I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Tremors in the Middle State; God King’s Misfortune!

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Without a shred of surprise, the news regarding the return of the Ancient Lin Family’s Ancestor from the Upper Realm spread throughout the Central Heavenly City like wildfire. Even with the people of the Lin Family doing their best to suppress the news, it still spread to every corner of the Realm.

The entire Central Heavenly City was like a cauldron about to explode!

Countless forces and cultivators were shocked. Just what kind of existence was the Ancestor of the Ancient Lin Family? He was a powerhouse of the False God Realm who shattered the Void and Ascended to the Upper Realm some thirty thousand years ago!

Yet now, he had returned?

One could hardly imagine the terrifying sensation caused by this news. Countless people couldn’t sit still, especially the various hegemonic forces of the Middle State who immediately dispatched uncountable spies to investigate the truth of the matter.

This matter was originally suppressed as the region was soon going to hold the Dao Conference of the Heavenly Geniuses of the Realm. Innumerable forces were paying attention to this Conference, so they decided not to dwell too much on this matter. But the subsequent actions of the Ancient Lin Family’s members confirmed the authenticity of this news to the world.

The Lin Family members that were dispatched outside the Family rushed back, as if waiting to welcome their Ancestor on his return. Many people had a keen mind and observation, and they soon recalled the rumors that spread from the Eastern Wilderness regarding the descent of a Young Lord who had come from the Upper Realm.

Many had considered that to be nothing more than a rumor…but now? It shook the people to their cores. Could the return of the Lin Family’s Ancestor be related to that matter?

Even the overlords such as the Great Xia Dynasty, the Buddhist Holy Land, and the Yin-Yang Holy Land also sent their people to the Ancient Lin Family to request an audience with their Ancestor when he appeared. They were also forces who had their Ancestors Ascend to the Upper Realm, so they were very keen on knowing the whereabouts of their Ancestors.

For a while, all of the Middle State surged with dark undercurrents.

At the same time, an extremely magnificent flying boat galloped through the sky and soon landed in the Central Heavenly City’s vicinity. There were already people from the Middle State who had arrived to pick up the geniuses of the Eastern Wilderness for the Dao Conference.

Gu Changge and Su Qingge, on the other hand, went to the family that Old Ming had created years ago.

“An ancestor who returned from the Upper Realm?”

“Ancient Lin Family?”

“This could be a good place for me.”

“What a pity, though…”

[In an ancient city of the Middle State.]

A youth with a cold face and a bronze ring on his hand stopped in his tracks when he heard the sudden news, but soon, his eyes flashed with hatred when he thought deeply about the matter.

The youth was none other than Ye Chen who had traveled to the Middle State after leaving the Eastern Wilderness.

Along the way, not only had he not suffered much, but he had instead received a lot of opportunities and benefits. His cultivation base even made a breakthrough and he reached the Transcendent Realm in one fell swoop.

In addition to that, he even got acquainted with the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land, and the two of them became sworn brothers at first sight.

It could be said that he had already washed away the humiliation he suffered back in the Eastern Wilderness.

“The Ancient Lin Family has a deep heritage, but you have a lot of secrets that need to be protected, or someone will discover an abnormality with you and you will be targeted!”

A cold voice sounded from the ring and warned Ye Chen.

Yan Ji, still dressed in red as always, sat cross-legged in the void, and advised Ye Chen against what he was thinking.

Although a rift had appeared between her and Ye Chen due to the previous events and happenings, she couldn’t help but turn a little soft-hearted and forgive Ye Chen after he constantly apologized for his behavior.

Still, no matter how she persuaded Ye Chen to let go of his hatred towards Gu Changge, he wouldn’t listen and thought that she had some impure motives behind her constant nagging.

Yan Ji felt helpless at this result.

“Master, please don’t worry! I still have more important matters to deal with, so I will most certainly not go to the Ancient Lin Family!”

Ye Chen replied while looking down at a broken ancient relic in his hands. It was an ancient fragment he accidentally obtained from a small stall, and it seemed to record a route to an ancient ruin.

After many days of deciphering, he found that the ancient ruins weren’t too far away from the city he was currently in.

