I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Helping Your Sellers Count Their Money; Lin Tian Resurrects!

Gu Changge couldn’t be bothered by the destruction of the Buddhist Holy Land. To him, destroying them was no different from stepping on an ant.

Old Ming was a mighty man of the God King Realm in the Upper Realm. Even though he couldn’t exert his true might and was limited by the Lower Realm’s laws at the False God Realm, it was still easy for him to exterminate a place like the Buddhist Holy Land with a flip of his hand.

What’s more? There hadn’t been anyone who broke through to the False God Realm in the Middle State over the last few millenniums. Existences at the mere Conferred Lord Realm could become the Guardians or Supreme Elders of Holy Lands and Dynasties, and Conferred Kings couldn’t even be seen anywhere.

Gu Changge reckoned that only those Forbidden Regions and the Ancient Sacred Mountains could have False God Realm cultivators hidden in their depths.

Old Ming’s strength was more than enough for him to do whatever he wanted in the Middle State. Of course, Gu Changge wasn’t so free as to go and mess with anybody and everybody. As long as someone didn’t provoke him, he couldn’t be bothered to move.

As they left the Star Picking Pavilion, Lin Qiuhan appeared somewhat afraid of him, and no longer behaved as casually as before. Gu Changge’s true face frightened her. He was indifferent and aloof, someone who could determine the life and death of an ancient Holy Land with a few words.

This side of him was completely different from his elegant and gentle appearance from before. It confused Lin Qiuhan a little, and she wondered what about him did she like?

Was it his gentleness, or was it his eloquent speech and deep knowledege?

“Are you scared?”

Gu Changge naturally knew how to deal with her turbulent emotions. His previous gentleness returned, his expression softened, and he lovingly caressed Lin Qiuhan’s head.

This simple move had a great effect of Lin Qiuhan.

Her heart jumped in her chest and desired more. Young Lord Gu, who was aloof and indifferent to the others, treated her with such care and gentleness. She couldn’t help but feel lightheaded once again.

“A little bit…”

Lin Qiuhan answered honestly.

“Young Lord, you scared me too!”

Su Qingge couldn’t hold herself back and spoke out at this moment. She felt that Gu Changge didn’t give her enough attention. Although she had a sharp mind, she was also a woman, so she couldn’t help but feel sour and aggrieved in her heart when she watched Gu Changge treat another women so affectionately even though he always bullied her.

Of course, she knew well that it was all just an act from Gu Changge.

Gu Changge looked at her and said with a smirk, “Even you were frightened? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

‘It’s alright if I am frightened?’

‘Isn’t this clear discrimination?’

Su Qingge rolled her eyes and silently vented in her heart.

“This is a detailed record containing an Elementary-level [Pill Dao] technique; take it as my token of apology.”

Gu Changge took out the [Pill Dao] technique he took from the System and handed it over to Lin Qiuhan. Either way, he had to find a reason sooner or later to hand it over to her. After all, it was something he exchanged for a hundred Destiny Points from the System’s Shop.

Gu Changge had casually flipped through it, and saw that it recorded many valuable Elementary-level Pill recipes. He estimated that even the Alchemy Heritages in the Upper Realm didn’t have a technique as detailed as the one in his hand.

The products produced by the System were most definitely the highest-quality ones, and he wouldn’t take any loss from it.

“Thank you, Young Lord!”

Lin Qiuhan thanked him in surprise.

To think that Young Lord Gu would actually give her something like this! How did he tell she was interested in Alchemy?

Lin Qiuhan’s heart thumped as she thought about this.

Her father had always forced her to cultivate with all her heart to strengthen her cultivation base and improve her Realm. She was never allowed to dabble in any other aspects, so she didn’t know much about Alchemy even though she held great interest in it.

“As long as you like it.”

Gu Changge said with a smile. Lin Qiuhan was a truly simple woman. It’s great that she met him first — had someone else discovered her before him, he reckoned that she would help them count the money they made by selling her.

Of course, he also looked forward to Lin Qiuhan’s growth as an Alchemist so he could use her for himself in the future.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Because of their relationship with Gu Changge, the Ancient Lin Family had become very busy over the last few days. Major forces from all over the world had come to visit them, and wanted to develop a positive relationship with them.

The destruction of the Buddhist Holy Land gave a stern signal to all the forces of the Middle State, and everyone could see that it was about time the Ancient Lin Family rose to ultimate prominence.

Everyone in the Ancient Lin Family walked and talked with proud smiles on their faces. No matter where they went, they would be treated as honored guests as long as they revealed their identity as the Ancient Lin Family’s descendants and disciples.

