I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Cutting Leeks; Ye Chens Hidden Grandpa!

[VILFIC’s Crib]

Leek is a slang for a foolish consumer [consoomer]. Cutting a leek means taking advantage of a consoomer to earn easy bucks.

[Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] — Gu Changge practiced this Cultivation Technique.

[Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] was a pinnacle cultivation technique that only the True Disciples of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace could come into contact with. Saying that this Immortal Technique was the foundation of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, and the reason for their current esteemed status, wouldn’t be incorrect. It was hard to count the number of Immortal Sects, Clans, and Supreme Orthodoxies that desired this Technique in the Upper Realm.

Gu Changge had already Cultivated this Technique to it’s sixth layer, and stood at the top among his peers in the Upper Realm. However, even with his prodigious talent, his Original hadn’t taken another step forward for more than half a year already; it wasn’t easy to break through to the next stage, after all.

‘Since Destiny Points can raise the level of all attributes, then increasing my comprehension of this cultivation technique should automatically give my cultivation base the final push for breakthrough, right?’

That was Gu Changge’s simple idea, and he even had a huge sum of 550 Destiny Points to bring it to fruition.

‘System, jack me up!’

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Gu Changge felt a breath of fresh air flow through his limbs. At the same time, he felt a peculiar change in his mind that couldn’t be described in words. It was the addition of insights about the [Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] that had swallowed all of his attention.

At the same time, the Destiny Points fell at a speed visible to the naked eye.

[Whoosh! Boom!]

Finally, with a thundering explosion, Gu Changge broke through to the seventh layer of the [Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex.]

Suddenly, a majestic force of oppression descended upon the Palace where Gu Changge was resting. The surroundings turned dead silent, while the guards in-charge of the area shivered with fright.

The two looked back and spoke with quivering voices,

“Where did such a terrifying breath come from…”

“It’s as if a Great Devil is hidden in that palace!”

“Mind your words! Don’t utter what shan’t be uttered!”

Cold sweat soaked their bodies and the two could barely keep themselves on their feet.

Was the Young Lord cultivating? How terrifying he was!

“Is this the might of a Conferred Lord? How terrifying, indeed!”

Inside the palace, Gu Changge took in a deep breath and chuckled.

The air in front of him rumbled in a terrifying manner, and an even scarier aura enveloped his being and diffused into the surroundings. Gu Changge felt as if his blood, flesh, and bones were tempered as he watched the light shining out from his body.

The Devil and the Dao permeated through his heart and bones. Not only had this breakthrough improved Gu Changge’s cultivation, but it had also brought his various talents to newer heights. Even the strength of his physical body had soared.

[Devil Heart] and [Dao Bone] — they were unparalleled together.

Of course, from the memories of his Original, he knew that these would end up getting him pitted against another Favored Son of Heaven in the future.

Ah, wait, ‘she’ should be a Favored ‘Daughter’ of Heaven.

The [Devil Heart] belonged to him; the [Dao Bone] didn’t.

“Damn, this [Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] must be quite high-leveled for it to consume so many Destiny Points just to improve by a single layer!”

Gu Changge couldn’t laugh for long. Although it felt good to breakthrough, and the feeling of power and control that came with it was exhilirating, he had lost all of his hard-earned Destiny Points in the process.

Still, it must mean that his [Heavenly Dao Immortal Codex] was a top-tier cultivation technique. The claim that it was a technique that could directly help one ascend to Godhood might not be an understatement.

“Whatever, there’s still that Leek (Ye Chen) waiting for me to cut it. I certainly won’t lack Destiny Points by the time I am done with it.”

Gu Changge got over the feeling of loss within moments. After all, there were more Points where these came from. And although that Ye Chen looked ugly and battered in the eyes of others after his humiliation, but to Gu Changge, he was a juicy leek waiting to be crunched.


[In the Dungeon.]

A humid air mixed with the smell of rotting corpses spread in the dimly-lit dungeon of the Taixuan Holy Land.

In one of the many cells, Ye Chen sat on the ground with a blank and sluggish expression. With his cultivation base sealed, and his limbs shackled, he had yet to recover from the great humiliation he suffered today.

He had never suffered such disgrace like today, not even when when his ex-fiancee humiliated him three years ago!

No matter what predicament he encountered, or what desperate situation he landed himself in, he had always survived and come out on top! Yet today, nothing had gone in his favor.


Ye Chen’s reddened eyes glared at the ceiling as he shouted his adversary’s name with great hatred. Gu Changge’s indifference as he watched him, Ye Chen, with eyes no different from when someone watched an ant from high above made him frantic and aggrieved; he couldn’t stand the shame.

“Little Chen…”

At this time, a pleasant-sounding voice came from the ring on Ye Chen’s finger, taking him aback. Immediately, rage and unwillingness clouded his face as he recalled what had transpired.

“Master, where were you?! Why didn’t you respond when I called for you…”

Ye Chen vented all his resentment at his Master.

Although all of his achievements today could be attributed to this Master in his ring, the events that transpired in the hall today had already chilled Ye Chen’s heart.

His Master, who was extremely reliable on ordinary days, suddenly disappeared at such a critical moment? Was she also afraid of that Gu Changge?

“Little Chen, hear me first, it’s not as you think!”

A faint figure of a woman with a bitter smile appeared from the ring. She didn’t mind Ye Chen taking out his anger at her, but she did, indeed, have her reasons for not responding to him at that time.

“There was a terrifying existence hidden in the shadows at that time whose Divine Consciousness enveloped the entire hall. I was worried that the person might be related to the power behind my fall, so I dared not show up…”

The woman in the ring explained. She was merely a remnant spirit trapped in a ring, so there wasn’t much that she could do either way. If her enemies discovered her due to her negligence, then that would be the end of the road for her. She had to be cautious with every move she made.

Ye Chen calmed down quite fast after venting his frustration. He couldn’t help but be shocked as he heard his Master’s explanation, so he asked, “No wonder that Gu Changge subdued the Taixuan Holy Lord so easily! Did he really come from the Upper Realm?”

Ye Chen knew his Master’s origin. She was once a mighty existence in the Upper Realm who was hunted by others to death. In the end, she could only survive as a remnant spirit that fell into the Lower Realm and possessed a ring, which was later acquired by him.

He had never expected Gu Changge’s background to be so terrifying. Ye Chen fell silent, weakened and at a loss of what to do. Did he really have to give up on Su Qingge and watch her fall into that pit of fire?

Ye Chen clenched his fists, unwilling to accept that thought!


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