I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Have Her Fall in Love; Slap Yall to Death!

“Your Excellency, many people with the Gu surname came to the Xiling State a few years ago, but we aren’t sure if they are the ones you are looking for? They are in the Qingshi Ancient City, and that city also has a God King residing in it.”

Young Master?

The Heavenly Gods showed even more respect when they heard his words.

Someone who could make a mighty God King refer to them as their ‘Young Master’ had to be someone with a terrifying identity, and could only be from a place like the Inner Region.

“Qingshi Ancient City?”

Old Ming nodded. At the same time, his Spiritual Sense expanded and covered many nearby cities, and he quickly found the Qingshi Ancient City. Since it was a command from his Young Master, he would obviously do his best.


What would an exiled lineage desire the most? Naturally, they would want to return to their Family.

Although Gu Changge had yet to sit at the position of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s Patriarch, nor had his position as the next Patriarch been confirmed, that didn’t stop him from doing something as minor as this.

Gu Changge’s plan was simple: ‘find a way to bring this lineage exiled to the Outer Region back to the Family!’

He did all of this because Gu Xian’er was from this lineage, and not because he had suddenly turned into a Samaritan. Once the people of this lineage fell into his hands, he could use them as a threat if he found himself in dire straits.

Although Gu Changge’s plan wasn’t all that sophisticated, it left no loopholes that others could use against him. The people of this lineage would have no choice but to thank him for his magnanimity, and even the Elders of the other lineages would have to keep their mouths shut and let him have his way, even if they knew his plan.

Was Gu Changge doing something wrong?

Obviously not!

It’s just that he suddenly felt ‘guilt’ over his past actions, and wanted to bring back the lineage that was exiled because of him, so they could return to the Family and obtain their past glory.

As for that lineage declining his good intentions?

Gu Changge didn’t believe they would do that. Back then, when their lineage was suppressed and exiled, most of the stronger members of their lineage were imprisoned in the Gu Family’s dungeon. It would be up to Gu Changge whether he wanted to let them go or not after he became the Patriarch.

Of course, the important point was that the animosity between them had yet to reach a point where it would turn into a blood feud. After all, they hadn’t lost any lives back then. At most, they were exiled because of Gu Changge — they could hate him, but they couldn’t hate the Gu Family as a whole.

Besides, even they knew that his father had no choice but to do all that for the sake of his son.

What’s more? If the other lineages hadn’t gotten involved and obstructed them back then, then that lineage wouldn’t have just been exiled with their cultivations suppressed.

Gu Changge understood all of this very clearly.

The other lineages of the Family still hoped for the return of that lineage, so that lineage could also compete with Gu Changge’s lineage like the others.

The major lineages of the Family had existed for a long time together, yet the younger generation this time gave them such a scandal. The events of the past brought great pain to their hearts. It was good that no Ancestor had come out of the Ancestral Land, or Gu Changge couldn’t imagine what would have become of him.

No one knew when the Ancestors buried in the Ancestral Land would wake up and leave their coffins. All of those old fossils had violent temper, and even Gu Changge’s father wouldn’t be able to stop them unless he dug his own lineage’s Ancestors from their coffin.

This was another thorn that stood in his path to becoming the Gu Family’s Patriarch, so Gu Changge had already figured out a solution to his problems.

First, he had to solve the dangers hidden inside the Family. To become the future Patriarch, he would only need to lower himself a bit and promise some benefits to that lineage, and that should be enough to help him resolve the animosity they held towards him to a great extent.

As for Gu Xian’er? Gu Changge also had some plans for her.

He recalled the past from around a decade or so ago, and remembered the little girl who was cut from a Heavenly Emperor’s template following after him all the time. He felt that it would have been quite great if they were still like that.

Unfortunately, the Original had already f!ck3d it up for him, so he had to find a method to resolve the hatred between them. After all, there was a life and death feud between the two of them, and it could only be solved if one of them died.

Unless…she could somehow forgive him?

Gu Changge felt that wasn’t too realistic.

