I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Ancestor-cum-Miner; Going to Middle State!

Old Ming ascended to the Upper Realm from the Azure Realm, the Lower Realm that Gu Changge was in right now.

Naturally, Old Ming had never mentioned this matter to him.

It was the Original who dug around and found that Old Ming was from this Lower Realm, and it was because of this reason that he allowed Old Ming to accompany him on his trip.

Gu Changge only remembered this after Su Qingge mentioned the Middle State to him. With Old Ming’s identity, it would be much easier for them to roam around in the Middle State.

“Qingge will go and arrange everything then!”

Gu Changge nodded to her in response. He had nothing to fret over when Su Qingge did the work herself.

After Su Qingge left, Gu Changge pondered for a while and then said to thin air, “Old Ming, you Ascended from the Middle State around thirty thousand years ago, right?”

A wave of fluctuations appeared in the air, and Old Ming’s figure appeared from the void. With a tone full of respect, he answered, “My Lord, this slave indeed ascended from this Azure Realm’s Middle State some thirty thousand years ago. When I had just arrived in the Upper Realm, I wasn’t familiar with anything, and ended up getting captured by a powerful cultivator of the Upper Realm who turned me into a miner!”

“Thankfully, I met an Elder of the family (Gu Changge’s) who rescued this old slave. It was all thanks to that Elder that this old slave could escape from that sea of suffering, or this old slave would have died in those mines!”

Old Ming felt emotional as he spoke of this past. The cultivators in the Lower Realm believed that Ascension was some grand matter, but in reality, it was something completely opposite.

When the cultivators who have no background Ascend to the Upper Realm, their only fate is to be caught by some powerful existences of the Upper Realm to be miners and manual laborers. They lose any and all dignity, and spend the rest of their lives doing menial tasks!

In Old Ming’s eyes, those forces of the Middle State that had connections in the Upper Realm were merely putting on appearances. Their ancestors, on the other hand, were probably mining Spiritual Ore in some corner of the Upper Realm.

Because of this, Old Ming felt immense gratitude towards the Gu family. He was fortunate to have come across that noble person from the Gu Family.

“I will head to the Middle State in three days, so you can check up on your family when we are there.”

Gu Changge said with a light smile.

After finally descending to the Lower Realm, Old Ming must also be looking forward to see how his descendants were doing after he left back then. It’s just that he couldn’t leave without Gu Changge’s permission due to his identity and mission.

Gu Changge’s sudden permission moved Old Ming, and he thanked him, “Thank you for showing such consideration towards this old slave, My Lord!”

Gu Changge waved his hand in response and said, “Old Ming, there’s no need for such courtesy; it’s the least you deserve.”

Gu Changge might be a villain who was born to trample the Favored Children of Heaven, but he wasn’t an unkind fool.

Old Ming was no outsider.

This minor gesture from him could not only strengthen Old Ming’s loyalty, but it could also show his magnanimity.

How could Gu Changge not take such an advantage?


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

An extremely gorgeous flying boat hovered high above in the sky outside the Taixuan Holy Land. Brilliant rays of light and mystical runes moved around the boat.

If one looked closely, they would see pillars of light with majestic paintings, imperial pavilions shrouded in immortal mist, springs full of crystal-clear water, and fragrant flowers that could steal one’s soul. The boat looked extremely luxurious as it floated among the clouds.

It was an exclusive flying boat built for Gu Changge by all the major forces of the Eastern Wilderness, and it hadn’t come at a small price.

To put it bluntly, every inch of the flying boat was synonymous to luxury and wealth. Even the disciples of the various Holy Land widened their eyes in awe when they saw it, let alone the ordinary cultivators.

None of them had seen such a majestic flying boat in their life.

“Everyone sure went all out…”

Gu Changge chuckled when he saw the high profile display. Still, he liked it.

“It’s just a little toy — nothing is overboard if it makes the Young Lord happy!”

The Supreme Elders, Sect Masters, and Patriarchs of the major forces laughed. Young Lord Gu seemed satisfied with their hospitality, and that was enough for them to rejoice.

After all, it was apparent to them that this Young Lord wasn’t someone who liked to keep a low profile. Spending so much on this gorgeous flying boat wasn’t a loss as long as they could get his appreciation. They had their priorities in order!

“Young Lord, please.”

The Taixuan Holy Lord requested Gu Changge to board the flying boat first, with a reverent expression. He was considered as Gu Changge’s number one lapdog. And even though lapdogs were frowned upon, everyone around him held envy towards him.

Gu Changge gave him a slight nod and boarded the boat first. The others followed a few steps behind him, not daring to walk ahead of him.

This time, the young generation from all over the Realm were heading to the Middle State. There was the Void Yang Holy Son, the Void Yang Holy Maiden, the Young Emperor of the Great Sun Dynasty, the Ancient Xiao Family’s Young Master, and many more…

All of them were the at the top among the younger generation in the Eastern Wilderness. But the pressure they felt from Gu Changge was a thousand times more terrifying than what they felt from their elders. Some of them had wanted to go forward for a chat, but they couldn’t help but tremble in awe and swallow their words.

In comparison to them, Gu Changge’s first lapdog, Chu Xuan, was in an advantageous position.

“Ye Chen will soon be squeezed dry, so who will be the next Favored Son of Heaven?”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“What do you mean, Young Lord?”

His words surprised Su Qingge, who was busy massaging his shoulders, as she couldn’t understand why he said such words out of nowhere.

“Qingge, do you want to follow me back to the Upper Realm?”

Gu Changge suddenly asked with a smile.

On normal days, Su Qingge would be very interested when he talked about the Upper Realm, but now, her expression didn’t show any change, and she said, “Young Lord, haven’t you used this same question to take advantage of me several times already?”

“How boring.”

Gu Changge shook his head, and then gently brought her into his embrace. He loved to see Su Qingge’s insincere display when she was actually annoyed.

Sure enough, no matter who and where they were, bullying women was what men loved to do most.

[VILFIC: frick you, I have never committed such honorable heinous act, nor thought about it, EVER! Hmph! Misandrist bastard author. (’tis a joke)]


Soon, the void outside turned turbulent and set off a hurricane. Bright rays of light and mystical runes burst around the luxurious flying boat as it crushed the space around it and began to gallop through the void at a high speed, heading towards the lands of the Middle State.


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