I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Treasure Hunting Tool; Compelling Temperament!

Soon, everyone in the hall received a shock. Be it the mighty Elders or the prodigious youth, they couldn’t help but open their eyes wide as they saw a young man suddenly appear above them.

He had appeared out of thin air, without causing a single fluctuation! They felt as if he didn’t even exist, and they were hallucinating.

The young man had a calm and indifferent expression. He wore a black dress without any adornments, but his natural born charm gave him an incomprehensible lofty nobleness.

Behind the man stood a respectful Taixuan Holy Lord, and a woman in white with a veil obscuring half of her face. The woman’s ethereal figure immediately attracted the attention of many young men.

“Holy Lord Taixuan…”

“The Taixuan Holy Maiden…she’s the one known as the number one beauty of our Eastern Wilderness…”

“No wonder!”

“We pay our respects to the Young Lord!”

Immediately, everyone in the hall bowed in greeting. They couldn’t help but show extreme courtesy towards the mighty figure that had appeared before them.

Zhao Tian, Chu Wuji, Xiao Huo, and the others from the older generations were the most shocked. The strength of the Young Lord in front of them was truly unfathomable, so much so that they couldn’t even estimate his Realm.

It gave them a sense of horror as if they were staring into a bottomless abyss!

“No need to be so polite, everyone!”

Gu Changge responded unenthusiastically.

He would certainly not refuse if someone asked him show his face and posture before others. After all, it allowed him to bring the major forces of the Eastern Wilderness down a peg since many of them were getting quite chummy with that Ye Chen.

To someone like him, it was trivial to deal with Ye Chen. As long as he said a word, no one among these forces would have the guts to associate themselves with Ye Chen anymore.

Those who have achieved the Dao can help more than those who haven’t, after all!

[VILFIC: might is right. The mighty are better than the weak that got slapped.]

Gu Changge wanted to see how long this Ye Chen’s Fortune would last.

Afterwards, everyone introduced the forces behind them, as eloquently as they could, to give Gu Changge a good impression. Gu Changge, however, lacked interest in these pleasantries and kept on his calm and indifferent expression. His mind, on the other hand, was lost in thought about his own Attributes Panel.

As for Ye Chen, it won’t be long before he got crushed now that he had cut him so much. That [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] wasn’t so easy to use — Gu Changge had left a mark on it with a secret technique recorded in the [Immortal Devouring Demon Art].

Yan Ji might have discovered the abnormality if she were still at her peak, but in her current condition, it would be impossible for her to see through his trick.

As far as the [Immortal Devouring Demon Art] was concerned, Gu Changge didn’t doubt the effectiveness of the secret techniques listed inside it.

Where could Ye Chen go?

He was nothing more than a treasure hunting tool for Gu Changge.

No one noticed anything strange with Gu Changge. At this moment, he had his eyelids drooped as he sipped his tea.

Fortunately, his temperament was like so. As long as he didn’t smile, he would give others a deep sense of detachment.

It was what they called a compelling temperament!

Upon seeing this, everyone in the hall felt even more frightened and treaded even more cautiously, so as to not offend this mysterious and mighty Young Lord.

Almost all the major forces were cautiously trying to please Gu Changge by asking him for his purpose in coming down to the Lower Realm, or what kind of hobbies he dabbled into.

Gu Changge enjoyed this treatment with relish. Being a villain was awesome, indeed!


Everyone in the hall could see that Su Qingge’s relationship with Gu Changge was the reason the Taixual Holy Land so easily latched onto Gu Changge’s thigh. Her title of the number one beauty of the Eastern Wilderness wasn’t an empty one. Su Qingge was indeed a fairy in the hearts of countless young prodigies!

Many old guys couldn’t help but churn their minds to think if they had any such outstanding descendants in their family? Unfortunately, they had no one with an appearance as outstanding as Su Qingge’s, so they soon gave up on the idea, lest they humiliate themselves.

At this moment, Gu Changge’s gaze fell upon a beautiful lady in the crowd, and he stood up and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Ah! Is Your Excellency talking to me?”

The beautiful lady responded with a trembling voice laced with excitement. Admiration filled her starry eyes as she stared at him — she had never expected that Gu Changge would notice her.

“I am Wang Xue, a disciple of the Ten Thousand Flower Palace!”

Everyone stared at the beauty with shock. Many couldn’t help but envy her as she was questioned by Gu Changge himself. It was a great honor to be questioned by this Young Lord, after all!

Why did he find her somewhat familiar?

“Have you met me before? What’s the relationship between you and Ye Chen?”

Gu Changge asked with a flat tone.

“Ah… Ye Chen…”

The disciple named Wang Xue found herself at a loss for words when she heard his question.

“Xue’er, the Young Lord is asking you something!”

Her master next to her was more anxious than her, wishing she could say a good word or two about them before Gu Changge.

“Your Excellency,Ye Chen is my ex-fiancé. I annulled my engagement with him three years ago…”

“When you were at the edge of the Forbidden Region of Ten Thousand Beasts some time ago, and slayed a terrifying beast of the Conferred Lord Realm with a single slash of your sword, I happened to be watching from the distance. I was saved by Your Excellency’s grace, so…”

Wang Xue forced herself to calm down and explained in a hurry.

Ye Chen’s former fiancee who annulled her engagement with him three years ago?

She happened to be saved by him?

Gu Changge looked through his memories, and soon found the answer. Some time ago, his Original had gone to the Forbidden Region of Ten Thousand Beasts to see if he could get some fortuitous opportunity there.

Naturally, he found nothing there.

No wonder this woman had such deep admiration for him in her eyes. This admiration and karma was formed before he transmigrated over.


‘He killed a terrifying beast of the Conferred Lord Realm with a single slash…’

The people in the hall couldn’t help but take in a cold breath as they heard Wang Xue’s words. Zhao Tian, Chu Wuji, and the other old monsters were even more terrified, and their scalps turned numb.

They wondered if their hearing had gone bad?

Just what kind of terrifying might did this Young Lord hold?

Elders of the Great-Transcendent Realm could travel thousands of miles, while Saints could already be lords of a Holy Land with territory spanning over millions of miles in the Eastern Wilderness. As for Conferred Lords…they didn’t even exist, and could be considered as invincible.

To find a legitimate Conferred Lord, or even their traces, one would have to venture into some forbidden region like the Forbidden Region of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Didn’t this mean that their so-called behemoths of the Eastern Wilderness wouldn’t even be able to take a single sword slash from this Young Lord?

No one doubted Wang Xue’s words!

It shocked even Su Qingge, and she knew for the first time how fearful Gu Changge’s true strength was. Truly, in front of him, the younger generation of the Eastern Wilderness were nothing more than a bunch of ants.

Horror gripped everyone’s heart, and their awe and reverence towards Gu Changge deepened.

‘Heavens have mercy! It’s good that I didn’t ask anything about that Ye Chen before; I mustn’t let my granddaughter have any contact with him in the future…’

‘That Ye Chen is a dead man now! How could he offend such a monstrous existence?’

Cold sweat ran down the Void Yang Supreme Elder’s back and he thanked thanked the Heavens in his heart. He had almost asked a death-courting question before.


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