I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Reincarnation of a Demoness; Only Bad Apple in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family!

As soon as they came to the Upper Realm, Su Qingge was made to witness the horrifying behemoth that was Gu Changge’s family. She couldn’t help but feel uneasy in her heart over the last period of time. After all, she was merely a woman, and even though she had another soul inside her that would occasionally give her all sorts of ideas, she still couldn’t help but feel a little flustered at the situations that came to her mind.

She didn’t know what to do if Gu Changge didn’t want her. After all, there couldn’t be a lack of gorgeous and talented women around someone with an identity as terrifying as Gu Changge’s.

She, on the other hand, was a clumsy person who probably couldn’t please him much.

Someone like her, who was born in the Lower Realm, meant nothing in the eyes of the people of the Upper Realm — she was very clear about this after her memories merged with more and more fragments of memories from her second soul.

Not just that, she somewhat understood the terrifying status that Gu Changge possessed!

Back then, fear was one of Su Qingge’s biggest reasons for surrendering herself to Gu Changge. But after she spent more and more time with her, she started to develop an inexplicable feeling of attraction towards him. Although he was unpredictable — sometimes completely indifferent, even — and looked down on everyone and everything in the world, he still treated her well and spoiled her much.

Once someone moved a woman’s heart, she would naturally not want to separate from them.

So now that Su Qingge heard Gu Changge’s question, she felt her head buzz, and subconsciously thought that Gu Changge didn’t want her anymore.[1]

Of course, it wasn’t completely her fault. Any other woman in her place would have probably thought the same.

The only person she could rely on asked her about her plans for the future, so wouldn’t that mean that he was preparing to drive her away?

[1: either this bruh forgot about her Bed-Warming-Cultivation-Raising Physique, or she thinks Gu Changge is really a saint who doesn’t covet it.]

Gu Changge had only planned to tease Su Qingge somewhat by asking her that question. He didn’t need to focus on cultivation like other people, so he was feeling bored, and could only entertain himself somewhat by bullying Su Qingge like this.

In response to his words, however, he saw Su Qingge’s eyes redden somewhat. At this, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Why would I bring you to the Upper Realm if I didn’t want you? I would have left you in the Lower Realm if that was the case. You are so cunning on normal days, so why did you turn so muddle headed over something this minor?”

Gu Changge spoke with a chuckle.

Whether he had feelings for Su Qingge or not, but bullying her surely brought great joy to his heart. Beauty was like a collectible, and the more you had around, the more they would be pleasing to the eye.

Of course, whether they could affect his judgment and reason was a completely different matter.

He only needed a few nice words to coax her.

Su Qingge was stunned for a few moments after she heard his words, and bit her lips while feeling wronged, “Young Master, you are so annoying…”

“By the way, don’t you have something to tell me?”

With that, Gu Changge stared at her with a playful smile and asked. After all, he knew Su Qingge was up to something. Even after so many days, her Fortune Value hadn’t stopped increasing, and it had already risen by a lot. Such a strange phenomenon could only mean that she was hiding some Fortuitous Opportunity or something.

Gu Changge guessed that Su Qingge was either the reincarnation of some mighty expert he might or might not have heard about, or she was somehow related to the Upper Realm.

This would make sense from a plot-perspective.

Thinking of this, he waited for Su Qingge’s response.

“Young Master…I am sorry for hiding this from you, but there is something that I haven’t told you…”

Gu Changge’s sudden words prompted Su Qingge into raising her gorgeous visage, and she gazed upon his face. His expression dumbfounded her, and she immediately understood what he was talking about.

Either way, she had been looking for an opportunity to tell Gu Changge about that matter…it was just that she didn’t know how to start the conversation.

“Tell me, I am all ears.”

At the same time, he looked at Su Qingge’s Fortune Value.

There were 500 Points!

When he first met her, she only had around three hundred, but after coming to the Upper Realm, her Fortune grew wildly. He reckoned that her relationship with the Upper Realm wasn’t a simple one.

“The matter is that from the moment of my birth, I was different from normal newborns. Not only did I know a lot of things right from birth, but I also knew that another ‘me’ existed in my Sea of Consciousness…”

Su Qingge carefully arranged her thoughts and explained to Gu Changge.

‘Two souls in a single body? That’s interesting. It seems that my guess wasn’t too far off. Not only was she some mighty figure in her previous life, but she also has another soul.’

Of course, he couldn’t have guessed this situation. Could it be that Su Qingge’s Fortune kept increasing because she had started to fuse with her other soul?

This explained her peculiarity.

It was for this reason that Gu Changge’s luck also kept rising, albeit slowly. After all, Su Qingge belonged to him now.

“Are your and your other soul’s memories shared?”

Gu Changge asked.

“We are in a sort of a symbiotic relationship[2], and I can only recall some of her memories. The rest of the memories seem to be sealed by a fog that is slowly dissipating and releasing them.”

[2: the two are very close but can’t read each other’s mind.]

‘Gu Changge isn’t someone we can trust, so how could you reveal our greatest secret to him?!’

At the same time, the malevolent voice of her other soul sounded in Su Qingge’s mind, but she ignored her.

After all, she was in complete control of their body.

‘Seal? That shouldn’t be the case. Most likely, her memories are damaged. It’s possible that she was some mighty figure in the Upper Realm who had no choice but to reincarnate in the Lower Realm. After that she was destined to end up as the Favored Son of Heaven’s woman, as dictated by the plot. After that, her origins would be revealed to not be all that simple, right?’

