I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Strings of Fate; System’s Random Task!

Young Lord Gu treated her differently — Lin Qiuhan’s heart went into turmoil when she recalled the warm expression Gu Changge showed every time he conversed with her.

It was normal for her to have such feelings and reaction at this time. The gorgeous girls in front of her were either Royal Princesses or Holy Maidens, and none of them were worse than her when it came to background.

They had countless suitors following after them like dogs, yet all of them pretended to be aloof and untouchable. They dismissed the advances of everyone, and gained fame as Fairies and Goddesses.

But now, they were cursing each other and ingratiating themselves in front of Young Lord Gu. Right now, they looked nothing different from how women who sold their flesh in the brothels were described in the books.

Such a scene, that completely different from their normal actions, would shock anyone if they saw it from outside.

Still, it was, indeed, the attitude they should be holding before Gu Changge!

‘Young Lord Gu is so kind to me…’

Lin Qiuhan recalled all the time she spent with Gu Changge, and all the topics he discussed with her, and couldn’t help but feel lightheaded.

Su Qingge, on the other hand, was used to such a scene already. No matter how one looked at him, Gu Changge had everything that a woman could desire in a man. How could these beauties treat him the same as others after knowing his might?

She had no doubt that they had the following thoughts in their mind: ‘if she (Su Qingge) and Lin Qiuhan can receive the Young Lord’s favor, why can’t they?’

Once they fostered a relationship with the Young Lord, their status will take a one-eighty degree turn for the better. There’s nothing they wouldn’t be able to obtain at that time, so how could they hold back from pleasing the Young Lord?

Su Qingge saw through their thoughts at one glance.

Her expression was calm, and not a shred of worry rose in her heart. Did these women really think a bit of makeup on their faces could get them her Young Lord’s attention? No way, considering his temperament.

That warm and elegant expression he showed them was nothing but a facade. The true Gu Changge was indifferent to everything in the world. He was an aloof and elusive man who overlooked everything from high above.

One had to commend Su Qingge’s for her sharp mind. She had only been with Gu Changge for a while, yet she had already developed a certain understanding of his antics.

[Ding! You have successfully subdued Lin Qiuhan, and this has triggered a Fortune Event! You have received 200 Points of Fortune Value, and 1000 Destiny Points!]

A sudden System Prompt sounded in Gu Changge’s mind, washing him with euphoria. The thousand Destiny Points he was looking forward to all day were already in his pocket!

Lin Qiuhan didn’t disappoint him.

Right now, he could no longer be bothered to listen, or respond, to the spiel[1] spewed by the bunch of ‘geniuses’ in front of him who kept talking about their contest.

[VILFIC: spiel means nonsense used by salespeople to trick you into buying their garbage.]

Who in their right mind would want to listen to a bunch of brats touting their own horns?

Gu Changge paid no more attention to them, and focused his mind on the System. Immediately, the System’s Attribute Panel appeared in his line of sight.

— — — — — —

Host: Gu Changge

Identity: True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace

Bloodline: Devil Heart, Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred Lord (Middle Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex (7th Layer)
Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
Immortal-Devouring Demon Art

Destiny Points: 2600

Fortune Value: 350 (Dark)

System Shop: Open


Domain-Traversing Talisman x1
One-Third Fragment of a World Seed x1
— — — — — —

His Fortune Value had shot through the 300 Points mark. It wasn’t all because he subdued Lin Qiuhan, but also because he had Su Qingge with him. Both of them were blessed with great Fortune, so Gu Changge’s Fortune Value naturally rose as he used them well.

He had essentially obliterated Lin Tian without even putting in any effort, and he also obtained some 2000 Destiny Points.

Gu Changge felt immense comfort after receiving this wave of harvest from his leek.

Gu Changge pondered for a while, and decided not to increase his strength. After all, his current realm was pretty strong in the Lower Realm. He decided to reserve these omnipotent Destiny Points for an occasion where he could make best use of them.

After that, he glanced at the stuff in the System Shop.

Finally, after looking around for a while, he found a suitable [Pill Dao] Technique worth a hundred Destiny Points.


After spending a hundred Destiny Points, Gu Changge successfully received the [Elementary-level Pill Dao] technique. He planned to find the right opportunity to hand it over to Lin Qiuhan. After all, if he wanted to train her for himself, he had to start early.