Who could forgive someone who dug out their bones?

He couldn’t be sure if that was viable unless he met Gu Xian’er first. For now, the situation between them was that either he killed Gu Xian’er, or Gu Xian’er killed him.

Killing her was troublesome, and he might not even be able to go through with it.

Of course, Gu Changge would have no issues if it was a fair, one-on-one battle to the death, but he was worried that the monster standing behind Gu Xian’er wouldn’t give him that chance. The Gu Family wouldn’t want to see something like that either.

His current strength wasn’t enough to take over the Gu Family without a shred of resistance from the other lineages.

Gu Changge wasn’t sure if his [Great Dao Treasured Bottle] would work against Gu Xian’er. Back then, Ye Liuli and he were in the Lower Realm, so it was far easier for him to deal with her.

As for Gu Xian’er? Her backing certainly couldn’t be worse than Ye Liuli’s, and they were also in the Upper Realm now. Things will take a turn for the worse if his identity as the inheritor of Devil Arts was exposed before the one backing her.

The Immortal Dao Heritages of the Upper Realm deeply resented Devil Arts, and the number of their Ancestors who had lost their lives at the hands of Devil Arts inheritors couldn’t be estimated.

Still, Gu Xian’er was a girl, so Gu Changge reckoned that she might not be as troublesome to deal with as he thought. After all, he wasn’t foreign to dealing with ladies.

From the Original’s memories, Gu Changge already knew that she wasn’t too old, and should be at the age where girls started to develop their initial feelings of love and affection. He might not be at the top in other things, but his charm surely couldn’t be doubted.

If he couldn’t kill her, or enslave her, then he could make her fall in love with him!

That would be interesting, and he calculated that the feasibility of such a method wasn’t all that bad.



Old Ming followed the command left to him by Gu Changge, and went to find the people of that lineage.

With a God King in their ranks, they could easily strut around in these lands as the local emperors.

The members of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family hadn’t fallen to the point where outsiders dared to bully them.[1]

[1: if they were related to a boi protagonist, they would be living a pitiful life and any random Lu, Bu, or Chu would have been able to bully them.]

Gu Xian’er secretly followed Old Ming. She wanted to know just what her good brother was up to after they hadn’t seen each other for a decade or so.

The informants of the Gu Family in the Xiling State soon passed the information about everything that transpired back to the Gu Family in the Inner Region.


[Ancient Immortal Gu Family, Upper Realm’s Inner Region]

Brilliant rays pierced through the clouds in the sky above the Main Peak. Many members of the family — including the Elders and Young Geniuses of the other lineages — could be seen standing together. Their terrifying auras surged towards Heaven, as if they wanted to bring down the world itself.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the people gathered here on the Gu Family’s Main Peak could easily set off a storm in the outside world with just a stomp of their feet.

They held exalted identities, and could easily alter the happenings in the outside world. One command from them, and the world wouldn’t dare move to the East if they wanted it to go to the West.

Many God Kings and Sacred Realm powerhouses appeared not too far away from the Main Peak as well. Unfortunately, they weren’t qualified to set foot on the Peak, and could only watch the proceedings from afar.

Right now, Gu Changge’s tall and dashing figure was clad in white robes. Although his face showed indifference, it did nothing to conceal his elegance and handsomeness. The women from the various lineages couldn’t help but sneak a peek at him every now and then, with their eyes full of brilliance. The Gu Changge in front of them was completely different from the indifferent and aloof man they used to see before.

He resembled an Immortal untouched by the filth of the mortal world!

Gu Changge’s father also arrived at the scene. His features were shrouded by a hazy brilliance, and he sat on the head’s seat like an ancient god who was looking down on plebeians — his aura alone left many breathless.

Since his son had summoned all the Elders, he would naturally need to appear and support his son. What’s more? He was also curious about Gu Changge’s intentions.

Right now, many Elders of the Family were staring at Gu Changge with a strange expression as they wondered just what medicine this brat was going to sell them now.[2]

[2: what flowery words he would use to trick them like a salesman.]

