I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Demon’s Horror; Playing Himself to Death!

[At this time in Gu Changge’s resting quarters.]

Gu Changge opened his eyes with a calm and indifferent expression. He felt a vague fluctuation in the void around him as soon as Lin Tian targeted him. He could hear a tumultuous storm, as if thousands of horses galloped towards him.

After that, a sinister and gloomy ripple surged in his surroundings, and he felt the familiar breath of a demon.

‘It seems that he did exactly what I expected from him; it’s just that this forbidden technique is a little…’

Intrigue filled Gu Changge’s smile.


A dark brilliance flashed past his pupils. The Innate God inside his Sea of Consciousness’s [Innate God’s Temple] opened his deep and indifferent eyes, too! A jet-black aura surged from him like a thick black fog, appearing mysterious and immeasurable.

‘You are still too wet behind the ears for a mighty reincarnator! Such a measly trick can do nothing to me.’

The smile on Gu Changge’s face disappeared and his indifference took over once more.

He didn’t even need to rely on his [Devil Heart]! The [Innate God’s Temple] alone was a primordial talent that could triumph over anything. And after he contaminated his [Innate God’s Temple] with his demonic nature, it had become even more unafraid of anything that might come at it.

In simpler terms: ‘a demon of this level was nothing more than soup for his soul.’

“Myriad Demon…”

Gu Changge’s face turned stone-cold, but he soon glanced at Su Qingge who was soundly sleeping beside him. He didn’t want to disturb her.

In the next moment, a black glow covered his palm and horrible demons intertwined in his hands. It was as if a peerless demon was resurrecting, wanting to swallow everything in its wake.

Gu Changge thrust his palm into the void. A cold air surged forth, and he heard the shrill screams of some horrified demon. In the next moment, he pulled back strands of black smoke that trembled with sheer terror.

Gu Changge’s Innate God took a step forward and breathed in, immediately swallowing the smoke as if feasting on a goblet.

[Kacha! Crack!]

Soon, the sounds of someone chewing on flesh resounded. A large number of demons screamed in horror and despair, but they couldn’t escape their fate of getting swallowed in the Innate God’s belly.

Gu Changge visibly felt his soul strengthen by a bit. He could also feel a hint of Lin Tian’s life span nourishing his being.

Within a blink, the void returned to peace as if nothing had happened there before.

[Ding! Lin Tian’s lifespan is greatly reduced. Lin Tian lost 150 Points of his Fortune Value. Host received 750 Destiny Points!]

A System prompt sounded inside Gu Changge’s mind, but he didn’t care too much about the announcement.

‘Isn’t this no different from playing himself to death? This newborn Favored Son of Heaven must be trying to commit suicide! I haven’t even done anything yet, and he’s already taken such a massive hit…’

Gu Changge thought with a playful smile.

“My Lord, please forgive this slave’s sin. This old slave isn’t strong enough to protect you, so this old slave hopes My Lord will mete out punishment!”

As soon as Old Ming — who was guarding outside the resting quarters — felt the disturbance of the void, he rushed about. His complexion looked extremely ugly, and he couldn’t stop panicking out of horror. He never thought someone would be courageous enough to attack his Lord in the dead of the night.

What’s more? They used such a filthy trick!

Old Ming couldn’t help but sweat when he thought that it all happened inside the domain of the Family he had left behind.

Were his Young Lord unable to deal with this attack…

Old Ming could hardly imagine the consequences. He feared that even ten thousand deaths wouldn’t be enough to get him pardon!


Gu Changge took a step forward and appeared outside the hall with a calm expression.

“Don’t worry, a method like this isn’t enough to harm me. On the other hand, I want to know who did it? Who in the Lower Realm has such a method?”

Gu Changge looked calm and undisturbed. In his heart, however, he cackled a bit over the situation. At the same time, he decided not to directly mention Lin Tian’s name.

After all, he wasn’t supposed to know the identity of the descendants and disciples of the Ancient Lin Family since he had only interacted with Lin Qiuhan today. It would be too arbitrary if he mentioned the name of the one who did it.

