I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Beautiful Moon; Easy Destiny Points!

‘So, I can’t kill a Favored Son of Heaven until I exhaust his Fortune to a certain extent?”

He had been talking to the System for a while already, and Gu Changge couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow when he heard the System’s explanation.

[That’s right, Host! Fortune is something elusive and incalculable, so although it’s not difficult to kill Ye Chen with your current strength, but that will most certainly bring about a series of unexpected variables and changes.]

[And the greatest variable, Host, is…you!]

The System explained.

A Favored Son of Heaven was indeed a Favored Son of Heaven, so much so that, probably, Lord God himself protected them.

And if one wanted to put the bias in the simplest terms, it would be something like: ‘If Gu Changge tried to kill this Ye Chen right now, a Heavenly Tribulation might just descend and obliterate him from existence first!’

But so what if the Heavens were protecting him? He could still slowly grind him to death.

Gu Changge chuckled in his mind, not really caring about the restrictions. After that, he took a look at the Fortune Value of everyone else in the hall.

Second to Ye Chen’s 500 points of Fortune Value stood out Su Qingge, with 350 points of Fortune Value to her name, and this fact further strengthened Gu Changge’s previous guess: Su Qingge was the heroine, and there was no doubt about that.

It’s just that he wondered what would happen if he were to devour this Su Qingge right now? Will he suffer from a Fortune Backlash from her, too?

If so, then the loss would outweigh the gain.

Be it the present or the past, he wasn’t a ravenous man who thought only with his lower half.

The concept of Fortune Value might be imperceptible, but it was a fact that it existed and could affect reality. Wouldn’t he be the biggest loser if he played himself to death?

Of course, he wasn’t completely out of options. As long as he extinguished all of their Fortune Value, won’t they be powerless fish on the chopping block?

Just like how the System had previously given him a prompt: [Ding! Humiliate Ye Chen in front of everyone. Ye Chen will lose ten points of his Fortune Value, while the Host will receive 50 Destiny Points!]

50 Destiny Points were neither too much, nor were they too little. There was much Gu Changge could do with the Destiny Points; he could improve his Cultivation or upgrade his Talent.

Compared to others who patiently Cultivate step by step over long periods, wasn’t it awesome to simply add Points to everything and level up using this cheat?

“Ye Chen publicly challenged the Sect’s laws and even insulted Young Lord Gu…Guards! Throw him in the Dungeon and let Young Lord Gu decide his fate.”

The Great Elder of the Judgement Hall spoke up at this time. Burly build and a square face — the Elder looked mighty and intimidating even when he wasn’t enraged. Everyone in the Taixuan Holy Land feared and respected him.

Although he was fair and unbiased during ordinary days, and even had a good impression of Ye Chen, he wasn’t someone who couldn’t understand the situation at hand and bend his principles. He understood well that Ye Chen had offended someone he shouldn’t have offended.

Between a measly Inner Sect Disciple and a disaster that could wipe them off the face of this earth…it wasn’t hard to decide which one they must avoid.

Gu Changge slightly nodded as he saw the Judgement Hall’s Elder’s subservient and pleasing gaze.

After that, he returned to his original position, and his indifferent and incalculable expression again appeared on his face.

Letting him dictate Ye Chen’s fate didn’t sound all that bad. It was just that he never expected someone with thick eyebrows, bright eyes, and an impartial aura to be the one suggesting something like that!

Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle in his heart, and with that, the majestic force pressing down on everything also disappeared.

Ye Chen could finally stand up, but his face still showed his shock, unwillingness, and humiliation. His current mood was no different than what Gu Changge had calculated as Ye Chen wondered why his Master hadn’t responded to him even once in such a critical moment.

Did his Master betray him, too? Or was even his Master afraid of Gu Changge’s background and might?

The thoughts chilled Ye Chen’s heart as his eyes turned cold.

Worst of all was Su Qingge’s performance. From the beginning to the end, she hadn’t uttered a single word as she watched everything that went down. She even took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Gu Changge.

Ye Chen saw it all with his own two eyes!

The Goddess he adored took the initiative to serve another man, and that reality ripped Ye Chen’s heart. Couldn’t she see how he had broken out with the Taixuan Holy Land for her sake?

Ye Chen’s heart dropped into a dark and cold abyss.


Ye Chen’s changing expression wasn’t hidden from Su Qingge — she could tell he had misunderstood her. Still, it was impossible for her to put her Sect — the place that cared for her and trained her for more than twenty years — into danger for Ye Chen.

In the end, she could only lower her head and clench her hands, not daring to meet Ye Chen’s eyes.


“Holy Maiden Qingge, I heard tonight’s moon will be wonderful, so would you be willing to give me some face by appreciating the moon’s beauty with me tonight?”

Out of nowhere, Gu Changge spoke those words.

The expressions of the two were in full view for him to see, so how would he let go of such a great opportunity? He immediately put on a gentle smile on his handsome and unblemished face as he spoke.

His words, however, momentarily stunned Su Qingge. Her face reddened, and she felt flattered by his sudden gentleness.

But soon, she saw through Gu Changge’s real intentions and trembled as her complexion paled. She could see the obvious hint of a crafty playfulness in Gu Changge’s eyes. He had purposefully uttered those words with a volume high enough for the others to hear. He words weren’t for her, but for Ye Chen!

Su Qingge understood that, but the others in the hall didn’t see the subtle attack hidden in his words.

The people felt envy towards her, while the Taixuan Holy Lord’s heart burst with glee as he subtly signaled his daughter with a desperate wink.

If she could receive this Young Lord’s fancy, then their Taixuan Holy Land will receive an unparalleled opportunity whether he brought her along to the Upper Realm or left her behind. They would ascend to Heaven with a single leap!

“Gu Changge, you despicable and shameless bastard! Do you only know how to bully the weak using your status and authority? If you have the guts, then lower your Cultivation to my level and let us have a fair duel! I swear I will kill you one day, you scum!”

By now, Ye Chen’s eyes had already turned crimson and he appeared to have lost his mind.

Even though Ye Chen spewed such harsh words, Gu Changge didn’t respond to him. He simply lowered his gaze and blew away the vapors gathering above his tea, not bothered to even raise a single eyelid for his prey.


Finally, Ye Chen could no longer stand the humiliation and fainted after spewing blood from his mouth.

In the next moment, a System prompt appeared.

[Ding! You damaged Ye Chen’s mental state! Ye Chen lost 100 Fortune Value. Host Received 500 Destiny Points.]


‘Destiny Points aren’t all that hard to earn.’

Gu Changge slowly took another sip of his tea.


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