I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Prodigal Brat Turning Over a New Leaf; Blessing!

Gu Changge’s remarks easily provoked everyone, and everyone’s rage flared. Now that it had come to this, they could no longer give a damn about whether their actions would be moral or not. They were also arrogant and proud Young Geniuses of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, and it was because they were arrogant and proud that they could no longer bear Gu Changge’s taunts.

All of them took action together, and showed their terrifying Mystical Abilities to besiege Gu Changge.

In their view, everyone should live in harmony as all of them were from the same family and grew up together. It was true that they bowed their heads and didn’t dare provoke Gu Changge on normal days, but that didn’t mean he could bully them like this.

Not only that…he just knocked someone down to the ground, and had the audacity to tell the victim that he didn’t need to apologize to him! His actions almost made that cousin’s father pass out.

If Gu Changge’s father wasn’t the reigning Patriarch of their Family, his uncles would have surely given him a severe lesson to make him understand what it truly meant to bully the weak, without caring for whatever punishment they might have to receive afterwards.


Everyone shot out together, and all sorts of Mystical Abilities and Treasures manifested on the Main Peak. Brilliant runes intertwined together, and a hazy brilliance permeated the surroundings, turning into mighty attacks. There were powerful Dharma Incarnates, invincible divine fists, and indestructible bodies…

A long whip flew towards him, a rain of swords fell upon him, and flashes of sword light flew across the sky to cut him to pieces. If all of those weren’t enough, then even splendid, terrifying beasts appeared out of nowhere and pounced at Gu Changge. Even many mighty Conferred Kings would show a change in their expression if they were besieged by so many attacks at once.

As the Young Geniuses of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, they could naturally not be compared to any random Lu, Shu, or Bu from the younger generation of ordinary Heritages. Many of them were already in the Conferred Lord Realm, while all of them were well-known in the outside world for their unparalleled might.

Now that they were enraged and joined forces together, they naturally brought out their mightiest offensive power to suppress Gu Changge and slap him in the face. That’s what they desired, and it was also just what Gu Changge wanted.

The Void around him trembled, and, with a buzz, his figure blurred. Gu Changge’s face still showed a calm expression — his figure, however, disappeared from his spot at breakneck speed. He was so fast that no rune could touch as much as the edge of his sleeves.

One had to accept the fact that the power of the Void was extremely mysterious and mighty. Unless one had an extremely tyrannical Innate Talent that helped them move at godly speeds, or they possessed some divine Movement Technique, they would never be able to catch up to Gu Changge.

As soon as Gu Changge disappeared from his spot, a group among the Young Geniuses felt that their offensive had failed, and that there was something fishy going on.

Gu Changge wasn’t stupid, after all — he would never take the combined attack of them all. His cultivation was suppressed to the Conferred Lord Realm, so he would certainly take the route that allowed him to easily take them down…

Right in the next moment, Gu Changge’s figure appeared behind everyone. At the same time, the Void released terrifying fluctuations as blinding light shone above them, and a golden palm appeared in the sky. The palm kept enlarging, and one could even see extremely clear palm lines and fingerprints that made it look like the hand of a mighty god.

It released deep and vast fluctuations in its surroundings.

Naturally, it was a Mystical Ability of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family known as [Heavenly God’s Palm].


As if responding to Gu Changge’s indifferent command, the golden palm suddenly fell from the sky, bringing along a terrifying momentum. It was as if it could destroy the stars, and pluck the sun and the moon.

“Nooo! Back down!”

A group among the Young Geniuses reacted quicker than others. They knew the might of the [Heavenly God’s Palm], and weren’t willing to take its attack head on, so they immediately retreated. Alas! Gu Changge already saw through their intentions. With an unabated smile still on his face, he uttered, “[Heaven and Earth Lock]!”


A terrifying force of confinement surged from the Void, and oppressive force of suppression filled every inch of space in front of him. This was the power of his Void Talent.


The giant, golden palm fell with a bang and everyone’s expressions changed. Some showed disbelief, while others resisted desperately. Alas! They could only take Gu Changge’s palm attack head on, and spew blood as their blood and Qi went into disarray.

