I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Death Be Thy Fate When Fortune Favors Thee No More; Young Lord Gu, The Sinister Man!

Chapter 35: Death Be Thy Fate When Fortune Favors Thee No More; YoungFor Gu Changge, the only reason Ye Chen was still around was because Ye Chen couldn’t even be considered a threat. Were he a real threat, Gu Changge would never allow him to live this long. He would obliterate him as soon as he offended him — he would never show mercy and let his adversary grow up.

Be it Ye Chen or Lin Tian, they were nothing more than a bunch of leeks and handymen for his use, even if they were the Favored Sons of Heaven. He would reap them one after the other.

Gu Changge was no foolish man. He would never allow a threat to his life exist for long; he would most certainly nip them in the bud.

Since times immemorial, the reasons villains died were: ‘talking too much and not killing off Protagonists out of arrogance.’

He wouldn’t fall into the same traps as the many who died before him. He will keep his mouth shut and not let arrogance cloud his judgement. He might not be omniscient and omnipotent, but his knowledge would be enough to save him.

What’s more? Slowly playing the Favored Children of Heaven to death in the Lower Realm wasn’t all that hard. He didn’t even need to kill them off at first sight since Ye Chen and Lin Tian weren’t even a threat to him.

Gu Changge was more than happy to take things the way they were. After all, his own Destiny Points went up as he slowly squeezed the Fortune Value of the Favored Children of Heaven. It would be too boring if there weren’t these minor restrictions.

Since he transmigrated and became the villain, it’s only natural that he does what a villain does best!

In addition, he had learned from the System that killing a Favored Child of Heaven after completely reaping their Fortune Value had some incentives. After he dried all of their Fortune Value, killing those Favored Children of Heaven would trigger some ‘Heavenly Rewards’ from the System.

Heavenly Rewards…those words didn’t sound all that bad. At least, Gu Changge felt his heart surge.

It was because of this that Gu Changge allowed Ye Chen to move around, or it wouldn’t be all that hard for him to find Ye Chen with his spiritual mark on his Master.

Gu Changge simply decided not to deal with him immediately. He was waiting for Ye Chen to be his treasure sniffer who will open the ancient ruins and find the location of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd].

He would use him to the last moment.

After all, that was the real purpose behind his descent to the Lower Realm.

While Gu Changge was lost in his own thoughts, a knock on the door sounded from outside.

“Qingge, go and open the door.”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he sensed the person who had arrived, and then commanded Su Qingge who was busy reading some ancient book not far away from him.

“Yes, Young Lord.”

Su Qingge put down the book in her hands, and lightly walked towards the door.

Outside the door stood Lin Qiuhan dressed in a light blue dress. A light pink adorned her gorgeous face, compounding her beauty. In her hand, she held a small tray of food with a covering on top of it that exuded an alluring aroma.

“These are some pastries Qiuhan made just now. If Young Lord Gu feels hungry, he can use these to relieve his appetite at night.”

Lin Qiuhan said to Su Qingge with a flushed face.

Her mind was in a mess, and she didn’t know what she was thinking when she especially went to make these spiritual pastries. Cultivators at a certain level didn’t even need food for sustenance and could easily live on Spiritual Qi alone.

It just so happened that she was good at cooking, so she thought that she should make something and deliver it to Gu Changge.

“Understood. Thank you for your hard work, Miss Lin. There was actually no need to come here personally at this time. Qingge will thank you in ‘my Young Lord’s’ stead!”

Su Qingge put on a flawless-yet-ceremonial smile on her face, and spoke with a cold tone. She didn’t even hide her hint towards Lin Qiuhan, and intentionally emphasized the ‘my Young Lord’ when she spoke.

The innocent beauty in front of her had only met him once, yet her Young Lord had already caught her heart. This made Su Qingge wonder if she should give a hint to the girl and save her from falling into this pit of fire with her?

But soon, she remembered that she would only suffer more at Gu Changge’s hands if she did do that, so she gave up.

Obviously, Lin Qiuhan didn’t understand the hint hidden in Su Qingge’s words. She wasn’t as quick-witted and cunning as Su Qingge, after all.

“I will have to trouble Holy Maiden Qingge then; I won’t bother Young Lord Gu’s rest.”

Lin Qiuhan’s nervousness increased the longer she stood there, so she quickly handed the tray to Su Qingge and rushed away as if escaping from someone.

“You met her once and she’s already fallen…Young Lord’s ability to play with peoples’ hearts is becoming more and more sophisticated.”

