I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Eastern Wilderness’s Mysterious Genius; Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land!

The Ancient Sacred Mountains had a heritage that could be traced back to the earliest civilizations of the Azure Lower Realm. Many cultivators even believed that the Ancient Sacred Mountains even had might False Gods and beyond in endless seclusion. Once they made a move, the entire world would tremble and perspire.

Yet now, many from the Ancient Sacred Mountains had also come out into the world, and were mingling and mixing with the others. Some cultivators noticed their tracks and realized that all of them were heading to the place where the Ancient Lin Family resided: ‘Moon-facing Ancient City!’

Many speculated about the Ancient Sacred Mountains’ intentions. Perhaps, they were also related to that mysterious Young Lord from the Upper Realm?!

[Moon-facing Ancient City]

As an ancient city that was no worse than the Central Heavenly City in its prestige, and connected many other locations as a hub between them all, the Moon-facing Ancient City had a population of nearly one hundred million.

Colorful clouds floating in the sky, and ethereal mist covered everything on the ground. One could see many palaces, pavilions, shops, and restaurants lined side-by-side on the streets of the city. Magical runes and brilliant lights shone everywhere, and cultivators and creatures flew above and around the city with divine lights around their bodies, making the city look extraordinary.

As the place where the Dao Conference of the Young Geniuses would be held, it was only natural that the Moon-facing Ancient City attracted the attention of all the cultivators of the realm. Not to mention, there was also a rumor that the Young Lord from the Upper Realm was staying in this very same city.

Cultivators from all over the world had come to the city for this reason!

The major Holy Lands and Ancient Dynasties had also sent their experts bearing luxurious and extravagant gifts. Not just the Middle State, but even places like the Northern Wilderness and the Western Wilderness, etc. had sent their own Young Geniuses to participate in the Conference to show off their skills.

Many people had their own calculations — it wasn’t shameful to hug the thigh of a mighty figure, after all.

“Brother Jin Yang, I haven’t seen you for a while, yet your cultivation has already turned even more unfathomable!”

“How is that possible? Brother Zeng Tian, you are the one who has made real progress! It seems that you have already mastered ‘that’ supreme skill, no?”

“Haha! That was just a fluke, brother, I can never be as good as you.”

“In the time we haven’t seen her, Fairy Chen’s demeanor has become even more ethereal. She truly deserves her place as the leader of the Myriad Flowers Holy Land’s younger generation. Her aura, alone, is enough to suppress all of her peers!”

A group of young men and women conversed with each other inside a pavilion. There were handsome and luxuriously dressed gentlemen, and gorgeous and virtuous beauties.

The cultivators who watched them all from the outside couldn’t help but show awe on their faces.

All of these youths came from extraordinary backgrounds. They were either descendants of some Ancient Family, the Princes and Princesses of an Ancient Dynasty, or Holy Childs of one of the major Holy Lands…none of them were simple!

There were many mighty auras hidden in the dark, protecting them from the shadows.

It was hard to imagine such a group of young prodigies gathering together and talking over tea like it was nothing. If news about this matter spread, it would most likely shock many a people.

“Brother Jin Yang, I heard that you exchanged blows with a gentleman from the Eastern Wilderness a while back, and the exchange ended in a tie? In the end, you even became sworn brothers with that gentleman…is that true?”

Inside the pavilion, someone couldn’t keep their curiosity and asked the youth who looked to be the Holy Son of some mighty Holy Land.

This youth, with his hair as red as a flame, and his body covered in brilliant glow, was the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land: ‘Jin Yang!’

The Buddhist Holy Land had a heritage in the Middle State that was even older than the Ancient Lin Family. Their Ancestors had also Ascended to the Upper Realm, so they also had a terrifying background.

As the Holy Son of such a mighty power, it was only natural that Jin Yang’s cultivation wouldn’t be ordinary. He could easily overwhelm his peers, and right now, he was in the late stages of the Transcendent Realm.

Hearing the question, he couldn’t help but show a hearty smile and reply, “That’s true, of course! Let me tell you this, and I am not bragging when I speak…my little brother has a terrifying talent you wouldn’t see in a thousand years!”

“He’s only in the middle stage of the Transcendent Realm, yet he could fight me through a hundred exchanges, and still didn’t show any signs of fatigue or loss. He even forced me to use my [True Sun Physique], and only then was I able to barely suppress him. Even then, I felt that he still had a lot of trump cards that he hadn’t used…”

“My little brother, ah! He’s an extraordinary man with a calm temperament who can look at the big picture. Unfortunately, he offended someone,and was framed and exiled from the Eastern Wilderness!”

