I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Elegant and Easy-Going; Warm Welcome!

The outside of the Ancient Lin Family turned dead silent. Even the Ancient Lin Family’s members were stunned and didn’t know what to say. Everything happened so fast that no one outside had the time to react.

The sudden obliteration of the winged youth from the Ancient Sacred Mountains scared all the cultivators that were watching the scene play out. His old servant was the palest and most terrified of them all. The slap just now was too fast for him to react, and even if he could react in time, he wouldn’t have been able to stop it.

He had sensed the might of a Conferred King from that palm. He was only half a step into the Conferred Lord Realm, so how could he contend against someone so high above him?

“Young master…”

He showed a sad expression, but had no guts to retaliate, so he could only look at Ye Liuli for help.

Ye Liuli, on the other hand, had also turned pale with fright. Just a second ago, the winged youth was harping arrogantly, yet in the next moment, he turned into a cloud of bloody mist!

When had she ever experienced such a scene?

She was barely eighteen, and had spent most of her life cultivating in seclusion inside the Ancient Sacred Mountains, so how could she even have the chance to witness such a scene?

But soon, she took in a deep breath and recovered her frosty expression. After all, her frame of mind was far more resilient than others of her age. What’s more? She had Aunt Xue backing her!

“Let’s go inside.”

Ye Liuli command, and immediately headed inside the Ancient Lin Family’s estate. The creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains followed behind her. However, compared to the arrogance and disdain they showed at the beginning, their auras had subsided by a lot and they appeared a lot tamer and frightened.

The other party was even more domineering and terrifying than their imagination.

He directly exterminated one of them over a few words!

This Young Lord from the Upper Realm might not be as simple as they had thought. The middle-aged woman hiding in the void couldn’t help but frown, and an expression of contemplation appeared on her face.

Just now, she had wanted to save that winged creature, but she couldn’t leave her lady’s side — she had felt a mighty aura lock down on her, and the strength of that person wasn’t any weaker than her!

It was definitely the Ancestor of the Ancient Lin Family, the rumored old slave of the Young Lord from the Upper Realm!

This shocked her.

One must know that at her peak, she was a mighty God King who could make waves even in the Upper Realm, and True Gods could only look up to her! Yet the cultivation of the Ancient Lin Family’s ancestor was no less, or even more frightening, than a God King’s from what she felt.

She felt that things weren’t going as well as planned, and matters weren’t as simple as her Young Lady had initially imagined. After all, the other party had an ‘old slave’ in the God King Realm!

What’s more? She had felt the unique aura of an Upper Realm’s Immortal Dao Lineage from that crushing palm just now, and it clearly radiated the might of a Conferred King!

She felt that it was quite familiar, but couldn’t put her finger on where she had felt that aura before.

‘A youth with such an aura is definitely a God-Child! Didn’t they say his surname was Gu? There aren’t many with the Gu surname in the Upper Realm! Could he be from that family?’

Aunt Xue suddenly recalled some matters, and felt that nothing was going in there favor. After all, Gu wasn’t a common surname in the Upper Realm like Ye and Wang, and not many had the guts to use that name!

The Family she recalled was no worse than the Immortal Heritage behind her Young Lady!

‘If he’s truly from that Family, then this might be an opportunity for us! A little Ye Chen isn’t worth mentioning at all…’

‘Although the Young Lady is the Patriarch’s most-beloved daughter, she isn’t the only one. This may be the Young Lady’s greatest opportunity to rise above the others!’

Aunt Xue’s eyes brightened with excitement as she thought about this matter. Her figure also emerged from the void, and she followed behind Ye Liuli to personally see everything play out.

“Aunt Xue…”

Ye Liuli was surprised by Aunt Xue’s sudden appearance; normally Aunt Xue would never show herself unless absolutely necessary!

“My Lady, I think all of this might be a misunderstanding…”

Ye Liuli’s expression stiffened as Aunt Xue’s words fell into her ears.

“What happened? Why does this woman seem to be conveying goodness to me?”

Old Ming thought to himself with a puzzled expression in the void.

Had this middle-aged woman dared to make a move just then, he would have surely smacked her down to the ground. However, this middle-aged beauty obviously noticed his presence, and even conveyed goodwill to him.

This puzzled him a bit.

Of course, as long as they didn’t threaten his Young Lord’s safety, he wouldn’t bother attacking them either.


“Even the ferocious Ancient Sacred Mountains had to tuck their tail and walk in respectfully! That Young Lord is truly mighty — he directly slapped that guy to death!”

“His strength has most-definitely surpassed the Conferred Lord Realm, right? I had never even imagined to come across someone that might, especially, a young man with a strength so terrifying…”

“This Young Lord from the Upper Realm is truly unfathomable…”

The shocked cultivators outside the Ancient Lin Family’s estate discussed amongst themselves. This was the first time they saw the mysterious Young Lord take action, and it left a profound impression in their hearts.

The Ancient Sacred Mountains were a place of awe and terror for the people of the Middle State where Gods and Devils dwelled! Many mighty powers and heritages had been obliterated just because they somehow offended the Ancient Sacred Mountains, so it was needless to say how mighty they were.

Yet, today, they learned that there was someone even beyond the reach of the Ancient Sacred Mountains! In their hearts, the awe and reverence they held for Gu Changge multiplied exponentially!


Inside his palace, Gu Changge sat at the host’s seat, while Su Qingge stood beside him. Dressed in black, he playfully retracted his palm with a smirk on his face.

Naturally, everything that happened outside the Ancient Lin Family’s gate was in his eyes.

Ye Chen’s cousin?

Someone from an Ancient Heritage, fostered in the Lower Realm, and had deep feelings for the Protagonist…

This was that bloody trope he was so familiar with!

Of course, he had speculated about it a long time ago, but he never thought that it would truly come to pass!

No dog author could deceive him!

“My Lord, are you planning to kill them?”

Su Qingge put forth her doubt.

“No, how could I, the most elegant and easy-going Young Lord kill people so easily? There’s no value in indiscriminate slaughter.”

“Instead, my heart is moved by their sudden arrival, and I can’t wait to give them a warm welcome…”

With those words, Gu Changge stood up and walked towards the outside with his hands behind his back. Right then, he happened to come across Ye Liuli’s group that was being led by the Ancient Lin Family’s Patriarch towards his residence.

Ye Liuli immediately realized that the young man in front of her was the Young Lord from the Upper Realm!

Although she had never met him, his aloof temperament and demeanor were enough to give away his esteemed identity.

‘This is exactly what a God-Child from the Upper Realm should look like…’

Aunt Xue’s eyes shone, and she couldn’t help but praise in her heart.

[VILFIC’s Crib]

Hi everyone,

There was a minor mistake in Chapter 49 where I translated that Gu Changge reached the 8th Layer of his Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex. He almost reached the 8th Layer of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex, instead — he’s 75% to the 8th Layer. I have fixed the mistake. Do pardon me as I missed the almost in the raw and messed it up somehow.


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