I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Long Term Plan; Kneeling and Licking the Young Lord’s Boots!

“The person who built this pavilion truly knows how to enjoy life.”

Gu Changge stood with his hands behind his back, and overlooked the Moon-facing City from the highest point. He couldn’t help but praise the creator of the Star Picking Pavilion as he watched everything below, including the myriad cultivators who went around taking care of their own business.

It felt wonderful to be high above watching the world as if a man looking at an anthill!

He decided to ask a craftsman to build a lofty pavilion like this one in his residence once he returned to the Upper Realm. His ‘Sky Picking Pavilion’ will be far taller and grander.

With status and background like his own, he naturally had the right to enjoy such a treatment.

“We are honored to know that it satisfies you, Young Lord Gu! This pavilion was specially built by the previous Patriarchs to host Holy Lords and Emperors from the various forces in the world.”

Lin Qiuhan explained with a smile. If not for Gu Changge bringing her along, she wouldn’t have the qualifications to the enter the Star Picking Pavilion.

“Indeed. To hold the Sun and the Moon in one hand, and to pick Stars with the other…who in this world wouldn’t desire to do something like that? It’s a beautiful dream…”

Gu Changge said with a smile.

He had a simple, long-term plan. The reason why he asked Lin Qiuhan to lead him to look around the ancient city was natural: ‘evaluate the extent of her Alchemy talent.’ He had to consider how he should raise and use Lin Qiuhan after bringing her to the Upper Realm with him.

Gu Changge had a terrifying background, and knew matters that ordinary people weren’t privy to. Old Ming, an outsider with a different surname, naturally couldn’t chance upon knowledge that was held by the faction behind him.

Even the massive Alchemy Heritages in the Upper Realm didn’t have a descendant with talent on par with Lin Qiuhan’s monstrous talent for Alchemy!

Once they went back to the Upper Realm, he might even be able to make use of Lin Qiuhan by using her as an insider to control those Alchemy Heritages. As long as he made good preparations, he wouldn’t be the one taking the loss.

Of course, Gu Changge also wanted to show her his generous and kind side, so as to conquer Lin Qiuhan as soon as possible. Won’t it be awesome if he received 1000 Destiny Points by conquering?

Fortunately, Lin Qiuhan was a woman without sophisticated thoughts. Gu Changge quickly put her under his spell through his ‘sweet words,’ and soon, her heart and attention were completely focused on him.

What Lin Tian said before wasn’t wrong. Gu Changge was no gentleman, after all, he was destined by the Heavens to be a villain. Having said that, though, Gu Changge would never mistreat his own people.

He didn’t have any deep ill-will towards Lin Qiuhan, instead, he was only thinking about how he could get some benefits from her after raising her in the future.

“To hold the Sun and the Moon in one hand, and to pick stars with the other…Young Lord Gu, what’s your opinion on the exact reason behind why everyone tries to cultivate?”

A deep brilliance filled Lin Qiuhan’s eyes as she heard his fascinating words, and repeated them.

“In my opinion, cultivation is merely the process of leaving the Earth and stepping foot into Heaven — that’s all. People fight for opportunities, sacrifice their flesh, blood, and tears, go through the deserts, and use their bodies as rafts to cross the sea of bitterness…it’s all to get to the other shore!”

Gu Changge responded with an indifferent yet elegant smile on his face. Of course, he didn’t mean what he said, and was merely using words to make himself appear deep. To him, cultivation was nothing more than putting in points and enjoying life.

“The sea of bitterness? The other side?”

Even Su Qingge’s eyes lit up, and she couldn’t help but deeply ponder over his words with great relish.

“Your opinion is really different from the others, Young Lord Gu, but there’s also a deep meaning behind them…”

Lin Qiuhan couldn’t help but admire him even more. Just like that, she and Gu Changge began conversing over many more matters, and Gu Changge was very involved in the responses.

He wasn’t someone who acted high above and gave mere perfunctory responses, and that made Lin Qiuhan’s admiration for him deepen further and further. In particular, his insights on cultivation made her, a teacher of a cultivation academy, feel as if a new pathway had opened in front of her.

Using their bodies as rafts to cross the sea of bitterness to get to the other side?

It was an unprecedented statement that made her have a new understanding of the mysterious and vast world of cultivation of the Upper Realm. She couldn’t imagine just what kind of place it was up there.

“Young Lord Gu, it’s thanks to your words that I was able to realize something was wrong with Little Tian. If not for you, he would have kept me in the dark, and I don’t know…”

Lin Qiuhan’s expression turned bleak and sadness masked her face as she recalled the recent events.

She had always cared about Lin Tian, so it was unforgivable if he had truly done something to harm Young Lord Gu. Fortunately, that person wasn’t the real Lin Tian, or she wouldn’t have the face to stand in front of Gu Changge.

“I was merely speaking casually at the time, and never knew that something like this would happen…”

Gu Changge responded with an amiable smile.