Jin Yang said with a sigh full of regret.

He had heard from his little brother that they couldn’t yet contend against the person whom he had offended. What’s more? He didn’t really believe in the rumors he heard from the Eastern Wilderness.

What bullshit jealousy? What bullshit toad wants to eat swan meat?

From what he saw, it was clearly the Taixuan Holy Land that wanted to climb a dragon’s back and ride on a phoenix’s tail, and that was why they betrayed his little brother.

And it was because of this that they spread rumors and false accusations about his brother, so much so that he was forced to leave the Eastern Wilderness.


Jin Yang’s words caused the people in the pavilion to take in a deep breath. They couldn’t help but look into each others’ eyes, showing their deep shock.

Jin Yang’s personality was clear to all of these young geniuses. He was a man with a straightforward character who would never lie. What’s more? Jin Yang was a mighty man, who was stronger than everyone on the scene!

In the entirety of the Middle State, only a few like the third prince of the Great Xia Dynasty could contend against him on even ground, or suppress him. He could easily be ranked among the top five of the Middle State’s younger generation!

So now that he praised someone like this…just how strong was this mysterious prodigy from the Eastern Wilderness?

“Brother Jin Yang, what’s the name of this genius from the Eastern Wilderness you mentioned just now? We would love to get to know him some day!”

Curiosity spurred everyone, and they couldn’t help but ask. They wanted to know who this mysterious genius was!


Jin Yang showed an embarrassed expression and hesitated from answering them. It’s not that he couldn’t say his little brother’s name, but that…he was afraid that if he mentioned his name, none of the people here would have the guts to ask anymore about him, or even think about this matter.

Although Jin Yang was an upright fellow, he wasn’t dumb.

Seeing that he couldn’t respond, everyone decided not to egg him on. Since he clearly didn’t want to say it, there was no need to push him. All of them were smart fellows, after all.

At this moment, one of them suddenly yelped, “How come the Lin Family’s Star Picking Pavilion is open today?”

The one who spoke was the Holy Son of the Chuyuan Holy Land, another powerful Heavenly Genius.

Everyone followed his gaze, and they couldn’t help but be stunned.

The Star Picking Pavilion of the Ancient Lin Family was the tallest structure of the Moon-facing Ancient City. One could overlook everything from atop it, and it provided for an excellent view. It was also because of this that it was called the ‘Star Picking’ Pavilion…as it was the closest to the sky at night.

From their current position, they could clearly see the scene before the Star Picking Pavilion.

On normal days, the Star Picking Pavilion would only be opened to receive esteemed personnel from the major Holy Lands and Dynasties, such as the Holy Lords, Emperors, or other mighty figures.

Yet it had been opened today?

It surprised everyone.

“Look, the Great-Transcendent Realm Elders of the Lin Family have come out to receive someone…”

“Y’all, ain’t that woman in blue Lin Qiuhan, the gorgeous, prodigious daughter of the Ancient Lin Family? And the other woman in white with her face half-covered behind a veil…she seems to be from a Holy Land of the Eastern Wilderness. Taixuan Holy Maiden, I think…”

The speaker had once been to the Eastern Wilderness, and received the honor to gaze upon the beauty of the Eastern Wilderness’s number one beauty.

“Then, the man in white is…”

“That person?!”

All of them soon returned to their senses, and couldn’t help but stand up together with excited expressions on their faces. It wasn’t hard to guess the identity of the mysterious man after they saw him receive such treatment.

They never expected to see ‘that’ legendary Young Lord here!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him! All of them got up and readied themselves to meet him.

Many of the proud women even took out makeup from their Spatial Pouches and hurriedly applied a thin layer on themselves to compound their radiance.

The only person with an unnatural look in his eyes was Jin Yang, but no one noticed the change in his expression.


Gu Changge came to the Star Picking Pavilion under the guidance and arrangement of an Elder from the Ancient Lin Family’s leadership. The treatment Gu Changge received was obviously the highest-tiered.

One could easily overlook the entirety of the Moon-facing Ancient City, and even thousands of miles beyond its territory, from the Star Picking Pavilion.

On normal days, only Saints were eligible to enter this place!


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