I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Mysterious Peach Village; Looking For Those With The Surname of Gu!

There were many rumors about the Land of Forsaken Immortals in the Upper Realm. Some called it an abandoned land, others called it a cursed land, and some even called it a barren wilderness…in short, the Land of Forsaken Immortals was an ominous place for the people of the Upper Realm, and not many were willing to step foot inside.

Although divine lights would occasionally break out in the Forsaken Land, and people could chance upon some opportunities every now and then, most of the region contained more danger than treasures. Those below the Heavenly God Realm couldn’t even think about crossing through this ominous region by themselves.

Compared to other areas of the region that were covered by a ferocious aura, the small village sheltered by the towering peach tree appeared incomparably calm — just like a plot of paradise deep in hell.

Of course, the village was named Peach Village, and many eccentric people resided therein.

Right now, Gu Xian’er stood under the peach tree. She was dressed in a blue dress, and looked extremely gorgeous with her heroic spirit and delicate and flawless facial features.

The peach tree was the guardian spirit of the Peach Villain, and even her eccentric and mysterious masters respected the peach tree. Gu Xian’er, however, had a great relationship with the peach tree. When she was young, she used to be a frail, sick girl, but the peach tree’s essence cured her.

To her, the peach tree was like a teacher and a big sister.

“Are you sure you want to leave? You are only in the Saint Realm right now, and that level of cultivation is nothing in the Upper Realm. Those descendants of the Immortals Sects and Dynasties are far stronger than you.”

The leaves and branches of the peach tree swayed, and a pleasant, gentle female voice fell into Gu Xian’er’s ears. Gu Xian’er responded with a resolute nod and said, “Sister Tao Yao, I must leave this place! I have to find my grandfather, my parents, and the others from my lineage…”

“I have been separated from them for so many years, and don’t know how they are doing? Back then, my uncle completely suppressed them and exiled them from the Family, so I am worried they might not be living a good life.”

Rage flared in Gu Xian’er’s eyes as she said this. Of course, she understood that even though her lineage was exiled, they were still better than ordinary Families and Races since they came from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family. It’s just that their life was certainly not as prosperous as before. Since they had been separated from the Power Center of the Upper Realm, they couldn’t bring forth the might of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, nor could they stand at the top of the world like before.

Besides, revenge wasn’t her only purpose.

She still had to find her grandfather and parents, and then work hard to bring glory to her lineage that had fallen into dire straits. She would let her uncle see and have a taste of their success!

‘Of course…the most important reason is my good brother from back then.’

Gu Xian’er felt a dull pain in her chest as she thought of this. At the same time, the scene of Gu Changge digging out her Dao Bone resurfaced in her mind.

He was too cruel!

When she was young, she would always follow behind him, and cling to him all the time, but he ruthlessly dug her Dao Bone away! Every time Gu Xian’er recalled this part of her memories, she would feel incomparable resentment towards her god-like, heartless brother.

She had to avenge herself.

“That is hatred between him and you, so you must avenge yourself with your own means.”

The peach tree spoke again.

Gu Xian’er nodded at her words and said, “Sister Tao Yao, I understand that this is an internal matter of the Gu Family, so neither you nor the other masters will interfere.”

“It’s good that you understand. Still, you don’t need to worry too much. Although there are many strong beings in the Upper Realm, the ones that stand at the apex will surely not dare to attack you easily. Although your masters are eccentric people, there aren’t many in the Upper Realm who dare to provoke them.”

The peach tree’s gentle and pleasant voice sounded again. Of course, she didn’t mention herself as her origins were far more ancient and incomprehensible than the rest.

“I understand that, Sister Tao You! You and the other masters have treated me very well over the years. Not only did you teach me all sorts of things, but you also helped me understand the truth of the world; I can’t express the gratitude I hold towards you.”

Gu Xian’er said. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel a burst of warmth surge through her heart.

Different from her heartless brother, her masters in the village made her realize what it meant to have a warm place in the world.

“I can’t help you much since this is your family’s internal matter, and the same is true for your masters. At most, they can help you intimidate the big shots from taking action…”

The peach tree talked a lot today since Gu Xian’er would be leaving soon. At the same time, a peach blossom fell from the many that adorned her body.

“Take this; it will be able to save you at a critical moment. If someone still recognizes it in the outside world, they will also give me face.”

The peach tree spoke once more.

“Thank you, Sister Tao Yao!”

Gu Xian’er’s heart was moved as she took the peach blossom. The flower in her hand had seven petals, and each petal appeared to be carved from Immortal jade. They released an extremely ethereal and extraordinary brilliance.

