I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Heart of Righteousness; Gu Changge Feeling Offended!

The brand new Attributes Panel brought great satisfaction to Gu Changge’s heart. The leek he raised for so long brought him a fat harvest just like he desired.

He now had almost ten thousand Destiny Points, and close to two thousand Points of Fortune Value. In addition to these, he also got other haul.

He could now do a lot more, and put many of his plans into action. Of course, the most important matter right now was for him to fulfill his purpose behind descending to the Lower Realm.

Ye Chen had already cleared the path for him, and the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd] was his to take now!

As for the inheritance of Ancient Heavenly Secret Realm? It didn’t matter to Gu Changge all that much. Only a minor character like Ye Chen would care about a Quasi-Supreme’s inheritance. As a Young Lord from a prominent family in the Upper Realm, he didn’t lack inheritances of mighty beings. What’s more? He also had the System to jack him up!

‘According to the description of the Heavenly Rewards, the Void Essence should be related to Ye Chen[1]. Did that Ye Chen have some latent Physique or some other Mystical Talent?’

‘Well, it doesn’t matter now even if he did!’

[1: The Heavenly Reward Chest gives a random thing + something related to the Favored Child of Heaven killed by Gu Changge.]

Gu Changge thought about it and then dismissed the matter. After that, he felt his current control over the Void. Not only could this new ability help him fight against others, but it could also help him escape and hide when he might be in dire straits.

After all, the power to control the Void was the power to control Space itself. Not many forces had studied it even in the Upper Realm. All the Mystical Abilities related to Space were extremely mysterious and mighty.

Gu Changge could use this ability as one of his minor trump cards.

‘I should keep the World Seed’s fragments for now, and refine them later when I have time. I should have more means to successfully refine and nourish a world inside my body at that time…’

Gu Changge decided in his mind, and then swept his gaze across the palace’s hall. A light of satisfaction appeared in his eyes when his gaze landed on the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]. It was the reason behind his descent to the Lower Realm, after all.

The ferocious Devil Qi coming out from the Halberd stirred his Devil Heart, and he felt a deep connection to between his Origin and the Halberd. Gu Changge couldn’t suppress his desire to possess this supreme, evil weapon.

Once he obtained the weapon, he would have another trump card to rely on when he returned to the Upper Realm; he wouldn’t need to spend so much effort on schemes and underhanded means.

“Gu Changge, what did you do to me?”

Ye Liuli’s roar sounded from the side, and interrupted Gu Changge’s thoughts on how he could obtain the Halberd as soon as possible. She was struggling with an extremely complicated expression on her face. Confusion, rage, and coldness masked her face, but if there was one thing missing, then that would be hatred.

She knew that she should have hatred for him, but for some reason, whenever she thought about hating Gu Changge, a deep fear would grip her heart as if she was facing a Heavenly Tribulation!

This feeling put her through extreme pain and struggle.

This was definitely because of Gu Changge’s sorcery! She regretted her actions, and wondered why she was dumb enough to think she could outwit Gu Changge and play him? In the end, Gu Changge played her, and she was merely dancing in the palm of his hand.

“What did you call me?”

Gu Changge glanced at her with a playful smirk.

To be honest, he wasn’t all that interested in Ye Liuli. The only reason he bothered with her was her identity. As the little princess of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family, she was the one most favored by their Patriarch. As long as he used her well, he could get a lot of benefits from the Ancient Immortal Ye Family with his identity as the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

Why else would he bother keeping Ye Liuli?

Ye Liuli’s head buzzed again at Gu Changge’s words full of indifference. The previous daze took over her again, and she felt as if she was standing before an ancient god as Gu Changge’s indifferent eyes kept staring at her.

Her very soul trembled, and she couldn’t help but submit herself before him.


Ye Liuli felt great humiliation as the word left her mouth, and tears welled up in her eyes. He was the enemy who had murdered her Brother Ye Chen, yet here she was, calling him ‘Master.’

She couldn’t bear this shame, but she had no way to stop herself.

