I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Value In Keeping Around; Ultimate Alchemy Talent!

As he watched the Lin Family’s people leave, a thought crossed Gu Changge’s mind, and he stopped Lin Qiuhan out of nowhere.

“Young Lord Gu…”

Lin Qiuhan was stunned by his sudden ‘command.’ Her heart jumped in her chest like a wild fawn, and her face warmed up.

Why had Young Lord Gu asked her to stay behind in the presence of so many others?

Did Young Lord Gu want to tell her something?

Or…had Young Lord Gu developed a good impression of her?

‘The Patriarch certainly gave birth to a good daughter…’

Many of the Elders of the Lin Family showed smiles on their faces, but their hearts were bursting with envy. After all, their daughters and granddaughters couldn’t compare to Lin Qiuhan in beauty nor talent.

Lin Qiuhan was also the youngest and most gorgeous teacher in the Extreme Dao Academy.

She had hair that flowed behind her like clouds, a pink face, and jade-like skin.

She had the capital to be known as one of the most beautiful women, and many in the younger generation pursued her. And now, she seemed to have become an object of desire for this Young Lord, too!

This brought great joy to the Elders of the Lin Clan!

Many youths, on the other hand, felt sour in their hearts, while the young women felt envy. In short, everyone had complex and different emotions.

The Lin Family’s Patriarch also smiled and winked towards Lin Qiuhan. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

‘Fortunately, Qiuhan is a well-behaved and sensible child, so I don’t have to worry too much about her…’

If they could get close to Young Lord Gu through his daughter…Patriarch Lin’s heart burst with joy as he thought about the future, and he couldn’t suppress his wide grin.

Old Ming also thought that his Lord had taken a liking to his descendant, and he also looked forward to they day they will Ascend back to the Upper Realm and bring Lin Qiuhan along.

She was his descendant, so he will also have a blood relative up there.

Of course, the main thing was that his Lord took a liking to her.

Soon, everyone disappeared from the place.

“I have troubled Lady Qiuhan by personally bringing me pastries last night.”

Gu Changge said with a smile, and then his expression returned to the same indifference and elegance she saw yesterday. The black dress he wore yesterday was replaced by a white dress today, while his long hair were neatly tied behind him. He looked loftier and Heavenly than before.

Lin Qiuhan turned absent-minded for a moment.

She had to admit that just on the basis of appearance, there weren’t many men in the world who could compare to Young Lord Gu.

“Did you like them, Young Lord Gu?”

Lin Qiuhan was overjoyed by his praise, but then she turned nervous once more. Had she been teaching in school on a normal day, she would have never had such changes in her emotions.

“They tasted great, and there was even a hint of Pill Intent in them. That truly surprisedme!”

Gu Changge responded with a gentle smile.

The reason he asked Lin Qiuhan to stay behind was because she had piqued his curiosity.

As a woman related to a Favored Son of Heaven, the amount of Fortune Lin Qiuhan held wasn’t low — she had over 200 points in her Fortune Value. Generally, cultivators would have a few points of Fortune Value, and some wouldn’t have any. So the number could be called terrific.

She was just like Su Qingge, who had around 300 points of Fortune Value at the start, and now she had somehow raised her Fortune Value to over 500 Points.

There must have been some changes in her over the last period of time.

Gu Changge was well-aware of the fact that Su Qingge was a clever woman who held many secrets of her own. It’s just that he decided not to ask her about them, as he wanted to let Su Qingge confess everything in front of him out of her own volition.

As for Lin Qiuhan…apart from her having a gorgeous face and good talent in cultivation, Gu Changge couldn’t see anything special about her.

He wasn’t a man who thought with his d!ck. Playing around with her was still alright, but he wouldn’t bring her along like Su Qingge just for these reasons.

As for her 200 or so points of Fortune Value? Gu Changge could simply make Lin Qiuhan obsessed with himself and reap benefits like that. After all, if a person wasn’t a Favored Child of Heaven, then all you needed to do to obtain Fortune Value was to make them surrender.

As for how much he would gain, it was related to how much they, themselves, had.

To put it bluntly, Lin Qiuhan was nothing more than a tool he could use to increase his Destiny Points. That’s how Gu Changge viewed her.

Unless she showed some true potential, there’s no way Gu Changge would bring her along.

To see if she was worthy of keeping around, Gu Changge decided to test her.

“Pill Intent?”

Lin Qiuhan was dumbfounded by the new term. She had never heard of something like Pill Intent before in her life.

Sword Intent, Spear Intent, Saber Intent…

She had heard about all those, but she had never heard of something like Pill Intent.

Su Qingge, however, new a little more and immediately thought of something. She often read ancient books in her free time to widen her horizons, so she had come across this specific term.