Of course, Gu Changge wanted the Lin Family to find the attacker themselves. Lin Tian must be suffering from a backlash just about now, and shouldn’t be able to run anywhere.

He simply needed to sit and watch a good show.

He had thought that the Favored Son of Heaven this time would be a tad bit more interesting, but he turned out to be an utter disappointment that was abandoned by his Heavenly Daddy in the blink of an eye.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but feel bored.

He was simply too strong, so these weak Favored Children of Heaven couldn’t do anything against him. What’s more? He didn’t need to worry about a Fortune Backlash anymore, so these Favored Children of Heaven were truly like ants that he could stomp to death at any moment.

“Since I have already solved the forbidden technique, the person who performed it must be suffering from a rebound.”

“This old slave will go and investigate immediately. I will certainly find the attacker and give an explanation to you, My Lord!”

Old Ming felt his heart move after he realized that Gu Changge truly didn’t blame him. He was stunned by the generosity and immediately promised to apprehend the adversary no matter what.

Gu Changge nodded and returned to his place.

“My Lord, did something happen outside?”

Su Qingge asked with a puzzled expression on her face. She was asleep a while ago, but some disturbance woke her up.

“Nothing much; you can sleep in peace.”

Gu Changge said.

At the same time, Old Ming summoned the Lin Family’s higher ups, and the entire Lin Family went through a tremendous storm. Everyone felt terrified.

The Elders and the Patriarch of the Lin Family even turned pale from fright.

Everyone set out to search for the assailant. No one had the guts or desire to sleep tonight, now that something so big had happened against Young Lord Gu!

A forbidden technique like that wasn’t something ordinary people could get in contact with. That was something very clear to everyone. They all prayed that it wasn’t something done by one of their own descendants, or they wouldn’t be able to bear the burden!


Under the dim moonlight, Lin Tian felt that something had gone wrong as soon as he felt the connection between himself and the Heavenly Demon disappear.

“Not good…What happened?! Backlash? I am receiving a backlash?! Why is this happening?”

Lin Tian couldn’t contain his shock — he never expected such a turn of events. His complexion turned pale and he spewed blood. His hair greyed at a rapid speed, and his skin wrinkled. It was as if he had aged a dozen years in a moment.

His entire being turned so weak that it looked as if a gust of wind would blow him away.

The moment the forbidden technique’s connection shattered, Lin Tian had felt the terror of that bunch of demons he had summoned. It was ultimate dread that he felt, as if he had come across the greatest demon among the demons, no, he had come across the Emperor of all Demons, the Lord of the Demons himself.

The source of their fear was Gu Changge.

“Why on earth did this happen?!”

“That bastard with the surname Gu is still alright, so I definitely can’t stay in the Lin Family anymore. If they find me like this…”

Lin Tian’s complexion changed drastically. A moment ago, he was a teenager, yet now, he had turned into an older man. Anyone could see there was something wrong with him.

Even a disguising technique wouldn’t help him at this time. The experts of the Lin Family would be able to find out his origin was damaged just by looking at him.

Soon, Lin Tian’s complexion turned uglier than before. He heard the sound of footsteps outside his courtyard, and realized that the entire Lin Family was in a turmoil right now.

The people of the Lin Family had completely sealed the ancient city they resided in. A large number of cultivators also appeared high above in the sky and suppressed every inch of land with their majestic auras. They were prepared to thoroughly investigate every single person who evoked their suspicion.

Lin Tian felt his heart turn cold. His anxiety was getting to his head right now.

“Could it be that I, a mighty God King, would fall in a place like this? No, I am just a waste in the Lin Family, so they shouldn’t be suspicious of me this soon…”

He forced himself to calm down, and started thinking of a way to salvage his situation.

Right at this time, Lin Qiuhan’s anxious voice sounded from outside his courtyard, “Little Tian, something major happened, so Father has summoned everyone right now! Come out, we must go there immediately…”

With that, Lin Tian’s heart sank thoroughly.


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