I Am The Fated Villain – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Very Pretty; But Aren’t You Cold?

All of the exiled Gu Family members were left in a daze. They were prepared to fight off the old man, but the old God King’s words turned out to be completely out of their expectations.

“Could there be a conspiracy?”

“What if he’s pretending to be here to bring us back to the Family, but after we leave with him, he will secretly put us to death in some corner of the Upper Realm?”

The people of the exiled Gu Family lineage showed puzzled expressions, and couldn’t help but frown. They wondered just what Gu Changge was plotting.

“I want to see just what medicine this Gu Changge is selling now.”

“Yeah, no matter how inflated his guts, he wouldn’t dare attack us in the open like this.”

Although they were excited about returning to the Family, they weren’t stupid. They couldn’t help but feel that there was a conspiracy hidden behind this action.


Within moments, the people of the Gu Family’s exiled lineage appeared from their residences and flew out of the city. Although their cultivation bases were sealed, and they couldn’t bring out the true might they held at their peak, they still showed a deep majesty that came to them naturally after living at a high position for a long time.

The cultivators and creatures of the entire ancient city were shocked when they watched the scene. The Upper Realm’s Outer and Inner Region were simply too far apart, and there were more planets and realms between them then there were grains of sands beside in an ocean.

It was because of this that few had associated those with the Gu surname in this city to the monstrous behemoth known as the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

This was an incredible realization!

“Were you sent by Gu Changge?”

A middle-aged man with a flat expression and prestigious aura stared at Old Ming and asked.

“This old slave was indeed sent by the Young Master. The Young Master will be the one taking charge of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, and I have come at his command to bring everyone here back to the Family.”

Old Ming responded. This was what Gu Changge had told him to say.

To be honest, Old Ming didn’t know for sure why this lineage of the Gu Family was exiled all the way out here. After all, he couldn’t even enter the Gu Family’s Inner Region, and was nothing more than a mere servant. Still, he did indeed hear some rumors about what happened a decade or so ago, but that matter was a taboo in the Gu Family. For that reason, he made sure to not think about it, or utter anything regarding that matter.

“He will take charge of the Family in the future? Heh! So he doesn’t consider our lineage a threat to himself anymore?”

The middle-aged man sneered. Could an omnivore really turn over a new leaf and eat leaves?

The others also remained calm, and didn’t show much excitement at his words.

Old Ming spoke up again, “The Young Master has said that he will give justice to your lineage. As for whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to him. Although the Outer Region of the Upper Realm is vast and comfortable, can it compare to the Family’s domain? The Young Master indeed wants to bring you back. Other than that, he said that he might also consider letting go all of his Uncles who were locked in the Family’s dungeon back then.”

Of course, every word Old Ming said was prepared by Gu Changge, and he, himself, didn’t have the guts to utter such words of taboo related to the Gu Family otherwise.

‘Can a devil like him really turn over a new leaf and know how to correct his mistakes?’

The middle-aged man was taken aback by Old Ming’s words, but couldn’t get rid of his skepticism.

He couldn’t believe that someone like Gu Changge could have uttered those words.

As for there being some other conspiracy?

He wasn’t all that worried. Although the Gu Family had innumerable members, he believed that only someone like Gu Changge would have the thoughts of killing someone from the same family. [and since the other members were still around, Gu Changge shouldn’t have the guts to take such drastic actions.]

The other members from the lineage couldn’t help but be confused right now, and discussed the matter in suppressed voices. It was the continuous suppression from Gu Changge’s lineage that had forced them all the way out to the Outer Region of the Upper Realm.

After they lived in the Outer Region for a while, they had gotten used to it, but if they had to be honest, then the Outer Region was a desolate land where even birds wouldn’t want to shit. Of course, that was their opinion, and to them, returning to the Family was something they were very willing about.

It’s just that they couldn’t figure out why Gu Changge was doing this all of a sudden now?

‘Wait, all of this must have been forced by the other Elders of the Family! Otherwise, they would never let Gu Changge take charge of the Family with his ruthless nature.’

