I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Everything Under Control; Planting A Thorn!

“Young Lord Gu, forgive me…”

Ye Liuli felt extreme humiliation as she uttered these words. Her voice trembled, showing just how much courage and determination she put into uttering those words from her mouth. She felt exhaustion overtake her as soon as she finished her words.

As the little princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, she was hailed as a bright moon shining among the stars from the moment of her birth. Never had she suffered endless humiliation like today!

Alas! She couldn’t deal with the man before her, and even the background behind her couldn’t suppress him!

“You don’t need to apologize for anything! This Lord isn’t an unreasonable man — there’s no way I will make matters difficult for you over such a trivial matter.”

Gu Changge responded with a wave of his hand, and commanded Old Ming to stop with a playful smirk on his face.

Although he uttered words of righteousness with a straight face, Ye Liuli knew that everyone other than her would have been swatted to death if she hadn’t apologized to him!

This man was extremely dangerous!

Be it his means or his incalculable thoughts, everything about him gave her a feeling of fright. She regretted pitting herself against him. Why was she so reckless? Why didn’t she investigate the matter before coming to his door to seek justice?

She picked a rock, only to smash it on her own foot!

“See, My Lady, I told you it was a misunderstanding and Young Lord Gu won’t embarrass you if you acknowledge your mistake.”

Aunt Xue also heaved a sigh of relief once the matter ended. Ye Liuli, on the other hand, glared daggers at her.

Retainer was a good word, but in reality, Aunt Xue was nothing more than a servant! Yet today, this servant had overreached and made decisions in her stead without any authorization from her master!

Ye Liuli swore to report her actions to her father as soon as she returned to the Upper Realm!

Aunt Xue couldn’t help but show a wry smile at her Lady’s furious glare. She wasn’t worried though. If the Patriarch heard about what happened today, he would certainly understand her and even agree with her actions.

After all, this Young Lord Gu was someone who was worthy to be a friend of their Ancient Immortal Ye Family. A mere apology was nothing. It’s just that her Young Lady was still naive, and wasn’t willing to accept defeat…

Everything Aunt Xue did was for the Family and her Lady!

As Old Ming withdrew, the terrifying aura pressing down on everyone in the surroundings also disappeared.

“Thank you! Thank you for your mercy, Young Lord!”

“Thank you for your mercy, Young Lord!”

The creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains kept kneeling, and proclaimed their gratitude for Gu Changge’s mercy.

“You don’t need to thank me — it was Lady Ye Liuli who saved your lives, so you should thank her.”

Gu Changge responded.

Between him and Ye Liuli, the one the creatures of the Ancient Sacred Mountains resented more was definitely Ye Liuli right now…Gu Changge knew this well, so he naturally wouldn’t give up on this chance to provoke discord between them.

After all, he wouldn’t lose anything from a few words.

“Dare I ask Young Lord Gu’s name?”

By now, Ye Liuli had also recovered from her feelings of humiliation, and stared at Gu Changge’s face with a disgusting look in her eyes.

Wicked men truly had thick skins, she thought!

“Gu Changge.”

By now, Gu Changge’s expression of indifference had long disappeared. With a faint smile adoring his face, he handed the teacup in his hands to Su Qingge, who was standing beside him.

His calm and gentle expression gave people a sense of elegance and nobility.

Of course, that would have been the case with everyone, had they not seen his true face just now…

Ye Liuli never thought Gu Changge would be so quick to change his face, and this was exactly what increased the unease in her heart. After all, the most fearful people were those who showed no emotion whether they were enraged or joyful.

You could never tell what went through the minds of such people — they were truly unpredictable!

“Young Lord Gu, the reason I came here today was to enquire about a certain matter; no, to be precise, I came here to seek justice!”

Ye Liuli took in a deep breath to calm herself. No matter what, she had to seek justice from this villainous Gu Changge today!

“Oh?” Gu Changge raised his eyebrows, and said with a mysterious smile, “What justice do you want to seek? This Gu doesn’t remember offending Lady Ye…”

“It’s not about me, it’s about my Brother Ye Chen!”

Ye Liuli directly got to the point. She couldn’t stand Gu Changge’s contemptuous and pretentious attitude of not knowing anything.

Gu Changge, on the other hand, loved the feeling of bringing others to their knees. Seeing others give in to him even though they hated him, and couldn’t wait to bite his neck off, gave him a feeling of exhilaration.