It was a good [Pill Dao] technique, so he hoped she wouldn’t waste it.

As soon as Gu Changge’s consciousness exited from the System, another Prompt sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Discovered someone with a string of fate connected to a Favored Son of Heaven! Please suppress the Favored Son of Heaven’s sworn brother! You will receive 500 Destiny Points on completing this task! There’s no penalty for failure.]

Gu Changge was taken aback, and an expression of interest appeared on his face. This was the first time he encountered such a random task. What’s more? There was a reward if he completed it, but no penalty even if he didn’t complete it.

It was essentially up to him whether he took it ornot.

500 Destiny Points…it was quite an appetizing amount!

It’s just that who the heck was this sworn brother of a Favored Son of Heaven, and which Favored Son of Heaven was he related to? He concluded that the person must be related to Ye Chen, after all, Lin Tian was already a goner.

The System hadn’t mentioned the target’s identity, but the person should be one of the prodigious kids in front of him.

It shouldn’t be someone from the Eastern Wilderness, unless, of course, they had something wrong with their head and foolishly decided to court death. Knowing that Ye Chen offended him, the people there would most certainly cut off any and all relationship with Ye Chen, and even hide themselves somewhere far away.

Since Ye Chen escaped to the Middle State all the way from the Eastern Wilderness, he must have come across one or two geniuses of the Middle State on his way. It’s then that he became sworn brothers with the genius, and opened a path for himself to enter a new map, the Middle State.

It was quite a normal trope.

It’s just that he never thought he would have to deal with this ‘sworn brother’?

Either way, it was a great offer.

Gu Changge took a sip of his tea, and an expression of slight joy appeared on his face as he considered the matter. He quickly swept a glance over all the geniuses around him, completely ignoring all the people from the Eastern Wilderness, and those beauties who were trying to ingratiate themselves before him.

He knew who to look at.

“Chu Xuan…”

Gu Changge spoke with an authoritative tone.

“My Lord, what is your command?”

Chu Xuan ran over as soon as he heard his call, and responded with a respectful and flattering expression on his face. This scene made the many youths develop envy and jealousy towards him in their hearts. They were also heaven’s favored, yet this Chu Xuan had already won the appreciation of the mighty Young Lord. They estimated that it won’t be long before Chu Xuan soared to the Heavens, and left them all behind as they became people of two different worlds.

“Is there any news about Ye Chen in the Middle State?”

Gu Changge asked with indifference. He naturally knew the answer to his question, after all, Ye Chen’s location was always in his eyes. It’s just that it wasn’t yet time for him to squeeze him dry.

The only reason he asked the question was to see the crowd’s reaction.

“Ye Chen?”

Chu Xuan’s expression changed to an embarrassed one. He touched the back of his head, and said, “My Lord…that…”

“You wouldn’t have lost track of him, right?”

Gu Changge gave him a deep look, and immediately, Chu Xuan felt cold sweat pouring down his forehead. He was scared, and couldn’t help but look towards Su Qingge for help.

Although it was his honor to be the Young Lord’s lapdog, he couldn’t withstand such a terrifying pressure from him.

Ye Chen?!

Who was that?

The expressions of the other geniuses in the surroundings also changed. Fortunately, Gu Changge hadn’t asked them this question, or they wouldn’t know how to keep standing.

They had heard some rumors from the Middle State, but they weren’t too sure about the details, after all.

At this time, the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land, Jin Yang, felt great unease in his heart. Although he was a straightforward and upright person, he also had his pride. He despised this group of otherwise-arrogant ‘geniuses’, and even felt disdain towards them when he watched them lick Gu Changge’s boots.

In his opinion, his little brother Ye Chen’s ‘calm and determined’[1] temperament was many times better than all of these ‘geniuses.’

When he heard Gu Changge ask about Ye Chen’s whereabouts, he couldn’t help but groan in his heart. He thought that there was something wrong. Fortunately, he was doing his best to restrain himself and not show any abnormality.

— — — — — —


[1]: LMAO, yeah, right! Bruh, you haven’t seen how calm and determined your broder was in the Taixuan Holy Lord’s Hall.


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