I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Thrust Into A World of Fantasy; The Villain of Destiny!

Gu Changge’s deep eyes stared into the cup of tea in his hands as he blew away the vapors rising above it. Not a speck of dust could be seen on his white-as-snow clothes, and a layer of mist seemed to shroud his handsome and exquisite facial features. But if one looked closer, they could see an indifferent expression that overlooked everything without a shred of interest.

With elusive thoughts and his uninterested expression, it was clear he didn’t care about the farce that transpired in the hall.

He acted like a silent observer, watching the world from above.

At least, that’s how everyone in the hall saw him.

No matter who it was, they all thought that the identity of the man in front of them wasn’t simple. Be it his temperament or his demeanor, one could feel an aura of transcendence.

He wasn’t a mortal!

Of course, what nobody knew was that Gu Changge’s so-called indifference was purely out of a sense of…loss, complete loss. It’s not that he didn’t care about what went on in the hall, but that he couldn’t. At this moment, he was lost in a daze as his memories fused with someone else’s.

He was a Transmigrator!

A moment ago, he was asleep in his room, and in the next, he found himself in this dangerous fantasy world as soon as he opened his eyes.

Here, the mighty can pick the stars and grasp the moon. They can move mountains and overturn the seas. Flying is easy, and escaping through the Earth is normal.

The weak, however, are crushed beneath the feet of the strong. Their lives are worth no more than the grass and mud under ones feet, without a shred of respect and dignity.


He was a True Disciple of an Immortal Land from the Upper Realm who had descended to the Lower Realm to train himself; he was born with prodigious talent and a terrifying background.

Although it all felt good to the ears, Gu Changge’s experience from reading uncountable online novels in his previous life made his current situation crystal clear to him: he was nothing more than a mob villain, one of those cannon fodders who would get crushed within a few chapters.

The realization pained Gu Changge’s heart.

As he watched the scene before him, he realized that the moment he transmigrated, he ended up in a situation where he would get humiliated by a Favored Son of Heaven!

That Ye Chen’s name was clearly one of those generic cookie-cutter names for the Protagonists.

As for his name? It was Gu Changge, a name that was clearly thought up by the author on the spot to give the Protagonist a cannon fodder scum to trample under his feet.

He was shown to be some amazing big shot, so wouldn’t the Protagonist gain a ton of prestige if he successfully crushed a prestigious figure like him?

“Gu Changge…”

“Gu Changge…”

By now, Ye Chen had already called out Gu Changge’s name multiple times, but failed to elicit any response.

Gu Changge didn’t even deign to look at him.

Ye Chen’s bones creaked as his clenched fists tightened out of frustration and rage after receiving not a scrap of attention from his adversary. In his view, Gu Changge was thoroughly looking down on him.

“WHAT IMPUDENCE?! How dare you call the Young Lord’s name with such disrespect?”

At this time, a cold snarl followed, by a majestic force of oppression, broke out from Gu Changge’s side. The one who spoke was Chu Xuan, the newly-appointed Holy Son of the Taixuan Holy Land.

He strode forward with a frosty expression, and various runes flickered around his palm as his divine aura surged, showing that he was ready to attack Ye Chen at any moment to teach him a lesson.

Right now was his time to perform. Had it not been for Gu Changge’s good remarks about him, he wouldn’t have ascended to his current position. He wouldn’t have so easily overwhelmed the other True Disciples of the Taixuan Holy Land otherwise.

For that reason, he held immense feelings of gratitude towards Gu Changge.

After all, he wasn’t like Su Qingge, who was born to a Saint father and was destined to be the Holy Maiden from the moment she arrived in this world.

“Ye Chen, you impudent brat! You have challenged the Sect’s authority over and over in front of all our guests, and it makes me question your loyalty towards the Sect…

“Guards! Come forward and immediately throw this beast into a dungeon; let him await judgement down there!”

At this moment, an Elder also stood up and yelled at Ye Chen to earn himself some favor points from Gu Changge. There was no way he would pass on such a good opportunity.

“Agreed! Holy Lord, I suggest we abolish this Ye Chen’s cultivation base and throw him out of the Sect.”

“Right! We can give Young Lord Gu a reasonable explanation this way!”

The other Elders also reacted and stood up one after another to earn points for themselves, cursing Ye Chen for his audacity and disrespect with expressions of righteousness.

The show shocked all the guests who had come from afar.

Just what was the identity of that mysterious man in white?

Ye Chen, on the other hand, turned pale. He could tell the situation wasn’t going in his favor. Everyone was trying their best to please that Gu Changge — not even Su Qingge spoke up in his favor!

Why was this happening?! Everything was completely different from his expectations!

Just then, a coldness crept up his hand from his finger, calming Ye Chen’s irritable state of mind.

Gu Changge still sat in his seat, but a light of interest could be seen in his eyes as he took a sip of his tea.

How peculiar? He hadn’t even said a word, yet this Favored Son of Heaven named Ye Chen had already ended up in an unfavorable situation? This was quite uncharacteristic considering his status as a ‘Favored’ Son of Heaven.

Following that, Gu Changge’s gaze fell upon the ring adorning Ye Chen’s finger.


Seems like it was the standard Powerful Grandpa trope that was popular a few years back in his original world. As expected of a Favored Son of Heaven, they couldn’t go without a Golden Finger.

“Gu Changge, do you only know how to bully others with your status?”

Ye Chen roared once more, glaring at Gu Changge’s figure. He felt that the entire situation was orchestrated by Gu Changge to deal with him. If not for his existence, how could the Holy Lord personally give away Su Qingge?

Much could have happened over last night!

Ye Chen felt a bundle of fury unfurling inside his heart as he thought about that fact. He wished to kill Gu Changge by ten thousand cuts, tearing him into millions of pieces right then and there.

He had once undergone a tribulation with Su Qingge, yet he could only look at her from afar without a chance to get close — so much so that he hadn’t even gotten to touch her dress!

Yet, this Gu Changge…


Gu Changge still maintained his calm as he kept looking down while drinking his tea. His expression hadn’t changed at all, showing neither glee nor fury. In his heart, however, he found the entire spectacle to be quite funny.

After all, this shit-show had nothing to do with him.

Based on the Original’s memories, the Original didn’t even know about the existence of a nobody like this Ye Chen before he showed himself and went against him today.

As for the Holy Lord of the Taixuan Holy Land giving his daughter to him? That wasn’t because Gu Changge desired her; it was because the Holy Lord wanted to rope him in while he still could, to get on his good side.

It was something normal in every world, let alone in a dog-eat-dog world like this place where the strong preyed upon the weak. Who wouldn’t want a terrifying backer here?

As for this Ye Chen? He must be a professional Mud-Slinger, seeing how he had no real talent and only spewed crap from his mouth.


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