Gu Xian’er naturally had no doubts about its ability since her Sister Tao Yao said that it could save her life, and felt relieved.

Soon, she bid farewell to everyone from the village, and looked towards the direction of the distant-yet-prosperous region of the Upper Realm. Her eyes were full of yearning and heroic spirit.

‘Before I left, First Master gave me a knife…they said I should use it to deal with my brother if I can’t defeat him fair and square…’

‘Second Master gave me a rope that can tie up anything. If I can’t defeat my brother, I can use it to tie him up…’

‘Third Master…’


Before leaving, Gu Xian’er kneeled and prostrated before the entrance of the village, loudly knocking her head on the ground.

“Everyone, I will come back to see you after I’ve settled my matters.”

Finished with her words, Gu Xian’er brought along her old servant who had accompanied her from their Family back then, and turned towards the direction of the outside world. At the same time, a ferocious beast with a terrifying aura descended to take her away from the Land of Forsaken Immortals.

Once she left, the group of her eccentric and mysterious masters appeared at the village’s entrance and looked at her figure in the distance. All of them had weird appearances. Some were blind, others were dumb, some had broken legs, and others had no arms. At the level of their mighty cultivation, people like them could easily regrow a limb or two, but, for some reason, they didn’t.

Either they didn’t want to, or they couldn’t.

Still, one couldn’t deny the fact that all of these people came from shocking backgrounds. They would easily set a storm in the Upper Realm if they ever appeared in the Upper Realm’s prosperous regions.

If Gu Changge was here to see all of this, he would definitely curse the dog author and realize that his guess was right on point! The peach village had an extremely terrifying origin.[1]

At this moment, all of these people busied themselves in discussion.

“The daughter we raised for more than ten years ran away just like that! Just how long will it take for us to see her again…”

“This grievance is between her and that brat, so we can’t get involved. It’s just that I am worried Xian’er will suffer a lot outside since she’s a kind and innocent girl. I can’t understand how our bunch could raise a disciple with such a weak character…”

“Character doesn’t matter! I think Xian’er’s personality is good enough!”

An old woman with a withered face immediately retorted, and glared at the rest of the people around her.

“Alas! She was destined to be the darling of the Dao who would receive all the blessings and pampering of the world, but her blessing (Dao Bone) ended up pushing her down a spiral of hatred. I can’t understand how her brother could be so cruel at such a young age, and do something so heinous towards someone like her?”

“There’s the reputation and upright conduct of the previous generations of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family on one side, and then there’s a devil like this on another…just what will become of their current generation?”

The people stood outside the village and conversed with each other; they couldn’t help but worry about Gu Xian’er. Her leave made them feel as if the daughter they raised for more than a decade suddenly decided to leave some day, without telling them when she would return.

They were like parents who couldn’t help but worry about their child.

“I am afraid she will bring along a man the next time we see her…I can’t help but want to cut that man already!”

“This old man just calculated, and this doesn’t seem to be impossible…”

The blind man in the middle suddenly felt a sharp pain between his legs.


The Upper Realm was extremely vast, and it could be divided into three regions, namely: ‘the Outer Region, the Middle Region, and the Inner Region.’

The division of the Upper Realm made it seem like a pyramid.

The Inner Region was the most prosperous of the three, with endless territory, and countless major Heritages and Races. All the Supreme Immortal Families, Sects, and Orthodoxies were based in the Inner Region.

The Middle Region — although not as resource-rich as the Inner Region — was also a prosperous region with a vast territory.

The Outer Region, though not as prosperous and resource-rich as the Inner and Middle Regions, was still a place to behold in the Upper Realm. Many Heritages existed in it, and the relationships between the forces were extremely complicated.

[VILFIC: the above sounds nonsensical, so I will put it in simpler terms: the Outer Region is an ordinary town, the Middle Region is a normal city, and the Inner Region is the Imperial City. Although they don’t sound all that great if compared to each other, if they are placed next to the Lower Realm, it would be like comparing a rotten apple full of maggots with an Emperor’s feast with gold leaves scattered over every spoonful.]

The edge of the Outer Region was an extremely desolate place that acted as the junction between the Lower Realms and the Upper Realms. Those who Ascended from the Lower Realm normally arrived in this part of the Outer Region.

This was also the place loved by the major forces of the Upper Realm, as all of them could capture free labor that could be used to mine or something, or they could find some good seeds with great talent. After all, if a cultivator who Ascended from the Lower Realm had a reasonably good talent, they could be trained as a force for their Heritage.

