I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Killing the First Favored Son of Heaven; The Taste of a God King’s Remnant Soul!

Lin Qiuhan froze for a while when she learned about Lin Tian’s ‘resurrection.’ She immediately realized that he was indeed faking his death just like Young Lord Gu had said.

She told her people to keep a close eye on Lin Tian, and report everything about him to her as soon as possible. At the same time, her heart turned cold, and she went to find Gu Changge and explained everything to him.

“Since Lin Tian has resurrected, then we should go and have a look at who is the one occupying his body…”

Gu Changge thought for a while and said to Lin Qiuhan.

There was no way he wouldn’t be interested in this matter. After all, he had waited for three full days to watch Lin Tian return to life. A great show was about to be staged in front of him, so how could Gu Changge miss it?

By the end of today, Lin Tian will no longer have anymore value as a leek, either.

Wasn’t he a mighty figure who reincarnated?

Since he was that mighty, why did he have to take over the body of a trash? Was he not satisfied when taking over the body of a normal person?

“It will be as you say, Young Lord.”

Lin Qiuhan agreed.

Soon, Lin Qiuhan and Gu Changge arrived in the dungeon. The Lin Family disciple responsible for guarding the place was looking around while trembling, clearly frightened by everything that was happening.

“I pay my respects to the Young Miss! I pay my respect to the Young Lord…”

After saluting the two of them, he quickly ran away from the gloomy place without daring to look behind him.

“Don’t talk about this before anyone else!”

Lin Qiuhan commanded the disciple who was escaping at full speed. Matters of death and the dead coming back to life were too weird, and couldn’t be explained in simple terms, so she didn’t want to attract too much unnecessary attention.

When Lin Tian saw Lin Qiuhan and Gu Changge arrive in the dungeon, he felt unease bud in his heart. Still, he put on a puzzled expression and looked around in confusion.

It was how he planned to deceive Lin Qiuhan. With the memories from his Predecessor, he could easily deceive this simple and kind sister of his as long as he didn’t show any flaws.

As for Gu Changge, he wasn’t too sure on how to deal with him.

This bastard with the surname of Gu was too incalculable. If he wanted to deceive him, then he would need to put in a bit more effort. Who knows? He might even see through him if he overacted.

The mighty God King, Lin Tian, who had experienced hundreds of battles in his life, couldn’t help but feel uneasiness claw at his heart right now.

“Sister, why am I here?”

“I remember that I was in the Academy…how did I end up here…”

“Who is this person beside you? I have never seen him before…”

Having thought through his plan, Lin Tian opened his mouth and asked with just the right amount of confusion in his tone and on his face.

‘Hoh! So you are gonna pretend to not have any memories?’

Gu Changge laughed in his heart as he watched his act, but his expression showed no change.

He stayed quiet.

Instead of an outsider like him doing it himself, it would be better if Lin Qiuhan tore apart Lin Tian’s disguise with her own hands. If he guessed correctly, the original Lin Tian must have been concerned about and obsessed with Lin Qiuhan.

If he received Lin Qiuhan’s wrath and hatred, then the original Lin Tian’s will won’t be able to sit still…after all, one must solve the Predecessor’s obsession to truly seize their body.

An obsession that couldn’t be resolved would naturally turn into a thorn and fight against the one trying to take over the body.


With this, Lin Tian had reached a dead end since he would never be able to solve this obsession. As for the last two hundred Points of Fortune Value he held? Gu Changge would be able to obtain those without a hitch.

What’s more? He could also complete his mission of killing a Favored Son of Heaven!

After all, if you killed a Favored Son of Heaven after thoroughly taking away his Fortune Value, the System would reward you with an additional Heavenly Reward. Gu Changge was looking forward to what he will receive.

As for siblings murdering each other in cold blood? Gu Changge believed that something like that would never happen as long as the previous Lin Tian’s obsession didn’t die off.

The current Lin Tian couldn’t do anything to hurt Lin Qiuhan.

“Why are you still pretending?“

Lin Qiuhan’s sad heart surged with cold hatred as she watched the old face that resembled her brother’s.

“Sister, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand anything you say?”

Lin Tian was stunned by her words, and showed a bewildered expression as if he couldn’t comprehend what she was talking about. With some fear, he looked around him and asked again, “Sister, why aren’t you answering me? Why am I locked up in a dungeon…”

Lin Qiuhan’s expression was frozen like an ice cap, and she didn’t utter a single word.