“Actually, I had some suspicions about someone messing with Little Tian’s soul, so I was going to ask him about that, but then it all happened so suddenly…”

Lin Qiuhan said with some feelings of guilt welling up in her heart.

“Oh! Speaking of which, I must give Lady Lin an important reminder.”

Gu Changge said with a mysterious smile on his face.

“Young Lord Gu, please speak.”

Lin Qiuhan asked for him to continue. Since it was something ‘important’ in Gu Changge’s words, then it must be something truly significant.

“You must pay attention to Lin Tian’s corpse. I guess he’s not just controlled by someone, but that someone has replaced his soul and taken over his body. There are many such techniques in the Upper Realm that let you do this…”

“Resurrection after death is a common matter, actually!”

Lin Qiuhan was stunned for a moment. Resurrection? Was that really possible?

At that time, Lin Tian’s vitality and soul had already perished, yet Gu Changge’s words made her rethink everything.

Was he faking his death?

“Of course, it’s merely a guess of mine. Still, it would be better if Lady Lin pays a bit more attention to everything.”

Gu Changge said with a calm smile.

He truly desired to let Lin Qiuhan watch Lin Tian ‘rise from his grave’ with her own two eyes. That would be enough to shatter whatever little trust Lin Qiuhan had left in him.

Gu Changge naturally didn’t need to keep Lin Tian around anymore.


A loud sound from outside the Star Picking Pavilion sounded at this time.

“Young Lord Gu, a group of young geniuses from the Middle State and the Eastern Wilderness are requesting an audience with you!”

Elder Lin, who had led Gu Changge to the Star Picking Pavilion, respectfully walked in and reported.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows a bit. He wanted to reject them, but then he realized that he had nothing better to do, so he nodded and said, “Alright, let them in.”

He hoped that this bunch of arrogant brats could bring him some fun.

Soon, a large group of young men and women with extraordinary auras and brilliant radiance around their bodies respectfully entered the Star Picking Pavilion behind the Elder of the Ancient Lin Family.

“Chu Xuan pays respects to the Young Lord!”

Gu Changge’s number one lapdog from the Eastern Wilderness, the Taixuan Holy Son, Chu Xuan, was also among them. He hurriedly walked forward and respectfully saluted Gu Changge and started to flatter him.

Beside him, there were also other prodigious youths from the Eastern Wilderness who had accompanied Gu Changge on his travel to the Middle State. There weren’t many unfamiliar faces in their group.

The final group was the arrogant prodigies of the Middle State.

At this moment, all of them stood in shock as their excitement soared to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. After all, it was their first time coming into contact with this esteemed Young Lord from the Upper Realm.

They couldn’t help but feel awe in their hearts as they gazed upon his godly presence.

“We pay our respects to the Young Lord!”

Even Jin Yang, the Buddhist Holy Land’s Holy Son who was previously criticizing Gu Changge in his heart, didn’t dare to not pay his respects.

“There’s no need for such politeness, everyone.”

Gu Changge sat at the host’s seat in the pavilion, and nodded to the guests. He had a calm and amiable expression, without a shred of pretence or arrogance, which helped relax everyone’s tense nerves.

The rumors weren’t false. The mysterious Young Lord was indeed not someone difficult to get along with.

Afterwards, the group of young geniuses introduced themselves, and began to show off their cool skills to leave a good impression on Gu Changge. All of them competed like peacocks who showed their majestic wings to suppress the others.

From time to time, Gu Changge would nod and smile, and those gestures from him encouraged everyone.

Even those ‘favored daughters of heaven’[1] who normally didn’t put anyone else in their eyes turned into boot-licking b!tch3z, and their sudden change stunned Lin Qiuhan and the others.

The same people who loved to be referred to as Fairy and Goddess had now submitted in front of Young Lord Gu, and turned into his obedient pets.

It was an eye-opening experience for them.

Lin Qiuhan was the one who felt the deepest emotions from all of this. After all, she was also a favored daughter of heaven like those gorgeous beauties. However, Young Lord Gu’s attitude towards her was completely different from his attitude towards these arrogant ‘princesses.’

This sudden discovery flattered Lin Qiuhan, and she felt something she had never felt before.

Young Lord Gu treated her completely differently.

— — — — — —


[1]: The ‘favored daughters of heaven’ here refers to just ordinary women from great backgrounds who have been blessed by the Heavens with great talent, beauty, and prestige. They are completely different from the ‘Favored Daughters of Heaven’ who are literally babysitted by the Heavenly Daddy himself and are blessed with game-breaking Fortune, destined to rule over all.

If you see lower case ‘favored daughter/son/child/children of heaven’, then it will be referring to normal people who are protected by the Heavenly Daddy. If you see upper case ‘Favored Daughter/Son/Child/Children of Heaven’, then it will be referring to plot-armor protected people loved by the Heavenly Daddy.

I hope this is clear enough. Do let me know in the Comments if you have some questions.


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