I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Comparing Backgrounds; Forced Into Submission!

Outside his residence, Gu Changge stood with his hands behind his back and watched the girl in purple before him with a flat expression.

She had a complexion as milky as a white jade. With exquisite and gorgeous facial features, slender, long legs, and an extremely frosty aura, she looked to be a beauty no older than seventeen or eighteen years of age.

Her eyes, though, were completely different from a normal human’s. They appeared to be no different from colorful orbs of glass that made it clear to the onlookers that she was of a different race.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but tut-tut in his heart.

This Ye Chen sure was blessed with game-breaking Fortune. What’s more? When Gu Changge checked Ye Liuli’s Fortune Value, he saw a value above 800!

Her luck was even more amazing than Ye Chen’s!

Of course, it wasn’t out of Gu Changge’s expectations. This so-called cousin beauty was about to become Ye Chen’s greatest backer, after all.

As for how to deal with this cousin of Ye Chen? Gu Changge already had a plan in his mind.

Weren’t they childhood sweethearts? Good.

She was merely a seventeen or eighteen years old girl, who he could easily toy with. After all, even an old monster like Yan Ji was played by him without a hint, so what could this little girl amount to?

His expression showed indifference, and he didn’t utter a single word. Gu Changge was in no hurry, anyways.

While Gu Changge was looking at Ye Liuli, Ye Liuli, Aunt Xue, and the others were naturally busy looking at him, too.

Aunt Xue’s affirmed her belief the more she stared at Gu Changge, and realized that her previous guesses and thoughts weren’t too far off.

Gu Changge’s appearance alone wasn’t something to scoff at. He was dressed in a dark, long robe that accentuated his tall and handsome figure. His bearing was extremely noble and graceful, and there was an innate aloofness between his brows.

She wouldn’t be surprised if the one standing in front of her was truly a God-Child from that place.

The so-called prodigies of the Lower Realm were like fireflies before the brilliant moon when compared to the true Supreme Prodigies of the Upper Realm. To be precise, they didn’t even have the qualifications to be mentioned in the same breath as them!

As for that Ye Chen? He was like an ant in front of this Heavenly Dragon who had descended from the Ninth Heaven.

“You are that Young Lord Gu?”

Finally, Ye Liuli furrowed her brows and asked aloud. She naturally knew the answer to her question, but she didn’t know how else to break the silence between them. At the same time, she felt a terrifying pressure from the presence of the young man standing before her.

He simply stood there with a playful smile, and kept looking down at her as if he was watching an ant. It gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

She didn’t know how to start the conversation.

When they had come inside, Aunt Xue had informed her about some matters: ‘first, the young man wasn’t much older than her; second, Aunt Xue will not intervene unless her life was in danger; third, she wasn’t his match even with her half-step Saint Realm cultivation base!’

She had arrived aggressively, but now, she felt that she was stupid. This brought extreme shame to her!

Gu Changge heard her words and responded to her with another silent glance.

Ye Liuli’s expression fell as she saw his contemptuous eyes, and she couldn’t help but gnash her pearly teeth. No matter whether it was in the Ancient Sacred Mountains, or the outside world, she had never met someone who showed so much contempt towards her. And definitely not when the other party was a man!

Still, she was no ordinary prodigy, and quickly calmed her mind.

At this moment, Aunt Xue, who was standing behind her, cupped her hands and said to the young man with a smile on her face, “I pay my respect to Young Lord Gu! My Lady’s name is Ye Liuli, and I am the one responsible for protecting My Lady in the Lower Realm…”

“My Lady and this slave offended Young Lord unknowingly just now, so I hope Young Lord won’t take it to heart. Please treat it as us not knowing proper etiquette!”

Aunt Xue was sincere in her words, and not a shred of falsehood could be heard from her tone. Ye Liuli was a dozen or so millenniums too behind her when it came to life experience and how to deal with matters.

“Aunt Xue…”

Ye Liuli was stunned, and showed a face full of disbelief as she saw Aunt Xue’s attitude. The creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains behind her were also shocked!

They knew well how mighty Aunt Xue was; she wouldn’t even need to show up on normal days to deal with matters. Yet now, she actually showed such a respectful attitude before someone else?

One had to know that they were here to seek revenge!

“Aunt Xue, you are going too far!”