Except for a few forbidden regions that no one dared to step foot in, and areas that had thin to no signs of Spiritual Qi, all the parts of the Upper Realm were filled with cultivators.

[Xiling State, Outer Region]

The Void trembled and Old Ming appeared in the sky out of thin air.

‘According to the Young Master’s command, the members of the Gu Family who were exiled back then should have come to the Xiling State…’

Old Ming quickly searched through the region.

The Outer Region was divided into various states with clearly demarcated borders, and each state spanned over millions of miles of territory. Heavenly Gods could easily reign supreme almost anywhere in the Outer Region, and there was no existence comparable to them in this State. As for God Kings? They rarely appeared in the Outer Region.

Old Ming didn’t do anything to hide his aura.


The terrifying breath of the God King descended upon the region, and immediately alarmed all of the powerful people of the region about the arrival of the aloof and mighty god! The cultivators in the region couldn’t help but tremble in horror.

“Why is a mighty God King in a place like this? This aura is too terrifying…”

“What’s the origin of this Senior?”

The sudden appearance of such a mighty figure shocked and frightened everyone. Heavenly Gods could already look down on everything and anything in this place, so little needed to be said about beings at the level of God King.

A single thought from such a behemoth could wipe out an entire major city!

Soon, a group of Heavenly Gods with extremely respectful and awe-inspiring expressions rose to the sky. Since a God King had appeared in their Outer Region, he couldn’t be here for nothing.

“Dare we ask Your Excellency what we can do for you?”

They asked with a submissive tone.

“As commanded by the Young Master of my Family, I have come to search for people with the surname of Gu. Do you know where those with the surname of Gu are residing in the Xiling State?”

Old Ming questioned with a light tone.

“Those with the Gu surname…”

Gu Xian’er, who had left the Land of Forsaken Immortals and was currently in a major city, couldn’t help but tense up as she heard his words. She had just arrived in the Xiling State in search of the exiled members of her lineage, and never expected she would run into such a situation.

Young Master?

Gu surname?

It had to be her ‘dear’ brother!

Gu Xian’er gnashed her teeth as the word ‘dear’ ran through her mind.

“My Lady…”

The servant behind her also showed a change in his expression.

“Why did someone come knocking at our door as soon as I left the Land of Forsaken Immortals?”

Gu Xian’er appeared calm, but her brows couldn’t help but furrow.

She swept her glance at the red bird soundly sleeping on her shoulder. It was the mighty beast she took away from the Land of Forsaken Immortals, and used to hurry over here. Although it was strong, she didn’t know if it could contend with a God King.

Worse still? Her old servant was only in the False God Realm.

Could it be that she would need to use the trump cards given to her by her master already?

Gu Xian’er decided to stay quiet and watch just what the heck was going on before she could act…

— — — — — —


[1: Gu Xian’er’s Trope]

Gu Xian’er’s character uses two different tropes from two different novels, namely: the bone-digging trope with the mighty tree as her backer + village in the wilderness with mighty, crippled masters hiding away from the world for unknown reasons.

The bone-digging trope with a mighty tree was used in the novel Perfect World (translated by Pika on WuxiaWorld). The Protagonist of Perfect World was raised in a village in the midst of a wild land, and a mighty willow tree stood at the village’s gate. The willow tree was the guardian spirit of the village that had looked after the village since time immemorial. It’s also known as Willow Deity.

[Introduction of Willow Deity by Lord-Ducky from Perfect World fandom: Willow Deity, an existence so mysterious that even the wiki doesn’t know anything about it. All we know is that the amount of times it’s foreshadowed to be the strongest existence ever is ridiculous. Moral of the story is don’t f•ck with trees.]

As you can read in the chapter, the Peach Tree is the incarnate of the Willow Deity, and it’s already foreshadowed as an extremely ancient and mighty being.

The protagonist of Perfect World was born with a Dao Bone-like blessing in a mighty Clan in the world, but his cousin dug out his bone and stole it for himself. In the end, the protagonist somehow ended up in the Stone Village and was raised there.

— — —

The crippled masters hiding away from the world in a village in the wilderness is a trope that was used in the novel Tales of Herding Gods (translated by Atlas Studios on Webnovel). In the novel, a bunch of crippled old farts from the Disabled Elderly Village pick up a newborn kid from a village and raise with their blood, sweat, tears, and godly knowledge. They teach him all sorts of stuff about the world, with a not-so-good character (but that’s kind of not true). These old farts are the Protagonist’s backing, and the Protagonist gets a lot of opportunities through them (I won’t spoil you here).

— — —


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