I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Little Beauty Falling at First Sight; Good Face Takes You Far!

Immortal Orthodoxy? Gu Family?

What kind of concept were they?

Who in the world dared to call themselves Immortal?

Only a force that had existed since time immemorial and dominated the world could have such a right, right?

Old Ming’s words took away the breath of everyone from the Ancient Lin Family, and great shock rose from the bottom of their hearts.

No wonder even their Ancestor referred to himself as ‘old slave’ in front of the Young Lord. With such a background, serving him was also a great honor. Their awe and reverence they held towards Gu Changge in their hearts grew deeper.

With their Ancestor’s servant-like relationship with the Young Lord, they estimated that they and their Ancestor were nothing before him.

‘That youth has such a terrifying background?’

Lin Tian’s expression changed a bit and he felt that the matter had become somewhat tricky. But soon, his expression calmed down again. Since they had descended upon the Lower Realm, they had to abide by the laws of the Lower Realm. For a God King like him, it wouldn’t be all that hard to deal with a kid still wet behind his years!

It would have been hard if they were in the Upper Realm, but down here…

Of course, the main reason was the fact that he felt that the youth who had descended from the Upper Realm held exactly what he was looking for. If he wanted to rise to the top, he would most certainly have to cross paths with this youth.

Old Ming started talking about his past experiences to his descendants, while Lin Tian quietly left the place with bright eyes. He planned to follow Gu Changge to see what he was up to. He worried that Gu Changge might do something untoward to Lin Qiuhan.


The clear springs flowed, and spiritual mist floated around.

Lin Qiuhan nervously walked ahead with sweat-covered palms, guiding Gu Changge around on his random stroll. She couldn’t calm herself no matter how hard she tried — she worried that she might offend the Young Lord by making some untoward action unknowingly.

She felt as if she were a commoner chosen by the Emperor as his guide.

Gu Changge seemed to be wandering around aimlessly, but he was considering many matters in his mind. Finally, he decided to pass some remarks.

“Lady Lin Qiuhan, you needn’t be this nervous. Learn from Qingge, not only is not afraid of me, but she has also learned to talk back to me now.”

Gu Changge said with a casual smile, sounding quite friendly. He couldn’t deal with Lin Qiuhan if she was this nervous all the time.

Su Qingge, on the other hand, couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she heard Gu Changge’s words. Such shameless remarks…she wondered why she wasn’t surprised hearing them from ‘her Young Lord’s’ mouth.

“Qingge? Could she be…Eastern Wilderness’s legendary number one beauty? Su Qingge, the Holy Maiden of the Taixuan Holy Land?”

Gu Changge’s joking tone indeed helped Lin Qiuhan lower her unease and nervousness, and she asked back with great surprise. She had heard some rumors about Su Qingge of the Taixuan Holy Land before. It was said that the Eastern Wilderness’s goddess had left with a Young Lord some time ago.

Now she found out that the Young Lord in the rumors was none other than the Young Lord Gu who came to visit them.

The number one beauty of the Eastern Wilderness — she was a woman admired by many youths from many regions close and far, yet now, that very person was right next to her. She looked like Young Lord Gu’s maid at first sight.

Lin Qiuhan couldn’t help but feel some complicated emotions well up in her heart, together with an inexplicable feeling of envy towards Su Qingge for some reason.

Young Lord Gu had a kind, gentle, and friendly temperament. Even though he was high above, he didn’t give others a sense of contempt and disregard. Not only did he have great personal cultivation, but he was also well-mannered, like a gentleman described in the classics.

Lin Qiuhan relaxed a lot after she thought about it like this.

She began to take the initiative to introduce Gu Changge to the surroundings with a lovely smile on her face.

“Oh! I see…”

From time to time, Gu Changge would nod to her explanation, and even tell her some joke and evoke a burst of clear laughter from her.

Their group resembled a group of Immortals walking around in the mortal world, with a handsome gentleman and gorgeous maidens.

At the same time, Lin Qiuhan’s impression of Gu Changge kept soaring, and she felt that Gu Changge was a true nobleman. No matter how one looked at him — be it his conversational skills, his manners, his temperament, or his power — one would find a sense of magnificence and elegance never seen before in anyone else.

As the genius daughter of the Ancient Lin Family, she had come across many a dazzling geniuses. But in front of Young Lord Gu, they all paled like the twinkling stars before the radiant sun at high noon.

No, to be more precise, they couldn’t compare to him in any way!

She even felt that just a word from the Young Lord was enough to speed up her heart and flush her complexion.

Gu Changge naturally saw all of the changes happening with Lin Qiuhan. His expression didn’t change, but he felt more and more interest towards Lin Qiuhan in his heart. It was what they called: ‘falling at first sight.’

Sure enough, a good face helped you no matter where you went.

This was awesome, too, and it saved him a lot of trouble.

Afterwards, Gu Changge changed the topic and began asking Lin Qiuhan about herself and the Ancient Lin Family.

‘Why would Young Lord Gu ask me about me?’

His sudden interest in herself made Lin Qiuhan’s heart jump around like a fawn. Could it be that Young Lord Gu had developed a good impression of her?

It made her a little flustered and increased her nervousness.

“Qiuhan is the eldest daughter of my father, and I have various half-brothers and sisters…”

But soon, Gu Changge’s smile relaxed Lin Qiuhan’s heart and she began to introduce her family’s situation to him. Among them, she also talked about the half-brother she worried about the most: ‘Lin Tian.’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but narrow his eyes when he heard his introduction.

Here came the familiar words: ‘waste and not interested in cultivating himself.’

At this moment, Gu Changge slightly glanced towards a direction and saw a figure that was hiding not to far away.

The hidden figure was giving out very faint energy fluctuations. He did his best to hide, but he was still a bit away from completely erasing his presence.

The guy who was secretly glancing at him from outside the Hall back in the Ancient Lin Clan must be the Lin Tian she was talking about just now.

“Oh! Wouldn’t he be unhappy if he heard his elder sister call him a waste?”

Gu Changge asked with a light chuckle.

Seeing that Young Lord Gu seemed to be interested in his, Lin Qiuhan continued to elaborate, “Everyone knows about this matter. Even though I want to defend him, I have no means to do so.”

“Little Tian…his mother passed away when he was young, and our father also didn’t treat him well. In addition, he has no talent for cultivation, nor is he interested in it. Although he’s a direct descendant of the Family, he actually has no place in it.”

“What a pitiful child. But he’s quite lucky to have a sister as beautiful as you looking after him!”

Gu Changge praised with a gentle smile.

‘Young Lord Gu called me beautiful?’

His sudden words of praise stunned Lin Qiuhan, and her complexion turned beet red out of joy and shyness.

“Little Tian…he’s a sensible child. After my constant nagging, he has finally started to turn over a new leaf! He’s begun to study and cultivate…”

Lin Qiuhan said with a relief-filled smile.

‘Hoh! He has recently started to study and cultivate?’

Intrigue filled Gu Changge’s smile when he heard those words, and he immediately came to a realization: ‘Waste turned over a good leaf overnight trope. It was either a mighty figure taking over the body of a trash, or a trash regressing back to the past!’


TL: Hello, everyone!

Some of you were confused about Su Qingge’s status as a Human Cauldron with her Physique being the best Physique for use as a Human Cauldron, so I will explain it for everyone here so if others have the same question, too, it starts making sense to them as well.

Whether Su Qingge will end up in a situation like this or not, you will have to read further to know. All-in-all, that’s why her Physique is so special even for mighty figures since she can increase their cultivation base to the next level if they can get their hands on her and enslave her.


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