I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Ye Liuli, the Beauty Raised in the Lower Realm; Childhood Friends!

The girl was dressed in purple with a complexion as breathtaking as a milky jade. She had exquisite and gorgeous features, slender, long legs, and an extremely aloof aura.

She didn’t appear to be all that old, and looked to be only around seventeen to eighteen years old. Her eyes were completely different from those of the humans, and appeared like colorful beads that beautifully swam around.

She appeared to be the leader of all the young creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains. Her identity wasn’t simple, and her standing in the Ancient Sacred Mountains was quite hight.

Everyone watched her with deep respect.

As he heard the beauty’s words, the creature with wings on his back waved his hands and said, “Miss Liuli, you can rest assured! That brat who came from the Upper Realm might have some background, but he’s nothing before me and our Ancient Sacred Mountains!”

“Since he dared to offend Miss Liuli, he can forget about returning to his den!”

“Haha! Our Ancient Sacred Mountains weren’t born recently, so the Azure Realm might have forgotten our existence after we went into retreat eons ago. Once we move, they will realize who the true overlords of the Azure Realm are! All of them are nothing but our slaves…”

“How dare a brat and his slave cause a ruckus in the Middle State right under our nose and get away unscathed?”

The rest of the creatures also nodded in agreement when they heard his proclamations. They stood with their heads high, and talked about everything outside the Ancient Sacred Mountains with disdain.

In their opinion, the so-called Holy Lands and Ancient Families of the Middle State were nothing more than a bunch of anthills that could be stomped to oblivion at any moment.

The Ancient Sacred Mountains were related to the Upper Realm, and they had many False God Realm masters hidden among their ranks.

Some of the major families backing them (from the Upper Realm) even ruled over endless territory. They had existed since ancient times, and their heritage could be traced back to an era when the Azure Lower Realm didn’t even exist. Even Supreme Sects and Immortal Heritages had to treat them with courtesy.

The girl in purple nodded her head and said nothing as she heard the winged youth’s words. At the same time, her hatred and killing intent intensified.

After that, the other creatures started to talk among themselves about different matters. Some even discussed how they could go and capture the brat from the Upper Realm and present him before the girl in purple.

The girl in purple shook her head, and said with frosty eyes, “I want to personally see that person! How dare he be so bold as to harm my Brother Ye Chen to such an extent? Since he dared to commit such a crime, there’s no way I will let him go unscathed!”

Everyone nodded their heads when they heard her proclamation.

“No matter how great that brat’s background might be in the Upper Realm, can it be better than Lady Liuli’s? He will surely be kneeling before you and begging for mercy…”

The girl in purple hailed from an extremely esteemed background; she was the direct descendant of a terrifying Family in the Upper Realm.

Her name was Ye Liuli!

When she was three years old, she was sent down to the Lower Realm for an unknown reason, and was raised by the Ancient Sacred Mountains. When she was six years old, she was sent to the family of an old servant’s descendants due to unrest and turmoil in the Ancient Sacred Mountains.

The family where they sent her was none other than the Ye Family where Ye Chen came from.

During her time in the Ye Family, she grew up together with Ye Chen and developed a deep emotional attachment to him. Unfortunately, whe she was thirteen, she was brought back to the Ancient Sacred Mountains for secluded cultivation that lasted five years.

When Ye Liuli finally left her seclusion, she decided to immediately find her Brother Ye Chen. But…that’s when she heard a lot of ugly rumors about him.

The rumors disturbed her, and left her shocked and enraged!

Her Brother Ye Chen had provoked a youth who had descended from the Upper Realm, and he was forced to fled to the Middle State from the Eastern Wilderness to seek refuge and save his life.

In her opinion, the rumors were sheer slander!

It was nonsense that he coveted the Eastern Wilderness’s number one beauty! What did they mean by saying that he was a toad who wanted to eat swan mean?

Her Brother Ye Chen was a honest, kind, and determined youth who would never do such a thing.

Those accusations had to be false!