Although Gu Changge’s ability couldn’t confine them forever, it was enough to hold them down for long enough. All of them lost within a moment. Their faces paled, and their heads hung low as an aura of gloom surrounded them.

Adding salt to their injuries was the fact that all of this happened when Gu Changge had his cultivation suppressed to the Conferred Lord Realm, and wasn’t ‘a mighty being bullying the weak.’

Even still, none of them could contend against him.

Although they knew that there was a gap between them and Gu Changge, they never thought it would be so wide. Even though they were unwilling to accept this reality, it was still a fact that it was a one-sided beating.

Gu Changge obviously wouldn’t let them off with just this. His figure blurred, and he kicked them all to the ground with simple and swift whips of his legs.

He shook his head, and said with a tone full of regret, “You sure are embarrassing! I gave you the opportunity to gang up on me, and even allowed you the first shot, but you didn’t make full use of it. Do you still think you can compete with me for the position of the future Patriarch like this?”

His remarks pierced their hearts like a sharp blade, and their skin turned bright red in shame. They were livid and unwilling, but the facts didn’t care for their feelings.

Even together, they weren’t his match!

What could they do now that this fact was haunting them? They didn’t have skin as thick as him, so could they put the blame on him?

At the same time, the Family members who were watching the debacle from the surroundings couldn’t help but take a deep breath; they were shocked!

As the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, Gu Changge’s strength was, of course, above his peers as he was the face of the Gu Family in the outside world. But only now did they realize that they had underestimated him even still.

He was so strong when he was suppressing his cultivation to the Conferred Lord Realm, so how freakish would he be if he were to go all out?

Sure, there were many Young Geniuses in the Upper Realm who shone as bright as the stars, but they had no doubt that Gu Changge was the brightest star among them!

They all turned silent!

The surroundings turned dead silent once again!

All the Elders of the Family felt their faces twitch as they watched Gu Changge easily suppress and beat down their Young Geniuses as if he was toying with toddlers. Their faces were as dark as the bottom of a burnt pot, and they didn’t know what they could say at this moment.

Everything happened too fast!

In particular, they received a chance to gaze upon Gu Changge’s clear ruthlessness. It was one thing if he just beat down their grandsons, but this demon didn’t show mercy to their jade-like, delicate granddaughters, who resembled fairies on a normal day, either. This bastard trampled them down all the same, and they could see tears pool in their eyes.

He didn’t give a damn about anybody. He was ruthless, unfeeling, over the board, and a bully!

Yes, he was a damn bully!

They couldn’t help but be pissed off at him!

‘Changge’s strength has improved by a lot recently.’

Gu Lintian didn’t feel that Gu Changge had done anything wrong. On the contrary, he felt comfortable watching his son dominate everyone. After all, Gu Changge had always treated everyone except for his closest relatives like this.

To him, most of his troubles would be resolved as long as Gu Changge got the position of the future Patriarch, and that was all that mattered.

“My honorable Elders, do you have any more objections?”

Gu Changge’s expression still showed no change as he turned towards the Elders, and asked them slowly.

He didn’t believe they could say anything else now. Today, he beat down all the Young Geniuses from every lineage right in front of everyone, so there was no way anyone among them would dare bring up the position of the future Patriarch in front of him.

As for the Elders? No matter how thick their skin might be, they would no longer be able to stall this matter anymore. The longer they tried to stall him from getting his rightful position, the greater the shame they would need to bear.

Right then, several Elders who were close to Gu Changge’s lineage stood up smiles and said, “Changge, you are so mighty already! We have never had any objection to you becoming the future Patriarch, after all, you represent the face of our Gu Family in the world.”

“The stronger you are when you go out in the world, the stronger our Gu Family will be! All the other Heritages and Races of the Upper Realm already have their heirs, so how can our Gu Family’s Young Master not sit at the position of the future Patriarch? Wouldn’t we become a joke in the eyes of the world if this matter got out?”

