I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Ant Wishing To Get A Glimpse Of Heaven; Sudden Change Of Attitude!

“Haha! Zhao Tian from the Void Yang Holy Land, Chu Wuji from the Great Sun Dynasty, and Xiao Huo from the Ancient Xiao Family, right?”

“To think the three half-step Conferred Lords would gather together to pay their respects to Young Lord Gu. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will be given the chance if you don’t show any sincerity!”

Taixuan Holy Lord appeared in the sky with his hands behind his back, and enunciated each word without hurry. A teasing smirk adorned his visage as his voice thundered in the surroundings.

A group of Elders and Disciples stood behind him without a shred of panic on their faces. All of them had calm expressions and disdainful smirks as they watched their ‘guests.’ After all, they had hugged the thigh of their all-powerful Young Lord.

All of the major forces of the Eastern Wilderness in front of them were nothing more than stray mutts who could only bark and never bite.

Didn’t the ancients have a saying: ‘When a man ascends to Heaven, his pets follow, too!’

All of the Disciples and Elders who knew Gu Changge’s true identity felt as if they would fly to Heaven in the next moment.

As for the major powers of the Eastern Wilderness? They were nothing more than a fart now. Young Lord Gu would only need a slap to shatter them.

And if they dared to provoke Young Lord Gu? The Disciples and Elders believed that a single fart from the person behind Young Lord Gu would be enough to eradicate them back to their Sects, Clans, and Dynasties.

With their confidence inflated to such a point, how could the Disciples and Elders of the Taixuan Holy Land feel any fear?


The white-robed Supreme Elder, the Emperor of the Great Sun Dynasty, and everyone else who came along with them felt their heads buzz. All the cultivators on the ancient warships, flying boats, and fierce beasts were stunned by the display of fearlessness and arrogance from their prey.

They had arrived at the Taixuan Holy Land’s door with great momentum, expecting them to submit without a shred of resistance, yet the response they received was completely different from their imagination.

“Taixuan Holy Lord, what do you mean?”

Many of them couldn’t even contain their shock. The catastrophe had come knocking at their door, yet the Disciples and Elders held absolute confidence and disdainful smirks.

Just what was going on?

Had everyone in the Taixuan Holy Land lost their mind?

Or did they really have something to back their confidence?

‘Pay our respects to Young Lord Gu? Who is that? Is he the youth whose thighs the Taixuan Holy Land recently latched on to?’

‘Or is the Taixuan Holy Lord just paying tricks to scare us?’

The old man named Zhao Tian, the Supreme Elder of the Void Yang Holy Land, couldn’t help but think about the matter in his heart.

He was an old monster who had lived for thousands of years, so he could see the abnormality that others couldn’t or didn’t want to. The entire Taixuan Holy Land was too calm. He wanted to know who gave them such confidence?

One had to understand that even if the Taixuan Supreme Elder was alive, and his cultivation had progressed further, he still wouldn’t be able to stop all of them if they gathered together to deal with the Taixuan Holy Land like today.

[VILFIC: there’s a mistake in the previous chapters where it mentioned that the Taixuan Supreme Elder was a half-step False God. He was half-step Conferred Lord.]

The atmosphere outside the Taixuan Holy Land was quite peculiar at this time, as both sides stood in a stalemate.

“Huh, what’s this Young Lord Gu? Who’s he?”

“He sounds to be some youth; is he some heir of some hidden old monster who has come out to experience the world? Still, what can he do even if that’s the case?”

“This old man brought along the Imperial Weapon of my Dynasty, and it’s at full power right now. Even a Conferred King will be suppressed under it!”

The Emperor of the Great Sun Dynasty coldly replied to Taixuan Holy Lord’s words. As soon as he spoke up, his words full of a terrifying aura resounded everywhere in the surroundings.

His Great Sun Dynasty and the Taixuan Holy Land had a great feud to settle, and today was his best opportunity to obliterate the Taixuan Holy Land, so how could he let someone butt in at this point in time?

