I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Innumerable Evil Methods; Extreme Humiliation!

“Your Excellency, please spare our lives! We had eyes, but couldn’t see Mount Tai and offended you unknowingly…”

[VILFIC: ‘Have eyes but can’t see Mount Tai’ is an expression that means to not recognize someone strong when they are standing in front of you, OR, flaunting your might and looking down on someone who is of a far higher status than you.]

The previously-haughty creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains knelt on the ground with bloodless, pale expressions showing their extreme fright.

It was as if they had come across their natural predator.

Their haughtiness and domineering arrogance from a while ago had completely disappeared right now!

The people of the Ancient Lin Family felt their hearts bloom in joy as they watched the scene in front of them. No matter how powerful the adversary’s background, didn’t they still have to kneel before their Young Lord Gu?

“Why is this happening…”

Ye Liuli’s face had also turned pale, and her jade-like hands tightly held her long sword. She wasn’t stupid — on the contrary, she was smarter than her peers. The conversation between Aunt Xue and that Gu Changge was enough for her to understand one fact: ‘Gu Changge had a higher status than her!’

Although she was from the Upper Realm’s Ancient Immortal Ye Family, she wasn’t her father’s only daughter even if he loved her the most. Gu Changge, on the other hand, was the sole heir of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s Patriarch.

It was very likely that Gu Changge would be the one in-charge of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family in the future — she couldn’t match his terrifying background with her current identity!

Ye Liuli couldn’t help but feel depressed when she realized this reality. Just why did her Brother Ye Chen provoke such a mighty figure?

She had thought that she could easily deal with her Brother Ye Chen’s enemy using her background and means, but now it seemed that all of those thoughts were nothing more than her childish delusions.

Ye Liuli’s face turned paler than before, and her haughtiness from before was completely gone by now.

“My Lady, this is definitely a misunderstanding! You should apologize to Young Lord Gu, too!”

Aunt Xue decided to persuade Ye Liuli, “Why would Young Lord Gu bother about the existence of a nobody like Ye Chen? Before him, Ye Chen is nothing more than an insignificant existence not worth minding.”

In Aunt Xue’s opinion, having a good relationship with this Young Lord Gu was far more important than anything else. She couldn’t understand how her Lady could be so stupid to not even realize this fact?

She felt deep regret and realized that she should have gone to find that Ye Chen and beat him to death a long time ago, behind her Lady’s back. A fool like him, who had provoked Young Lord Gu so easily, would only commit worse crimes in the future!

“Aunt Xue, you need not speak anymore! It’s impossible for me to apologize to someone who made my Brother Ye Chen run from one place to another like a homeless orphan…”

Ye Liuli stubbornly responded. Her eyes showed deep unwillingness, and she refused to apologize to Gu Changge no matter what happened.

The conversation between the two naturally fell in Gu Changge’s eyes. His face still showed a calm and indifferent expression, but in his heart, he couldn’t stop laughing.

After all, Ye Liuli was nothing but a little girl, so what winds and waves could she make before him?

As for Ye Liuli’s identity as the little princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family? Gu Changge felt that he could use her.

Wasn’t she Ye Chen’s childhood sweetheart who was greatly fond of him? Ye Chen happened to be her weakness.

Speaking of which, the Ancient Immortal Ye Family’s influence in the Upper Realm wasn’t small. As a Family that was the closest to True Immortals among all the Ancient Family’s, they were said to be descendants of Immortals themselves.

Gu Changge’s lips curled into a smirk as he thought up a detailed plan in his heart. After all, he was the inheritor of a forbidden technique who was born with a Devil Heart, so there was no way he would lack evil methods and crooked means.

Controlling a mere Ye Liuli wouldn’t be all that hard for him.

At this moment, he showed a bit of impatience in his expression, and spoke with an annoyed tone, “So, what’s your purpose in visiting me today? If you don’t give this Gu an explanation, even if you are from the Ancient Immortal Ye Family…”

“Old Ming!”

Without speaking too much, Gu Changge commanded towards the void.

“My Lord, this old slave is at your command!”


