I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Coveting Other’s Women Is a Villain’s Duty; Leeks Should Have a Leek’s Self-Awareness!

[VILFIC: the title is not what it seems.]

The reason Gu Changge reached that conclusion was naturally thanks to all the web novels he had religiously read in his previous life.

Lin Tian didn’t resemble an ordinary waste kid at all!

If he was, then he would be meek around him just like his heavenly genius of a sister, and wouldn’t have dared to follow him in secret. Gu Changge had no doubt that the person hiding in the dark was Lin Tian. Only after he noticed his presence did he quickly turn around and leave.

That wasn’t the mindset ordinary teenagers were supposed to have.

“It just shows that your persuasion was effective, and that he knows to empathize with his sister. Someone who can’t cultivate is truly no different from garbage in this world. What’s more? You were only doing it for his own good!”

Gu Changge gave her words of recognition with a handsome smile.

He continued talking casually, wanting to ask Lin Qiuhan more about Lin Tian’s situation. As his elder sister, Lin Qiuhan must be the one who knows Lin Tian best.

Naturally, Lin Qiuhan didn’t know Gu Changge’s intentions. Instead, she felt moved by his words. She never thought she would hear words of comfort from Young Lord Gu!

After that, she continued talking about many other things about Lin Tian.

Gu Changge smirked and continued conversing with her. At the same time, he reaped as much information from her as he could.

A piece of information that roused his interest was the fact that Lin Tian had recently started taking interest in Alchemy, and even asked Lin Qiuhan for various medicinal ingredients. At the same time, he had also become proficient in some ancient formations — a few days ago, he had pointed out the mistakes of several elders, and shocked everyone.

Gu Changge had almost figured out the ins and outs of this Protagonist’s template, and even thought up some contingency plans. This new Favored Son of Heaven…he seemed easier to deal with than what he had imagined.

Now that he didn’t have to worry about receiving some existence-obliterating Fortune Backlash, Gu Changge could use more methods to deal with these Favored Children of Heaven.

“I never thought Young Lord Gu would understand me…”

Lin Qiuhan felt her heart move.

“Even Little Tian can’t understand me normally, and thinks that I am too harsh on him.”

Lin Qiuhan felt helpless when she said this.

Still, she felt gratified. She felt that Lin Tian had finally turned over a new life, and all her worries over the last few years hadn’t gone to waste. Even better, what many members of their Family couldn’t understand, Young Lord Gu did in their first meeting.

This gave birth to a strange emotion in her heart.

Lin Qiuhan had cultivated for more than twenty years, and only now did she understand what the words, ‘heart skips a beat’ meant. She felt her heart skip a beat in their very first meeting, even though her heart had never been moved by the young geniuses who pursued her relentlessly over the years.

Gu Changge naturally saw through Lin Qiuhan’s heart. After all, he had already expected this.

With his status as a mighty and handsome man from the Upper Realm, together with his conversation skills and insights from his previous life, even a smart woman like Su Qingge couldn’t escape his grasp. So how could Lin Qiuhan, someone with a far simpler mindset, not fall into his hands?

He required no effort to deal with her!

Starting with her was not only easier, but also more interesting than dealing with Lin Tian.

Su Qingge, who watched the entirety of the show from the sidelines, deepened her understanding of Gu Changge. He was indeed a sinister man who loved to play with peoples’ hearts.

“It’s good that little brother Lin Tian has decided to turn over a new leaf now. He must have been a pearl covered by the dust before! He must be blessed with great talent to be able to point out the mistakes of even Elders in just a few days…”

Gu Changge suddenly spoke with an emotional sigh, making it seem that his words were purely out of admiration. He was acting.

“How could Little Tian be a pearl covered by dust? As for his talent…he couldn’t even reach Spirit Sea Realm before…”

Lin Qiuhan couldn’t help but refute with a smile, but soon, her words stopped. She was stunned, and felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t put her finger on what that was!

“Eh? How did he perform Alchemy if he couldn’t even cultivate to the Spirit Sea Realm? Could it be that little brother Lin Tian came across some ancient inheritance? When I was in the Upper Realm, I heard about some elusive ancient inheritances like that. The cultivators can inherit them even before the Spirit Sea Realm. It seems that little brother Lin Tian is a man greatly favored by the Heavens!”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but mutter as if he was greatly surprised.

Lin Qiuhan couldn’t see much right now, but she will certainly reach certain conjectures after he pointed her in the ‘right’ direction.

Seeing Lin Qiuhan lose herself in her thoughts with a deeply focused expression, Gu Changge decided not to add any more hints. He understood that he had to lead her moderately, so he smiled and kept quiet.


[In another place at this time.]

After Gu Changge sensed his trail, Lin Tian decided to take his leave and no longer followed after them.

Right now, he had an ugly expression, and deep jealousy rising in his heart. Of course, it was because of his Predecessor’s obsession with his sister.

Currently, Gu Changge was too strong for Lin Tian, but that was only because he had recently reincarnated. Lin Tian couldn’t correctly estimate Gu Changge’s current limits because of his measly cultivation base.

Still, the most unexpected matter to him was his sister’s behavior. His sister, who was harsh to him on normal days and put on a majestic front, actually showed such a meek and bashful expression in front of another man.

Worse? It was their first meeting, too!

Such a scene made Lin Tian’s blood boil, and he felt as if someone had robbed him of something precious that belonged to him. He couldn’t help but clench his fists, so much so that one could hear his bones creak.