“We showed you a path to survival, yet you barge onto the path to death! Don’t complain to us when you are dying.”

“You lot can’t even imagine the esteemed identity of our Young Lord Gu!”

“An ant want to get a glimpse of Heaven? What wishful thinking!”

Upon hearing their words, the Taixuan Holy Land replied with an arrogant tone. Still holding his hands behind his back, he showed a smirk.

He was also a bigshot in the Eastern Wilderness, so how could he let go of such a great opportunity to posture before these bastards?

Once they frightened all of these major forces of the Eastern Wilderness today, then the entirety of the Eastern Wilderness will have to show respect to their Taixuan Holy Land in the future!

Moverover, this was something Young Lord Gu had personally allowed…Taixuan Holy Lord couldn’t help but show a smug smile as he thought about it.

Many forces were paying close attention to the show happening outside the Taixuan Holy Land.

Everything that happened here was broadcasted back home by the spies hidden in the dark, and that caused an uproar in the hidden forces.

Chu Wuji was an Emperor with a violent temper, so how could he stay quiet after hearing such words full of disdain? His face turned green and he almost burst out.

“Chu Wuji, wait! Things aren’t looking right, and I don’t think everything is simple. Taixuan Holy Land’s people are acting too weirdly…”

Void Yang Holy Land’s Supreme Elder frowned and held back the old emperor who was about to launch an attack. Although he had also brought along their supreme weapon, he didn’t dare bring it out until he measured the depths of the other side’s strength.

The reaction of the Taixuan Holy Land under the watchful eyes of so many wolves disturbed his heart. After all, many major forces of the Eastern Wilderness had gathered together, and the Taixuan Holy Land was in a situation where there was not enough meat for every wolf that glared at them, but they were still so calm and arrogant.

The Supreme Elder’s curiosity rose and he wanted to know about this mysterious Young Lord backing the Taixuan Holy Land. It seemed that their previous guesses were far from the truth. Just how strong was this Young Lord’s origin to fill the Taixuan Holy Land with so much confidence?

Zhao Tian had lived for thousands of years and lived through many situations, so his mind churned as he calculated all the possibilities. It didn’t take long for him to analyze that something was very wrong at this moment. A chill went down his spine and cold sweat flowed down his forehead.

‘Is the intelligence incorrect? Or did the Taixuan Holy Land deliberately released that information to lure everyone out?’

People from the other major forces couldn’t help but have a change in their expressions. They weren’t dumb either, so they also figured out that something was wrong.

“Haha, that’s right, Su Taixuan! It’s just as you said — we are here to get a glimpse of the Young Lord’s majestic appearance. My Xiao family received the news a long while ago and knew of the esteemed Young Lord’s presence in your Taixuan Holy Land…”

“We have indeed come to pay our respects!”

At this time, a burly man wearing a gold armor walked out of a mighty warship with a smile, and appeared in front of the Taixuan Holy Land.

His loud voice echoed everywhere.

*”Is this Xiao Huo for real…”*

The sudden words from the man stunned many cultivators in the surroundings. Many of them were left dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe if what they heard was true.

How long did it take for the Ancient Xiao Family’s Patriarch to change his attitude? No matter who it was, they all thought that he changed faces too fast!

When they arrived here, who was the one posturing and saying he would wash the Taixuan Holy Land with blood?

The people couldn’t help but curse him for his shamelessness. Immediately afterwards, they also changed their words and expressed their desire to pay respects to the Young Lord.

“Yeah, that’s right! I am also here to pay the Young Lord a visit.”

“I hope the Taixuan Holy Lord will report our arrival to the Young Lord!”

‘This Su Taixuan isn’t’ simple…

The sudden and drastic change in the situation surprised Zhao Tian. At the same time, he secretly cursed all these two-faced bastards in his heart. Fortunately, he hadn’t taken the initiative in attacking the Taixuan Holy Land just then.


Young Lord Gu walked out and everyone wed their mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, granddaughters, and grandmothers to him, and willingly got netorared.

THE END. (JK, the last two lines are a joke. Don’t take them seriously.)


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