Ye Liuli’s expression darkened and she growled towards the middle-aged beauty. After all, since when did Aunt Xue, a mere retainer of her Ye Clan, had the authority to make decisions in the presence of her master?

“My Lady, this matter is most certainly a misunderstanding! Why don’t you take this opportunity to clarify the details of the events that transpired? It will be bad if we rushed to a conclusion without evidence…”

Aunt Xue hurriedly responded with a smile — she was doing it all for Ye Liuli’s own good. After all, how could she harm the Young Lady she had watched grow up before her eyes?

“Oh, is that so? Senior, you are truly polite — do let me know what I can do for you?”

Gu Changge finally spoke after seeing the scene in front of him. His expression made it impossible for the onlookers to tell whether he was happy or enraged.

This Ye Liuli’s protector had piqued his interest, and this only made matters even better.

“Before I begin, can I ask if Young Lord Gu is from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family?”

With that said, a smile appeared on Aunt Xue’s face and she cupped her hands to say, “My Young Lady is from the Ancient Immortal Ye Family! Speaking of that, our families are quite familiar with each other.”

Aunt Xue immediately revealed Ye Liuli’s origin to let Gu Changge know that they weren’t simple either. Moreover, as the youngest and most beloved daughter of the Patriarch, her Lady had an incredible status that ordinary disciples of the Ye Family couldn’t match up to.

Of course, Gu Changge’s status wasn’t simple either from what she could tell, so she couldn’t help but feel even more affection for him. No matter what, he was at least a Young Sovereign in the Upper Realm.

Both of their sides were from Ancient Immortal Families in the Upper Realm. One was from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, while the other was from the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, both of which were hegemonies that lorded over endless territory!

The only difference between them was that the Ancient Immortal Gu Family mostly had humans in their ranks, while the Ancient Immortal Ye Family comprised of a multitude of races and were commonly known as Family of Myriad Races.

What’s more? The two families were on familiar terms.

She said all that because she wanted to confirm Gu Changge’s identity!

Hearing Aunt Xue’s words, the creatures from the Ancient Sacred Mountains couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. Their expressions fell, and their faces turned pale. If Gu Changge really came from that background…

They couldn’t help but tremble with beads of sweat oozing from their foreheads, and their limbs turned cold.

Why didn’t they say this before bringing them here? Why only mention it now?!

They felt deep regret!

They couldn’t offend the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, nor could they offend the Ancient Immortal Gu Family. They were between a rock and a hard place right now…

Ye Liuli wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to open her mouth.

“It turned out you are from the Ancient Immortal Ye Family! No wonder Lady Ye Liuli was so fearless and directly came knocking at my door.”

Gu Changge lightly spoke after hearing her words, and didn’t deny her thoughts, “My father had a lot of dealings with the Ye Family’s Patriarch back in the day. Senior should know that I will be the one taking charge of the Family in the future!”

His words were uttered with a playful smirk. When it came to comparing background, there was no one who could contend with him. As for Aunt Xue? She naturally understood the hint in Gu Changge’s words.

Not only was he from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, but he was also the son of the Gu Family’s Patriarch! After all, only people on the same level as the Ye Family’s Patriarch could have dealings with him.

People at that level were so mighty that a single stomp of their’s could shake the Upper Realm and cause unimaginable changes that would affect the world’s development for generations. They were monstrous beings who couldn’t be described with words!

Worse still? She had heard that the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s Patriarch only had one heir!

As long as the young man in front of her didn’t fall before his time, then he would undoubtedly be among the highest echelons of the Upper Realms in the future!

He may even be the Patriarch of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family if everything went in his favor!

As these thoughts crossed Aunt Xue’s mind, the smile on her face deepened, and her expression turned even more humble and respectful. She felt flattered. Gu Changge calling her ‘Senior’ was a great honor!

At the same time, Ye Liuli felt her head buzz and her face turned pale. This matter had exceeded her wildest imagination!


The creatures from the Ancient Sacred Mountains felt their blood freeze, and all of them immediately fell to their knees out of sheer fright.

“Your Excellency… Quetian offended you just now, so we hope Your Excellency will show generosity and forgive us…”

Their voices trembled and they almost pissed their pants. Although they hadn’t uttered any nonsense, what if they were swatted to death just for having a relationship with that loudmouth?


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