I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Gu Changge’s Real Face; Not Even God Will Shelter You!

The System’s Prompt satisfied Gu Changge’s heart. Not only was the task simple, but it also gave him a full 700 Destiny Points. He could consider it as repayment for the 100 Destiny Points he spent on the [Pill Dao] technique just before.

Right now, he had almost 3000 Destiny Points, and that amount could be considered a huge sum.

As for how the System decided the ‘Completion Rating’, Gu Changge couldn’t be bothered to think about it. The System must have its own rating system. He had simply done what he thought best.

He was gentle and caring towards Su Qingge and the others because he had some plans for them. As for this Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land…the heck was he? Did he think he was some Favored Son of Heaven? Who gave him the guts to provoke him and prance about in front of him?

He was a measly ant who didn’t even have the qualifications to be a leek!

Gu Changge could easily squash him to death, and he even had a suitable reason to justify it. As for Ye Chen’s whereabouts? He didn’t even care about those. From the start to the end, he was merely trying to complete the random task presented before him by the System.

The Star Picking Pavilion turned dead silent. Everyone’s face turned pale as they watched the scene in front of them, and some of the geniuses couldn’t help but turn pale. No one dared to speak up.

“Sir, please forgive us…”

“Our Holy Son was foolish and provoked you in error…”

Jin Yang, the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land, and his guardian looked extremely pale and terrified. They couldn’t help but kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness.

It’s just that Gu Changge no longer bothered with them, and said with a faint voice, “Old Ming…”

“My Lord, this old slave is at your command!”

The void trembled, and an old man in black appeared out of nowhere with a respectful expression. It was none other than Old Ming.

Although he had received permission to return to his family, he had been continuously following Gu Changge in the shadows, and didn’t have the guts to leave his side at all.

Old Ming’s sudden appearance at this time gave everyone an even deeper shock. It was the first time they saw this legendary figure, the Ancestor of the Ancient Lin Family, who had Ascended to the Upper Realm some thirty-thousand years ago.

Seeing his respectful and subservient attitude, they couldn’t help but believe the rumors they had heard.

“I don’t want to hear that the Buddhist Holy Land still exists tomorrow…”

Gu Changge gave out a death sentence without batting an eye.

“Understood! This old slave will make them disappear immediately.”

Old Ming obliged, and the void around him trembled once more as he disappeared from the place as fast as he had appeared.


Everyone’s scalps turned numb, and they felt as if their minds would explode. A terrifying chill ran down their backs.


Holy Son Jin Yang’s eyes widened in disbelief and he spewed another mouthful of blood. He never thought his actions would bring such a disaster to his Holy Land!

He couldn’t help but regret his actions, and curse himself and his stupidity.

The Young Lord from the Upper Realm was truly ruthless!

“It’s over…”

Jin Yang’s guardian’s face lost all color, and deep despair filled his eyes.

The Chuyuan Holy Son, the Myriad Flowers Fairy, and the others couldn’t help but turn pale and tremble. All of them were also from major forces of the Middle State, so they couldn’t help but question themselves: ‘had it been us, would we end up like this, too?’

The answer was clear to them. The Young Lord’s gentle and amiable smile was not what it looked like. In reality, all of them were nothing more than a bunch of ants in front of him, and he couldn’t even be bothered about their existence.

He decided the fate of the Buddhist Holy Land with a single sentence!

All of them felt as if they could see rivers of blood and mountains of flesh in front of them. And all of this because one of them was stupid enough to pit himself against the Young Lord.

Even Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan felt chills run down their backs. It was the first time they saw Gu Changge do something like this. He was truly aloof and indifferent…like a god looking down upon everything and deciding the fate of mere mortals.

This was his true face!

Su Qingge couldn’t help but feel fortunate over the fact that Gu Changge treated her really well. It could be said that he was pretty much pampering her one-sidedly.


The matter regarding the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land offending the Young Lord from the Upper Realm in the Star Picking Pavilion soon spread to all parts of the Middle State from the Moon-facing Ancient City. The news caused a massive uproar, and set off storms in all directions.

Countless cultivators were horrified and shivered at the thought.

Soon, the ins and outs of the entire event came out from the mouths of the other geniuses present at the scene, and everyone began discussing the matter in great detail.

Not only did the Holy Son of the Buddhist Holy Land become sworn brothers with the Upper Realm’s Young Lord’s enemy, but he even dared to conceal his whereabouts and refused to open his mouth. This was what angered the Young Lord and brought extinction upon the Buddhist Holy Land.