As soon as Gu Changge’s words fell, Old Ming appeared from the void with a cold smile adorning his face. He released a terrifying force of oppression that immediately suppressed the surroundings and made everyone pale on their spots.

Ye Liuli was suffocated!

This was the old servant she thought couldn’t rival her Aunt Xue? He was too powerful!

“Young Lord Gu, please calm down! It’s indeed My Lady’s fault, and she shouldn’t have offended you like this…”

Aunt Xue’s expression changed and she hurriedly blocked Old Ming’s oppressive aura. The old man in front of her was extremely mighty!

The two of them could only exert the might of a False God Realm cultivator in the Lower Realm, but the other party’s False God Realm cultivation was mightier than her own. If they fought, then she might be able to handle a few exchanges at the start, but it won’t be long before he would completely suppress her!

She was sure that she could escape with her Young Lady, but that would be contrary to her intentions, and she would only offend Gu Changge further.

Gu Changge, however, didn’t give a damn about Aunt Xue’s thoughts, nor did he look at her anymore. His expression turned indifferent, and he overlooked everyone!

“Don’t tell me you were here for a chat? This Gu sees that there are a lot of people who came over…”

“Old Ming, kill one of them for this Lord!”

Gu Changge commanded.

As soon as they heard his words, the creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains behind Ye Liuli turned pale with extreme fright. Despair masked their faces, and they knelt on the ground and begged for mercy in loud voices.

“Young Lady, help us! We don’t want to die.”

“Young Lord, please spare our life!”

“Gu Changge, you are so despicable and shameless…”

Ye Liuli’s face paled and her body trembled as she heard his words and their shouts. She never thought Gu Changge would use such a despicable method to bring her to her knees.

Unfortunately, Gu Changge didn’t even look at her.

Su Qingge, on the other hand, intimately handed him a cup of tea and said with a sweet smile, “My Lord, your tea is ready.”

Gu Changge gave her a nod of approval — he hadn’t spoiled her in vain!

“My Lady, please apologize to Young Lord Gu! Why can’t you understand? If Young Lord Gu desired to kill Ye Chen, would he be able to escape with his life?”

“How could Ye Chen ever have the ability to escape from someone as mighty as Young Lord Gu?”

“All of this is most-likely a misunderstanding!”

“You are the Princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, while Young Lord Gu is the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, so he won’t make things difficult for you as long as you apologize to him…”

Aunt Xue sighed in her heart, and kept persuading Ye Liuli. She was doing it while keeping her Young Lady’s best interests in her mind.

How could a mere Ye Chen deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Young Lord Gu?

“Someone like him can’t be a good person…”

Ye Liuli showed an enraged and defiant expression, and glared at Gu Changge. Her eyes spewed fire, and she desired to burn Gu Changge into ash.

“Do it.”

Gu Changge slowly took a sip of the tea in his hand, and spoke.

“Understood, My Lord!”

Old Ming received the order, and slapped out. Brilliant runes flickered, and the void around them trembled.


A pale-faced, scary-looking creature from the Ancient Sacred Mountains was slapped to death with a face full of despair. His sudden death shocked the rest!

“Young Lady, have mercy! We don’t want to die!”

“Young Lady, we came here with you, so you can’t do this to us…”

They couldn’t help but resent Ye Liuli. It was clear that she could save them all as long as she showed a better attitude and apologized! Yet, why wasn’t she doing it?

Were their lives not even worth a few words from her?

Gu Changge indifferently watched all of this. From the beginning to the end, his face showed no change in his expression.

Ye Liuli couldn’t help but ground her teeth as she saw his indifferent expression. Her body trembled, and extreme rage bubbled in her heart. She was forced against a wall, and couldn’t help but regret her actions now.

What could she do now? Ask Aunt Xue to make a move?

It was clear from Aunt Xue’s actions that she was on Gu Changge’s side, and won’t listen to her command at this time.

Ye Liuli felt extremely humiliated as she thought of this, and spoke through gritted teeth, “Everything that happened today was…Liuli’s fault…I apologize! I hope Young Lord Gu can forgive Liuli…”


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