Soon, this thought crossed their mind, and they sneered. This made more sense. Gu Changge wanted to take charge of the Gu Family in the future, but the Elders refused to accept him as the future Patriarch. In the end, with no other way, he was forced to come up with such a compromise to get the agreement of the Elders.

They could return to the Gu Family, while Gu Changge would get the position of the future Patriarch!

Old Ming didn’t know their thoughts, nor did he know about the intricacies of the Gu Family’s internal matters. Gu Changge, on the other hand, had long expected these people to have such thoughts and guesses, and prepared his (Old Ming’s) words for him.

“Everyone will obviously know the truth when all of you return to the Family. What good will showing such suspicions right now even do?”

“Surely, you wouldn’t be thinking about letting the Elders’ compromise go to waste, right?”

The middle-aged man and the others were moved when they heard his affirmation, and could barely hold back their excitement.

Once they returned to the Gu Family, Gu Changge wouldn’t dare to attack them at will unless he went insane and no longer cared about the others in the Family, and wanted to tear it apart from its roots.

Gu Xian’er, who was hiding somewhere and watching all the events, was left rooted on her spot in a daze. Everything that happened was completely different from her expectations. She had thought that the old man in black was here to kill the people of her lineage, but when he said that he was here on Gu Changge’s orders to pick them up to bring them back to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, she was stunned just like the rest.

Subconsciously, she also thought that there was a conspiracy!

But when she got closer to the scene, she saw the gentle and polite expression of the old God King, and found that he didn’t seem to be faking his expression.

Just what had happened in their Ancient Immortal Gu Family?

Since when did Gu Changge become so kind?

Could someone like him really send a servant to do something like this?

She couldn’t believe something like this to be real. Her beloved elder brother was a cruel and indifferent man who probably couldn’t wait to kill her and everyone in her lineage.

She could see that it was all thanks to the Elders of the Family that her lineage was doing so well in the Outer Region over the past, and it had nothing to do with Gu Changge.

‘I want to see just what kind of concoction Gu Changge is selling now! He can’t be this kind for no reason.’

‘For now, I can’t show up. Since everyone is alright, I can leave in relief.’

Gu Xian’er decided not to show up, but also didn’t leave right away. Only when all of the people of her lineage left did she also quietly leave the ancient city. Before she left the Peach Village, one of her masters had given her a token and asked her to go to the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace to find its Great Elder.

The Great Elder of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace could be said to be the Upper Realm’s most terrifying existence, but he owed her Master a favor from long ago.

The Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace was a famous Ancient Immortal Heritage of the Upper Realm, with a deep history. Many Dynasties, Noble Families, and Immortal Heritages would send their descendants to cultivate in the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace.

It was said that the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace was related to True Immortals from the most ancient time of the Upper Realm, and possessed many Immortal Scriptures and Inheritances.

Her cultivation base was still too weak, so she had to work hard if she wanted to challenge her good brother to regain everything!


[Inner Region of the Upper Realm, Ancient Immortal Gu Family.]

Gu Changge was on his God-Child island right now. The entire island was covered by an Isolation Formation that could stop the prying of anyone from the outside. No one except for him could enter his Island without permission.

An ethereal figure sat cross-legged in a pond surrounded by celestial mist, and filled with Spiritual Qi and divine brilliance.

The water of the pond glittered with brilliant rays of light. Red flames swirled above it, while black, red, and gold rays of light mixed together to create an extremely breathtaking scene. Innumerable other colors also shone brightly in the surroundings, giving birth to a rainbow with infinite colors.

All kinds of rare materials such as Divine Herbs that had matured for hundreds of thousands of years, Sacred Ingredients, Spiritual Liquids, and the like kept turning into streams of divine Qi before pooling together into the pond.

The entire place looked like a plot of land that had come right out of a fairyland!

If an Alchemist were to see the scene at this moment, they would surely feel their heart’s ache, and curse Gu Changge for wasting such Heavenly materials in such a way. Just a small piece of any item here required massive resources and hard work to find in the outside world. Even grabbing them for a high price at an auction wasn’t easy.

