I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Title at the End.


Innumerable brilliant runes flickered at the gate of the inheritance palace. Various vein-like rays converged together from all directions, and released an oppressive aura.

“I will kill you!”

Ye Chen roared. His eyes had turned red, and he resembled a ferocious beast who couldn’t wait to devour the world.

The Key of the Secret Realm was his trump card. It could control all the formations and mechanisms inside the inheritance palace.

He couldn’t bear to watch Gu Changge have an intimate conversation with Yan Ji, who was his Master just a while ago.

Gu Changge behaved like he was above the world, and everything he took out was a treasure he (Ye Chen) had never even heard about. He, on the other hand, was like a poor bloke in front of Gu Changge.

Ye Chen felt as if he were a beggar watching a prince show off and steal his woman right in front of him!

How could Ye Chen bear such humiliation?

Worse still? Yan Ji was a peerless beauty whose glamour no one could doubt, and she had personally taught him for many years. Instead of a Master, he treated her as his woman.

After all, he was a hot-blooded youth, so it was obvious that he held certain ‘unspeakable’ emotions towards Yan Ji, his gorgeous Master.

Even if Yan Ji had betrayed him, and ended the Master and Disciple relationship between them, he still wouldn’t allow her to throw herself into Gu Changge’s arms so quickly, and right in front of his eyes.


The red in his eyes deepened, and his heart burned with flames of jealousy. Right now, he could no longer give a damn about the inheritance or whatever tide of ferocious beasts — he only cared about killing Gu Changge!

He wanted to obliterate this enemy who took everything from him!


A terrifying aura surged in the palace, as if a savage beast had awakened, and violent rays of light burst out from the ground. These rays of light gathered in the sky, and condensed into a ferocious might ready to obliterate Gu Changge.

This was Ye Chen’s mightiest blow, and even existences of the Saint Realm wouldn’t be able to survive after taking a hit.

One had to know that no one in this Ancient Heavenly Secret Realm could exert might beyond the Great-Transcendent Realm, and Gu Changge was no exception to this rule. This was Ye Chen’s greatest reliance!

“The Key in Ye Chen’s hand can control the formations and mechanisms in this palace. The power behind them is extremely ferocious, so Young Lord should act with care.”

Yan Ji reminded Gu Changge to be careful after seeing the scene before her, afraid that he might suffer due to his lack of information.

Right now, the way she looked at Ye Chen was completely different. She had already figured everything out — Ye Chen never regarded her as his Master from the beginning to the end; he had always treated her as his personal possession!

Now that the relationship between them was over, she would naturally regard Gu Changge’s enemy as her own enemy, and Ye Chen was one of those now. That was the nature of her race! Once they set their hearts on someone or something, they wouldn’t budge.

[VILFIC: in case this wasn’t clear just from the chapter’s content, Yan Ji isn’t a human but from a different race. At least, that’s what I got from the RAWs.]

Before, she was Ye Chen’s Master, so she would always help him, and make him increase his cultivation with all her heart. But now, she was on GU Changge’s side, so she would naturally consider whatever was the best for Gu Changge.

“These toys here can’t stop me; Ye Chen can’t make any waves before me!”

Gu Changge replied with a smile without paying any attention to Ye Chen’s actions. As his words fell, a jet-black Dharma Incarnate[1] appeared behind him. Although it’s cultivation base was limited to the Peak Stage of the Great-Transcendent Realm, it’s aura was nothing short of a mighty Ancient God’s!

[1: something like an illusory Spiritual Puppet that can fight for you.]

As Gu Changge threw a fist, the jet-black Dharma Incarnate behind him also threw a fist! Immediately, a terrifying might erupted, and the void around the rumbled.


The condensed blow of light made of runes and patterns slammed towards Gu Changge, but his Dharma Incarnate’s punch obliterated it! All the patterns and runes vanished into thin smoke without a trace.

His fearsome punch shocked Yan Ji. She realized that she had sorely underestimated Gu Changge’s strength. How could he, the Young Lord of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, be similar to ordinary people with ordinary means?

“How is this possible…”

A powerful backlash hit Ye Chen, and he spewed a mouthful of blood with a loud scream. At the same time, he flew back like a broken kite, covered in blood.

He couldn’t believe the outcome!

The power he summoned using the inheritance palace’s Key, formations, and all mechanisms was smashed to smithereens with a single punch from a mere Dharma Incarnate!

