I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Master and Disciple No More; Yan Ji Jumped Ship!

Ye Chen’s head buzzed as he met Gu Changge’s playful eyes that looked down on him just like one looked down on an ant.

Gu Changge’s words almost made him black out, and he couldn’t help but almost spit blood. Although he already suspected his Master and thought that she held ulterior motives behind staying with him, there was still a glimmer of hope in his heart.

But now, that glimmer of hope was ruthlessly extinguished by Gu Changge!

This compounded Ye Chen’s rage, and he almost threw away the ring in his hand.

Why would Gu Changge use such a friendly tone when talking to his Master if his Master wasn’t in cahoots with him?

Obviously, they had gotten tired of the play and no longer wanted to hide anything from him. After all, how else could they explain how Gu Changge found his way to his location, and arrived as quickly as him?

Ye Chen’s rage soared higher and higher, and he questioned Yan Ji.

“Did you stop speaking recently out of guilt? I treated you as my Master, yet you colluded with my enemy behind my back and plotted to harm me?”

He ground his teeth and roared out in pain.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but praise his wit. Sure enough, just a few words of provocation from him were enough to send Ye Chen down a spiral of explosive rage.

It was great to have a brain, but unfortunately, Ye Chen didn’t have one…especially, when his eyes were reddened by flames of hatred and jealousy.

Yan Ji, who had prepared to not take any sides after seeing Gu Changge from inside the ring, was stunned by his words. What did Ye Chen mean by those words?

Although she knew Ye Chen had started to doubt her after the recent events, she didn’t think he was this far gone! She had never left the ring, so how could she inform Gu Changge of his whereabouts?

Instead of reflecting on his own actions and self, and seeing if there was something wrong with him, he pushed all his doubts and suspicions on her!


Yan Ji’s cold personality didn’t mean that she lacked other emotions, or couldn’t get angry. Right now, she was thoroughly enraged, with a chilling aura spreading around her.

The void trembled for a moment, and she emerged from the ring. Her red dress accentuated her beauty, and made her look like a gorgeous, flaming fairy, but the aura she radiated brought along a bone-chilling cold.

“You disappoint me! I never thought I amounted to so little in your heart. From today on, the relationship between you and me is no more!”

Yan Ji stared at Ye Chen through her blood-red eyes full of frost and disappointment, and uttered those words with complete indifference.

She felt that her years of kindness had all gone to waste.

Even a beast would be more loyal to their master if raised for such a long time. Some times, people could really be worse than beasts!

The rage in Ye Chen’s heart flared after listening to Yan Ji, and he glared at her with wrathful eyes.

“The relationship between us already ended on the day you joined hands with Gu Changge to deal with me! Do you think I can’t tell you are only showing your true colors now?”

Although he spoke with a sneer, Ye Chen’s heart couldn’t stop throbbing in pain.

Why? Just why was this happening?

Su Qingge betrayed him, and now, even his Master betrayed him! Could it be that even Ye Liuli would do the same to him?

The Master and Disciple, who had accompanied each other for years, finally reached the point where the rift between them expanded to form an un-fillable chasm.

“Senior Yan Ji, you are still as graceful as before, and your complexion looks even better.”

Gu Changge praised with a smile — he seemed to have no idea that the Master and Disciple in front of him were breaking apart.

He had deliberately driven a wedge between the two back then. Although his method wasn’t all that clever, it was fatal to the two of them at that time. Ye Chen feared death, while Yan Ji’s remnant soul wasn’t in a good condition.

Of course, Gu Changge’s method had an even greater impact on someone as envious, jealous, and suspicious as Ye Chen.

Gu Changge was a very possessive man. How could any mere Favored Son of Heaven or anyone else stop him if he wanted to take a woman or something else from them?

[Ding! Ye Chen and his Master have finally ended their relationship, and his Fortune Value has fallen below the Lower Ceiling!(1) Ye Chen lost 200 Points of Fortune Value. Host received 1000 Destiny Points!]

[1: When someone’s Fortune reaches below the Lower Ceiling, they are close to losing all of their Fortune Value. It’s danger level for the Favored Runts.]