Su Qingge walked back inside and said after arriving next to Gu Changge. At the same time, she uncovered the tray that held the cake made by Lin Qiuhan.


Immediately, a soothing aroma burst out, and a sacred glow brightened the surroundings. Various runes and scenes flashed around the pastries, and it could be seen that the ingredients used to make them weren’t all that simple.

“Miss Lin’s craftsmanship is pretty good; you must learn from her, Qingge!”

Gu Changge didn’t bother responding to Su Qingge’s previous remarks. He was in a great mood right now, and couldn’t help but praise the pastries after taking a few bites.

“Since Young Lord thinks so highly of her, then why not take Miss Lin away with you? Wouldn’t that be much easier?”

Su Qingge said.

Gu Changge glanced at her face after hearing her words, and said with a smile, “Qingge, are you jealous? I never thought you would be the jealous type; it doesn’t suit you.”

“You look quite unpleasant like that!”

Su Qingge shook her head and responded, “My Lord’s thoughts are too deep and elusive — Qingge has enough self-awareness and knows her place. It’s already hard for me to receive some of your attention, so what use would it be for me to be jealous?”

Although her words were calm, they couldn’t mask the minor grievance in her heart.

“Since when did you speak what you don’t mean?”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle.


Lin Tian watched Lin Qiuhan coming from a certain part of the Lin Family’s estate from the distance. That direction happened to be where Gu Changge’s resting quarters were prepared.

This woman…just what was she doing, going to his place in the evening?

Rage appeared on Lin Tian’s bitter face, and he couldn’t help but clench his fists.

“Little Tian, what are you doing here? That aside, where did you go this afternoon? Why couldn’t I find you anywhere in the Family estate?”

Lin Qiuhan’s expression had been a mix of joy, bashfulness, anxiety, and many other complex emotions. But as soon as she saw Lin Tian, she suppressed her emotions in a hurry and questioned him with a stern tone.

Lin Tian gritted his teeth. His heart burned with jealousy and envy, but he forced himself to calm down, and asked back, “Sister, it’s so late in the evening…why did you come out at this time? Did you go to visit that Young Lord Gu?”

Lin Tian himself couldn’t describe the emotion he felt in his heart at this moment. If he didn’t resolve this obsession soon, then it will start affecting his state of mind, and he might end up doing something stupid.

He had to find a solution for his Predecessor’s obsession.

As for Lin Qiuhan…as soon as she heard his words, she panicked. It was as if someone had caught her red handed in the midst of some evil deed. Still, she maintained her stern appearance in front of Lin Tian, and said, “Stop bothering about my matters, and focus on your cultivation!”

“That man with the surname Gu is a sinister man; don’t be deceived by his false appearance. I can tell at one glance that he’s a wolf who tricks women, so you have to open your mind and see the threat, Lin Qiuhan.”

Lin Tian said with a stern face of his own, and even raised his voice and directly called out Lin Qiuhan’s name. He couldn’t let Lin Qiuhan sink any further in Gu Changge’s trap, even if he had to use some tough means.

“What’s wrong with Young Lord Gu?”

Lin Qiuhan couldn’t help but frown upon hearing his words, and her expression worsened. Since when did she fall so low that even Lin Tian could step over her head?

What’s more? She had first-hand experienced Young Lord Gu’s personality, and believed that he was humble, polite, and as gentle as a gentleman could be. Even though he came from a prestigious background, he didn’t give her the feeling of interacting with someone high above.

“Don’t talk bad about Young Lord Gu! If you could be one percent as good as Young Lord Gu, then I wouldn’t need to worry so much about you!”

Lin Qiuhan snarled. She thought that Lin Tian was overthinking everything.

“Why are you so stupid? Why can’t you understand what I am telling you?!”

Lin Tian’s rage soared, and he spoke with great annoyance. But even after he said his piece, Lin Qiuhan didn’t appear to have a change of mind. Just what kind of drug had that bastard with the surname Gu fed her? He wondered.

“Just what’s wrong with you? Lately, you have been acting too weirdly! Even if Young Lord Gu isn’t a good person, what would he desire from me? Why would he harm me?”

Lin Qiuhan didn’t know what else to say to Lin Tian, so she threw her own questions at him, and immediately turned to walk away.

Lin Tian, on the other hand, was stunned and stood rooted to his spot.

That’s right…why would Gu Changge target her?

Halfway through her walk, Lin Qiuhan recalled that she still had questions for Lin Tian. How did he perform alchemy? How did he suddenly increase his cultivation? And where was he this afternoon?

Unfortunately, she didn’t see anyone when she turned around. Lord Gu, The Sinister Man!


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