I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Time To Move To Another Map; A Leeks Ambition!

What happened in the Taixuan Holy Land caused a sensation throughout the Eastern Wilderness. The various Holy Lands, Dynasties, and other major forces that went to besiege the Taixuan Holy Land did nothing, and instead, went into their Holy Lord’s Hall to pay respects to a Young Lord.

The unbelievable news stunned many cultivators, and they couldn’t believe what they heard!

At the same time, many [Imaging Stones] spread throughout the Eastern Wilderness containing the scenes of the entire debacle. Among the scenes was the scene of all the major forces banding together and gathering outside the Taixuan Holy Land.

By now, almost every force of the Eastern Wilderness knew that a Young Lord had descended from the Upper Realm. The realization shocked many as the Upper Realm was no longer just a land of myths for them — it truly existed!

Such a news couldn’t be suppressed and it soon suppressed to other regions from the Eastern Wilderness, setting off a massive surge.

“The Easter Wilderness is going to see unforeseeable changes.”

“That’s right! To think a Young Lord from the Upper Realm would descend…”

“From ancient times, it’s been said that Ascension is hard, but descending is impossible! After all, Gods coming down to the world of mortals is completely against the way of Heaven…”

“Hoh! No wonder all these massive forces turned into meek kittens so suddenly — I had thought the Taixuan Holy Land wouldn’t survive their combined attack!”

“It’s truly unexpected! However, the Taixuan Holy Land sure has some divine luck on their side, for them to hug the thigh of such a Young Lord!”

“That’s not all! I got some insider news about an Inner Sect Disciple named Ye Chen challenging the Young Lord and getting stomped to the ground!”

Many people talked through laughter in a restaurant.

“Hahaha, I also heard about this,” the person next to the speaker interjected with a roaring laughter.

“I heard it was because he was jealous over the Young Lord easily winning the heart of our Eastern Wilderness’ number one beauty! He then overestimated himself and challenged the Young Lord in front of everyone; unfortunately for him, that Inner Disciple surnamed Ye got his face planted on the ground and was forced to kneel on all fours like a mutt, unable to move…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, every toad wants to eat swan meat these days! What makes him think that he think he deserves the number one beauty of the Eastern Wilderness?”

The cultivators talked about this matter while drinking, or even as after-dinner leisure talk. You could hear them talk about this matter with relish in every ancient city, wine shop, and pavilion.

There were hundreds of millions of cultivators in the Eastern Wilderness. A single ancient city alone accommodated more than ten million residents. In just one day, this matter spread everywhere and caused an unimaginable sensation.


[In an ancient city.]

A man with an unhealthy complexion hurried through the streets. His fists creaked, and his face turned ugly as he overheard the conversations of the people around him.

He couldn’t help but grip his chest; he felt as if someone was trying to rip his heart out. A deep hatred flashed through his cold eyes, and he muttered to himself, “Su Qingge, you bitch! How dare you betray me…”

“Gu Changge, I will return this shame a hundred times over in the future!”

This person was Ye Chen who had disguised himself for escape. The Eastern Wilderness naturally had no more place for him to stay. Just one word from Gu Changge would be enough to send the entire Eastern Wilderness on a witch-hunt against him.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to roam around with his original appearance! He planned to use the ancient city’s large [Teleportation Array] to head towards the lands of the Middle State.

Compare to the Eastern Desolate, the Middle State was far more mysterious and massive. Spiritual Veins were a dime a dozen, with great Sects, Holy Lands, and Sacred Mountains scattered everywhere in there. There was no shortage of inheritances, either!

Gu Changge could cover the Eastern Wilderness with one hand, but could he do the same with the Middle State?

What’s more? There were many a Ancient Clans and Families in Middle State that had connections to the Upper Realm, as many of their ancestors had Ascended in the past.

Ye Chen had planned well.

With his powerful talent, he will naturally soar to the skies when he joins one of those powers.

Wasn’t Gu Changge so arrogant just because he had some backing in the Upper Realm? Then wouldn’t Gu Changge be able to do nothing to him if he also got a big backer?

He will most certainly make Su Qingge and Gu Changge regret their actions!

Ye Chen calmed down and sneered as he thought about the future.


The only matter that worried and puzzled Ye Chen was the fact his gorgeous Master hadn’t spoken much after the incident in the Taixuan Holy Land. Only when he encountered some dangerous situation would his Master move to rescue him.

Unease gripped Ye Chen’s heart, and he clenched his fists. Could it be that Yan Ji also wanted to betray him and leave?

He couldn’t accept that!


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

“An invitation letter sent by the Third Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty from the Middle State? He’s inviting young geniuses from every region to discuss the Dao?”

Gu Changge took the invitation handed to him by Su Qingge, and looked through it. He lost interest after a single glance at the invitation’s contents.

The so-called young geniuses of the Lower Realm were nothing more than ants that he could crush with a single finger. Messing with Su Qingge and taking her advantage every day was far more interesting than this gathering of ‘geniuses’.

“I have heard that a former emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty ascended to the Upper Realm, and they have an unfathomable background. What’s more? The third prince himself is quite talented! When he was born, the sound of a Heavenly phenomenon was heard as far as three thousand miles away…”

Su Qingge explained to Gu Changge.

At the same time, her scallion-like fair and tender hands peeled open a [Spiritual Crystal Grape], and brought it before his mouth.

‘Great Xia Dynasty, right?’

‘Middle State, isn’t it?’

‘Good! It’s high time I moved to another map, too!’

Gu Changge ate the grapes fed to him thought about the matter.

He stood up — life nowadays was getting too stale with nothing but leisure. He felt uncomfortable now that he didn’t have that leek, Ye Chen, to cut.

If he guessed correctly, then Ye Chen must be on his way to Middle State right now!

“All the Holy Lands, Dynasties, and Ancient Families of the Eastern Wilderness will be settinf off to partake in this event in three days. Would you like to go along with them, Young Lord?”

Su Qingge asked.

Gu Changge thought for a bit and nodded. At the same time, he recalled that Old Ming’s family seemed to be in the Middle State of the Lower Realm. Old Ming had broken through the barrier to Ascend to the Upper Realm from the Middle State around thirty thousand years.


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