Right then, the sound of the System’s Prompt sounded in Gu Changge’s mind, but he ignored it. After all, everything happened according to his plan.

Since he said back then that he wanted Ye Chen’s Master for himself, then he would obviously fulfill his words even if he needed to use some tricks.

Yan Ji turned her gaze towards Gu Changge, and replied in a faint voice, “Young Lord Gu, you flatter me! It’s all thanks to the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill] I received from you, or I wouldn’t know how long it would take me to reach this level by just depending on Ye Chen. There’s a chance that my remnant soul would dissipate before I could reconstruct my body…”

Although Gu Changge’s words were somewhat provocative, they didn’t disgust her.

Ye Chen’s performance was all in front of her, so no matter what Gu Changge said now, his words would obviously sound more pleasant to her ears.

Ye Chen’s face paled further as he listened to Yan Ji’s words, and he turned green in rage. His teeth creaked, and he almost exploded on the spot.

Yan Ji stayed indifferent, and didn’t even bother looking at Ye Chen anymore. This disciple had shattered her heart.

Since Ye Chen held no respect or trust in her, and the Master and Disciple relationship between them was already already over, there was no way she would bother about him ever again.

Although Ye Chen’s words were spoken in an extremely emotional state, they reflected the deepest truth of his heart.

“It seems Ye Chen misunderstood you quite deeply…”

Gu Changge showed an expression of surprise. There was no way he would miss this chance to rub salt on the wound.

Yan Ji deeply looked at him, and said with a shake of her head, “It’s not a misunderstanding…well, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Gu Changge’s face showed an expression of regret and self-blame as he heard her words, and he said, “It seems that my words just now made Ye Chen think that you were the one who leaked his whereabouts to me?”

Since he needed to pretend to be a gentleman, there was no way he wouldn’t. What’s more? He knew how to put on a flawless act.

There was no way Gu Changge would let anyone find out the truth right now, or all of his hard work would go to waste. After all, he still wanted to make Ye Chen watch his Master submit to him in front of his eyes.

Gu Changge’s words stunned Yan Ji, and the whites in her eyes showed a little red. Compared to Ye Chen’s inability to comprehend the truth, Gu Changge’s remarks deepened the grievance in her heart further.

“Gu Changge, you fucking bastard! Don’t pretend to be a gentleman now! Do you think I don’t know you and my Master have been plotting against me since the start? Didn’t you only reveal your true faces now because you were waiting for me to open the door of this palace?”

Ye Chen’s hatred for Gu Changge already towered above the Heavens. His expression was as cold as a glacier, and his killing intent appeared to be liquefying around him.

At the same time, he pushed the broken compass in his hands to work faster. As the Key of this inheritance palace, it had the ability to control the formations and traps inside the Secret Realm.

With the formations and his own strength, dealing with a mere Gu Changge, who was suppressed to the Great-Transcendent Realm, wouldn’t be a problem. There was a high chance he would come out on the top!

‘Hoh! He’s not completely stupid.’

Gu Changge glanced at Ye Chen, but couldn’t be bothered by his actions.

With his expression unchanged, he muttered to himself with a tone full of pity, “You have such a beautiful Master, yet you keep breaking her heart instead of cherishing her existence!”

“Back then, when I tried to win her over, she refused to join me because of you! It’s truly rare to find a woman as wonderful and caring as her.”

“She didn’t give up on you when you were at your lowest in life, so what could she obtain by plotting against you now?”

“Now that you have found a mighty inheritance, and realized that she isn’t all that useful to you, you decided to throw her away?”

“As for your whereabouts? Why don’t you use that brain of yours and think a bit deeply? Why do you think I let you prance around for so long?”

“Ye Chen, ah, Ye Chen! Tell me, do you not deserve to die after all of this?”

Gu Changge said with a playful smirk.

Swatting Ye Chen to death with a single slap wasn’t as interesting as playing with him slowly and steadily. Breaking hearts before killing was far more fun than simply killing someone.

He had mixed the truth with the lies so much that Ye Chen would never be able to tell them apart.

“Young Lord Gu, please don’t say anymore…”

Yan Ji’s eyes reddened further. She never expected Gu Changge to understand her so well. His words dissipated the chill and sadness in her heart to an extent, and she felt her heart move.