Countless cultivators sighed and felt that the Buddhist Holy Land’s Holy Son was a retard. Instead of dying by himself, he had dragged his entire Holy Land to Hell with him.

Of course, some people celebrated their destruction in their heart and said that they deserved it!

Who asked that fool to court death?

The Buddhist Holy Land had a hundred-thousand years long heritage in the Middle State. They also had an Ancestor who had reached the False God Realm and Ascended to the Upper Realm, so they held many cultivation techniques and treasures, and had an extremely profound background.

However, a giant palm directly covered all of its territory from the and obliterated it from the earth. Even their Ancestor[1] who had been in seclusion couldn’t form a shred of resistance before the mighty palm after coming out. It was as if the Heavens themselves had descended to exterminate them!

[1: This Ancestor is a normal old man who is probably in Conferred Lord or Conferred King Realm, at most. He isn’t some False God Realm hidden oldie. Just like the Ancient Lin Family’s Highest Elder who told them about the return of their Ancestor.]

The structures and mountains in a radius of five-thousand miles turned into ruins. At the same time, the oppressive breath of a False God Realm monstrosity pressed down from above, terrifying countless cultivators into hiding.

“Such injustice will bring upon you the Heaven’s wrath one day…”

“Not even God will shelter you once that happens…”

In the end, the matter ended with the roar of the Buddhist Holy Lord resounded in all directions. With that, the Buddhist Holy Land was exterminated from the land of the Middle State forever, in one fell swoop.

This incident caused a great sensation in the Middle State, and even the rest of the world. If even the Buddhist Holy Land, a heritage left behind by a False God, ended up like this, then what would become of them if they overreached?

The thought horrified countless cultivators, shaking them from head to toe, and their fear of the Young Lord from the Upper Realm deepened further and further. After all, everything that exists in the Lower Realm was nothing more than a bunch of ants and their antics before the eyes of the beings of the Upper Realm. They couldn’t even be bothered to look at their existence!

The cultivator named Ye Chen, who came from the Eastern Wilderness, gained a renewed notoriety in the Middle State as his name resounded everywhere as a God of Plague.

In order to please Gu Changge, some cultivators and forces even began looking for Ye Chen’s trail everywhere, so as to capture him alive.


[A remote town of the Central Heavenly City of the Middle State]

A youth with a dignified face and an ordinary appearance listened to the people around him. Suddenly, a piece of news hit him like a bolt from the blue, and his body stiffened on the spot.

“Brother Jin Yang…”

“I will definitely kill Gu Changge and avenge your Buddhist Holy Land!”

His eyes turned red, and he ground his teeth. His body trembled, and an aura of desolation radiated from his person.

Originally, he had planned to go to the Buddhist Holy Land due to his relationship with their Holy Son, and the fact that the Buddhist Holy Land showed appreciation for his talent…but who would expect that he would receive the news about the complete extermination of the Buddhist Holy Land in such a short time. He felt deep rage and coldness in his heart, which compounded his madness and hatred.

“Master, quickly tell me how I can become stronger as fast as possible; I must kill Gu Changge no matter what!”


Ye Chen said through gritted teeth, with reddened eyes. Jin Yang could be considered one of his most important friend and brother! He was an upright man who treated him better than anyone else. But, in the end, he was implicated and even the Buddhist Holy Land that raised him met a disaster because of his relationship with him.

And the reason for all that was none other than that GU Changge! He wished to dismember Gu Changge into a million pieces! He wanted to shred his corpse apart, and only then would he be able to vent his hatred!

“Little Chen…”

Yan Ji couldn’t help but helplessly shake her head inside the ring. This matter had developed had reached a point she never wanted it to reach. She also gave up on her plan to persuade Ye Chen into giving up his hatred and prejudice towards Gu Changge.

Ye Chen was already a maddened beast, and all her persuasions would fall upon deaf ears. He wouldn’t rest until one of them died.

This put Yan Ji in a difficult situation, after all, she had a good impression of Gu Changge.

Still, she couldn’t ignore Ye Chen…

Yan Ji sighed and said to Ye Chen, “According to the fragment you got, the ancient Secret Realm of First Heavenly Era will soon open. Not only is there an ancient weapon sealed inside, but it also contains the inheritance of the weapon’s owner inside…”

“I will definitely get the inheritance and kill Gu Changge!”

Ye Chen’s grief disappeared, and he soon calmed down. He couldn’t help but clench his fists and grit his teeth in resolve.


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