Good thing that his state of mind couldn’t be destroyed with just this much. After all, his cultivation in his previous life wasn’t in vain, nor a fluke.

Soon, Lin Tian calmed himself and resolved in his heart, ‘This so-called Young Lord Gu is really sinister and not a kind person. He shows a gentlemanly front, but he’s most definitely not a gentleman no matter how I look at him. I must ask Lin Qiuhan to be cautious of him, so she doesn’t fall into his sinister trap.’

‘Since you have decided to offend me, don’t blame me for smacking you down!’

Before, because of the Physique of the woman following Gu Changge, he was still wondering whether or not to deal with Gu Changge. But now, he had decided. He now had a good reason to deal with him.

It was Gu Changge who provoked him first, not him!


Night came in the blink of an eye.

Great tremors went through the Central Heavenly City due to the sudden return of the Ancient Lin Family’s Ancestor from the Upper Realm, and that caused a stir everywhere. Countless cultivators discussed the matter.

The pieces of news spread from the Ancient Lin Family to various parts of the Middle State, causing massive waves in every ancient city.

All the major forces were shaken to their cores, and they sent their descendants and disciples to visit the Ancient Lin Family.

Right now, Gu Changge stood by the window with his hands radiating immortal lights and ruins. He looked very mysterious as the dim moonlight illuminated his visage, and his black dress fluttered by the cold wind. His expression was calm and indifferent, as he was lost in his thoughts.

He had already figured out the plots and cliches about the newly-crowned Favored Son of Heaven, Lin Tian. He was most definitely a mighty figure who fell somehow and his remnant spirit reincarnated by taking over the body of a waste.

He had already judged that Lin Tian didn’t have any knowledge of the future, so he couldn’t be a Regressor. This made it easy for him to deal with Lin Tian.

Of course, what surprised Gu Changge the most was the fact that when he was outside the Hall, this dude intently stared at Su Qingge for a few moments for some reason.

Isn’t it a villain’s duty to covet other peoples’ women?

How come the Favored Sons of Heaven started taking on that mantle now?

Seems like Lin Tian was quite anxious for his death.

Leeks are supposed to have a leek’s self-awareness, but he was overreaching.

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– – – – –

Here’s a small introduction to the two leeks that we have seen until now.

Ye Chen → Ye Chen is a down and out Protagonist who was a genius when young, but soon, his Cultivation no longer increased for reasons he couldn’t understand, and he lost all his status and respect. Because his cultivation became stagnant, people who once respected him became to ridicule him and called him trash, scum, and an insult to their great Ye Clan. His fiancée broke her engagement with him which humiliated him greatly, so he set up a three-year agreement with the girl, and swore to the Heavens that he will return the humiliation to her and everyone who humiliated him.

When he was at his lowest point in life, the ring his non-existent mother left for him shone with great light and a heavenly beauty appeared out of the ring. The beauty told him that the reason his cultivation didn’t increase is because the beauty was taking away whatever Spiritual Energy he was collecting for his cultivation to heal her own remnant spirit. It was all thanks to him that she could finally awaken. To apologize for taking away his cultivation and sending him down the spiral of humiliation and scummery, the beauty promises to help him achieve greatness by taking him as his disciple. The beauty was a supreme mighty figure when she was alive, and she came from the Upper Realm. She fell into the Lower Realm after a bunch of bastards encircled her and attacked her to kill her. There’s also a chance she was a supreme Alchemist with grand status.

It’s at this point that Ye Chen’s luck turns around and he goes on his path of world domination and beauty conquest, where he was supposed to face slap everyone, b!tch slap his ex-fiancée, and trample on all the other genius and young masters. At the end, Ye Chen would have a Harem consisting of his master, Su Qingge, and other Favored Daughters of Heaven blessed with great fortune.

BUT…he met Gu Changge and got himself screwed.

Lin Tian → Lin Tian is a down and out Protagonist who was a mighty God King from another Lower Realm. When he reached the peak of God King Realm and decided to Ascend to the Upper Realm to reach even more grandness, the Heavenly Dao decided to frick him over. He met a Black Hole or something, and the Black Hole ripped him apart and only left a part of his soul. That tiny part of his soul roamed around the Universe and ended up in another Lower Realm which had a civilization that is far behind the Lower Realm he came from. In this Lower Realm, he took over the body of a trash who can’t cultivate.

Lin Tian was supposed to use his knowledge from his past life to soar to the Heavens in a single leap. He will use his knowledge to face slap everyone who looked down on him, impress his sister to pound her honey pot, subdue various Favored Daughters of Heaven blessed with great fortune. He would soon become a False God which is nothing compared to his previous cultivation of the God King realm, and Ascend. Just like that, he will keep soaring even in the Upper Realm. By the end, he will have a massive harem that will include his sister, his old disciple, some random female master, and whatnot. He will be a supreme existence in the Upper Realm worshipped and feared by the Supreme Orthodoxies, Families, Sects, and Kingdoms.

He might also become the foster son of some mighty figure, too. His knowledge of Alchemy, Formations, and other secondary occupations is far ahead of whatever the Lower Realm of Ancient Lin Family has developed. All of them are like a bunch of hill-billies in front of the mighty God King he was.

BUT…he met Gu Changge and will be getting himself screwed.

That’s all, in case anyone was wondering about the background of the two ‘antagonists’.


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