Had she not received Young Lord Gu’s reminder, she would have most likely been deceived by the current Lin Tian. She would have truly believed that he didn’t know what had happened over the last few days.

Those who occupied someone else’s body could easily devour their memories. It was easy for them to pretend to have lost their memories.

“Sister, I am really your little brother, Lin Tian! Why don’t you believe me…”

“Do you remember the time when you were six years old, and father reprimanded you, so you came to me to vent your complains…”

No matter what Lin Tian said, and how he tried, Lin Qiuhan’s expression showed no signs of changing in his favor. Instead, her face turned colder and colder with every word he uttered.

Had he kept his mouth shut, everything would have been fine…but now that he uttered all those words, the sadness in Lin Qiuhan’s heart couldn’t help but compound, and she recalled the days of yesteryear.

‘It’s having a negative effect…’

Lin Tian didn’t take long to notice that all his attempts were in vain, and he realized that something had gone awry. His heart further sank when he saw Gu Changge’s playful expression.

He couldn’t deceive the two of them in any way!

Could it be that he escaped a catastrophe, only to fall into another? Was he going to die here and today?

His heart was unwilling to accept such a fate.

What’s more? He even sensed the obsession of the original Lin Tian develop deep resentment towards him, as it tried to push him out.

His remnant soul was getting entangled with the remnant obsession of his predecessor.

“Shut up!”

Lin Qiuhan finally couldn’t bear it anymore. Her eyes turned red, and she growled in a cold tone, “You are a damned beast!”


Lin Tian’s expression turned slack for a moment, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “Why? I have never hurt you…I have never even thought of hurting you…”

“Why are you treating me like this?”

Right now, he couldn’t even tell whether he was the Heaven Slaughter God King or the waste named Lin Tian. His remnant soul and the Predecessor’s obsession were becoming inseparable.

[Ding! Lin Tian has received a backlash from his Predecessor’s obsession and lost control of his body! He lost 200 Points of Fortune Value! You received 1000 Destiny Points!]

[Reminder! The Favored Son of Heaven has run out of Fortune Value! You receive addition Heavenly Rewards on killing him right now!]

The System’s Prompt rang inside Gu Changge’s mind right at this moment, telling him that the time to reap his rewards had come. He put on a gentle and comforting expression, and softly said to Lin Qiuhan, “I know you can’t do it, so let me be a villain for you. For now, you should go outside.”


Lin Qiuhan’s heart moved, and she walked out with reddened eyes.

Although she desired to kill the bastard in front of her from the bottom of her heart, she couldn’t bring herself to truly do it since he had the same face as her brother.

After Lin Qiuhan left, Gu Changge approached Lin Tian with his hands behind his back, and said with a faint smirk, “Do you know why I didn’t let them cremate or bury you?”

“You knew I was faking my death? Gu, just who are you? Why are you doing this?”

Lin Tian couldn’t help but roar towards him. Right now, he was like a wild beast ready to pounce on whoever his gaze fell upon.

“Why am I doing this? Now, why could I be doing this? Isn’t it all because you wanted to kill me?”

Gu Changge asked him, and his eyes darkened at the same time. It was as if hundreds of millions of black lightnings were flashing through his pupils. With his pupils looking like a devil’s, he watched Lin Tian.

“Who the hell are you? Why can you use such a method…”

Lin Tian was frightened by Gu Changge’s eyes, feeling like he was falling into a dark abyss. He felt as if a terrifying vortex was trying to eat him up.

This person with the surname of GU had an incomparably demonic nature, and he seemed to be surrounded by hundreds of millions of demons who were ready spread chaos in the world!

He, a mighty God King, had never come across such a terrifying sight before in his life.

Lin Qiuhan putting her trust in him was far too dangerous!

Lin Tian felt another burst of pain as this reality hit him. He hated this feeling!

“A dead man doesn’t need to know so much.”

Gu Changge indifferently looked at Lin Tian, and placed his hand on between his eyebrows.

“What sort of sorcery is this…AH!!!”

Lin Tian was so frightened that he couldn’t help but scream. Gu Changge’s palm passed right through to his Sea of Consciousness, and a jet-black brilliance bloomed inside him like an avenue of disaster.


In the next moment, the darkness flashed, and a terrifying force sucked his soul inside it as if a bottle sucking in water. His remnant soul disappeared in an instant, and Lin Tian’s body fell without life once more.

“This fellow turned out to be a God King in his previous life…the taste of his soul isn’t bad!”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but praise with his eyes closed in relish.

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