I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Questioning You Is Your Honor; Perfect Suppression!

The atmosphere inside the Star Picking Pavilion turned tense and oppressive. No one dared to open their mouths, and sweat flowed down everyone’s backs. Although Gu Changge was questioning Chu Xuan, they still felt the pressure.

Even Lin Qiuhan, who felt comfortable talking to Gu Changge before, couldn’t ignore the terrifying pressure he radiated at this moment.

Any misconception she developed from Young Lord Gu’s initial gentleness and elegance was now gone. Deep down, he was truly someone who stood high above the others and looked down on the world like a god!

This was his real side!

Still, she was also a bit curious about this person named Ye Chen. She wondered who he was? She had never paid much attention to rumors and gossip from outside, so she didn’t know about what happened in the Eastern Wilderness.

At this time, Su Qingge spoke up with a hint of apology in her cold words, “Young Lord, the land of the Middle State is vast beyond measure, so finding someone who is intentionally hiding themselves in here is no different from looking for a needle in a haystack…”

It was now that everyone got a good glimpse of Su Qingge, the number one beauty of the Eastern Wilderness, when she started speaking up. Before this, she was silently standing behind Gu Changge, and peacefully watching the flowers near a pond in the pavilion.

Still, their fear of Gu Changge made sure that they wouldn’t dare look at her for too long.

It had to be said that Su Qingge, the Taixuan Holy Maiden, truly deserved her reputation as the number one beauty of the Eastern Wilderness. Even her plain veil and simple white dress couldn’t shroud her gorgeousness.

She appeared sacred, ethereal and unsullied by the dust of the mortal world. With a transcendent temperament, she looked like a Fairy who had descended from the Ninth Heaven.

Her radiance easily eclipsed the ‘beauty’ of all the other favored daughters of heaven, and none of them had the qualifications to contend with him.

‘Sure enough, she’s one with a vicious heart. Just because she had kingdom-toppling beauty and temperament that could ensnare everyone, it didn’t mean she was a good person…’

Jin Yang couldn’t help but curse in his heart, and his impression of Su Qingge worsened further. Everyone else, on the other hand, were curious to know how Su Qingge had the guts to persuade Gu Changge even when he was giving off such terrifying pressure.

Just how much courage was required for this?

Chu Xuan couldn’t help but give her a grateful look.

“Since even Qingge says that, I will let this matter go for now. Chu Xuan, don’t let me down…”

Gu Changge said with a flat tone without a hint of emotion behind his words.

“Yes, yes, My Lord, please don’t worry; I will definitely find Ye Chen’s whereabouts!”

Chu Xuan relaxed and smacked his chest in a hurry to pledge his obeisance. Cold sweat kept flowing down his back, and he felt as if he was a weak man standing in front of a mighty tiger ready to rip him apart.

The scene, on the other hand, shocked everyone! The Taixuan Holy Maiden was favored so heavily that she could even persuade the Young Lord?

They couldn’t help but change the way they looked at Su Qingge. At one time, they were peers of the same generation, yet now, they could only watch her in awe.

“Thank you, Young Lord.”

Su Qingge smiled at Gu Changge with an expression full of joy. Of course, she knew full well that Gu Changge only called out Chu Xuan like this to scare him. As for why he did that? She couldn’t guess.

Still, she could play along with Gu Changge and help him take a step back.

Even though no change appeared in Gu Changge’s expression, he couldn’t help but praise Su Qingge for her sharp mind in his heart. A woman like her who could understand his intentions was obviously to his liking.

After his small test, he realized that not a single person reacted to Ye Chen’s name. All of them showed doubtful or unchanged expressions, and their auras didn’t tremble either.

[VILFIC: Were it a cliche novel, Jin Yang would have reacted and he would be found out. The MC would then smack him to death with a single fart, and that would be the end of it.]

Of course, Gu Changge was in no hurry. His interest was piqued, and he wanted to see how long this person could hold on.

Next, everyone started to whisper among themselves.

The young geniuses couldn’t help but ask Chu Xuan about Ye Chen’s origins, and how he had offended the Young Lord.

Chu Xuan began explaining to them, and explained how Ye Chen courted death and offended the Young Lord. As soon as they heard his explanation, their expressions turned strange.

“Why do we feel like we have heard about him…”

He came from the Eastern Wilderness, has no background, is in his early twenties, with a cultivation base around the Transcendent Realm, and was born with extraordinary talent…

Wasn’t that description similar to what Jin Yang, the Buddhist Holy Land’s Holy Son, described about his sworn brother? When they had asked him for his sworn brother’s name, he had kept quiet for some reason, no?