Behind them stood the Young Geniuses of their lineages who were also famous and respected in the outside world (just like Gu Changge).

“Now that everyone who should have arrived is already here, I will begin. First of all, I am honored to see all of the Elders gather here today at my request.”

Gu Changge said with a light smile. Right now, he was not as indifferent as he used to be, and his words were like a breath of fresh air. The Elders who understood his nature, however, didn’t fall for his facade.

They frowned and couldn’t help but think, ‘Who would give a damn about you if you weren’t your Father’s son?’

Gu Changge couldn’t care less about their thoughts, and continued speaking, “The reason I gathered everyone here today is to discuss a major matter with all of the Elders; I believe that it is about time that we decide on the position of the future Patriarch!”

Gu Lintian, who was sitting at the head’s seat, was taken aback by his words, but he soon smiled. As expected of his son! He was direct and didn’t mince his words.

Of course, the most important thing was that he also wanted this matter to be settled as soon as possible. Why was it that Gu Changge, the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, wasn’t it’s future Patriarch?

To be honest, Gu Changge himself felt ashamed over this matter. After all, in the eyes of the outside world, his status as the Young Master meant that he was the future Patriarch of his Family!

Still, Gu Lintian couldn’t figure out how Gu Changge would go about dealing with this matter. He didn’t think his son was a reckless man, and reckoned that he wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t confident in his means.

The most important matter was that he must not reveal his Devil Heart.


The entire Peak turned dead silent, and many of the Elders couldn’t help but change their expressions.

Had they heard him correctly?

Did Gu Changge really call them here to discuss this? Did he forget that many Elders were still enraged at him over what he did back then, and there was no way they would give him any support?

He was simply asking for trouble.

The people in the surroundings couldn’t help but shake their heads.

“Changge, I think we shouldn’t be this hasty about this matter. The position of the future Patriarch holds great importance, and it can’t be decided so arbitrarily. We have to responsibly consider a lot for our Gu Family before deciding on something this important.”

Of course, it was impossible for them to say that Gu Changge wasn’t good enough to shoulder such a great responsibility.

Right then, another Elder also added, “We need to make long-term considerations before discussing the position of the future Patriarch, so you don’t need to say more, Changge…”

“The position of the future Patriarch can’t be decided so easily!”

Except for the few lineages that were close to Gu Changge’s lineage, all the others expressed their disapproval and tried to stall the matter.

They would stall this matter as long as they could!

Gu Lintian’s face sank as he watched the scene in front of him. This bunch of Elders sure were audacious. No matter what, Gu Changge was already far beyond his peers in the Gu Family — the strongest among the others was only in the Conferred Lord Realm. Who else would be qualified for this beside Gu Changge?

Gu Changge wasn’t surprised at their reaction, and waved his hand towards his father to dispel his worry. The smile on his face showed no change, and the people in the surroundings still found his appearance to be like a spring breeze.

“I have gathered the Elders here to tell everyone that it’s happening, not to ask for your opinion or a discussion on this matter. Of course, you are free to disagree, but don’t I just have to beat your juniors one-by-one to receive your approval?”

“Isn’t that written in the Family’s law? In every generation, the position of the future Patriarch is handed to the strongest member of the Family, so you can’t say I am breaking any law of the Family by doing this.”

“Since you are unwilling to accept me as the future Patriarch, then don’t blame me for bullying the weak.”

Gu Changge said with a light smile and continued.

“Don’t tell me that might alone doesn’t make one worthy — in this world, might alone makes right! Since I am stronger than your juniors, then it’s only natural that I am more worthy than them.”

The entire Peak turned pin drop silent!

In the very next moment, the Young Geniuses standing behind the Elders exploded. Their faces turned livid and they couldn’t bear such humiliation.

Gu Changge’s words were simple, but he was too damn arrogant!

To put it simply, he was saying: ‘either I slap you all to death, or you can kill me…oh, wait! You trash can’t beat me.’


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