Even worse? The Buddhist Holy Land that was related to her Brother Ye Chen was obliterated from existence, and that compounded her rage and murderous desires.

After she calmed down, Ye Liuli traveled all the way from the Ancient Sacred Mountains to the Moon-facing Ancient City to see that young man from the Upper Realm after receiving the news that he was here.

She wanted to see how many heads and arms this young man from the Upper Realm boasted, and at the same time, she would avenge her Brother Ye Chen!

“Aunt Xue, I want to know where Brother Ye Chen is…”

Ye Liuli suddenly said to the empty air behind her in an icy tone.


The void rippled, and a middle-aged beauty appeared out of thin air. This ability of hers was already something in the domain of the False God Realm cultivators.

A look of helplessness flashed through the woman’s eyes as she heard her lady’s words, but the woman named Aunt Xue still responded with a soft voice, “My Lady, I am not sure where Ye Chen is hiding right now; I have only received information that he is somewhere in the Middle State.”

Having said that, the middle-aged woman obviously didn’t care about that matter in her heart. In her eyes, a mere Ye Chen wasn’t worthy of her noble and esteemed Young Lady!

Once she found Ye Chen, she would make sure that he didn’t come in contact with her Young Lady. A measly Ye Chen didn’t have the qualifications to even gaze upon her esteemed Young Lady’s visage, let alone get her attention.

The two of them were from completely different worlds, and their fates would never cross in the future.

“Really?” Ye Liuli muttered to herself in sadness, “Brother Ye Chen must have suffered a lot over the past…”

A dazed expression appeared on Ye Liuli’s face as she recalled the past. Due to her noble birth, the people of the Ye Family didn’t even dare to talk to her. They were always afraid and respectful towards her, and it was only her Brother Ye Chen who didn’t treat her differently.

Moreover, whenever he chanced upon something interesting, he would always share it with her. If there was anything delicious to eat, he would give it to her before tasting it himself.

Once, in order to pick a fruit for her, he went deep into the forest in the Ye Family’s back mountain and almost lost his life.


As she recalled the past, the sadness and unease bearing down on Ye Liuli’s heart intensified. She was afraid that she might not be able to bear the guilt if something happened to her Brother Ye Chen.

“My Lady, you will have to return to the Upper Realm sooner or later — you are destined to be a Phoenix who will soar to the Ninth Heaven! Ye Chen might not even reach the False God Realm in this life, so I must advice you to…”

The middle-aged woman named Aunt Xue couldn’t help but try to persuade her Young Lady.

In her opinion, that brat named Ye Chen was no good person. He was a treacherous and tricky scum who had learned to fool innocent girls from a young age.

Only those young and handsome talents from the Upper Realm could be a good match for her Young Lady.

Ye Liuli, on the other hand, shook her head and replied with a firm tone, “Aunt Xue, you don’t need to say anymore. I know all of you look down on Brother Ye Chen, but I believe in him! He will definitely soar to the Heavens in the future.”

“I still remember what he said: ‘The river flows thirty years to the East, and back thirty years to the West! Don’t you dare bully me just because I am down right now!'”[1]

Aunt Xue felt helpless and didn’t know how else to persuade her Young Lady.

She decided not to think too much about this matter. Once her Young Lady met the geniuses from the Upper Realm, she will realize that a mere Ye Chen is nothing compared to them.

‘The river flows thirty years to the East, and back thirty years to the West! Don’t you dare bully me just because I am down right now!’ — he said?

But what if the river flowed for thirty-thousand years?

Some were born to stand above the rest, never to be reached by those below.

“Aunt Xue, let’s go and see this so-called Young Lord from the Upper Realm. I will leave his False God Realm servant to you.”

Ye Liuli’s expression turned as frosty as a glacier, and she gave out her command. She will go to the Ancient Lin Family and deal with that ‘Young Lord’ to avenge her Brother Ye Chen.

— — — — — —


[1]: It means that a person’s destiny doesn’t stay the same for their entire life. If someone is down right now, they might just reach the top of the world tomorrow, so you shouldn’t bully them today, lest they obliterate you tomorrow.


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