“No one has discovered these ancient ruins before, so there must be a lot of opportunities in there. When I break through to the Great-Transcendent Realm, I will be able to fight even existences of the Saint Realm! At that time, Gu Changge and Su Qingge, you sons of bitches… Heh-heh!”

Ye Chen’s lips showed a sneer as he thought about the future. In his opinion, Gu Changge could only be in the Saint Realm, no matter how overpowered he might be.

Once he broke through to the Great-Transcendent Realm, he would be able to easily suppress Gu Changge’s so-called prodigious talent with his own ultimate talent. After all, Gu Changge was nothing more than a spoiled bastard who attained his cultivation base through consuming pills and Heavenly treasures from a young age.

A spoiled ‘genius’ like Gu Changge could never compare to someone like him, who had gone through countless life and death experiences and battles.

With those thoughts in his mind, Ye Chen strode out of the ancient city and headed towards the ancient ruins.

[VILFIC: such delusions…someone tell him.]

[At this time in a Lin Family courtyard.]

An ordinary-looking boy with a stone-cold face busied himself in concocting some sort of medicine. He held a cattail fan in his hand and gently fanned the flame under the medicinal pot to control the flame’s size and intensity.

“I am still short of three herbs that are required to refine this [Origin Tempering Spirit Pill]! To think that I, the strongest God King of my generation, would see such desperate times where I don’t even have enough medicinal ingredients to temper my weak body…”

The youth coldly muttering to himself was none other than Lin Tian.

Immediately, he shook his head and said, “Whatever! Since Heavens have given me another chance at life, I won’t let such minor matters dissuade me from reaching greatness.”

“First of all, I must build up this body’s foundation that’s down in the dumpster and can’t even reach the Spirit Sea Realm.”

His face burned as he recalled how he had boasted he would break through the Spirit Sea Realm within half a day, yet now, he didn’t even have enough medicinal materials.

Lin Tian couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. It wasn’t his fault!

‘What use is me being a Direct Disciple of the Ancient Lin Family if I can’t even get enough medicinal materials? It seems that this kid’s position in the family isn’t all that great…’

‘Not only was this kid bullied, ridiculed, and looked down upon…he didn’t even have the right to ask for medicinal ingredients like the others. What a pitiful life…’

Lin Tian felt upset when he recalled his clansmen’s eyes full of shock and disbelief when he went to ask for some medicinal ingredients a while ago.

He, a once-mighty God King, was questioned and thoroughly looked down upon no matter where he went or what he did! And that made him extremely unhappy.

If he had his original strength, he would have long slapped all those bastards to death.

It was merely performing alchemy, yet they said that the wouldn’t be able to do it? They also mocked him by saying that giving him any ingredients was nothing more than a waste of materials.

Lin Tian’s face turned ugly as he recalled the abusive looks and words thrown at him. When had he, the dignified Heaven Slaughter God King, ever suffered such humiliation?

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the courtyard’s entrance. Two people, a boy and a girl around fourteen or fifteen years old walked in.

The boy frowned as he saw Lin Tian busy himself with refining some concoction and said, “Lin Tian, what are you doing here?! The Patriarch has summoned all the family members to pay their respects to the Ancestor!”

“Even a waste like you wants to refine pills now? Have you taken a look at your reflection in a puddle of piss? Shouldn’t you first learn the basics of Alchemy before jumping into the act?”

The girl next to the boy couldn’t help but mock with a sneer.

Someone who couldn’t even be bothered with cultivation had suddenly changed his mind and started refining pills…they thought that Lin Tian had finally lost his sanity!

Although he was the Patriarch’s most unwanted son, the unfortunate fact that he was a direct descendent of the clan couldn’t be washed away. He couldn’t be absent when the Ancestor himself was coming back to the Family!

Lin Tian’s expression soured as soon as he heard their taunts. He was a God King, for fucks sake! He was a mighty existence worshipped by countless mortals!

Pay respects to the Ancestor?

What kind of dog-shit was that? Was he even worthy?

“I heard there’s a Young Lord who came along with the Ancestor! That Young Lord seems to have some terrifying background, and even the Ancestor has to be respectful before him…”

“I heard that too! The origin of that Young Lord is something we can’t even imagine…”

The two didn’t pay any attention to Lin Tian’s expression, and kept talking to themselves.


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