plans.

Gu Changge stood up and left the pavilion. Of course, he didn’t tell Su Qingge that Ye Chen had fled from confinement.

Su Qingge could only look at Gu Changge’s back as he suddenly stood up and left her behind.

She wondered if she somehow offended him again?

Ah! Could a King only be accompanied by a Tiger?

[VILFIC: She’s wondering if she’s not worthy enough to be with him.]

Su Qingge helplessly stood at her spot and thought about everything she did and said, trying to figure out which word or action from her could have offended Gu Changge.


[Outside the Taixuan Holy Land at this time.]

The magnificent warships, flying boats, and fierce beasts of the major forces hovered in the air and poured a surging aura towards the Taixuan Holy Land. Their shadows fell upon the land below, masking the sun and the sky.

Auras of mighty cultivators surged towards the Heaven, and terrifying beasts roared towards their prey as their decimating howls reverberated in the surroundings.

The Void Yang Holy Land, the Great Sun Dynasty, the Ancient Xiao Family…

These were a few of the behemoths of the Eastern Wilderness with millenniums-old heritage backing them up.

As soon as they heard that the strongest existence in the Taixuan Holy Land had perished, they gathered together like sharks that had smelled blood and prepared themselves to swallow the juicy prey in front of them.

But right now, all of the people who had come to devour the Taixuan Holy Land had confusion painting their faces, including the Supreme Elder of the Void Yang Holy Land.

The Supreme Elder couldn’t help but frown as he watched the unguarded gate of the Taixuan Holy Land.

“Have the people of the Taixuan Holy Land accepted their powerlessness and opened their gates for us? How come there’s no guard or protection array? Did their Great Protection Array run out of steam?”

An old man dressed as an emperor of one of the great Dynasties asked. He wore purple dragon robes and a golden and purple crown on his head. His voice reverberated in the surroundings like a knell, spreading forth a terrible and suffocating aura.

At this time, a group of Elders and Disciples of the Taixuan Holy Land slowly walked out and arrived before all the ‘guests.’

“Everyone, have you come to pay your respects to Young Lord Gu?”

The Taixuan Holy Lord asked aloud with a faint, teasing smile on his face.


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