Ye Liuli wanted the earth to explode and swallow her whole. She had only suffered humiliation and setbacks ever since she met Gu Changge! Nothing good had come out from her encounter with him.

‘Young Lord’s thoughts and means are completely beyond Ye Chen’s. Ye Chen would have never made a comeback, or have had his revenge, against Young Lord Gu in this life!’

Yan Ji couldn’t help but think this in her heart after watching everything that transpired. Then, her figure turned into a wisp of light and she returned inside the [Deity-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade].

The [Divine-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade] was incomparably more precious and beneficial to her, compared to some ordinary ring. Not only did it kept her remnant spirit warm, but it also nourished it and strengthened her Primordial Spirit. Even for God Kings, it was a treasure that they would keep close to their person at all times.

It’s just that Gu Changge put multiple layers of shackles and restrictions on the [Spirit Nourishing Jade]. Yan Ji couldn’t spy on the outside world through the Jade, unless he allowed it.

After all, he hated the fact that all these ‘Grandpas’ had the ability to watch everything that went on the outside world. They would watch the Protagonists at all times, and the Protagonists would have no privacy or secrets.

Gu Changge made sure to make the restrictions as watertight as possible, and took into consideration every aspect. Yan Ji knew this, but she wasn’t bothered by the restrictions. After all, she wasn’t someone who liked to spy on someone else’s secrets.

What’s more? Someone with Gu Changge’s identity would most certainly have many secrets. It was reasonable for Gu Changge to do this much, and she also didn’t want Gu Changge to have any suspicion towards her.

What’s more? The [Deity-grade Spirit Nourishing Jade] wasn’t a prison. As long as she willed, she could leave it at any time and show up in the outside world.

This further moved Yan Ji’s heart as Gu Changge had put a lot of thought and care into giving her a comfortable and leisurely environment with complete freedom. This was treatment that she would never receive from Ye Chen!

She immediately sat inside the Jade and started to strengthen her spirit.

In the ring, she could only float around in a dazd, with nothing to do. But now, she could use the powers of the Jade to nourish and cultivate her remnant spirit. The two treatments were as different as Heaven and Earth, and only when one experienced both for themselves, would they understand their disparity.

‘To be able to so-easily pierce the body of a Quasi-Supreme, and bring chaos to all the worlds, this [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd] must be a Supreme-grade Artifact, or higher…”

‘It seems I will need to use some tricks to possess it…’

‘I wonder if I can refine it by simply using Destiny Points…after all, Destiny Points can increase cultivation base and comprehension, so this shouldn’t be impossible either…’

Gu Changge was already thinking up of plans to conquer the Halberd when he walked further into the palace.


A terrifying pressure that could shake one’s very soul descended upon him, giving him a feeling of an ancient god looking down on him, but Gu Changge completely ignored it.

The [Innate God’s Temple] in his Sea of Consciousness reverberated, and the gaze of the shadowy figure inside it cut through the void to stare at whatever stood before him!


An even stronger pressure descended upon him, and Gu Changge wondered if it was the aura left behind by the creator of the Ancient Heavenly Secret Realm before his death, or the might of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]? Either way, he felt as if the aura could obliterate the Heavens!

Gu Changge’s Devil Heart surged at this moment, and a pitch-black, demonic shadow appeared behind him as his devilish nature unleashed itself.

Ghostly knells and chants sounded from all the corners of the world, as if the devils everywhere were welcoming their Lord! The origin of his aura resonated with the Devil Qi in the surroundings, and the pressure of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd] pressing down on him disappeared to a great extent.

This relaxed Gu Changge, and he appeared at the core of the palace within a few steps.


Right at this moment, however, sudden change occured. The body that was pierced by the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd], and nailed to the palace’s throne, suddenly trembled and released terrifying fluctuations in the surroundings.

A ray of brilliant light shone around the body, and a silhouette appeared above it, as if the corpse was about to resurrect.

“It turns out that the inheritance was left behind like this. It’s good that I killed Ye Chen first, or I would be in some trouble…”

Gu Changge frowned and stopped in his tracks.