What’s more? He wasn’t even going all out, and the might he used was still under the limitations set by the Secret Realm, yet it obliterated his trump card with a single punch.

[Kacha! Crack!]

What gave Ye Chen a deeper shock was the fact that the dilapidated compass in his hands showed many cracks, and then shattered!

That was to say: ‘he would have already turned into meat paste if the Key of the inheritance palace hadn’t blocked most of Gu Changge’s might!’

Chills went down Ye Chen’s back as this realization hit him.

Gu Changge’s true strength was far beyond his imagination. Even though he was suppressed to the Great-Transcendent Realm, Ye Chen estimated that he could still easily slaughter Saint Realm cultivators with a few swats.

Ye Chen’s heart froze in shock, and he couldn’t help but shiver and stand rooted to his spot.

“You have played around enough, and now is the time for you to go off to the next world, Little Leek…”

Gu Changge casually dictated his fate.


Gu Changge slapped out again, and the Dharma Incarnate behind him followed with a slap of its own that expanded and obscured everything in front of him (Ye Chen)! The void rumbled, and his expression showed clear indifference as if he was a god who could crush anything and everything.

“Impossible! How can I possibly die here…”

Despair clouded Ye Chen’s eyes, and shivers went down his spine as he watched the palm get bigger and bigger. Right now, he couldn’t even move as the oppressive might heading towards him had already suppressed him.

He had always believed himself to be a mighty youth, but before Gu Changge’s palm, he found himself to be as small as an ant that had no ability to resist!

He was going to die today!

All of his trump cards and tricks had failed in the face of absolute strength!

“Stop! Gu Changge!”

Right at this moment, a cold cry arrived from the outside.

Somehow, Ye Liuli broke away from the tide of beasts and rushed over to this place just in time to see Gu Changge slapping out to squash Ye Chen to death.


An extremely splendid sword light containing wisps of sharp sword intent slashed out, to sever everything in its path!

She wanted to save Ye Chen at all costs!

Ye Liuli was in the Saint Realm. Although she was suppressed at the Great-Transcendent Realm in the Secret Realm, her combat power of the Great-Transcendent Realm was stronger than ordinary cultivators. She was sure she could stop Gu Changge.


However, she was shocked to see that her sword was like a ball of mud sinking into the sea when it slashed at the pitch-black hand of Gu Changge’s Dharma Incarnate!

‘How is this possible…’

‘My Realm is no different from Gu Changge’s, so why can’t I even cut off his Dharma Incarnate’s hand…’

Disbelief filled Ye Liuli’s eyes.

Her snow-white long sword wasn’t made of some run-of-the-mill materials either. It was crafted with Divine Gold, and her swordsmanship technique was the Ancient Immortal Ye Clan’s extremely mighty Sword Art that was commended even in the Upper Realm.

She could easily obliterate Saint Realm cultivators with a single slash of her sword, but Gu Changge didn’t even budge at her attack!

“You arrived right at time.”

Gu Changge watched her with a playful expression. Then, he changed his slapping motion to a grabbing one, and his Dharma Incarnate’s hand directly grabbed Ye Chen and raised him in the air.

It was as if he was holding onto a bug!


Ye Chen’s face paled inside the suffocating hold, and eh couldn’t help but call out to Ye Liuli while struggling desperately for freedom. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get away.

This was the might of Gu Changge’s [Myriad Changes Demonic Physique]. Let alone the current Ye Chen, even if he was allowed to break through to another Great Realm, he still wouldn’t be able to break free from Gu Changge’s hold.

Ye Chen knew well that only Ye Liuli could save him now.

[Cough! Puff!]

Unfortunately, as soon as he opened his mouth, Gu Changge tightened his hold around him. Ye Chen couldn’t help but spew even more blood and struggle harder for freedom.

Yan Ji watched everything with a calm expression, without a shred of sympathy for Ye Chen.

He had brought this upon himself.

She had advised him to give up on his revenge and hatred, but he never listened to her. He was reaping the fruit of his own stubbornness and ego!

“What is it? Do you want to save him?”

Gu Changge gazed at Ye Liuli with a light smile. He wasn’t surprised to see her arrive here so fast even when there were so many demons attacking her. After all, she was the little princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Clan, so she must have a lot of techniques and treasures on her that could easily solve a bunch of weak beasts like those in a flash.

