I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Ye Chens Cousin; Let Them In!

Ye Liuli had complete confidence in Aunt Xue’s strength. She also knew that the real strength of the brat from the Upper Realm’s servant might not be limited to the False God Realm.

But in the Lower Realm, the world’s laws wouldn’t allow him to exert strength beyond the False God Realm. As for Aunt Xue? She was also from the Upper Realm and her strength was far beyond a mere False God Realm, too! She wouldn’t be dispatched to protect her otherwise, after all.

One had to know that even the Ancestor of the Ancient Sacred Mountains had to behave respectfully in front of Aunt Xue; he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly in her presence.

“Leave it to me, My Lady!”

Aunt Xue nodded in response to the beauty’s words. Since it was a command from her Lady, there was no way she would reject it.

Since the other party could descend to the Lower Realm, they mustn’t be small fries in the Upper Realm, but she couldn’t care less about their background. Even if they had some background, they surely wouldn’t have the guts to go against their Ancient Immortal Family.

Soon, all of them left the pavilion and headed towards the Ancient Lin Family’s estate. The sudden appearance of the Ancient Sacred Mountains’ creatures in the world caused a sensation in the Moon-facing Ancient City once people realized they were heading towards the Ancient Lin Family with murderous intentions.

It shocked many cultivators, and they rushed towards the Ancient Lin Family to find out the reason behind such hostility. Many concluded that a major event was about to transpire, and it was most-likely related to the Young Lord from the Upper Realm!


Inside the Ancient Lin Family, all the structures stood peacefully, but one of the palace appeared far more solemn and majestic. Inside this palace, Gu Changge sat on a chair and leisurely drank tea. By his side, Su Qingge gently peeled spiritual fruits and fed them to him.

From time to time, Gu Changge would tease Su Qingge, prompting her into secretly rolling her eyes at him. Still, she felt her mood lighten.

Over the last few days, Lin Qiuhan’s terrifying talent for Alchemy had finally flourished. It proved the saying: ‘gold will shine wherever it sits.’

Without guidance from any famous Alchemist, she was able to refine medicinal pills that could only be refined by an Alchemist who had practiced for decades. And she did all that by merely studying the Elementary-level [Pill Dao] technique he gave her.

Sheer effort couldn’t compare to true genius, if true genius also worked hard. Lin Qiuhan’s talent in Alchemy could bring many genius Alchemists to shame.

This strengthened Gu Changge’s resolve of bringing Lin Qiuhan back with him, and training her for himself. A word or two from him would be enough to make Lin Qiuhan happy for a long time, after all!

With Gu Changge implicitly backing her, the Ancient Lin Family’s Patriarch no longer had the guts to stop Lin Qiuhan from practicing Alchemy. Instead, he used the Family’s full might to help her study without any worries.

Everyone in the Ancient Lin Family could tell that they had to depend on Gu Changge’s liking for Lin Qiuhan if they wanted to climb further up the stairway to Heaven.


Right at this time, an earthquake from the outside shook the Ancient Lin Family. It shocked everyone in the Lin Family.

“What happened?”

“Who is so audacious?!”

“Who are you? How dare you break into our Lin Family’s estate and court death?”

People from the Ancient Lin Family roared towards their ‘guests.’

Right now, the Ancient Lin Family was no longer the same as they were in the past. After their Ancestor took action and exterminated the Buddhist Holy Land, their Family had risen higher in the world, and everyone in the Lin Family had their noses touching the sky.

On normal days, any cultivator who passed by the Lin Family’s estate would be extremely respectful and tremble at their sight. It was the first time they came across such undisguised hostility.

This was a challenge to the Ancient Lin Family’s authority!


Many Elders of the Ancient Lin Family appeared high above in the sky. Golden rays of brilliance flashed through their eyes, and radiated from their bodies, as they showed off their might in a bid to suppress the newcomers.

They paid great attention to face, so such an action was tantamount to humiliating them in their own turf.

“Hehe! You weaklings from the Little Lin Family, why aren’t you coming out to pay your respects when our Ancient Sacred Mountains have come to your door?”

A tall creature with scales on his forehead sneered outside the Ancient Lin Family, and his voice spread far and wide. His thunderous roar shocked many cultivators on the streets of the Moon-facing Ancient City, and they felt their blood surge and go into disarray.