Soon, the visions receded, and a terrifying and majestic aura started to permeate the surroundings. First came the aura of the Sacred Realm, and then the aura surged and broke through to the Great Sacred Realm in one go!


Accompanied by the sound of water splashing around, Yan Ji walked out with surprise and stars in her eyes.

“Young Master!”

A smile bloomed on her face as she immediately found Gu Changge standing not too far away from her, and called out to him in her cold-yet-joyous voice.

Gu Changge nodded to her with a slight hint of appreciation in his eyes.

“Not bad.”

He hadn’t wasted all those resources. Her body was perfectly reconstructed, as if she were a fairy from the Ninth Heaven, and he couldn’t find a single flaw in her appearance. Her flesh glistened like Immortal jade, while wisps of golden-red flames jumped above her hair.

The only words Gu Changge could use to describe her were ‘charming’ and ‘flawless!’

“Young Master Gu, do I look good?”

Yan Ji spun in front of him at the same time as she asked. A bashful expression could be seen on her face, after all, this was the first time she showed herself in flesh and not as a remnant spirit.

Gu Changge smiled, and replied, “You are very pretty.”

Yan Ji’s smile showed even more happiness as she heard his response, and even her eyebrows jumped in joy.

“But don’t you feel cold?”

Gu Changge continued, and asked.


His words stunned Yan ji, but she soon realized what he meant, and reacted. She had just reconstructed her body, and was no longer a remnant spirit, so there was obviously nothing covering her figure after she reconstructed her body.

Not only was she completely naked right now, but she even spun around right in front of Gu Changge without a thread covering her body!

Her face turned as red as a tomato, and she squatted and curled like a cooked shrimp.

At the same time, Yan Ji saw Gu Changge’s playful expression and felt even more ashamed.

It was too shameful!

Still, Gu Changge had no intention to tease her anymore. He took out a white robe and put it around her. He would have other opportunities in the future, but for now, he needed her to take care of some matters. With her strength of the Great Sacred Realm, she could explore certain places for him.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Yan Ji wasn’t an ordinary girl either. She had cultivated for countless millennia, so she soon calmed down. Still, she felt her face burn a little.

“I want you to go outside and take a look at the Land of Forsaken Immortals. Go and see if there’s any special place hidden in the depths of that land. Make sure to contact me if something comes up.”

“Take this [Domain Traversing Talisman] with you. Use this if you come across an opponent you can’t deal with. Make sure you don’t hesitate in using it — your life is the most important!”

Gu Changge said with a warm tone, and gave her the [Domain Traversing Talisman] that he took out from the System’s Warehouse. This thing could help her escape at a critical moment.

Of course, that was only possible if she didn’t come across some unfathomable ancient monstrosity.

The [Domain Traversing Talisman] could easily break through barriers and spatial restrictions, so it would be able to help her escape danger.

From his investigations, he found that Gu Xian’er seemed to be in the Land of Forsaken Immortals. If he considered the tropes and cliches, then the Land of Forsaken Immortals indeed made sense. After all, it was a place no one dared to go to, so it must be hiding great opportunities hidden behind the veil of its great danger.

With Yan Ji’s cultivation of the Great Sacred Realm, it won’t be hard for her to travel through the Land of Forsaken Immortals, so she could help her investigate Gu Xian’er’s background. He could make better plans to deal with her once he figured out her backing.

As for sending someone from the Gu Family?

Leaving aside the fact that Gu Changge’s current authority wasn’t enough for him to command the Great Sacred Realm masters of the family, but there were countless eyes keeping track of every movement made by those masters.

If he sent someone to the Land of Forsaken Immortals, many would want to know why he did that? Just what was his purpose? He was sure many Elders would immediately connect it to Gu Xian’er.

Gu Changge didn’t want to ruin the prestige he had just built in the Gu Family with his own hands.

“The Land of Forsaken Immortals? I see. Please rest assured, Young Master! You can leave this to me…”

Yan Ji nodded and took the [Domain Traversing Talisman] from him. Since Gu Changge had commanded, she would surely get the job done.


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