I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Pillows When You Think About Sleep; The Young Lord’s Identity?


Lin Tian clenched his fists, and his complexion turned unsightly. An uncomfortable feeling of rage rose from the depths of his heart, and he subconsciously blurted out a call for Lin Qiuhan even though it wasn’t his intention.

Lin Tian knew this was caused by his Predecessor’s obsession, and it was his body’s instinctive reaction to seeing the scene in front of him. After all, Lin Qiuhan was the only one who treated his Predecessor with kindness according to his memories.

Although she would put on a harsh and severe stance, she was sincerely good towards him in reality. She didn’t treat him with indifference or despise, like the others in the Family.

The previous Lin Tian had always held an unspeakable kind of love for Lin Qiuhan!

It was just that his sister was too outstanding, while he, himself, was a down-and-out piece of waste without any talent…that thought humbled him from the bottom of his heart. Now that such a scene appeared in front of his eyes, the Predecessor’s obsession obviously gave him a feeling of unwillingness and discomfort.

Still, the predecessor was gone and the one today was the Heaven Slaughter God King. To solve his Predecessor’s obsession, he spent a lot of effort over the last few days.

A few days ago, he shocked everyone by pointing out the errors in the demonstrations done by the Extreme Dao Academy’s teachers, and even helped them fix their errors. This helped him improve his image in Lin Qiuhan’s mind as well, and she believed that Lin Tian had finally changed his mind and decided to work hard on his cultivation and studies.

Liu Qiuhan was pleased by his sudden change. She believed that her relentless persuasion had finally taken effect, and her younger brother had understood her worries.

Lin Tian was more than satisfied with this result. It was merely the first step of his grand plan of making Lin Qiuhan see him in a completely different light. How hard could it be for a mighty God King like him to capture a lass’s heart?

But right now, one could see frost oozing out of Lin Tian’s eyes.

Who the fuck was that bastard, and where did he pop out from? He wondered.

How dare he try to get close to his goods?

He was courting death!

But soon, Lin Tian’s eyes constricted as his gaze landed on the ethereal beauty behind the young man. Although a veil covered the woman’s visage, he could tell she was a thrilling fairy from the outline of her face.

Of course, the most important aspect regarding the woman was her special physique.

‘Could it be the mythical [Mysterious Nine Yin Maiden Physique] that’s mentioned in the ancient records…’

‘The legendary Physique that’s said to make the highest tier Human Cauldron?!’

‘To think I would come across such a Physique in a place like this!’

Lin Tian immediately lowered his head to prevent anyone from discovering the abnormality in his expression. He wasn’t too sure about his conjecture, and needed more time to observe and pass a final verdict. After all, such a Human Cauldron Physique could move even the hearts of the mightiest Gods!

‘Could this guy be the Young Lord they were talking about? I never thought he would have such great luck…’

‘What a pity, he met me!’

Lin Tian thought to himself, and soon, his complexion returned to normal. No one around him had discovered anything abnormal about him. What surprised him, though, was that ‘esteemed’ young man looking at him with a strange light in his eyes?

A very faint chill passed through Lin Tian’s body, but that disappeared as soon as it appeared…it was like an illusion.

“Lin Qiuhan? That’s a nice name.”

Gu Changge complimented. His good looks only appeared more enthralling as he chuckled, and it brought him gazes of admiration from many of the women standing outside the Hall.

It was the so-called attraction to an Immortal visage that everyone felt.

“Much…Much thanks for your praise, Young Lord!”

Lin Qiuhan’s face flushed slightly and she spoke with a stutter.

Although she was a teacher on regular days, and would radiate a majestic and iron lady-like aura as she taught the disciples at the Extreme Dao Academy…even she couldn’t help but feel tense in the current situation.

The handsome youth in front of her was a favored God-child who could even make her Ancestor act like a slave in front of him. No matter who it was, they would be able to tell he was from a terrifying background. It would be strange if she didn’t feel nervous when talking to him even after knowing all that.


Lin Tian screamed in his heart when he saw the hateful scene in front of him. Feelings of jealousy and unwillingness welled up in his heart.

The others in the hall, however, only chuckled somewhat and kept quite about the scene that transpired. Not just Old Ming, but many people in the Ancient Lin Family also wanted Lin Qiuhan to be fancied by Gu Changge.

Old Ming himself was a divine existence in their eyes, so Gu Changge could only be an even more shocking figure if they thought about the matter with some reason.

“This one isn’t a Demon who will eat you, so why are you so nervous, Miss Lin?”

Gu Changge’s expression did not change, nor did his smile disappear as he spoke up again. Still, he turned his gaze away from Lin Qiuhan and looked towards his front and said, “I will have to trouble Miss Lin to take me and Qingge for a walk now.”

In his heart, however, he was thinking about something completely different.

Life sure was unexpected. He was planning to look for the new Favored Son of Heaven, yet the Favored Son of Heaven appeared in front of him himself. It was as if someone had delivered him pillows when he was thinking about sleep.

It also just so happened that he was quite interested to know where Lin Qiuhan’s massive Fortune Value was coming from. Two hundred points in Fortune Value weren’t something ordinary people could possess. The youth, the new Favored Son of Heaven, who was sneakily looking at him had a Fortune Value of five hundred.

Gu Changge wondered what template this one was cut from?


The tense atmosphere in the Hall finally subsided after Gu Changge took his leave. Not just the Patriarch and the Elders of the Lin Family, but even the Great Elder felt nervousness in his presence. After all, it was their first time interacting with an existence from the Upper Realm, so how could they not be nervous?

“Ancestor, what is the identity of that Young Lord?”

After a while, the Great Elder asked with tumultuous emotions. He held curiosity, and many other emotions that couldn’t be put into words, as he respectfully probed.

As soon as he raised his question, the youths standing outside the Hall also pricked their ears and carefully listened to satiate their own curiosity. Even Lin Tian, who had been secretly paying attention to Old Ming, put on a solemn expression as he intently listened on.

He could feel an aura similar to his own when he was at his peak from the Ancestor of the Lin Family who had descended from the Upper Realm. At the same time, he felt that the aura had something wrong with him and it wasn’t similar to what he should sense.[1]

This matter greatly confused him.

There was nothing about Gu Changge’s identity that Old Ming needed to conceal from his descendants, so he gently smiled and said, “My Lord…he will be the one leading an Immortal Orthodoxy and the mighty Gu Family in the future! If you are lucky enough to receive My Lord’s fancy, then you will immediately transform into a dragon from an inferior carp. At once, you will leap from the mortal world and step into the Ninth Heaven…”

– – –


Lin Tian feels that Old Ming is a God King just like he was once upon a time, but the aura he feels from Old Ming isn’t the same as what a normal God King should have, and that’s what confuses him. Old Ming can’t bring out and show off his true aura due to the Lower Realm’s restriction, so that might be the case as Lin Tian has never been to the Upper Realm, so he doesn’t know and probably has never met someone else who descended from the Upper Realm and was suppressing their aura.


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