I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Everything Under Control; Lin Tian’s Forbidden Technique!

Lin Qiuhan’s heart desired to ask all these questions to Lin Tian. After all, she really thought there was a problem with Lin Tian after listening to Gu Changge’s words during their stroll.

Lin Tian had no talent or idea about cultivation just a few days ago. Even if someone urged him and offered help, he wouldn’t move an inch. Yet now…what had happened to him?

What brought such changes to his character? Why did he suddenly change into a troublesome and arrogant fellow? How did he learn Alchemy so suddenly? And how did he point out the mistakes in the Elders’ teachings?

Was there an expert hiding behind him who taught him everything? Or could it be…Lin Qiuhan shuddered a little and no longer thought about these matters.

Unfortunately, Lin Tian had disappeared by the time Lin Qiuhan turned around.

All of this left her in a daze, so she couldn’t help but sigh.

‘Whatever, he’s probably angry after listening to my rebukes once more; he must have returned to his own courtyard. I will ask him about these matters tomorrow…just what happened to Little Tian?’

Lin Qiuhan shook her head, and decided to leave the matters be. For now, she should return to her own resting quarters and take care of her personal matters. She still hadn’t looked through her students’ submissions.

At the same time, the thought of seeing Young Lord Gu again tomorrow appeared in her mind. Immediately, her mood brightened and she looked forward to the arrival of the next day. She wished for time to pass as soon as possible. It would be thrilling if tomorrow could come fast.

Once Lin Tian and Lin Qiuhan’s dispute ended, a System prompt sounded in Gu Changge’s mind just as he desired.

[Ding! Lin Qiuhan has developed doubts about Lin Tian’s sudden change in temperament. Lin Tian lost 50 Points of Fortune Value. Host received 250 Destiny Points!]

Sure enough, everything was moving according to his wishes.

He had read more than a few web novels in his past life, and knew all these cliches and tropes like the back of his hand. He had also read a lot of novels where the villain’s triumphed, so Gu Changge naturally knew how to squeeze all of the Fortune Value of a mighty figure who reincarnated like Lin Tian.

First, he will develop a rift between the Protagonist and the person closest to him. Second, he will pit his family against him. And lastly, he will reveal the matter of him taking over the Predecessor’s body for his ‘evil’ gains…

Everything was under Gu Changge’s control, and Lin Tian will never be able to make any moves. If he guessed correctly, Lin Tian will be making his move any time now — he will never stand at the spot and let someone trample him without a fight.

Gu Changge’s curiosity peaked when he wondered what kind of method Lin Tian will use to deal with him?

Would he try assassinating him? He would be smashing his head into a brick wall.

Would he try to poison him? That wouldn’t work either.

Then…there was only one method left: ‘Lin Tian will use some kind of forbidden technique.’


Lin Tian returned to his courtyard with a gloomy expression clouding his face. Lin Qiuhan’s words had greatly humiliated him. He, the Heaven Slaughter God King who reigned supreme from East to West in his previous life, never imagined in that he would suffer such extreme humiliation.

Even a woman looked down on him now?

What did she mean she wouldn’t be worried about him if he was one percent as good as that guy with the surname Gu?

Those remarks enraged Lin Tian. And since he, a mighty God King, was enraged, he must naturally wash this shame with the blood of his adversary.

‘It’s good that I went to prepare all the materials in the afternoon…’

‘Although the power won’t be one-ten-thousandth of my peak, it will be more than enough to deal with a brat like him.’

‘Hehe! Gu bastard, you brought this upon yourself…’

Lin Tian coldly thought to himself.

As a person from the Upper Realm, Gu Changge was continuously under the protection of the Lin Family’s Ancestor, so he couldn’t use ordinary means to deal with him. What’s more? His current strength wasn’t enough to harm Gu Changge either.

So the only way Lin Tian thought about was using a forbidden technique!

[VILFIC: lmao, bruh I ded.]

The reason he held so much confidence in this method was simple: ‘he held an ancient forbidden technique in his arsenal!’

It was an extremely weird and incomprehensible technique that brought forth a demon from an unknown realm, who could kill the target without leaving a trace. He had used this exact technique to injure even a God King of the same cultivation realm as his own!

Although he couldn’t exert his true might right now, dealing with a youth like Gu Changge wasn’t difficult.

Of course, the forbidden technique didn’t come free of cost! It burned the caster’s life force as sacrifice to the demon that will be summoned.

Lin Tian couldn’t care about the price right now. After all, he could easily make up the loss of his life span when he achieved his mighty cultivation base in the future.

‘By soaking the [Nine-Nine Soul Incense] in the Blood Essence of eight different poisonous beasts, and then mixing it with the bone marrow of three different beasts will open a gateway to this Lower Realm and let in the demon. Once the gateway is opened, I will need to use [Mortal Flesh Incense] and [Mortal Ghost Money] to communicate with the demon and build a bridge between us…’

[VILFIC: I was thinking of outright skipping this nonsense that adds no value, but here it is just in case.]

Lin Tian was busy preparing the materials for this forbidden technique in the afternoon, and that was why Lin Qiuhan couldn’t fin him anywhere.

As a descendant of the Ancient Lin Family, it wasn’t hard for him to go out and arrange all these materials.

Afterwards, Lin Tian recalled the necessary steps to perform the forbidden technique, and placed the various ingredients in different parts of his courtyard. Soon, he began to summon the demon from another realm. Closing his eyes, Lin Tian sat in the middle of the structure, and began to chant obscure words.

These materials weren’t simple, and some were even made of skin and bones of humans and other races, and they could only be found in the shady black markets hidden in the darkness of the ancient cities.

His predecessor had left quite an amount in savings, so Lin Tian could afford these materials without issue.


Soon, colorful runes flickered around, and an eerie atmosphere covered the entire courtyard. If someone were to break in at this time, they would be frightened out of their wits. The sight was simply too frightening.


As Lin Tian’s chanting intensified, a scarlet wind blew around him. Locks of red hair appeared out of thin air and floated above the earth, radiating a cold and sinister aura.

Though, it was strange that the sinister aura only appeared inside the courtyard, and no one outside could see it’s presence. The courtyard appeared calm and desolate under the dim moonlight, as if something had isolated it from the outside world.

‘As expected, it isn’t easy to execute a forbidden technique of this level with my current strength…’

Beads of sweat flowed down Lin Tian’s face. Although his expression was still firm, one could see that casting the forbidden technique had put immense burden on his existence.

In the next moment, an even more sinister and freezing cold aura enveloped everything inside the courtyard. The runes that previously flickered with light turned pitch black, and intertwined with each other to surround everything.

Faint, smoke-like shadows fell from the sky and rose from the earth.

“Take his life — obliterate his true soul!”

Lin Tian commanded the smoke around him. At the same time, he recalled Gu Changge’s appearance in his mind.

“I am willing to pay with fifteen years of my life span!”

Soon, Lin Tian felt something rip apart the very essence of his life. At the same time, a faint connection with something unseen formed in his mind. He wobbled weakly, and couldn’t help but shake his head. After all, he had sacrificed the very essence of his life for this.

But soon, he recovered his mentality and confidently said, ‘Even if you escape death, you won’t escape turning into a vegetable!’

This kind of demon from an unknown realm was the trickiest to deal with. An encounter with them basically resulted in the destruction of one’s soul, resulting in instant death.

Even if the target survived somehow, they would end up as mindless vegetables for the rest of their life.

The sinister wind arrived quickly, and just as fast disappeared, too!


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