Gu Changge guessed in his heart after listening to her explanation. Of course, there was a chance that his guess wasn’t correct.

“Young Master, I occasionally dream of an ancient battlefield shrouded in darkness, with all sorts of creatures fighting…”

“I dreamed that I had turned into a demoness who was worshiped by many creatures that I have never seen before!”

Su Qingge trembled at the mention of this.

In those dreams, she resembled an incomparably frightening, ruthless, and bloodthirsty monster who desired to destroy everything!

She has thought that it might have been a nightmare, but as she spent more and more time in the Upper Realm, she experienced more of those visions.

She wasn’t stupid, and guessed that either those were memories from her past life, or they had something to do with her other soul.

She had always wanted to tell Gu Changge about this matter as she believed that Gu Changge, who had experienced far more than her, might have a better idea about her situation.

She right now had no semblance to the demoness in her dream.

“So that’s how it is! You don’t have to worry about this matter; although I can’t tell much, but I do have a few guesses in my mind.”

Gu Changge comforted her with a smile.

His words brought relief to Su Qingge’s tumultuous heart.

Gu Changge, on the other hand, felt that it might just be a good thing for her. With two souls in one body, and intelligence that couldn’t be rivaled by many, Su Qingge might just reach unexpected heights if she merged with her other soul and memories. At the same time, he will reap massive benefits, too!

As for her being a demoness? He would need to ask his mother as she knew better about these matters, and should have some information. After all, the Primordial Divine Sect was once called the Primordial Demon Sect.

It was only through the continuous effort of its many disciples and elders that it could later change its name from Demon Sect to Divine Sect. Although their acts didn’t change much, their new name sounded far more upright. After all, the word ‘Demon’ didn’t hold any positive meaning no matter which corner of the world one went in.

What’s more? Gu Changge’s inheritance of Devil Arts seemed to have some connection to the Primordial Demon Sect, too. Although there wasn’t a direct connection, they weren’t strangers to each other.[3]

[3: this is referring to his Devil Arts inheritance (and its creator, probably) and the Primordial Demon Sect.]


Gu Changge left the two girls after explaining some more details to them. Next, he needed to consider how to deal with his affairs in the Family.

His father had already told him that many elders of the Family had been criticizing him behind his back, and the biggest reason for that was the act of bone-digging his Original had committed back in the day.

Although many in the Gu Family fought with each other, they still had a bottomline and made sure not to cross certain lines. Killing members of the Family was strictly forbidden, and all offenders would receive severe punishment.

The Original Gu Changge, who was still a child back then, coveted his cousin’s talent and ruthlessly dug out her Dao Bone. Although this matter was suppressed back then, it couldn’t be hidden from the elders of the Family.

Although they didn’t say anything out loud, their hearts were filled with dissatisfaction towards Gu Changge.

The bone-digging trope…

Gu Changge, as a transmigrator, was naturally more familiar with this trope than anyone else, and he also had to bear its burden since he crossed over into the body of the perpetrator.

‘Gu Xian’er, my cousin who was three years younger than me…’

‘This bone-digging trope is more difficult than dealing with those useless Favored Kids from the Lower Realm. Of course, if the events are different from the trope that I know of, then it would be fine, but if my cousin has a willow deity behind her, then…’

‘I have always asked my father to find her since I can vaguely sense that she is alive due to the Dao Bone that I took from her…unfortunately, my father never found her trace. That must mean there’s an expert backing her!’

Gu Changge thought of countermeasures in his heart.

After all, the Favored Children of Heaven in the Upper Realm would definitely be miles ahead of trash like Ye Tian and Lin Chen.

What’s more? Many elders of the Gu Family felt guilt towards his cousin, whose Dao Bone he dug out and took for himself, and felt remorse for not protecting her well. They didn’t even deign to give him a good look.

Once this matter came out in the world, their Gu Family would end up as nothing but laughing stock, and the members of his Family would certainly not take his side at that time.

As Gu Changge was thinking about these matters, his eyes narrowed and he thought of something.

‘According to the Original’s memory, that cousin of mine had a grandfather who went to another realm to search for something, and ended up getting trapped there. After that, her parents, who were worried about him, brought along a bunch of people from their lineage and went to rescue him…in the end, she was left in the Family under the care of some of the trustworthy people her parents could trust.’

‘Since she and the Original were similar in age, he chanced upon her and discovered her Dao Bone. He immediately coveted it so he could hide his Devil Heart…’

Although Gu Changge didn’t claim to be a good person, he couldn’t bring himself to do something as heinous as digging the bone of a little girl even younger than him.

Besides, wouldn’t it be better to play with her and develop her into one of your trump cards?

After all, that cousin seemed to be cut from the template of a Heavenly Emperor…

Alas! There was no use thinking about the what-ifs.

“Thankfully, the two sides didn’t descend into madness and tried to slaughter each other. After the persuasion of various elders, their side took a step back, and my father also only exiled them from the Family. What’s more? There aren’t many in the outside world who would dare harm them…”

“Now that I know that my cousin is alive and hiding in some unknown land, I reckon that it won’t be long before she shows herself and challenges me to have her revenge.”

“Speaking of which? Am I the only bad apple in the Gu Family? No wonder I was born with a Devil Heart. What an evil curse. My father had to do all that just to cover this Devil Heart up.”

Gu Changge muttered to himself. By now, he had already sorted his thoughts.

Soon, a playful smile appeared on his face. Although his situation seemed troublesome, there were a lot of methods he could use to deal with it.


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