I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Respect Without a Show of Might; The Ancestor Calling Himself an Old Slave!

Chapter 31: Respect Without a Show of Might; The Ancestor Calling Himself an Old Slave![VILFIC’s Crib]

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Lin Tian’s face turned ugly as he listened to the conversation of the two who completely disregarded his existence.

The Ancient Lin Family’s Ancestor?

An unfathomable Young Lord?

What crap were these toys?

Before him, all the existences of the Azure Realm were nothing more than wooden toys he could move around at whim. The strongest in the Realm was nothing more than a False God Realm, too! Before him, a mighty God King, False God Realms were nothing more than ants that could be squashed under his pinky.

Lin Tian simply dismissed their existence and decided to go back to his own matters.

“I am not interested in meeting any Ancestor or whatever. You two should get the heck out of my place!“

Lin Tian had not good feelings for the two who arrived and mocked him, so he immediately put on a harsh expression and dismissed his guests with a cold command.

“You… You!”

His sudden arrogance stunned and enraged the two. Lin Tian wasn’t like this on normal days. Had he gone crazy or what? His behavior was kind of weird and more withdrawn then before.

The youth was ready to teach Lin Tian a lesson for his insolence, but the girl next to him held him back and said, “The Ancestor has returned from the Upper Realm, yet this fool isn’t even going to participate in such a major — event he must have a wish to be kicked out of the Family!”

“Let’s not ruin our chances by causing a ruckus here. We should inform the Patriarch…the Patriarch will surely punish him for his actions!”

The girl said her piece and pulled the boy to leave. Lin Tian, on the other hand, was shocked out of his mind.

“Returned from the Upper Realm?!”

Those words caught Lin Tian’s attention and gave him a great jolt. He really didn’t want to go, but matters related to the Upper Realm concerned him very much.

‘Whatever! I will just go and join them. I have to see who is the Ancestor of this Ancient Lin Family…’

Lin Tian’s expression changed and he silently followed after the two as soon as he reasoned about the matter in his mind. Upon seeing him walking behind them, the two couldn’t help but laugh out. What happened to the guts he showed just a moment ago? Sure enough, the Patriarch’s threat could tone him down!


“Didn’t he say he wasn’t interested?”

“It seems he still knows his place and understands that he’s nothing without the Lin Family’s background backing him up!”

The two in the front ridiculed in soft voices, but Lin Tian heard every word that rolled off their tongues. His complexion turned even more unsightly, and a murderous intent rose from the depths of his eyes. Still, he held back! He did, indeed, need his identity as a Lin Family’s descendant.

He couldn’t reveal his origin!

The two youths in front of him didn’t know that they had walked down the path to Hell, and a Yama was watching them with great intent.

Although Lin Tian’s cultivation base wasn’t all that high right now, he could still easily make minced meat out of the two using methods from his previous life.


[In the Ancient Lin Family’s Great Hall]

Many powerful figures stood around inside the Hall. Their mighty spirit energy surged around, and Divine lights loomed around their figures. Sacred Ruins intertwined around them, showing the profound heritage of the Ancient Lin Family at its best.

Many more members of the Ancient Lin Family also stood outside the Hall. Most of them were youths — male and female — who were shrouded in holy halos. They were the elite geniuses of the Ancient Lin Family, and they were quite famous in the lands of the Middle State.

All of them watched on with great curiosity and excitement, but none dared to make a sound. After all, the people inside the Hall were the highest-ranking Elders of their Family!

Even the Great Elder who had gone into seclusion thousands of years ago, and was considered to have died amidst his seclusion, had come out to personally receive the newcomers!

Just who was the young man in black sitting at the head seat and drinking tea with an indifferent expression?

The maid next to him was a breathtaking beauty, too! Just like a Fairy who had descended from the Ninth Heaven!

Even their legendary Ancestor, who had Ascended to the Upper Realm, was behaving like a respectful underling!

Just who was the youth?

It was all an unimaginable matter for them — something they had never imagined to see in all of their life.

“Old Ming, you should deal with your matters without worrying about my presence.”

Gu Changge said with a casual smile. He was very interested in the progression of the current situation, as everything had happened without him even needing to put on a false show of might.

When their flying boat had arrived above the Lin Family’s estate, a large group of Elders respectfully greeted them from below and introduced themselves as the descendants of the Ancient Lin Family.

Afterwards, Gu Changge and his group were invited to the Lin Family’s estate by that group.

Since he had nothing better to do at the moment, Gu Changge decided to take it as a stroll outside and agreed.

It was Old Ming who explained to him that it was because of bloodline resonance he invoked that the Ancient Lin Family had found out about their arrival when they neared the Middle State, It was because of that matter that all of the Elders had personally come out to fetch them.

Although he didn’t speak much, the grand welcome from his descendants put a bright smile on Old Ming’s smile. Especially when it was all done in Gu Changge’s presence!

He didn’t want his Young Lord to see ruins when he brought him to his Family in the Middle State. This trip to the Lower Realm was an opportunity for him, after all.

If they were still in the Upper Realm, then, with his status in the Gu Family, it would be impossible for him to get close to Gu Changge, let alone do something for him that would be worth remembering.

“My Lord, I can’t fulfill your command this time. No matter how happy this old slave is, this old slave dares not leave your side!”

Old Ming said with a wry smile.

Of course, he knew that Gu Changge wouldn’t blame him for his current half-joking tone.

Today, Old Ming’s heart was bursting with joy after he saw that his descendants were not only having a great life, but they had also become one of the greatest Ancient Family of the Middle State.

He wasn’t this courageous on normal days, and would never use a joking tone in front of Gu Changge.

‘Old slave?’

Their Ancestor actually referred to himself as an old slave?!

Everyone who heard those words took in a deep, cold breath. Their pupils shrunk, and their hearts shuddered. The youngsters outside couldn’t help but open their eyes wide.

“It’s alright.”

Gu Changge responded with a smile. He would naturally not mind such trivialities. He decided to take his leave and stroll around, instead of standing between the young wanting to reminisce with their old.

“Qingge, accompany me on a stroll.”

Gu Changge put down his tea cup, and stood up to leave.

He had an indifferent-yet-amiable expression, without the slightest hint of arrogance, and that gave the people around him a more approachable feeling.

But everyone knew full well that the man in front of them was a supreme existence who couldn’t be bothered about their insignificant existence. The amiable aura around him was nothing more than a sign of his goodwill that he showed to give face to Old Ming.

“Qiuhan, you are familiar with the area, so why don’t you accompany the Young Lord and show him around?”

The Patriarch of the Lin Family suddenly spoke up and gave a command to his daughter who was standing near the Hall’s door.

Old Ming couldn’t help but give him a look of approval. This descendant had great foresight!

“Under… Understood, Father!”

Lin Qiuhan immediately responded with a trembling voice. Her nervousness was through the roof at the moment.

Originally, Gu Changge didn’t care much about having a guide, but when he took a look at the one who would accompany him, his eyes lit up.

In front of him stood a stunning beauty!

With a thin layer of make up to accentuate her features, she looked like a Fairy. Her skin shimmered under the light, and her hair fell behind her and flew around like clouds. The loose robe she wore could not hide her tall and curvaceous figure that made heat rise inside a man’s body.

Of course, what truly distinguished her as a phoenix among the pheasants was the massive Fortune Value she possessed!


Lin Tian, who had just arrived at the scene, was taken aback as soon as he saw what happened. He tightly clenched his fists, and his emotions went into a violent turmoil.


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