“This old man thinks that there is no one more suitable for this position other than Changge. This old man won’t feel well if Changge isn’t accepted as the future Patriarch of our family…”

Another Elder added with a dignified expression.

“That’s not what you said before…”

The Elders with downcast faces couldn’t believe this old man’s shamelessness…

Everyone, however, was an old fox, and they understood that they couldn’t put off this matter anymore. They sighed in their hearts, and wondered just what would become of their Ancient Immortal Gu Family in the future after they handed the reins to Gu Changge?

After all, since times immemorial, all the lineages of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family had lived in harmony. Although there were occasional feuds and competition, those were only at the level of cursing each other for a while before they went back to normal as if nothing happened.

What happened more than a decade ago truly hurt their unity. Although it hadn’t damaged the Gu Family’s roots by much right now, the impact it would have on their future couldn’t be estimated yet.

If a Family wanted to stand Immortal and reach higher grounds for eras to come, they would need to absolutely get rid of infighting!

“Forget it! This old man is going into seclusion soon. As for what happens to our Family in the future…you can deal with it yourself…”

“Lintian, you are the one in charge of our Gu Family right now, and you are also in the prime of your life…make sure you don’t abdicate your position without reason, and enter seclusion out of nowhere.”

Many of the Elders were disheartened and left disappointed. Instead of seeing Gu Changge take over as the Patriarch and get command of everything, they hoped that Gu Lintian could continue to serve as the Patriarch as long as possible.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but shake his head as he heard their words. Did these Elders really think he was playing, and that the Ancient Immortal Gu Family would be brought to its ruin if they handed it over to him?

Alas! There was nothing wrong with their thoughts if he took into account his Original’s nature. After all, the Elders only wanted the best for their Gu Family.

Gu Changge couldn’t just tell them that he had a change of heart now, so their worries were unfounded, right? He wasn’t stupid, and knew that as the Young Master of the Gu Family, he had to first find a way to bring the Gu Family to newer heights.

Only some brain-dead freak would want to ruin their family.

What he did today was purely to bring the Family out of their outdated thoughts and beliefs.

Those Family members who were watching the scene from outside the Main Peak couldn’t help but show emotional expressions. What happened today truly made them marvel at everything in their hearts. After all, Gu Changge’s strength had already reached a point where not even the Elders could do anything to hinder his steps.

With that, he was now truly the Young Master of the Gu Family. Although the title didn’t change, the power he held in his hands was at a completely different scale.

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Right then, the disheartened Elders who were about to leave stopped in their tracks. They had just received news from their informants through voice transmissions…news about the happenings in the Xiling State of the Outer Region of the Upper Realm.

Old Ming’s movements couldn’t be concealed from them. Their Gu Family’s enormous influence spread all over the Upper Realm, and they had eyes in every corner of the world. Although they spent all of their time in the world, they weren’t blind to the events in the outside world.

“Changge, are you planning to bring back that lineage?”

One of the Elders stopped in his tracks and asked with disbelief. They never thought they would hear that Gu Changge would send someone to bring people of that lineage back! Over the years, they had always been worried that Gu Changge might do something to slaughter that lineage, so they had kept their eyes locked on his every movement.

But now, this reality stunned them all for a moment, and they felt as if they were watching their prodigal brat turn over a new leaf.

“Elders, you don’t need to worry about that matter anymore. Back then, Changge was young and ignorant, and did something heinous. As for this grievance? Changge will resolve it himself, and won’t involve the rest of the Gu Family.”

Gu Changge also restrained his expression after hearing his words, and said with a deep expression. His expression full of seriousness stunned all the Elders.

‘Did the sun rise from the west today?’

They couldn’t help but ask themselves that question.

“Can we trust your words, Changge? You wouldn’t be tricking us and waiting to do something else, right?”

The Elders stared at him with clear expectation in their eyes.

Gu Changge replied with a nod, “Changge knows what to do.”

“Good, good, good!”

“Since you say so, we will also believe you, Changge.”

It was rare for them to see Gu Changge with such an expression, so they couldn’t help but feel happy. If their prodigal kid really turned over a new leaf, then that would be a blessing for them!


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