Many of them made some guesses, and couldn’t help but smirk. Who gave a damn about their relationship with the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land if they could please Young Gu Changge?!

“My Lord, I think the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land should know Ye Chen’s whereabouts…”

The Holy Son of the Chuyuan Holy Land spoke up, and took the lead in explaining to everyone what Jin Yang had said before in the previous pavilion.

‘This goddamn Dog-Son of the Chuyuan Holy Land…’

Jin Yang’s face paled and cold sweat flowed down his forehead.

“Oh! Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land, do you know Ye Chen?”

Gu Changge took another sip of his tea and asked with a gentle voice. Everything was within his expectations! His eyes fell on the young man whose hair appeared as if they were on fire like the burning sun.


The terrifying and majestic pressure from before descended once more. All the young geniuses from the land of the Middle State paled, and even their souls trembled as horrified expressions masked their faces.

How terrifying was the Young Lord’s strength?

Even their Holy Lords and Emperors couldn’t compare to him.

Could he be someone of the Conferred Lord Realm?

How could that be? He looked no older than themselves…no, he might even be younger than them!

“As expected of Young Lord Gu! He’s even stronger than my father…”

Stars of admiration filled Lin Qiuhan’s eyes as he watched Gu Changge.

‘Was this the Young Lord’s purpose behind the sudden question? He wanted to know who had something to do with Ye Chen?’

Su Qingge finally understood his reasons somewhat. But she didn’t understand how Gu Changge knew there was someone here who was related to Ye Chen.

Gu Changge appeared more and more unfathomable to her!

“Sir, I do know Brother Ye Chen…”

Jin Yang replied. He couldn’t even breathe well under the terrifying pressure, and his pale had turned pale. He was stunned beyond measure, and couldn’t understand how the difference between them could be so enormous?

It was as if he was a toad watching the sun from the bottom of a well!

Right now, he felt that it was impossible for him to not admit that he knew Ye Chen. He had already exposed a lot when talking to the other geniuses. He regretted his loud mouth, and felt that he shouldn’t have said so much back there.

“Oh! It’s good that you know him. So, where’s Ye Chen right now?”

Gu Changge asked as if nothing was wrong, and his expression also showed no change.

“Forgive me, Sir, but I can’t reveal Brother Ye Chen’s whereabouts!”

Jin Yang gritted his teeth and responded. His back had already turned wet with cold sweat, and he finally understood the terrifying might of the Young Lord in front of him. He couldn’t even withstand his aura!

No wonder Ye Chen ran all the way over to the Middle State and didn’t dare to show himself too much!

Still, Yan Jing didn’t want to expose his Brother Ye Chen’s whereabouts. He had already exposed much before, and wouldn’t feel good if he even gave away his location.

“Foolish! Let me ask you again: ‘where’s Ye Chen right now?’”

Gu Changge’s expression finally showed a change. His eyes showed a deep abyss, and his expression radiated an unquestionable majesty as if he were a god!

“Sir, Ye Chen is my sworn brother, and I am well aware of his character! Might there be some misunderstanding between you…”

Jin Yang responded through gritted teeth. He trembled all over, and couldn’t help but want to kneel down under the mighty suppression pressing down on him. Still, he had his own pride and wouldn’t give in — no matter what happened, he will defend Ye Chen!

“It’s an honor for you to be questioned by me.”

Gu Changge looked at him as if he was looking down at an ant, and without any turmoil in his tone, he continued, “Who do you think you are to question me?”

As his words fell, a terrifying intent surged from his body and pressed down on Jin Yang. With a groan, Jin Yang spat out blood, and fell to his knees. His face turned as sickly pale, and he couldn’t resist the pressure bearing down on him!

“My Lord, our Holy Son is foolish and provoked you; I hope My Lord can forgive his transgression!”

Jin Yang’s hidden protector was frightened and immediately showed himself. With a plop, he knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness with a horrified expression.

He never expected that things would develop to such a point. How could their Holy Son be so retarded? Wasn’t he bringing a disaster to their Holy Land?!

The Star Picking Pavilion turned dead-silent, and the audience didn’t even dare breathe loudly in fear of offending the Heavens and bringing down a calamity upon themselves.

[Ding! You have successfully suppressed the Favored Son of Heaven’s sworn brother and completed the mission…]

[Task Completion Rating: Perfect]

[You received a 40 percent bonus for completing the task with Perfection! You have received 700 Destiny Points!]

A bunch of System Prompts suddenly sounded at this time inside Gu Changge’s mind.


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