Had she followed Young Lord Gu back when he asked her in the dungeon, wouldn’t she not have to suffer such heartbreak today?

Maybe, it wasn’t too late for her yet? If Young Lord Gu was okay with it, couldn’t she follow him…now?

“Gu Changge, shut your damn trap! I never had any intention like that — you are uttering bullsh!t that has no basis!”

Ye Chen’s face paled and he couldn’t help but roar out to hide his emotions. Gu Changge’s words were simple, but he had no way to refute him. His words were like a knife stabbing through his heart!

Especially, his last sentence about him finding an inheritance and not needing his Master anymore. Did he really think so little of his Master just because she was a remnant spirit?

Ye Chen’s head buzzed!

That sentence seemed to tear off the fake mask covering his heart. Didn’t he want to keep his Master by his side simply because he desired to possess her?

“Young Lord Gu, if you are alright with Yan Ji, then Yan Ji would like to follow you in the future…”

Right then, Yan Ji opened her mouth once more, and the words that rolled off her tongue made Ye Chen’s head almost explode. His face turned green.


Ye Chen almost cursed out.


Gu Changge slapped out before Ye Chen could finish his filthy words. Brilliant runes condensed and turned into a golden, spinning disc that caused Ye Chen to spit out a mouthful of blood.

It was still the same as before — he couldn’t put up a shred of resistance in front of Gu Changge!

“You speak too much.”

Gu Changge glanced at him with his aloof and indifferent expression, as if he was looking down on an ant from high above.

“This Gu naturally welcomes you if you are willing to follow this Gu, Senior Yan Ji!”

Gu Changge turned his face towards Yan Ji, and spoke with a smile as gentle as a spring breeze. At the same time, another System Prompt sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Yan Ji has changed over to your side! You received 400 Points of Fortune Value and 2000 Destiny Points!]

He actually received 400 Points of Fortune Value! This haul wasn’t small.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart; he felt wonderful right now.

If someone as foolish as Ye Chen didn’t exist, he would need to spend a lot of time and effort to get someone like Yan Ji on his side. But now, all he needed to do was to add fuel to the fire, and take advantage of the rift that already existed between Yan Ji and Ye Chen.

“If Young Lord Gu is alright with it, then please call me Yan Ji from now on. Senior and whatever doesn’t sound all that appropriate.”

Yan Ji’s heart was further moved when Gu Changge readily accepted her. She was worried that Gu Changge might not accept her right now.

Considering that people of her kind had a lifespan far longer than humans, she wasn’t all that older than him if they converted her age to human age. She felt weird to be called Senior by him.

“Alright, I will call you Yan Ji from now on. This is what you said.”

Gu Changge smiled and gave her the feeling of talking to a graceful Young Lord. At the same time, he took out a piece of crystal clear, radiant jade that he had prepared long ago. Brilliant runes and exhilarating divinity could be felt from the jade.

Since he was doing something, then he would obviously make sure to go above and beyond in it’s execution.

“[Deity-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade]?”

Yan Ji immediately recognized the jade in his hands, and exclaimed in shock and amazement, “Young Lord Gu’s heart is incredibly vast and generous!”

“How can I let you stay in a broken ring?”

Gu Changge said with a smile. Since he was a rich, handsome, and magnanimous man from the Upper Realm, then he would naturally act like one, too!

The preciousness of the [Deity-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade] could be seen just from its name. As for it’s value? It could easily be exchanged for a few Celestial-grade Artifacts.

“Thank you, Young Lord!”

Yan Ji’s figure turned into a phantom as she left the ring, and a wisp of red smoke soon entered the [Deity-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade].

Her face couldn’t help but turn red as she arrived inside. She had never enjoyed such treatment during her time with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, who was lying on the ground like a beaten dog, felt enraged and frustrated as he watched Gu Changge change his face faster than a man turned a page. He almost went crazy as he listened to the exchange between the two who treated him like thin air.

“Gu Changge…”

Ye Chen’s eyes turned completely red. No matter what, he would use the Key of the Secret Realm and fight Gu Changge to death!


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