Anyone could tell that there was something wrong with this place. Normally, there were only two possibilities for a millenniums-old corpse’s resurrection: ‘One is that the corpse isn’t a corpse, or there’s a remnant spirit left behind to pass on the inheritance.’

No matter which one the case was for this Quasi-Supreme, it spelled danger for Gu Changge.

He hadn’t come here to accept the inheritance, instead, he was here to refine and bring away the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]. In other words, he was here to destroy the seal set by the Secret Realm’s owner.

Since the Secret Realm’s owner still had a remnant spirit left, how could he allow him to do as he pleased?

It didn’t take long for Gu Changge to figure all of this out.

According to the normal plot progression, the Favored Son of Heaven would obviously reach this point easily, and get the approval of the Ancient Heavenly Secret Realm’s master. He would then receive the inheritance, become a champion of justice, and tighten the seal of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd].

But now, not only did he pick the fruit of the Favored Son’s hard work, but he also killed off the Favored Son of Heaven.

Gu Changge had no interest in the Fortuitous Encounter left for the Favored Son of Heaven, especially when there was danger associated with it.

“Come to me and learn my Dao…”

Right then, the silhouette above the corpse turned real, and brought along a majestic pressure with it. Wearing a purple-gold crown and golden divine robes, he looked like an ancient emperor.

His gaze fell upon Gu Changge and he commanded.

As a Quasi-Supreme, he was naturally the absolute master of the Secret Realm with complete control over everything. All kinds of thoughts flashed past Gu Changge’s mind as he watched the remnant spirit in front of him.

If things got dangerous, he could still escape from the Secret Realm, but then he would lose the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd].

‘It doesn’t matter since I have the [Domain Traversing Talisman]. If things turn for the worse, then I can use it and get away…’

Gu Changge’s expression turned calm, and he quickly thought of a solution in his heart. At the same time, his Devil Heart’s power subsided and disappeared.

“Yes, senior!”

With a calm expression, he walked towards the corpse. The Master of the Secret Realm should have been a decent man when alive, so Gu Changge wasn’t worried about him using any tricks, or attacking him out of nowhere.

“You have a demonic heart and a devilish nature…”

“How can I pass on my Dao of Light to you?”

Just when Gu Changge stood still, a gleam flashed past the remnant spirit’s eyes, and he stared deeply at Gu Changge. After that, his terrifying voice full of rage almost shattered the palace, and Gu Changge felt his blood rumble.

Fortunately, he was already prepared and protecting his vitals, or the sudden tremors would have shocked him into a stupor. After all, the remnant spirit belonged to a Quasi-Supreme, so it wouldn’t be easy for him to deal with it immediately.

At the same time, this verified Gu Changge’s speculation.

This remnant spirit had its own consciousness and wasn’t just an inanimate recording left behind by the Secret Realm’s master. Fortunately, he had already restrained his Devil Heart, or the remnant spirit might have already attacked him, instead of conversing with him like this.

At that time, it would have definitely tried to slap him to death. After all, the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd], and the one who killed this Quasi-Supreme, were related to him and his inheritance’s origin.

‘That bastard Ye Chen’s heart wasn’t all that clean either. Not only did he covet his Master’s body, but he was also a jealous and hypocritical piece of crap. He even feared death to the point of pretending to be unyielding and mighty…’

‘So he’s deserving just because he is the Favored Son of Heaven? Isn’t this rigged too much?’

Gu Changge was left speechless, and felt immense dissatisfaction towards the judgement ability of the Secret Realm’s master.

Sure enough, he only held malice towards him. Alas! He was a villain, and just his existence was enough to offend these people.

“Senior, although this junior has a devilish nature, my heart is bright, and full of justice for the world. I intend to help the common people, and bring light to the life of those drowned in darkness…”

“If the Senior’s inheritance is given to this junior, then this junior guarantees to punish evil, promote justice, and never stray from the correct path!”

But, since it was a remnant spirit, it shouldn’t be all that hard for him to deal with it. After he dealt with this remnant spirit, he will naturally be able to conquer the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd].

Gu Changge’s face showed an expression of righteous, and he couldn’t help but utter eloquent words full of justice.


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