I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: More than Wonderful; Ancestor Returns!

Gu Changge decided not to think too much into these matters for now. Either way, he was still going strong and wasn’t a stupid person. No matter what kind of Favored Child of Heaven he encountered, he would be able to deal with them.

Just like Ye Chen. Even though the Heavenly Dao protected him, he was still almost played to death by him. Even Su Qingge, the goddess he loved and admired, broke her relationship with him (Ye Chen) and became his (Gu Changge) woman.

Worse still? Ye Chen’s final reliance, his master named Yan Ji, would also belong to him sooner or later.

This feeling of having everything under control was more than wonderful!

Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile as he thought about this, and descended to the lower floor of the flying boat.

It was far more livelier here than above.

Many young talents of the Eastern Wilderness gathered together and conversed among themselves — some discussed the Dao, while others sparred on the spot to see who was better.

“Young Lord, what has brightened your mood today?”

Su Qingge naturally followed after Gu Changge when he moved around. Her flawless, gem-like eyes blinked in surprise as she watched Gu Changge’s refreshing smile.

Gu Changge rarely showed such a natural smile. On ordinary days, not only were his thoughts deep and elusive, but he also liked to evilly mess with her. It had become the norm for her to be teased and harassed by Gu Changge.

He was no honorable man!

“Something good, naturally!”

Gu Changge casually replied, and then asked, “Tell me about the Middle State’s forces that are worthy of attention.”

Over the last few days, Gu Changge discovered that Su Qingge’s Fortune Value had increased by a lot, and she was close to crossing the 400 Points mark. As a result, his Fortune Value had also increased.

Was there really something as good as gaining Fortune Value without doing anything?

This discovery made Gu Changge ponder for a long time. In the end, he concluded that Su Qingge was still hiding some secret from him, and that’s what led to the increase in her Fortune Value.

After all, could people really increase their Fortune Value without doing anything?

Still, Gu Changge didn’t bother asking for the reason as it had nothing to do with him. Who didn’t have some secret of their own?

Su Qingge nodded when she heard his question. She had deliberately collected a lot of information about the Middle State, and was waiting for Gu Changge to ask her about it.

“The Middle State is divided into eight domains, and the Central Heavenly City is the most prosperous among them all. The event that the Great Xia Dynasty’s third prince is holding will also take place in the Central Heavenly City…”

“This level of Dao Assembly can’t match up to Your Excellency’s identity, so Your Excellency can simply watch it as a show of entertainment!”

Chu Xuan added from the side. He had rushed over after he saw Gu Changge coming to the lower floor of the flying boat.

Many young prodigies in the distance laughed with some bitterness when they head his words. They had waited a long time for such a gathering, desiring to become famous all over the world by showing their talents at once.

“I am not interested in this Dao Assembly.”

Gu Changge didn’t hide his lack of interest. He had come to the Middle State for his own matter…to cut another leek, the newly appointed Favored Child of Heaven.

As for watching a bunch of brats from the Lower Realm discuss the Dao? He couldn’t be bothered about that. He would be making a fool out of himself if he deigned to show interest in such a low-level farce.


[Middle State, Central Heavenly City, Ancient Lin Family.]

As one of the Ancient Families of the Middle State, the Ancient Lin Family had stood tall in the Central Heavenly City for more than tens of thousands of years.

The Ancient Lin Family came into being some thirty thousand years ago, at the hands of their ancestor who broke through the Void and successfully ascended to the Upper Realm to become a mythical existence.

It was precisely because of this background that the Lin Family could become one of the strongest Ancient Families of the Middle States. So much so that even some Great Dynasties and Holy Lands had envy towards their deep heritage.

At this moment, in a deeply hidden Ancestral Hall of the Lin Family, a candlelight flickered and the light in the surroundings dimmed. At the same time, a certain disturbance could be heard.

“What happened?”

“Why did the Great Elder suddenly summon us to the Ancestral Hall?”

A group of old people gathered together with serious and doubtful expressions. The current head of the Lin Family was no exception.

All of them were the highest-level figures of the Lin Family. They had strong cultivation bases and supreme authority. A single stomp from them could cause the world outside to tremble.

But now, all of them stood dumbfounded in the Ancestral Hall. They were shocked by the sudden summon from the Great Elder who had long entered seclusion.

The Great Elder hadn’t showed himself for nearly ten thousand years, and he had an unfathomable cultivation base from what they knew. Many had even thought that he had perished amidst his seclusion.

They couldn’t help but rack their brains to think about what matter had taken place for the Great Elder to summon them all so suddenly?

The situation puzzled everyone, and they all watched the spirited and childlike old man in front of them.

That old man was none other than the Lin Family’s Great Elder!

“We pay our respects to the Great Elder!”

“We wonder why the Great Elder has summoned us and asked to wait here?”

Everyone showed their puzzlement.

Generally, unless some earth-shattering event took place, they would never gather together all at once. Could it be that the Great Elder’s cultivation base had another break through, and he wanted to try his hands at Ascension?

Seeing that everyone had arrived, the Great Elder finally opened his mouth with a strange expression on his face.

He looked extremely excited, to the point that his body couldn’t stop trembling. But soon, he forced himself to calm down, and spoke with a quivering voice, “Today…I felt our Ancestor’s aura…”

“It’s possible that the Ancestor is returning!”

The entire Ancestral Hall quietened down as soon as those words fell.


Everyone was stupefied for a moment, but then shock covered their faces immediately afterwards. They were in a state of disbelief.

They wondered if they had heard wrong?

Their Ancestor, who Ascended to the Upper Realm some thirty thousand years ago, was actually returning?

How could that be?

One had to know that Ascension was difficult, but Descending was almost impossible! It was almost ten thousand times difficult to Descend, then to Ascend, and that made the process nearly impossible.

Or had their Ancestor reached an even more incredible cultivation realm over in the Upper Realm? To the point that he could trave through the Void at will, and had come down to bring them all to the Upper Realm?

As this thought crossed their minds, their excitement soared and their complexion turned bright red.

There Ancestor was a legend from thirty thousand years ago!

All of the Lin Family’s glory and power today could be attributed to that Ancestor’s contributions!

They had no doubt in what they heard — after all, the Great Elder had said so himself. None of the gathered people could suppress their joy and excitement.

“Good! Great! Awesome! With the Ancestor’s return, our Lin Family is bound soar higher and higher…”

“Hahah! I must let all the forces of the Middle State know that our Lin Family’s Ancestor has returned!”

“At that time, the Great Xia Dynasty, the Buddhist Holy Land, and all the other forces will have come here and pay their respects! Our Lin Family’s momentum is bound to shake the entire Middle State, and no one will be able to contend with us!”

Their words of praise satisfied the Great Elder, and he nodded while stroking his beard. With a laugh, he said, “Good, good, good! Inform the others in the family to prepare a welcome celebration for the return of our Ancestor!”

“Our Lin Family will surely see an even more glorious time!”


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