Even if Ye Liuli was the little princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, Gu Changge wouldn’t give her any face. Of course, he wanted to have her kneel and beg, but he knew that would have the opposite affect. What’s more? That beautiful middle-aged guardian behind her wouldn’t let that happen.

Pushing Ye Liuli, the princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, to her knees would be tantamount to slapping the Ancient Immortal Ye Family in the face.

Gu Changge wasn’t dumb enough to shoot himself in the foot. If he did that, he would only worsen his situation when it came time for him to return to the Upper Realm.

Everything had to be done in moderation.

As for killing Ye Liuli and the rest? Whether it was possible or not, Gu Changge would never do something that will bring him more losses than gains.

There was no way the daughter of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family’s Patriarch wouldn’t have some life-saving treasures or means on her person. He would need other means to deal with Ye Liuli.

“You want justice for Ye Chen? I don’t remember doing anything to him though…could Lady Ye be mistaken about something?”

“Why would I let him go if I really wanted to do something to him? Squeezing an ant like him to death isn’t all that hard for me, after all.”

Gu Changge said with a light smile.

Ye Liuli felt her breath halt as she heard his words. She felt as if he was looking down on her and everything else around her!

Unfortunately, it was nothing but a fact that her Brother Ye Chen was nothing more than an ant before someone of Gu Changge’s status and identity right now. She couldn’t help but feel confused.

How did the enmity between the two even come about?

Logically speaking, her Brother Ye Chen didn’t know her true identity, so how did he survive after offending Gu Changge? Could it be that Gu Changge truly never tried to kill her Brother Ye Chen?

What was her Brother Ye Chen up to? What had he gone through while she was away?

Gu Changge vaguely guessed Ye Liuli’s thoughts through her displeased and confused expression. He couldn’t help but cackle in his heart.

Why hadn’t he killed Ye Chen?

Obviously, because he was waiting for that leek to fatten up, so he could get as much meat from him as possible when he finally sent him to the slaughterhouse!

How could Ye Liuli comprehend his reasoning?

“Impossible! Brother Ye Chen is an honest and upright person who will never do anything to provoke others!”

Ye Liuli shook her head in disbelief. At the same time, her gaze fell upon Su Qingge, who stood beside Gu Changge.

According to the rumors, her Brother Ye Chen was a toad who wanted to eat swan meat, and coveted the beauty of the Eastern Wilderness’ number one fairy! Dressed in clothes as white as snow, Su Qingge indeed looked like a fairy who had descended upon the mortal world.

Ye Liuli held great confidence in her appearance, but when she compared herself to the woman in front of her, she realized that she wasn’t as good as her!

She held an amazing, mature charm that she couldn’t make up for right now.

Such a woman could indeed move her Brother Ye Chen’s heart, so the rumors might not be completely false…

“Since Young Lord Gu didn’t intend to kill Brother Ye Chen, they why did you destroy the Buddhist Holy Land that was related to Brother Ye Chen?”

Ye Liuli suddenly raised her head and glared at Gu Changge through her reddened, glazed eyes. She was unwilling to accept reality, and couldn’t stop herself from questioning him.

After all, the rumors said that the Buddhist Holy Land’s Holy Son had refused to reveal her Brother Ye Chen’s whereabouts, and that was why Gu Changge commanded his servant to obliterate them in rage.

She couldn’t make sense of these matters anymore.


Right then, Gu Changge’s expression froze over, and he said with an indifferent tone, “Could it be that Lady Ye came here to interrogate me? So what if I trample an ant to death? Since when do I need to explain my actions before you?”

Gu Changge’s words suffocated Ye Liuli, and her face paled. She couldn’t help but tightly clench her long sword. Her head buzzed, and she didn’t know how to respond to him.

He was correct!

Destroying the Buddhist Holy Land was no different from trampling an ant, so why would he need a reason for that?

“Lady Ye, is there anything else you would like to ask? If not, then please return to where you came from.”

Gu Changge said with an annoyed tone showing his desire for the ‘guests’ to take their leave. He should have already planted a thorn in Ye Liuli’s heart. As for whether it will do anything, that would depend on his actions in the future.

Of course, he had other ways to deal with her even if the thorn he planted did nothing.

Everything was under his control!


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