I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Feigned Death; Awaited Resurrection!

After searching everywhere last night, they finally found the assailant. It was Lin Tian, the youngest son of the Lin Family’s Patriarch whom no one in the Family liked. He was recognized as the Lin Family’s waste who couldn’t cultivate.

The realization shocked everyone at that time.

When they rushed into his courtyard, they found Lin Tian with his origin in a damaged state. His face had turned old, and he fell into a pool of his own blood. He had already cut off his heart’s vein, and died.

It was impossible for them to figure out the ins and outs of the matter.

What could they ask a dead man?

The entire Lin Family despaired. They were so desperate that they desired to find someone who could take the blame, instead of the entire family suffering.

Everyone hated Lin Tian from the bottom of their hearts!

“He died?”

Gu Changge was taken aback when he heard their explanation.

Wasn’t he supposed to just escape using petty tricks?

Gu Changge felt it was impossible. Lin Tian wasn’t truly dead, and he must be pretending to be dead. There were too many secret techniques that allowed one to go into a state of suspended animation in the world, and it wasn’t hard to trick people who didn’t know enough.

What’s more? Lin Tian had that overpowered Fortune backing him, so how could he die off so easily?

Gu Changge wasn’t surprised that Lin Tian used such a method to pull wool over everyone’s eyes.

After all, where could a remnant soul with a damaged origin escape to from the flesh? A gentle breeze would be enough to dissipate such a remnant soul.

Besides, how could a Favored Son of Heaven commit suicide?

Lin Tian hated him to death, so would he really commit suicide before killing him? If he really did, then he would be a disgrace to all the Favored Children of Heaven.

The System hadn’t given any prompt, so Gu Changge was sure that Lin Tian was still alive. He was only feigning death using some kind of secret technique.

Did he really think that he, Gu Changge, wouldn’t be able to see through his petty parlor tricks?

Various thoughts went through Gu Changge’s mind. The expression on his face didn’t show any change, nor did he utter any response to the ones who stood before him. His silence compounded the anxiousness of the Lin Family’s people, and their hatred for Lin Tian soared further.

Even the Lin Family’s Patriarch cursed himself for giving birth to such a scourge.

In the past few days, he had felt relieved after listening to Lin Qiuhan saying that Lin Tian had turned over a new leaf. But his actions last night made him piss his pants.

[Ding! Everyone in the Ancient Lin Family has developed hatred towards Lin Tian. Lin Tian lost 100 Points of Fortune Value! Host received 500 Destiny Points!]

Right at this time, the System’s prompt rang inside Gu Changge’s mind. Gu Changge couldn’t help but cackle in his heart a bit.

This worked, too?

Lin Tian didn’t have a lot of Fortune Value left, and he estimated that whatever he was left with, it was all due to his relationship with Lin Qiuhan.

“We weren’t able to discipline our dog. Please punish us, Young Lord!”

“That Lin Tian secretly plotted and attacked the Young Lord, and it’s all due to our negligence. We are willing to receive your punishment, Young Lord!”

Everyone from the Lin Family knelt in unison and spoke with sincerity and fear.

Old Ming had clearly explained Gu Changge’s position and background to them. Right now, it would be better for them to confess their sins and honestly ask for punishment, instead of pretending to not be involved.

After all, it didn’t matter if they did or didn’t have anything to do with the event.

“Might is, indeed, right…”

Su Qingge, who was quietly standing behind Gu Changge all this time, suddenly heard a malevolent voice full of admiration in her mind. It was her other soul!

Still, her expression remained unchanged.

Over the last period of time, she had awakened many memories from her other soul. There were even memories regarding the Upper Realm which confused her a little, so she took up the hobby of reading ancient books to make sense of the scattered information.

At the same time, she gradually started to peer upon an ancient cultivation method inheritance that appeared together with those memories.

She had kept this secret from Gu Changge. After all, the matter of her having two souls in one body was her biggest secret. She didn’t know how to talk about that kind of matter with someone else.