Of course, the most important thing is that Gu Changge was sure she would arrive here in the nick of time somehow.

With Ye Chen in his grasp, he could make good use of her and squeeze out the final Fortune Value on this fat leek.

“Gu Changge, stop this instant, and let Brother Ye Chen go! Just say what you want in return…”

Ye Liuli uttered with a frosty tone. Gu Changge’s expression showed her that he had a plan for her, but it was impossible for her to watch her Brother Ye Chen die right before her eyes.

From what she knew of Gu Changge’s character, he would most likely threaten her with Ye Chen’s life and ask for something. Alas! Gu Changge was too strong for her, so she couldn’t deal with him using normal means.

At first, she had some hope for her Brother Ye Chen, and thought that she should also put her trust in him since he was so confident…she had never thought she would watch her Brother Ye Chen almost get slapped to death by Gu Changge the moment she arrived.

Ye Liuli had no idea on how to resolve this issue.

“Can I ask for anything?”

An expression of intrigue appeared on Gu Changge’s face, and he asked back.

Ye Liuli glared daggers at him, and replied, “I am willing to do anything as long as you spare Brother Ye Chen! Of course, your request mustn’t be too excessive…”

“Wait, wait, wait! Right now, you are the one begging me, and not the other way around, so who are you to decide the conditions?”

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows and interrupted her speech, still with an expression of indifference on his face.

“If you don’t even understand this much, then don’t even think about saving Ye Chen.”

As his words fell, a smile appeared on his handsome visage, accentuating his charm. At the same time, the hand of his Dharma Incarnate clenched even tighter. Ye Chen spewed another mouthful of blood, but his face showed an unyielding expression of hatred and rage.

Gu Changge’s handsome, gentlemanly appearance fell into Ye Liuli’s eyes, but to her, he was no different from a fierce devil, so her expression turned even colder.

“Liuli, don’t listen to him! I won’t let you beg him even if I have to die!”

Ye Chen decided to show some backbone at this time, and glared at Gu Changge with an unyielding expression. It was as if he was telling Gu Changge that he would tear off a piece of his flesh even if he died today!

“Did I allow you to speak?”

Gu Changge glanced at him with an indifferent expression.


Ye Chen spewed blood as he was crushed again — he felt suffocated!

“Just say what you want to let Brother Ye Chen go? I will do it as long as it’s within my ability.”

Ye Liuli glared daggers at Gu Changge, and spoke with a stubborn tone.

“It’s very simple. You merely need to open your Sea of Consciousness and let me imprint a Slave Seal inside.”

Gu Changge’s expression remained unchanged, and he uttered his remark as if it was something minor.

But, as soon as Ye Chen heard his words, his expression fell. Once a Slave Seal was imprinted in someone’s Sea of Consciousness, they would end up as a slave for the rest of their life, and would never be able to go against the one who imprinted the Seal.

The price was simply too high!

Would Ye Liuli even agree? He was at a loss for words, and a hint of struggle appeared in his expression…

“Liuli, don’t accept his condition! I would rather die…”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but scream loudly. Obviously, he didn’t want to die! He wanted revenge, so he couldn’t die here no matter what.

And to survive, he knew that he couldn’t show his fear of death and greed for life, or Ye Liuli might hesitate in saving him. Ye Chen didn’t really want to trick Ye Liuli like this, but he knew he wouldn’t survive otherwise.

Gu Changge would most definitely kill him.

He was in great pain, and didn’t know why he ended up in such dire straits today. All of this was Gu Changge’s fault!

“Imprint a Slave Seal? Gu Changge, you are truly audacious! But, alright, I am willing to let you do it if it can save Brother Ye Chen’s life.”

Ye Liuli was relieved when she heard Gu Changge’s words. On the surface, she showed an extremely enraged and unwilling expression, and even quietened down for a moment before taking in a deep breath and agreeing to his proposition.

She believed that her act could deceive Gu Changge. After all, her Ancient Immortal Ye Clan was a primordial heritage that was well-versed in countering Seals and Arts of even primordial gods. Slave Seals were their specialty, and only the Ancient Immortal Ye Clan’s direct descendants knew about this secret.

Even if Gu Changge had calculated everything, he mustn’t have thought this one through. She had a way to get rid of the Slave Seal!

Plant a Slave Seal; It Won’t Work!


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