It horrified them.

As expected of the Ancient Sacred Mountains — even their youngsters were almighty!

This was strength no lower than the Great-Transcendent Realm.

“Ancient Sacred Mountains?”

The expression of everyone from the Ancient Lin Family changed. If there was one force in the land of the Middle State that brought envy in their hearts, then that would definitely be the Ancient Sacred Mountains.

The Ancient Sacred Mountains directly bordered the Upper Realm, and had a grand backing with many False Gods hidden in their ranks!

“I didn’t think I will see the people of the Ancient Sacred Mountains in a place like this! I wonder what brings you to our Ancient Lin Family’s door?”

They were terrified at first, but recalling that their Ancestor was home, and there was also Young Lord Gu behind them, they couldn’t help but feel at ease. On second thought, they guessed that this bunch from the Ancient Sacred Mountains had most-likely come for Young Lord Gu.

“Tell that Young Lord from the Upper Realm to bring his ass out here! Our Lady wants to see him.”

The youth with wings on his back sneered, and looked down on all the cultivators around him with disdain.

The Patriarch of the Ancient Lin Family couldn’t help but curse his courage in his heart.

“Since you want to see the Young Lord, please wait for a while, and I will go ask for the Young Lord’s opinion…”

He frowned and replied. Although the other side was from the Ancient Sacred Mountains, he also had backing from the Upper Realm now! Could they see the Young Lord just because they said they wanted to?

No! They had to ask for the Young Lord’s permission first.

What’s more? Young Lord Gu had a distinguished status, so how could he personally come out to see their whatever lady? It would be no different from humiliating him.

These visitors definitely didn’t come with good intentions!

“And let us go to see him? Do you even know our Young Lady’s identity? Just a word from her would be enough to raze your measly Lin Family to the ground…”

The young creature with the wings appeared displeased, and spoke with an attitude of extreme contempt and disdain. When the cultivators in the distance heard his words, their hearts shook in horror. They could decide the fate of the Ancient Lin Family with a word?

He sure was bold and courageous!

How come these ancient powers were more domineering than the last?

Everyone was taken aback by his proclamation.

Everyone in the Ancient Lin Family showed an ugly expression at his threat. These bastards from the Ancient Sacred Mountains were going too far!

“Quetian, shut up!”

Ye Liuli’s brows wrinkled. She had come to avenge her Brother Ye Chen, not to flaunt her background and bring pests after her, so she said in an extremely cold tone, “Please inform the Young Lord from the Upper Realm that Ye Chen’s cousin desires an audience with His Excellency!”

The expressions of everyone from the Ancient Lin Family, and the onlookers in the distance, showed a change when they heard her words. Over the last few days, Ye Chen’s name had resounded in every corner of the Middle State, and there was no one who didn’t know the God of Plague, and the Harbinger of Destruction.

The Buddhist Holy Land was wiped from the face of the world because of this Ye Chen!

Yet now, this girl with a terrifying background actually claimed to be Ye Chen’s cousin? It seemed that they were enemies who had come knocking for revenge!

Everyone felt their heads spin, and thought that the world was insane.

The Patriarch of the Ancient Lin Family took in a deep breath, and spoke with a dignified expression, “Understood. I will report it to the Young Lord right away!”

Having said that, he turned around to head towards Gu Changge’s palace to make the report. It seemed they would be in trouble today. Since the other party dared come knocking at their door with such ferociousness, then they must have some massive background behind them.

[Crack! Kacha! Boom!]

However, before the Patriarch of the Lin Family could take a step forward, a terrifying sound resembling the grinding of wheels sounded from the void.


Brilliant runes flickered and turned into a terrifying golden palm, resembling a Heavenly Emperor who had descended to suppress the Heavens. With a speed so fast that no one could respond, the palm slapped out!

The young creature with wings on his back showed an expression of deep horror, and shouted with despair masking his face, “YOUNG LADY, SAVE…”

Before he could utter the word ‘me’, his body exploded into a cloud of blood, and he was obliterated on the spot.

At the same time, the calm voice of the Young Lord came from the depths of the Ancient Lin Family.

“Let them in.”


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