Although the Ancient Lin Family was already a mighty force before, but now, no one could compare to them. Of course, all of the Ancient Lin Family’s people held deep reverence for Gu Changge.

They knew who gave them all of their current glory.

Aside from that, after she received the hint from Gu Changge, Lin Qiuhan made sure to appoint people to keep a watch over Lin Tian’s corpse.

What he was truly faking his death…

She was also skeptical about this. And over the course of the three days, she realized that there really was something strange with Lin Tian’s corpse. Even though three days had passed, his body didn’t show any signs of decay.

It was strange.

Even a cultivator of the Spirit Sea Realm should have his body stiffen and start to decay three days after death, but nothing like that happened to Lin Tian’s corpse. One had to know that Lin Tian was a piece of trash who hadn’t even reached the Spirit Sea Realm yet!

This discovery shocked Lin Qiuhan, and she started to believe in Gu Changge’s words.

Lin Tian wasn’t dead!

He faked his death and tried to deceive everyone!

This fact angered Lin Qiuhan and her heart turned cold.

Not only was her brother’s body taken over by some bastard, the person who did it also almost brought ruin upon their Ancient Lin Family!

She couldn’t wait to make mince meat out of the fiend who took over her brother’s body. She wanted to slash him into a million pieces with her sword!


A dim light illuminated a damp dungeon filled with an unbearable stench. An ice-cold corpse that looked to be a youth who suddenly aged for some reason lay on the ground. Suddenly, the corpse opened its eyes and a light flashed through it.

“It seems that I have escaped from the catastrophe…”

The corpse sat up straight and looked around at its surroundings while muttering to itself. Of course, he was none other than Lin Tian, who had escaped his death through suspended animation at the critical moment.

He felt fortunate in his heart for his decisiveness.

After that, he observed his surroundings and realized that he was in a dungeon. There seemed to be no one guarding on the outside.

Once upon a time, he was a mighty God King who stood above all and below none; he never expected that he would have to make use of such a method to save his life.

He couldn’t help but laugh at himself with a hint of mockery in his voice.

Still, he had survived! As long as he could hide from others, he wouldn’t have to die. No, the Heavens didn’t want him to die!

“Fortunately, I wasn’t cremated…but they didn’t bury me either. What a pity…but this isn’t all that bad either. When the time comes, I will pretend to not remember anything, and that should be enough to deceive everyone. With my previous life’s experience, it won’t be all that hard for me…”

“As for the bastard with the Gu surname…just you wait, this King will certainly pay you back sooner or later…”

Lin Tian’s expression darkened as he recalled Gu Changge’s face.

Right now, the secret technique of suspended animation he used before was working at full force and healing his severed heart’s vein. Blood started to flow through his body again, and life returned to his cold corpse.

If someone were standing next to him at this moment, they would be shocked and exclaim that it was impossible!

How could a dead person resurrect and regain life?

It was unbelievable — a miracle!

Still, Lin Tian’s youth didn’t return. No matter how powerful the technique might be, it would be impossible for it to make up for his lost lifespan.

At the same time, the entire event confused Lin Tian. He couldn’t understand what that Gu Changge held on his person? Why did the demons he summoned show such terror when they met him?

This was something he never encountered in his tens of thousands of years of previous life.


Right at this time, a terrified scream sounded from outside the dungeon. The disciple of the Ancient Lin Family, who was assigned to watch over Lin Tian’s corpse, walked in and saw the scene of Lin Tian sitting up straight. It gave him such a scare that he almost pissed his pants!

— — — — — —


Mortal Physique – Trash Leek Lin Tian.
Spirit Ocean – None worth mentioning. (I have been calling it Spirit Sea for some dumb reason until now, wtf. I will try to fix it in the older chapters, but know that Spirit Sea and Spirit Ocean are the same.)
Spirit Palace – None worth mentioning.
Transcendent – Su Qingge, Ye Chen, Chu Xuan (was half-step, but I think he got through to it), other Holy Sons, Holy Maidens, and Princes, etc.
Great-Transcendent – Elder-level Figures.
Saint – Sect Masters, Patriarchs.
Conferred Lord – Gu Changge.
Conferred King – None Yet.
False God – None Yet.
. Unknown
. Realms
. Here
God King – Old Ming.
Thanks to SKYTH in the Discord server, I was able to see that Spirit Ocean and Spirit Sea mistake. My memory isn’t all that good it seems. It will be fixed in the earlier chapters and will be treated as Spirit Sea Realm in the future.

— — — — — —


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