“My Lord, please punish this old slave for this incident. Although we don’t know the reason behind Lin Tian’s actions, it is a fact that he, as this old slave’s descendant, did commit that heinous act. This old slave is ashamed to even show his face before My Lord anymore…”

Old Ming said with deep guilt covering his face.

He didn’t know what the heck was that Lin Tian’s deal, nor could he understand how a waste like him who couldn’t even cultivate could use such a vicious forbidden technique.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any proof about someone else using Lin Tian to frame the Ancient Lin Family.

“This matter is too weird. Miss Qiuhan told me about that person named Lin Tian a while ago. He was just an ordinary waste kid who shouldn’t have any ability to harm me, nor would he have the guts to do something like this.”

“What’s more? The Upper Realm has many secret techniques that can allow people to take over someone else’s body, and even manipulate their minds. Although this was done by Lin Tian, I know that it has nothing to do with the Lin Family as a whole. Who knows? Someone might be trying to target and frame you because you are the descendants of my followers, and because I am staying here.”

“Let’s end this here. This Lord isn’t an indiscriminate devil who will hold you accountable for something that’s not your fault.”

Finally, Gu Changge spoke up and responded to Old Ming and the people of Ancient Lin Family. His tone was flat, and one couldn’t feel any fluctuations in his aura as he uttered those magnanimous words.

He bluntly said that he wouldn’t blame the Ancient Lin Family for all of this.

To be precise, he didn’t care about this matter at all. After all, he knew the ins and outs of the matter better than anyone else, and everything was under his control.

It wasn’t the Lin Family’s fault that a strong figure took over the body of their waste Lin Tian.

Still, he had to pretend that he knew nothing and was simply giving face to the Lin Family. In this way, he could establish his own magnanimity and prestige in front of everyone from the Lin Family, and win their hearts.

Although it wouldn’t help him in any way, it wasn’t a bad thing.

He could also just consider it as giving face to Old Ming, and that would make Old Ming even more devoted to working for him.

Uttering a few words of pardon took nothing from him, and only brought him benefits!

“Thank you for your kindness, Young Lord!”

“Young Lord is magnanimous and kind!”

Everyone in the Lin Family, including Old Ming, breathed in a sigh of relief once they heard Gu Changge’s words. Their hearts relaxed, and they felt immense excitement well up in their chests.

Of course, they also guessed that the reason Gu Changge forgave them so easily was because he simply couldn’t be bothered to deal with their Lin Family. That…was just how high above he stood.

“Thank you, My Lord!”

Old Ming wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said with an emotional tone.

He couldn’t help but feel touched to see that he, a servant, had received so much face from his Young Lord. He felt that he was blessed to be able to work for his magnanimous Young Lord.

Lin Qiuhan, by the side, was also taken aback to hear her name from Young Lord Gu’s mouth. She wondered if Young Lord Gu was helping raise her status in the Family?

Her face flushed, and she began fantasizing about unknown things.

The sadness she felt over Lin Tian’s sudden death had already lessened by a lot over night.

“Young Lord, please rest assured that I will investigate this matter and give you a satisfactory answer!”

The Lin Family’s Patriarch said, and heaved a sigh of relief together with the other Elders. After that, they all began to ponder about the matter.

How did Lin Tian die?

Why did he mess with Young Lord Gu?

And why did a waste like him suddenly turn over a new leaf now only?

They had too many doubts that they needed to resolve.

Gu Changge gave them a slight nod, and then waved his hands to give them permission to deserve. Keeping them there anymore would bring him no profit.

However, he didn’t let them bury or cremate Lin Tian’s body. After all, he was still looking forward to the moment that Lin Tian would ‘resurrect.’

If they cremated Lin Tian, then Lin Tian would have truly played himself to death.

If they buried him, then everything would go according to Lin Tian’s plot.

And since Gu Changge hadn’t thoroughly squeezed him dry, he would never let Lin Tian have his way!


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