“The spiritual pastries you made had some Alchemy-related intent in them, and it’s something not even great Alchemists are able to achieve. Lady Qiuhan, you are truly amazing!”

Gu Changge smiled when he saw that Lin Qiuhan didn’t understand what he meant.

“I don’t know how to perform Alchemy…”

Lin Qiuhan felt embarrassed when she listened to Gu Changge’s praise.

She didn’t know Alchemy? Even though she had a terrifying talent for it?!

If Lin Qiuhan were born in some major Alchemy-oriented force in the Upper Realm, she would have most likely been hailed as an Alchemy Goddess, and her future would be limitless.

Sure enough, the people close to the Favored Children of Heaven weren’t simple. It’s alright though, he wouldn’t let her talent go to waste.

Various thoughts floated through Gu Changge’s mind, but his smile didn’t change, and he said to Lin Qiuhan, “Lady Qiuhan, it’s no fun standing idle over here, so why don’t you take me around to see the city today?”

“Ah…okay, alright…“

Lin Qiuhan was surprised by Gu Changge’s sudden words, and felt her head buzz in excitement.


Last night, the Ancient Lin Family not only blocked all the entrances and exits of the city, but they also suppressed the environment. Their actions disturbed all the cultivators of their ancient city, and many speculated about the events that transpired.

After all, the Ancestor of the Lin Family had returned that very morning, and they were busy with a celebration for that just before. But right as night fell, something major seemed to have happened.

The entire Lin Family were like a pack of furious hounds as they searched for someone.

Numerous cultivators speculated, and wondered just who had the guts to offend the Ancient Lin Family…to the point that they mobilized their entire Family to capture the perpetrator?

After the Ancient Lin Family’s Ancestor returned from the Upper Realm, the Ancient Lin Family had become a force that none could contend against. So the sudden hunt frightened many a cultivator of the ancient city.

Finally, they all heard a rumor that someone had used a vicious forbidden technique to frame the Ancient Lin Family by assassinating the Young Lord who had descended from the Upper Realm.

When they finally found the murderer, they discovered that it was none other than the Ancient Lin Family’s famous waste of Spiritual Qi, Lin Tian.

Many found the piece of news to be too incredible.

The incident spread to every cultivator in the city, and the people couldn’t suppress their shock.

After all, many in the Middle State knew well the terror of the Young Lord’s origin in the Upper Realm. Going against him was nothing short of courting death.

The land of Middle State turned tumultuous once more.Even the other domains of the Middle State couldn’t sit still.

Many powerful Holy Lands and Dynasties with heritages going as far back as hundreds of thousands of years sent their representatives to the Lin Family with extravagant gifts for their Ancestor and the mysterious Young Lord.

The venue of the Dao Conference of the younger generation had also been changed to the ancient city where the Lin Family resided. It was a unanimous decision made by the Holy Lands and the Dynasties.

[VILFIC: Holy Lands and Dynasties in the above paragraphs refers to a congregation of all the major forces of the Middle State. They could be Ancient Families, Sects, Holy Lands, Dynasties, or whatever power structure a major power might be based upon.]

As for the reason? It was easy for the cultivators to guess if they thought about the news they received from the Eastern Wilderness a while ago.

The reason why the Taixuan Holy Land was able to subdue and fend off all the other Holy Lands of the Eastern Wilderness to become the Eastern Wilderness’s absolute overlord was simple: ‘Su Qingge!’

One had to accept that Su Qingge,the Taixuan Holy Maiden and the Eastern Wilderness’s renowned number one beauty, was the reason why the Taixuan Holy Land suddenly became the overlord of the Eastern Wilderness.

Many Holy Lands and Dynasties wanted to follow in the Taixuan Holy Land’s steps. If their children and disciples could catch the Young Lord’s fancy, they would Ascend to Heaven in a single leap, and even their Ancestors down in their graves would jump to their feet.

After all, even the Ancient Lin Family’s Ancestor who had Ascended around thirty thousand years ago had to call himself ‘old slave’ in front of the Young Lord.

This status was far more terrifying than just incredible. It shocked countless forces, and they wanted to get a glimpse of the Young Lord’s face just once.

Suddenly, the ancient city where the Lin Family resided turned extremely lively, and one could see a new major faction arrive every new day. There were even people from some ancient races who came out from various Ancient Sacred Mountains. They were figures that even the mighty Holy Lands had to treat carefully on normal days.

It was said that the Ancient Sacred Mountains were the ones who truly bordered the Upper Realm. There was even a rumor that they were branches of some Orthodoxies and Native Powers of the Upper Realm.

Any creature that walked out of the Ancient Sacred Mountains on normal days would be treated as an honored guest in the major Holy Lands.


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